Supernatural Returns in Four Days – And I’m Not Ready!

Supernatural returns for its final seven episode run in four days. Less than a week. The countdown has been in my head every day, especially over the past week as it draws closer. In keeping with my determination to record what happens with the show and in the fandom in these last months of the show airing, here’s my wrap up of the last full week before Supernatural returns. With all the requisite feelings.

The week started out with another Kings of Con podcast featuring a Supernatural guest star, this time the delightful Jake Abel, filmed when Jake and Rob were in quarantine in Vancouver about to go back to filming. Richard asked when they were ‘free’ and Jake laughed.

Jake: I told Jared, Jensen and Rob yesterday, hey guys I think we’re free on Sunday, and Jared called me a saboteur!

Rich: That is so the pot calling the kettle black – didn’t you tell me they had to chain him to the apartment, Rob?

Somehow this is not hard to believe.

I loved hearing Jake talk about the short film he made (Jake And Quarantine) and how many people thought he really was in a haunted apartment – including me for the first day! If you haven’t seen it, check it out on Jake’s youtube – Jake is an incredible storyteller.

Also, Rob and Jake were quarantined right above each other, and apparently figured out a way to use a rope to transfer things between apartments via kitchen twine!

Jake on Kings of Con

They were also doing lots of zoom calls with Jared and Jensen.

Rob: Jensen and Jared have been doing this show for fifteen years, so they deserve it, but Jake and I are in these identical studio apartments. Then we do these zooms with them and they’re in apartments that are very nice, right on the water, great views…

Jake: Jensen’s sending us pictures of him literally basking in the sun the other day.

Rob: Yeah he’s like, how about this sunset? I’m like, I’ve got buildings around me…

Rich and Rob always make me laugh, but they got serious near the end and made me tear up.

Richard gave Jake props for his awesome performance in the episode that Richard directed, and Jake gave him props right back for the vibe he creates on set when he directs.

Richard: It was a pleasure directing both of you, and I’m sorry to see the show come to an end but it certainly has chalked up a lot of great experiences for all of us.

Me: tissues!

Richard has a beautiful, emotional chapter in There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done that traces Supernatural’s impact on his own career and personal life, as well as what he feels the legacy of the show will be. I think he pretty much hits the nail on the head.

We also got some beautiful photos of Jensen on horseback (on a 19 hand giant of a horse!) taking JJ on her first trail ride. She’s hooked – how could she not be? It runs in the family. I can relate, remembering my first forays into riding when I was about her age. I still think horses are one of the most beautiful animals, and there’s few things that compare to the feeling of galloping across a field with the wind whipping your hair back. I’m once again so appreciative when the actors share a peek into their lives. Jensen and horses? Lots of beautiful.

More beautiful came from Misha Collins, who shared some photos from his trip with son West and the gorgeous scenery they enjoyed in this beautiful country.

When did West get so grown up??

A video interview that Jensen and Jared did before they went back to Vancouver to film (from Warner Bros. Japan I believe) was shared on youtube mid week – which meant we got to have yet another glimpse of quarantine hair!!! It’s like the gift that just keeps on giving, and I’m very grateful.

The boys were already feeling pretty emotional about getting ready to film the end, so it was an emotional interview. Here are a few excerpts that made me emotional too. The interviewer, a fan, must have said that the show has changed her life, though we don’t hear that part on the video.

Jared: Being a part of Supernatural has taught me a lot. I’ve had some time selfishly to reflect on just how massive it’s been. I just had my 38th birthday, and I think when we did the pilot, I was 22. So that’s a long time to be on one TV show. I don’t know many that have done 15 years with the same two characters all along, so I’m really grateful for it. And I’m going to be proud of it until the day I breathe my last breath. I’m grateful it’s having an impact on other people all over the world as well.

Jensen: You say it’s changed your life – it’s certainly changed our lives in so many ways. It means the world to us. We’ve been through so much during these last 15 years, both on and off set, but there’s always been a real constant, and that’s been this show and the love we have for it and the effort we put into it. It’s a blessing to know it means something to you and all of that wasn’t for nothing, but know that we truly do cherish our experience and these characters and this show–  which is why we always wanna do it the best we can.

I can’t read the questions, but it must have been something about Jared and Jensen’s epic friendship.

Jared: He’s my favorite shorter brother I’ve ever had.

Jensen: Thumbs up!

Jared: I think after you go through what he and I have been through together, there’s no other outcome than to become brothers. We talk about this in Supernatural, family isn’t just blood, not just who you were born (having) the same genetics. You choose your family and it’s a continuous process of you let somebody in a little bit to your life and they let you in a little bit to their life, and a little bit more and a little bit more, and sometimes you stop but he and I, we have been through a lot together in 15 years. We’ve seen friends and family come and go, seen our families begin and expand considerably, so I’m sure that no matter how long, no matter what time of day, no matter far in the future, if I ever call him at 3 in the morning and say hey dude I need help, he’d be in his car before we hung up the phone and vice versa.

Jensen: I’ll sum that up – Jared has become family and will always be family, and that is something that is unique in this industry.

[It is. To work for fifteen years together and to come out of that feeling like forever family is not something that often happens in this business, it seems. It’s part of what makes Supernatural so different – the relationships that have been forged thanks to this show. Jensen and Jared talk about that in their chapters in There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done, and so do many of the other actors who wrote chapters. It makes me cry, in a good way, reading how much this has meant to them – because I know how much it has meant to us.]

They were asked about favorite episodes.

Jared: Our lives tend to build up to the season finales each year. If you only had 15 episodes to watch, watch the finales. They tell a story but also tell not only the characters’ growth, but a little bit of human growth also. We start in July and finish in April, so you grow a lot in nine months of hard work and dedication, so it seems like the finales of all the seasons really encapsulate the growth of the characters – and all of us as humans.

