A Little More from Houscon – Misha and J2!


I’m ridiculously behind in posting from the most recent cons, due to a combination of too much work and too much travel and just plain too little time. In an attempt to catch up, here are the last photos from Houscon – some pics of Misha from Saturday and Jared and Jensen from Sunday. (Lots of J2 pics were already posted in the meet and greet report, but let’s just say these are a few of my favorite recurring themes that I wanted to share).

But first, Misha. Who was looking really damn good at Houscon. I can’t remember a damn thing that was happening at the time, but here, have some pretty.




Misha did introduce the SPN Crisis Support Network at Houscon, and stripped down to his You Are Not Alone tee shirt too. I love the idea of the crisis support network – it has always been a tradition in fandom for fans to help other fans, and this is an organized way to make sure that happens. There are also psychologists involved, to help fans be as helpful as possible for each other. It’s another indication of just how much Misha, Jensen and Jared care about fandom – it’s not just lip service for these guys.

Misha in his YANA tee shirt
Misha in his YANA tee shirt


Also, Misha came onstage with a guitar. And although he didn’t actually play it, gotta say he looked really hot pretending to.



I’ll leave you with some of Misha’s infamous faces – he’s so expressive, I invariably get a whole bunch of shots that just make me laugh. I’m quite sure they’d make Misha (and possibly William Shatner) laugh too.




Jared and Jensen give Misha a lot of credit for setting the standard with Random Acts shortly after he joined the show, which I think has been an inspiration to them as well as to many of us. But they are all just individual people, and this is a big fandom – thus, the support network.

Jared and Jensen were also looking really damn good at Houscon (what else is new? When do Misha, Jared and Jensen NOT look good??)




They were also incredibly playful. The audience was so amused that our faces ached from smiling by the time their panels were done – literally.

My favorite moments are some of the things that Jared and Jensen invariably do when they’re onstage together.

Number 1. They laugh. A lot. After almost eleven years of working together, somehow these two are just as amused by each other’s antics as they were that first time they met up in the casting office to read for Sam and Dean. It’s impossible to watch them laugh and not laugh yourself – they give into it with abandon, throwing their heads back and just letting go.






Psychologists know all about the benefits of laughter – just going through the motions brings a rush of those lovely brain chemicals that make us all feel better (without any pesky side effects). Really laughing? A hundred times better. Think of a J2 panel as an hour of therapy – okay, it’s more expensive, but it’s also a hell of a lot more fun!

Number 2. They listen to each other. When one is speaking, the other is always paying attention, ready to jump in and clarify or agree or make fun or whatever. In a world that sometimes makes it hard for any of us to listen to each other, I love watching them value what the other has to say.





Number 3. They’re there for each other. Clearly that happens on set and on the weekends they’re not at cons too, but we get to see it onstage. Sometimes it’s a slap on the chest to say hey, you’re part of what I’m talking about too. Sometimes it’s a reassuring pat on the shoulder or an actual hug (we get more of those from Jared and Jensen than we do from Sam and Dean, damn it!)





Hug time!
Hug time!

Sometimes it’s just being there – which for J2 onstage means right there. Chairs too far apart? Just slide ‘em closer together. The boys are a team, in every sense of the word – just like Sam and Dean.

Number 4. Winchesters in sync. At Houscon, that meant being entirely on the same wavelength as they played an impromptu game of rock paper scissors. Lol





Number 5. The view. If you’ve read Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls, you know I’m not going to apologize for liking to look. I mean, come on, have you seen these guys??

So here’s a gratuitous shot of Jared’s butt looking mighty fine.


And Jensen doing a strip tease that was all tease and no strip. But still.


Their panels at Houscon were particularly naughty, which means they had a fabulous time and so did we. I mean, just the whole finger incident was hilarious….I’m not sure I’ve EVER laughed so hard at a panel!

Here’s more or less how it happened. Jared holds up his finger so everyone can see the devil’s trap or whatever the hell was on it, I can’t even remember now. Jensen jumps up to take a picture so that they can put it on the screen and we can all see. It already looks dirty, frankly… And Jensen clearly knows it, if that naughty boy expression on his face is any indication.



