Salute to Supernatural Pittsburgh – Sunday Recap!

Part 3 of our weekend in Pittsburgh at the Creation Supernatural con!

Sunday at Pittcon kicked off with Jared and Jensen’s gold breakfast panel. Look at those smiling faces, even early in the morning when they’re still drinking their first cups of coffee. No matter how bleary I am at the morning panels, I always find myself grinning back.

This year’s Pittsburgh con was extra fun because it was Pride Week, which meant the city lit up in gorgeous rainbow colors, a rock concert going on right across from our hotel every night, and a street party keeping the city jumping until the wee hours – it was exhilarating.

Jared: I was out last night walking around, and I saw this handsome African American man staring at me and I was like well hey, it’s Pride Week! And it’s Christian [Keyes]!

Jensen: But hey, it’s Pride Week!

Pittsburgh being awesome

Also can I just say that I LOVED what they wore to this con? They both looked utterly amazing. Happy and well rested and even though I’m not really a big fan of the hiatus beards (I know, I know…) I totally admit they were rocking them at this con.

And they’re just so long and lean and….Okay, moving on…

There was plenty of J2 comedy, as always.

Jared at one point mentioned that he was in the process of restoring his first car.

Jensen: (deadpans) You’ve been repairing that car since I’ve known you – and I’ve never even seen it!

They both talked a bit about their characters, which is always my favorite thing.

Jensen: The writers quickly started to explore the humorous side of Dean, but they always bring the badass back too.

Me: Thank god.

Jared said that he’s a researcher just like Sam.

Jared: Jensen laughs at me because I read the directions. He throws them away.

Jensen did not disagree. In fact he told a story about trying to put together a ride-in car for JJ and not quite succeeding perfectly because he threw away the directions. Jared, of course, didn’t.

Someone asked Jensen about the flying fight scene with Dean and Lucifer at the end of Season 13.

Jensen: The harness was cinched so tight it was probably like wearing a corset would be.

Me: Ouch

When he saw the finished version, Jensen said he wasn’t overly pleased.

Unfortunately, I think most viewers agreed. It’s a shame that it was clearly a very physically demanding and difficult scene to shoot and it just didn’t come out well no matter how hard they all worked at it.

They wanted to know how we liked the Scoobynatural crossover, which got a big cheer.

Jensen told a cute story about all of them watching Scoobynatural for the first time when it was screened for them at the theater where they have the Oscars, and Jensen looked over at Misha and he had this happy little kid expression on his face and was like, “this is so cool!”

Jared on how they felt about doing Scoobynatural: Sometimes Jensen and I have a private moment on set, or us and Misha, to say wow this is so cool, but rarely do we have something like that outside set, like that viewing was.

Alex Calvert took the stage in the afternoon – every panel I’ve seen of Alex has been thoroughly entertaining. He’s a natural for live stage, with a great self-deprecating sense of humor and genuinely appreciative of the opportunity to be a part of a show like Supernatural and a fandom like the SPNFamily. Also he’s adorable.

Alex: Not everyone has a job they love to go to every day, so I feel lucky.

Someone asked what he liked about playing Jack.

Alex: I love having the power to throw things across the room. It’s like when you’re in Walmart and the doors just come open…


He also said that Jack is still like a toddler, he doesn’t know all his powers. Hmmm.

A fan informed him that we call him a cinnamon roll.

Alex: Wait, I thought it was ‘nougat boy’… Well, I’ve played a lot of murderers so it’s nice to play a character who only murders accidentally.

He thought about it for a minute, and then grinned: I get to be a fucking cinnamon roll!

Alex said he’s really looking forward to Jack trying to help Sam save Dean.

Me too!

And of course he also got the prank question, though it sounds like Alex’s life on set is one bit pranking.

Alex: I feel like prank fodder. If Jared and Jensen are both in a scene, I just know it’s coming. I’m constantly like, is that a dick joke?

I had to miss Ruth Connell’s solo panel for a meet and greet, which made me very upset. I LOVE Ruth’s panels! Please don’t do that to me again! There should totally be gorgeous Ruth photos here and I’m feeling the lack of it. Boo.

