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Richard and the band kicked off Sunday with Richard suggesting J2 as the sacrament we should feast on in the Church of Dick and nobody complaining about that idea. We can all just #blamethemusk after all.

He wasn’t wrong. Sometimes Sunday really does feel like we’re feasting — not just on the obvious, though the boys were looking mighty fine. But also on all the fun and good feelings that a Jared and Jensen panel always brings. They so enjoy each other’s company and interacting with the fans that I end up feeling thoroughly satisfied. It is like a feast, but something that fills up your heart instead of your tummy. Forgive me, I’m feeling a little sappy — no new SPN tonight, and I’m missing the boys. So I thought I’d try to catch up a little and post some pretty.

The Gold Panel saw the boys looking not quite as sleepy as usual, since they’re so close to Vancouver.





gold j2 2

My favorite parts are usually Show related, and Seacon didn’t disappoint. Jensen and Jared talked a lot about how well they know their characters, so that they can now just sort of let Sam or Dean feel and the emotions will be genuine.

Jensen said that he got unexpectedly emotional during a scene they recently filmed, so he asked to do his coverage first. It’s a testament to just how deeply they know these characters, that what the character feels really IS what the actual human being feels too. No wonder our own emotions are so easily activated as we watch!



Jensen (laughing): And then the waterworks continued – off camera!

Jared: I was like, wow, Jensen is really playing this up.

We also got treated to Jensen playing the ukulele, and Jared gamely trying to hold two microphones for him as he played and walked across the stage. Apparently he sings and plays for JJ. Awwww.

gold uke

gold uke mic

gold jp

Then we got some Tim Omundson! It was pretty awesome having him there, since he’s actually a local boy. He came onstage and welcomed Richard Speight (who he went to college with almost 30 years ago!) to his hometown.

We got the “full Timmy” since he actually got some sleep last night. And we found out that his daughter is a Supernatural fan, and a purist one at that. She’s in the process of watching the Show from the beginning, as you should. (Tim got points for being the coolest dad ever by taking his daughter and her friends to the Burbank con and introducing them to the boys.) Yeah, he’ll never top that.


His daughter comes by it naturally; Tim is a fanboy himself, totally enamored of Hamilton (and who isn’t?) He even screen capped Lin Manuel Miranda liking one of his tweets. Pretty sure most of us tweeted Lin Manuel to tell him to get on the casting of Mr. Omundson like STAT!

The afternoon J2 panel kicked off with awesomeness, as Jared carried Shep onstage and Jensen carried Tom – the birthday boy. Jared and Jensen were adorable in their excitement about having the boys there and wanting everyone to make a fuss over Tom – and Tom, developmentally appropriate little kid fashion, was having none of it. He resolutely turned his face into Uncle Jensen’s shoulder instead of looking at the roaring crowd of way too many people. Poor little guy!

j2 fam3

j2 fam shy 2

j2 fam shy

j2 fam sing

j2 fam

j2 fam2

Jensen helpfully answered the question of how old he was the way Tom customarily does, and they even did their traditional leap while holding the boys.

j2 fam tom 3

j2 fam tom 4

j2 fam sing 2

j2 ja tom

j2 ja tom2

j2 ja tom3

Eventually Gen came to rescue the kids and the panel got started, but we all felt like we’d been privileged to witness a little extended family time, which was wonderful. Jensen said that he hadn’t come to the Saturday Night Special because they were celebrating Tom’s birthday, which is an absolutely understandable reason.

j2 fam tom grin

j2 fam tom5

j2 ja tom4

j2 jp shep

These guys, I swear. I was smiling so widely it started to hurt. Pretty sure quite a few people died of the cute, because it was OFF THE CHARTS.

There was a lot of wardrobe talk for some reason, with Jensen telling the story of the red gym shorts and how he basically just puts on whatever’s hanging in his trailer. Which meant he put the shorts on and walked out and was like, ‘What?’


There was more love for the Winchesters, and how much J2 love playing them.

Jensen: He and I both feel an intense connection to the Winchester brothers.

Jared: I realized, in playing Dean [on Gilmore Girls] again, that there’s only one Dean (pats Jensen).

jp serious

ja mic 3




Jensen: Let me love you!


j2 let me luv u



They also made me all emotional and nostalgic talking about Kripke visiting the set recently and how it felt like “coming home” and Jared remembering that Sera Gamble as showrunner trusted him to take Soulless Sam in whatever direction he felt was right.

