Salt, Sandwiches and Supernatural Shout Outs for Jensen Ackles’ Beau Arlen in Big Sky 3.02

Episode 2 of Season 3 of Big Sky aired last Wednesday, and we got some more insights into one Sheriff Beau Arlen. (Yes, lots of other cool things happened too with the other amazing characters, but this is my just-for-fun focus on Mr. Beau Legs and what we learn each week about his character, so read with that framework in mind).

Jensen Ackles got to show off his comic chops a few times in this episode – first with Deputy Poppernak, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on this show. He and Beau share a love of good food (or maybe just food in general), and in this episode Beau is heartily enjoying the sandwich the Deputy bought at Tonya’s new place. That doesn’t go over all that well with Jenny considering her history with Tonya – and her determination to finally bring her to justice. Beau just wants to enjoy his damn sandwich, though. Shades of Dean Winchester! Besides, Tonya needs help removing a squatter from one of her properties.

Beau knows how much Jenny detests her, so of course he goes off to help Cassie and leaves Jenny to investigate Tonya’s situation. He clearly enjoys all that a little too much also.  I really like the dynamic he has with both Jenny and Cassie, and kinda hope it doesn’t skew to the romantic – I enjoy them all as partners and friends and three people trying to do a little ‘saving people, hunting things’.

I also very much enjoy all the Supernatural shout outs that Big Sky seems happy to include in Season 3 – poor Jensen is setting himself up to play a character once again who does a lot of eating on screen. You would think he would have learned his lesson with Dean Winchester!

gif sensitiveham

Then again, uhh, maybe he shouldn’t stop any time soon…

The other priceless comedic moment is when Beau catches up to Cassie on a steep trail, out of breath and adorably pissy about it. Cassie’s eyeroll is understandable in the face of his ‘tantrum’ but it’s also fond, because who can be truly annoyed at THIS?

He wishes he’d worn his “marathon boots,” which btw are what Dean Winchester’s iconic boots were for 15 seasons of Supernatural.

gif beaujensen

How can you stay annoyed when he looks so adorably flustered?

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