Sunday with Jared and Jensen at Minncon 2017

Sunday is J2 Day at Creation Supernatural cons, this time joined by another Winchester (Mary, aka Samantha Smith) with the day introduced by Rich and Rob and closed out by Ruth Connell and Louden Swain.

The Sunday morning gold panel saw a rather sleepy looking Jared and Jensen joining us – and of course the very first question asked was about that “this is a bad idea” Instagram video Jensen posted of him and Jared on Friday night.

J2: nope.

As in, they declined to answer on the grounds that it might incriminate them. Or, you know, get them incarcerated.

All kidding aside, Jensen and Jared were worried about their families in Austin as Hurricane Harvey began to takes its incredible toll on Texas. Jensen took a call from Danneel while they were onstage, Jared hovering over his shoulder.

This eventually resulted in shenanigans as Jared tried to grab Jensen’s phone (or something) and Jensen spun around and around to avoid him, then backed up like ‘here ya go’. #boys


Glad to report that Danneel and Gen and the kids are fine, and were all having a ‘sleepover’. In the wine cellar.

Jared also did his best angel imitation. I can’t remember why, but it was pretty amusing.

Jared and Jensen said they have finally agreed on what they want the show’s finale episode to be, though they didn’t tell us what that is. They’ve been talking about that a lot recently, but frankly I don’t want to think about it lalalalalala I can’t hear you!

One thing everyone agrees on is wanting Eric Kripke back for the last episode – either as a writer or a hands on producer or something!

They were asked about pranks (the poor people playing that particular SPN drinking game…) and said that Misha has been shooting a lot of scenes separate from them recently, but that they have an ‘awesome’ new target for pranks in new cast member Alex Calvert, who plays Jack.  I can’t wait to hear Alex’s version of on-set goings-on. Hopefully he’ll be joining us at some upcoming cons.

Jared told the random story of a drone that crashed on his balcony last night, which was definitely a bit suspicious. As in, Jared suspected it was purposely sent to crash on his balcony.

Jensen: Um, yeah, can I have that back?

They also talked about their love of Sam and Dean and how protective they are of their characters. They trust the writers and the writers also trust them, to know Sam and Dean better than anyone.

Jared: There’s a real sense of responsibility. We ask ourselves, did I do Sam justice? Did I do Dean justice?

After the gold panel, we were treated to Samantha Smith, who wore a plaid dress that pretty much everyone wanted. She kept calling Rob back onstage to make sure he was there to back her up if she needed it, but turns out there were plenty of questions to keep her busy.

Many of the questions for Sam were about Mary and her mothering, which you know if you read my episode reviews, I struggled mightily with last season. Samantha had to come to some understanding of her character, of course. She said that Mary was really struggling when she came back – she had barely had time to really become a mom to Sam and Dean when she was killed, and had no idea how to mother two grown men.

She also said that Mary has come to terms with the fact that she’s a hunter, and that the world needs her – and her boys.

Sam: She’s brave, she’s scared, she’s loving, she’s selfish, she’s human. She’s a whole person now.

Samantha also had some kind words about Jensen’s performance in that emotional scene when Dean confronts his mother.

Sam: Mary was pissed, and Dean was PISSED. And Jensen and I didn’t try to make it okay between takes. It was awkward until the scene was wrapped.

After that it was time for the afternoon J2 panel. Jared thanked the fans for allowing him the privilege of playing Sam Winchester for 13 years.

Jared: I dig him, he’s kind of a nice dude. Thank you for letting me bring him to life.

Gotta say, I agree about Sam, Jared.

Jensen pronounced his dislike of pickles, and told a funny story about filming a scene with Dean eating a hot dog last week (there were lots of photos of this moment going around in fact). He had them put sliced radishes on it instead of onions or pickles, which made Jared gag theatrically. As they were filming, Jensen ended up with a piece of hot dog stuck to the corner of his mouth and then theatrically spit it out, which of course made Jared and Alex laugh.

Jensen put in a vote for using more of the gadgets in the trunk of the Impala, namely the grappling hook. He pitched a scene where Dean is climbing a building using the grappling hook, then looks down to see Sam just casually walk in the door, like ‘Dean, it’s unlocked…’

One of the funniest moments was when Jared and Jensen looked up into the giant balcony shells and there was a big banner that said “I LOVE SAM AND DEA…”  The N was invisible.

Jared: I can see a sign that says we love Sam and the DEA….Drug Enforcement Agency??”

