Supernatural Vancouver Part Two – More SNS, Jared, Jensen, Ruth and Rachel!

So, where was I? Oh right, the Saturday Night Special…The thing is, it’s not just the way they sing that makes them all such rockstars. It’s the emotion they put into everything they sing – I don’t know if it’s because they’re also actors, or just people who feel things deeply and allow themselves to be emotionally vulnerable, but so many of them reduce me to tears during the SNS. It’s an entirely emotional experience, not just a musical one.

And speaking of…. I knew Jensen Ackles was going to sing, but it seems I’m never entirely prepared for it anyway. He’s performed ‘Whipping Post’ several times, but I swear every time he pours his heart into it even more and it gets to me even more. I was so enthralled with his performance, I completely missed the fact that he was wearing a tee shirt (single layer single layer single layer) that said ‘Skyrockets In Flight’ – once the SNS was over we were all humming ‘Afternoon Delight’. Jensen and Jared are huge Anchorman fans, so it made sense, but….yeah.

In my defense, I may have been a little distracted by all the biceps action too. Hey, it was just right there, what can I say?

I still remember the very first time I heard Jensen sing, at a little ‘jam session’ almost ten years ago now with Jason Manns and then with Steve Carlson. He was palpably nervous, and afterwards asked me if he’d “done okay”. At the time, I babbled about how it had been more than just okay, but now? He has evolved into an actual effing rockstar. He owns that stage, and he knows it. And it’s just an absolute pleasure to see. We are such a lucky fandom, seriously. Who gets to have all these rockstars as cast on their favorite show??

Jensen played some box drums, stalked back and forth across the stage to a chorus of screams, hugged a lucky Billy Moran, and then thanked the SPN Family. He then quipped ‘this is the last time I’m gonna sing’ but before we could start protesting, added ‘just kidding’

I took a video vertically because damn, ALL of Jensen looked really really good at the SNS. As you can see.

The SNS ended with a rocking rendition of Mama’s Jam, Matt Cohen cheerleading.

Then an encore of Amazing and finally a respectable kazoo chorus of actors and fans for Medicated, including both cast and crew who were in the audience. I feel like my kazoo skills have vastly improved since the band started playing Medicated at the end of the SNS. Pretty sure some of the cast are getting pretty good too – and they definitely enjoy it 🙂

Sunday began with a lovely breakfast with my friend Jamie, then the J2 gold panel. Jared had flown in late last night after 6 days of down time in Austin, so he was long haired and gloriously scruffy, which was definitely a good thing.

Jensen had spent yesterday filming a small part in his buddy Josh Duhamel’s new movie, appropriately titled Buddy Games. How exciting is that??

They haven’t gotten the official sign off for Season 14 yet, so they urged fans to keep pushing for it – which I’m pretty sure we’ll be happy to do!

Someone asked where they could get Jensen’s Family Business Beer.

Jensen (pointing to Jared): At his bar.

San Jac Saloon in Austin will carry Jensen’s beer soon, which is the best embodiment of ‘Family Business’ ever!

Someone asked a great question about the longest scene they had ever filmed “without shenanigans” and they both said it was the scene in “Baby” that Robbie Thompson refers to as the sleepover scene – Dean and Sam sleeping in the impala, and the five pages of dialogue during which they “talk about our lives”. Look for my epic interview with Robbie here soon, in which he also talks a lot about that scene – which may be one of my all time favorites as well.

Jared and Jensen also gave a shout out to the Wayward Sisters spinoff, saying how excited they were about it. Jensen said he loves when they explore other parts of the hunters’ world, and they love both those wonderful actors and those great characters.

A fan asked what their love songs for their wives were, and while they were pondering, Jared pulled out his phone and started playing ‘Fruit Salad’, much to Jensen’s head shaking.

He then quipped “that’s my love song for you” before finally answering seriously. Jared said that “Just Breathe” was his, because it was a song that was playing when he and Gen first became parents. Jensen said that the first song he ever played for Danneel was “If I Had A Million” by Pat Greene – which he actually sang at one of those early jam sessions, and it’s beautiful.