Annnnnnd now it looks even MORE dirty. Which the boys quickly realize – much to their absolute glee.

Jensen can’t wait to share it with all of us. O–o.



Then he gets a brilliant idea — hold the suggestive looking photo right in front of his own crotch. Brilliant!

At that, most of the audience — and Jared — completely lose it in hysterical laughter.




Jared down!!

Gotta say, Jensen was mighty pleased with himself. And rightly so.





I’m always saying I need to bring tissues to panels – this time I needed them because I was laughing so hard I was crying!

Of course, some of my favorite moments are also serious.

Number 6. I love the way they are with their fans, especially when they bring a fan onstage. The look on this fan’s face as J2 lean into her is absolutely priceless. And heartwarming.



They also bring a fan onstage for the traditional ‘last question’ – it even has its own theme song, which Jensen often sings along with Rob and the band.





Jensen jumped in to take photos so this young fan could remember the moment, and then Richard took over camera duty so Jensen could crouch down with Jared to chat with her.



Number 7. Happy (slightly belated) Valentine’s Day SPNFamily!

Because it was Valentine’s Day weekend, the boys also made Valentine’s cards in the green room. Here’s Jensen with his and Jared looking mighty impressed with his friend’s artistic ability.



That’s a mighty nice looking Valentine, gotta say. The card, people, the card!


Later that day, Jensen showed me a video of JJ opening her Valentine’s Day card from him, and I swear I nearly melted on the spot.

Me: You’re a good dad.

He smiled, and I left to meet up with my own offspring – who surprised me with a lovely gift and card too! We stopped on our way to dinner to take a turn pretending to drive the @SPN_Renegade impala parked outside the con hotel, since my son is inexplicably more enamored of the car than he is of the actors. It was a lovely way to end the con.


Stay tuned for my episode review of this week’s brand new Supernatural episode, which I absolutely adored – and lots more interviews and con coverage from VegasCon and Seacon!

6 thoughts on “A Little More from Houscon – Misha and J2!

  • “Psychologists know all about the benefits of laughter – just going through the motions brings a rush of those lovely brain chemicals that make us all feel better (without any pesky side effects). Really laughing? A hundred times better. Think of a J2 panel as an hour of therapy – okay, it’s more expensive, but it’s also a hell of a lot more fun!”

    I tried to use this argument as my reason for going to VanCon this summer. Sadly, my husband’s not buying it. 🙂 NO worries. I have the tix and he’s cool with me going. As a fangirl who’s guaranteed to squee over J2? Oh yeah. As psychological therapy, not so much.

  • My psychiatrist has actually deemed my annual BurCon trip as J2 (Hug) Therapy. It is a way to destress from an entire year of chronic pain, medication, and mood lability. We still haven’t figured out how to get Medicare to pay for the trip, but I go nonetheless because I have truly found friends who will go out of their way for me (as was evidenced last year when I literally could barely walk or stand on my own due to pain).

    Last month I couldn’t afford my medications due to medical expenses incurred after mom got out of the hospital and needed medical equipment. I finally approached a few #SPNFamily ladies on Facebook to help me collect from others as I was embarrassed to have to ask. Within 10 minutes I had over half of the money I needed and after an hour, they were turning away donations because the goal had been met. I went from crying from sadness and stress to crying because I truly felt the love from this fandomily that I don’t get from members of my biological one (with the exception of my mother, of course.)

    I can’t wait for BurCon in November. I won’t be able to spend as much on photo ops due to our combined medical expenses, but I will be there basking in the love and laughter of the SPNFamily.

  • Lynn, I kept passing you as we were both on our way to somewhere else at HousCon, so I never got a chance to tell you in person how much I love Fangasm. I’m hoping to be able to fangirl at you a little at next year’s HousCon.

  • “When do Misha, Jared and Jensen NOT look good??” You make an excellent point, madam. We do have a stunningly beautiful cast – inside and out!

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