Credit: Deansbeerbottle

Jensen told the story about when the twins were about to be born and he had to get home, that somehow Jared knew to ask him if he had his passport. He was like, of course I have my passport, I always have my passport, it’s right…oh.

Jensen to Jared: I don’t know how you knew…

There was a sort of emotional moment when they talked about the end of the series, something I don’t like to think about, in response to a question about moments they want to relive.

Jared:  A day I’d want to relive is the filming of the series finale. It will be us and Collins and whoever else, and it’s gonna go by so fast.

A fan asked when they started thinking of themselves as brothers.

Jared: Tomorrow.

Jensen: We’ll get there eventually.

There were some truly heartfelt moments in this panel when they answered this question seriously. Jensen said he knew they’d be friends the first time they fought – and decided not to fight. Jared said he knew when they got into a fight with some other people.

Jared:  We got jumped and Ackles came back to be sure his boy was all right.

Me: Awwww.

Here’s a bit of J2 talking about those historic fights:

Jared also talked about the importance of getting help when you need it, and how he’s proud to say he has therapy twice a week – and how much it has helped. Here’s a short video of that segment:

A fan complimented Jared on the chapter he wrote in Family Don’t End With Blood, in which he also talks about the importance of asking for and getting help,  and asked if he’d be writing his own book. Jared laughed and said he had enough trouble writing his chapter – it really did take him two years. (But it came out so tremendously powerful, it was totally worth it). Here’s what he said about that process, interrupted in the middle by a hilarious detour. Jensen was complaining that Jared took writing his chapter so seriously that they were on vacation in Turks and Caicos and he strolled out in the morning and there was Jared typing away.

Jared: Yeah that’s what happened, except he was wearing a little man speedo.

Jensen didn’t deny it, instead swaggering around as though he still had one on, much to everyone’s delight.

Jared: He was enjoying it. He was excited. (slaps hand over mouth theatrically)

Jensen: (deadpans) It was hard to hide…

Jared: And I said oh, I didn’t know you had a roll of Certs in your front middle pocket.

The whole exchange was both dirty and hysterical, which is a very good combination indeed. It ended with Jensen saying “it’s a deep pocket with lots of treats” so take that as you will.

I cannot stand it when they really get each other going, their laughter is absolutely infectious. Nothing better.

Here’s the video of them talking about speedos and certs…:

I’m kinda thrilled that all that was in the middle of Jared talking about writing his chapter in FDEWB.  Jensen didn’t talk about the chapter he wrote in FDEWB, but while it’s not as long as Jared’s, it’s also intensely personal and inspirational.

I could just watch them banter and listen to each other talk and be alternately amused by and supportive of each other for days on end, to be honest. Jared slapped Jensen on the shoulder or leg or arm so much that Jensen finally suggested a drinking game where every time Jared hit him, we drink. Nope. Not gonna fall for that! They’re never hits though, usually more like pats of reassurance, the two of them always making sure they’re on the same page.

The last question was about what helps Jared and Jensen when they’re having a tough time. Jensen said support from family, friends, coworkers.

Jared reminded the last questioners (and everyone) that pain is mandatory, but suffering isn’t.

We had a bit of Jensen and Rob singing the Last Question song – here’s a little clip:


After the boys were wrapped, we got one more panel from Ruth Connell, which was a nice way to close out the con. She told us that she thinks that maybe Rowena had a daughter, led us in a late day V Club Mega dance, and proved her fangirl cred by managing to work Michael Fassbender into several of her answers.

Ruth also had some great advice for anxiety sufferers.

Ruth: When I’m nervous, I think instead about how I can make a contribution. It makes it not about you.

Turning it around, making it not about yourself, can change your focus and reduce the anxiety.

Ruth wrote about her own battles with insecurity, especially around singing, in her chapter in Family Don’t End With Blood.

Richard and the band came onstage to close out the con, with all of us singing along to ‘The End of the Con as We Know It’, to a huge round of applause. These cons would not be a fraction of what they are without Richard, Rob and Louden Swain, and everyone knows it. And appreciates it.

I had a lovely dinner at an Irish Pub down the road with a few friends, along with a glass of wine, and some good conversation about the show, the fandom and the actors who made our weekend so much fun. Then it was time to head back to reality – and some better weather! Thanks, Minneapolis, for a great time.


Check out the book that the actors all wrote

chapters in, Family Don’t End With Blood,

at the links on this page!


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