Rich and Rob kicked off Sunday afternoon with an original number about how much Rob loves bottoms, including the fabulous bottoms of Jared and Jensen (which I don’t think anyone could disagree with…)

We then were treated to an inspiring panel from Rachel Miner, who got a standing ovation from the crowd. She got emotional as she thanked everyone, saying “I love you all so much.”

Richard: I think it’s mutual.

And then we all got emotional in return. Have I mentioned this was a very emotional con?

Rachel shared with fans how she deals with her own illness and chronic pain – Find things that inspire you, to pull you out of the pain. Accept that you sometimes get upset. The pain gets quieter eventually.

She also shared a beautiful story about the support the Supernatural cast give each other. When she filmed that Meg kissing Cas scene with Misha, she was already getting sick but she didn’t want anyone to know so she hadn’t said anything. But Misha sensed that she was struggling, and just picked her up and spun them to make it easier for her. In other words, he had her back. You know, like family does?

Have I mentioned this was an emotional con?

She also gave a shout out to Wayward Sisters, about the importance of seeing yourself represented in media.

I am so immensely honored that Rachel wrote such a heartfelt chapter in Family Don’t End With Blood, and so overjoyed that many fans have told me that hers is one of the chapters that most inspires them. Check out her new charity campaign, hashtag #BeTheClarence – Be the Clarence you want to see in this world.

Jared and Jensen ran into the ballroom from the back to kick off their afternoon panel, saying they wanted to know how Rob felt when he did that (which actually he hasn’t done in the last few cons, come to think of it).

Their afternoon panel was hysterical. Someone asked Jensen which female character he’d like to play on Supernatural. Jared looked at him warningly and said, ‘Don’t say Genevieve.’

Of course, you cannot dare Jensen like that.

Jensen: Of course not. [pause for dramatic effect]. I’d play Ruby.

Jared: (raises eyebrows)

Jensen: No wait, that’s weird. [pauses again for more dramatic effect]. I’d play Becky.

Jared: (slides his chair away)

A short while later, a fan asks a question.

Jensen: I’m all yours.

Jared: (fans self)

All the ships got shipped with good humor in this panel. A fan asked about what genre film they’d like to do and someone suggested a romcom with Misha and Jensen.

Jared: I’d direct that…

Jensen: Give it to them in a way they don’t expect…

Someone asked Jensen what was the most disgusting thing he’d had to eat as Dean, and he said definitely the six turducken sandwiches, which were definitely not turducken.

They didn’t come up, but instead…

Poor Jensen.

For some reason I can’t entirely explain, I started laughing and couldn’t stop when this exchange happened.

Fan to Jensen: You should direct.

Jensen: Juju the rat?

Jared (immediately quips): You should direct Juju the rat!

It was just so random, but it cracked me up.

Also? Matching tongues. Twinsies?

The best sequence of the panel came from a question that was supposed to be a serious one, according to my friend Rachel who asked it. But OMG did it ever take a turn!

Where does Dean keep the Samulet?

Jared: Wouldn’t you like to know?

They exchange a look and then Jensen is cracking up, wiping tears from his eyes he’s laughing so hard.

Jared: That will be revealed when the show moves to Netflix…

Jared: He doesn’t want this to be the butt of that joke…nor do we want to make an ass of ourselves…but maybe there’s somebody in the rear of the auditorium who can… I can do this all day! (comedy elbows)… There appears to be a back door…

Jensen: All right, enough of the cracks…

Jared: Okay, we have to stop. I’m butt plugging this…

Jensen: This is the point on set where they usually call for a second meal.

Jared: Rump roast?

Jensen: (finally answering): In the trunk.


The panel had its touching moments too.

They were asked about similarities with their characters, and Jensen said that he and Dean share the same moral compass and the desire to fight for the helpless. Jared said he and Sam have a hard time believing they can live up to people’s expectations, but credited the SPN Family with helping him with that. The chapter he wrote in Family Don’t End With Blood is the longest in the entire book, because Jared shared so much about his personal struggles, including this one. I haven’t met anyone yet who could read it without needing to reach for the tissues. But make no mistake, it ends with pure and total inspiration.