Jensen: A favorite episode is near impossible. Favorite scene  is also equally difficult. I’ll say this, that my favorite moments in the making of Supernatural don’t lie on the page. They’re not in the words that are written, they’re in the moments that Jared and I find in between the lines. They’re moments that present themselves to us and only to us while we’re in the scene and the cameras are rolling. And those are the little moments, those are the moments that are the texture in this show that is the most gratifying for me. Not to knock the writing or producing, that’s all fantastic and we know we have an amazing game plan going into every season, but when Jared and I can find those little moments that belong to he and I, those are really satisfying and I really enjoy those.

[That was such a Jensen thing to say – he appreciates and enjoys the craft so much, and having a partner to craft a scene with in the same way is something I’ve heard him talk about many times. I’m so glad he found that. At the same time, I think that’s a lot to lose, and makes this show very hard to walk away from. For them as well as us.]

Everyone who has a chapter in There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done, both actors and fans, talked about why Supernatural has inspired people so powerfully and what its legacy will be.  Jared and Jensen talked about that in this interview too.

Jared: The main reason the fandom attached itself to Sam, Dean and Cas is these guys are all flawed. They’ve made mistakes, made missteps and miscalculations, and we just try to do our best in spite of, or because of, those. One of the things I like about Sam, Dean and Cas is they try their best. Even if you try your best all the time, you’re still gonna mess up sometimes. Still get possessed by Lucifer, start the apocalypse, but if you try to make it right and be good and honest, it’s a good lesson. We all make mistakes, it’s about what you do after those mistakes.

Jensen: These three characters have banded together under a banner of free will. They refuse to let their destinies be told to them, but set out and make their own destiny and fight for what they believe is right and good.

Damn right.

They were asked about being quarantined at home for the pandemic, and Jared admitted it’s much more difficult being a dad than being the lead of a TV show.

Jensen: lol

Although this was filmed well before it was a done deal, Jensen said that “the Impala will be coming home to Texas for he and I to enjoy.”

I’m guessing at that time they only knew for sure that one car would be coming to Texas, and it struck me as incredibly sweet that Jensen said it was for both of them to enjoy.  I mean, you need to have your brother riding shotgun!

Jensen said there’s an episode coming up in this last seven that he’s looking forward to – which I think will be next week’s.

Jensen: There’s an episode we haven’t seen yet that a character is introduced who we had a lot of fun with. To still crank out these one off episodes that kinda break the mold and take us into kind of an odd fun fantastical place, I loved it. I love that this show can continue to do that even after 15 years.

Fairly sure that’s the next episode coming up. Davy Perez tweeted that the actors carved their own pumpkins – look at Jensen’s masterpiece!

(non specific spoilery photo ahead)

I love how much they still love this show, even as they prepare to end it. It’s pretty clear that they don’t really want this to be The End though. Not forever.

Jared: Hopefully we get to continue to hunt demons and make the world a better place, even after we finish these last two episodes. Hopefully we get to carry on the Winchester legacy.

God, I hope so!

Here’s the interview on youtube if you haven’t seen it yet.

Jared and Jensen Interview

I was doing kind of all right emotionally this past week, overwhelmed with the demands of a semester in full swing and family stuff, and staying in a bit of denial about the impending ending of the show. Friday, however, did not allow that.

First, the CW put out a gorgeous new poster for the show that brought tears to my eyes.

Then the very last Shaving People Punting Things video was posted, titled Au Revoir, and it broke open all that denial. SPPT videos are a showcase of all that’s wonderful about Supernatural – the brilliant editors who put it together, including the talented Jessica Chandler, tell a story within the story with every one.

This one includes heartbreaking scenes from the upcoming episodes that made me want to sob, and heartwarming behind the scenes moments that remind me how much fun the cast and crew has had over the past fifteen years making the show what it is. The melancholy song “Slow Farewell” by Raphael Lake and Royal Baggs plays in the background, the mournful music making me reach for the tissues again.

[Non-specific slightly spoilery pictures below]

caps lemondropsonice

God, how I don’t want to lose this Show. I have loved every single SPPT videos, and they have so enriched the experience of Supernatural. What an amazing, talented, innovative, creative group of people came together to make this show – and kicked ass doing it! These videos are proof of that.

Gif abordelimpala


We’ve got work to do this week too, fandom. Supernatural was once again nominated for a People’s Choice Award! This is, quite literally, the last time we will ever be able to give our show an award. EVER. So please, vote every day 25 times at the website and retweet as often as you can with the hashtag #Supernatural #TheScifiFantasyShow. It may not sound important, but it’s the best way we can let TPTB know that it would be in their best interest to have a Supernatural movie or limited series one day. I don’t want this to be the last we see of these characters and this show – so vote!

Jared and Jensen are also both nominated for People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, so vote for that too if you’re so inclined – but definitely for the PCA!!

One last thing before I wrap this up – Jared and Jensen will be on ‘The Talk’ next Wednesday, so make sure you look up the time for your local area. I really hope they’re going to go all out on the PR for this show that has so often deserved all the accolades.

Four more days.

I’m nervous, full of anticipation, and already feeling overly emotional about having a new episode coming up this Thursday. It feels so right that the show is back on Thursday night where it belongs, and so familiar to be looking forward to new episodes as the weather here on the east coast US starts to get chilly. Sometimes I can hardly believe this is the last time I’ll have this, after Supernatural has been a part of my autumn anticipation for fifteen years. But, as always, I’m so damn grateful.

Stay tuned for ALL the coverage of next week and the next seven weeks of Supernatural, including episode reviews and all the news!

— Lynn

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