Then it was time for the Jared and Jensen afternoon panel, which had a lot of funny moments.

There’s nothing better than when they make each other laugh – it’s entirely infectious and I always end up laughing along with them.

After a fan told them that she started watching Supernatural from the start – at age 5 – Jensen fake collapsed. Jared rushed over and helped him up, explaining to the fans that he’s got a bad hip. Poor traumatized boys.

At one point they had a debate about what hair and makeup uses on Jared’s hair.

Jensen: I think it’s mousse… moose mousse… hahaha

The most hilarious exchange was when a fan asked about their (acting) process.

Jensen to Jared: You go first, yours is longer.

Jared: Yes it is. And so is my process.

Ba dum dum!

There followed a hysterical series of process jokes that had me laughing so hard I couldn’t even tweet. I can’t help it, I love it when they’re naughty. Jensen was laughing just as hard, which just made me laugh harder.

Jared: it’s all about the process…

On a more serious note, Jared said he wanted to seen Dean back, but he also wants some episodes of Michael!Dean.

Jared: I want to see Sam teach Jack what Dean taught Sam.

Me: Awwww. Some Winchester legacy.


Someone asked Jared about his experience being directed by some of his fellow actors.

Jared: I know Jensen the best. We have that rapport, so it was easy being directed by him.

Jensen added that they direct each other all the time on set, constantly giving each other feedback about what worked and what didn’t and what they might do better. The directors know how much they care.

Jared: Our directors know we care about Sam and Dean more than anyone else, so they trust us with those characters.

They also know each other incredibly well. In evidence:

Jensen: Jared always clears his throat when he forgets that it was his turn to talk.

Jared retorted: You stick your gum to the roof of your mouth before you talk.

Me: Is dead from the awww

Someone asked, when Supernatural does end (gasp), will the conventions end too?

Jared: it’s hard to think of Supernatural ending. But I don’t think the SPNFamily has to end.

I sure hope not!

All too soon it was time for the last question, and then Jensen joined Jason Manns for a little bit of last question song at the mic since Rob had to leave the con early.  Jason wasn’t entirely sure how this was supposed to go, but luckily he had Mr. Ackles there to show him the ropes.

Rob had to leave early on Sunday, so the last panel of the day was Richard and Mark. They talked about the Gabriel and Lucifer conversation near the end of Season 13.

Richard: When Mark and I were playing that conversation, I really liked that scene. When it became a scene about two brothers, I thought, this relationship might be salvageable. Because all during that conversation, Gabriel was never in fear of his life from Lucifer.

Mark: I think you see in that scene that they have a long history and can push each other’s buttons. Lucifer needs to acquaint himself with vulnerability and empathy.

Me: I’ll say…

Richard talked about the fun of directing Mark in those comedic scenes, like when Lucifer comes through into our universe and realizes that when he tries to snap someone out of existence, it doesn’t work. Read all about that in our chat with Richard about directing Mark in those scenes and more here –

Director Dick Chat

He also did some reminiscing about the early days of Supernatural cons, which made me all nostalgic. I still remember his first convention, which was where we met. Kathy and I interviewed him and he had lots of questions for us about the mysteries of fandom. For example, shipping, slash, etc. Richard was remembering some of that at Pittcon.

Richard on being very nervous at his first con: I thought shipping meant getting something from place to place…

That resulted in a fan explaining slash fanfic to Mark. In the process, she mentioned shipping.

Richard: (interrupts) Oh, it’s nautical! I bet it’s about dinghies…


Richard also said if he had the power of the Trickster over Jared and Jensen, he’d make them short.

Richard: I just wanna see them struggle to get things off the shelf…

Their panel ended after some good laughs, and with that, the last Pittcon was over. Richard and Mark joined Billy, Stephen and Mike to sing the traditional ‘It’s The End Of The Con As We Know It’.

I took the Pennsylvanian back once again, this time without any freight trains slowing us down, and thought about the moments that made the Pittsburgh cons something special. Fireworks on the deck, the beautiful view of the river, the guests clowning around walking across the skyway….

Thanks for the memories, Pittcon. I’ll miss you.


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  • Thanks for the post: immensely enjoyable as always!
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