The last question was how their younger selves would react if they knew the impact they would have on the world.

Jensen said his younger self wouldn’t have believed it, but that he also wouldn’t have believed the impact the SPN Family has had on him, which is what he wrote about in his chapter of Family Don’t End With Blood.

Jensen: There’s no way we could have predicted any of this. We’re still pinching ourselves 12 years later.

Jared added that it’s all of us – cast and fans – who are making a difference, and that they are honored to be a part of it.

Hugs all around.

It was a wonderful way to end a wonderful panel.

Jensen joined Rob for the last question song, and then the boys said their goodbyes.

We ended a great day with another Ruth Connell panel – as Ruth is wont to do, she brought a few friends with her, including Supernatural makeup whiz Trisha Porter (@TrishyMakeup) and Proppin’ Robin herself, Robin Stooshnov, who literally keeps everything running smoothly on the show. We had the great pleasure of interviewing Robin for an article in Supernatural Magazine back in 2009, which gave us a better understanding of just how important her role in the show is. Ruth and Trisha ended up planning to braid Jared’s hair tomorrow. Pictures, Trisha??

Ruth also brought two SPN alums onstage, both of whom played the hell out of the character of Hannah – Erica Carroll and Lee Majdoub!

Lee on playing Hannah: I had to let go and receive.

Ruth: is this the fanfic version?

Lee Majdoub joins our V Club Mega Mix

I think she ended the panel with the story of having to play Rowena naked in front of the mirror when Crowley walks in. Ruth had planned to prank Mark by turning around wearing a big ginger mirkin. I would have loved to see that on the gag reel!

The chapter that Ruth wrote in Family Don’t End With Blood is also amazing – not only can you literally hear Ruth’s lilting voice when you read it, but it’s genuine and open and very inspiring.

Richard, Rob and Louden Swain ended the con, as always, with a rousing rendition of ‘It’s The End of the Con As We Know It’, which has become a tradition.

Louden Swain sign off

I had a full day of flying ahead of me the next day, but I couldn’t even be cranky about it – it was a wonderful weekend all around. Too bad I couldn’t stay for the traditional set stalking that always goes on after Vancon, but it looks like a lot of people could and did – and that Kim Rhodes, newcomer Clark Backo, and Mr. Ackles came out to chat with fans. Jensen even filmed the big group of SPN Family gathered on the sidewalk across from their location filming, and crossed the street to make one very young fan’s entire day. Week. Perhaps decade. Nice to know they don’t get tired of us, just as we never get tired of them!

Check out the awesome chapters written by the
Supernatural actors in Family Don’t End
With Blood – links at the top of the page!

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  • Great write up-as always!!
    You always make me feel like I’m there with you. I’ve watched the video of this panel numerous times. It is so funny! One of their best. I never get tired of watching Jensen & Jared together. I miss going to cons, so I love your articles more than ever.

  • As usual, this made me laugh out loud and then get teary-eyed too…looked up the songs J2 mentioned that reminded them of their wives and almost lost it. Jared’s song was so beautiful! Thanks so much for reporting on these cons! Can’t wait for NJCON next month–my third time and probably my last as cons are just getting so expensive! But I’m super grateful for your blog making me always feel like I am there <3

  • Heya!! I have a question regarding vancon 2017 and Ruth’s solo panel. I was one of the people that asked her questions and I was wondering if you captured any moment of Ruth hugging or going near the fans. I’m trying to hunt down either pics or videos of the moment when she got to me at the microphone. Thanks and keep up with the amazing work! <3

  • Heya! I was wondering if you got my email. I’m still trying to find anything related to Ruth’s panel, especially now that my suspicion about Rowena being alive was confirmed (I told Ruth about it on said panel). Thanks! 🙂

    • I have just been swamped, so I haven’t gone back through my photos. Remind me exactly what you’re looking for? (And I’m glad you were right about rowena 🙂

      • It’s all good 🙂 My question was if you had any video or pic of her Vancon solo panel, the parts where she approaches the fans (I’m hard to miss – itty bitty tiny redhead just like her, lol). Thanks and happy Halloween!

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