Jensen said that Dean sharing more with his brother and being more emotionally available to Sam this season has deepened their bond. That for a long time, Dean was afraid that the whole Gadreel thing had ruined it, that he’d lost Sam’s faithfulness in him and that’s part of why he pushed himself to be more open, to win Sam back. Now he feels he has Sam’s affirmation and loyalty, they’re a team again. (And am I ever happy about that!!!)





There were, as always, some innuendo filled comments that I’ve entirely forgotten how they came about. Context? Who needs context!

Jensen: 3 o’clock, time for milking…

Jared: If I had a nickel…



Apparently sometimes Danneel admonishes Jensen for using his Dean voice. But other times…

Jensen: Sometimes she’s like, “do it like Dean..”

Jared: She’s a Gilmore Girls fan.

Even Jensen had to give that one to Jared. Ba dum dum.



Jared on meeting Jensen at their audition: And Johnny Handsome here walks in…





Jared has no room to talk though. Seriously.




I’ve said this before, but I love watching Jared and Jensen interact with the fans, while always being there for each other. A shared laugh, a pat on the shoulder, a hand resting on the other’s arm — they are constantly aware of the other and always in communication even when they’re not talking. Alot like the Winchesters, come to think of it.

j2 touch

j2 touch2

j2 touch4

And there were laughs. I love that they still amuse each other so much, after all these years — and all these many many convention panels!

j2 laugh

j2 laugh3

Then, as always, there was the last question song, customarily sung by Jensen and Rob. Any little bit of Jensen singing is always a very good thing in my book, and I’m pretty sure everyone else feels the same.

j2 ja sing3

j2 ja sing2

j2 ja sing

j2 ja sing4

The last question was a great one, and included Jensen expressing his continued regret and astonishment that the Winchesters have never used that grenade launcher in the Impala’s trunk.

Jensen and Jared escorted the awesome last questioner offstage like the gentlemen they are.

j2 last q

j2 last q gentlemen

j2 last q ja

It’s never exactly a happy moment when they leave the stage, but they do look very good on their way out.

j2 ass

Then Mark Sheppard had the last panel of the day, which was a lovely way to end the con.

Mark reiterated Crowley’s secret love for Dean. Who would Crowley save?


Mark: It would have to be Dean. The love that dare not speak its name.

Fan: If you could pick a love interest…

Mark: DEAN.


Mark also said he was blown away by Misha channeling Mark Pellegrino to play Casifer – me too! I love when this cast admires each other. They really do support, instead of ever tearing each other down.

Mark ended his panel, as he usually does, by talking about fandom. A fan asked that question that I absolutely hate, because it rings of the internalized shame we tried so hard to challenge in ‘Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls’.

Fan: What’s the most negative thing that’s happened with a fan?

Mark, however, doesn’t take the bait.

Mark: There’s nothing negative that’s happened with a fan. It’s wonderful to love something, to be passionate about something. I don’t trust people who AREN’T fans of something.

He went on to say that he loves coming to cons, for the wonderful connection that comes back to him.

Mark: It completes the circle. It’s a gift that you guys give me, and I thank you so much for it.


We thanked him too, and then it was time for the traditional con ending – that is, Richard and Rob singing “It’s the end of the con as we know it….so go home.”

We spent some time across the border in Vancouver before doing that, but I’ll leave that story for when it’s not so spoilery. Let’s just say I’m VERY excited about the rest of this season!!!

Stay tuned for more!

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  • “Jensen said that Dean sharing more with his brother and being more emotionally available to Sam this season has deepened their bond. That for a long time, Dean was afraid that the whole Gadreel thing had ruined it, that he’d lost Sam’s faithfulness in him and that’s part of why he pushed himself to be more open, to win Sam back.”

    It took extreme circumstances for the emotionally constipated Winchesters to actually talk to one another…Dean in particular…and I’m so happy with how that’s played out. Jared & Jensen have done a great job making it feel in character and not like it’s just coming out of left field.

    On a more shallow note…thanks for the gorgeous pics!

    • You’re very welcome! And I’m just as happy as you are about the Winchesters actually talking – and Jared and Jensen making it believable.

  • You tease. ☺ I too am looking forward to how this season plays out.
    Thank you for continuing these stories/reports.

  • Your articles are always spectacular !! I love all of them and all your photos, especially the pics with JENSEN. JENSEN is superb… smiply superb !!
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  • I love your books and am so happy I found your blog! Now that I have been to a con I can relate to your posts even more and that amazing rush of fellowship and happiness you feel there. I call SPN my “drug of choice” –non-harmful, but very fun and addictive!. I always look forward to your blog posts and the beautiful pics. No matter what kind of a day I have, they always take me to my happy place. Thanks so much for all you do! 🙂

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