Ready for Tonight’s Big Sky? Our Recap of All Things Beau Arlen in Episode 3

The third episode of Season 3 of Big Sky saw Sheriff Beau Arlen go undercover, which meant a chance for Jensen Ackles to be amusing and also badass, which is not a bad combination at all. And of course we got alot of creepy and scary in addition to Sheriff Beau’s antics, and a surprising amount of painful emotions all tied to  parent-child relationships, a running theme in this season.

There was an almost shoot-out with a grieving brother to start off, Beau showing off a Dean Winchester level courage and bravado by standing up to the guy and talking him into putting his gun down with some psychology. I love that he’s consistently smart as well as badass.

He’s also a gentleman, reaching up for Jenny’s hand as they climb over the fence to trespass. Get you a man who can tick all the boxes!

I felt for the grief-stricken guy who trained his shotgun on Beau and Jenny not once but twice in the episode, and so did Beau, I think. He eventually talks the guy down from violence (wanting revenge for the murder of his brother) by reminding him that it’s not what his brother would want. That was very Supernatural reminiscent for me because it doesn’t take much to remind me of Supernatural, which I’m sure is a surprise to exactly no one.

There was plenty of opportunity for Jensen Ackles to flex his comedic muscles in this episode too. Pretending to be married to Jenny (after she pronounced him “not that cute” earlier in the episode and the entire fandom wondered if she needed glasses very badly) is the amusing part, because it didn’t go all that smoothly.

Ackles and Katheryn Winnick were both a mix of adorable and hilarious as they fumbled their way through trying to be a convincing couple.

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