Salute to Supernatural Nashville: It’s JDay!


It is a beautiful Sunday morning in Nashville, and I know it will only get better! It is JDay at NashCon!



The Gold Panel began with Jared and Jensen walking onto the stage, both carrying coffee. Jared immediately announced: “Jared, 0. Nashville, 1.” After the concert last night, Jensen texted Jared to ask to go out for a nightcap. Jared was already asleep, texting ensued, and their night began.

At one point, Jared commented that he could sweat in the snow.

Jensen: Then why are you wearing so many layers??

So of course, Jared began to strip them off, and you bet your ass I shot those pictures.

*Side note: Looking at the pictures later Sunday night, Lynn may or may not have screamed when this one came up.

ETA: [Lynn] Shhhhhhh!


The fans wanted Jensen to take off something too, but he said he had nothing to take off. Jared suggested he take off his shoes. Yes, we would be okay with that, and no, we aren’t ashamed to admit it.


They talked a little bit about the Show. Jensen told us that he ad-libbed the entire scene of Dean dancing in the ring in Episode 18. He also told us that Dean is naked, ironing underwear in Episode 20. Seriously, can you just not tease us like this?


Jensen also talked about the picture of him as a cheerleader in high school. He explained that he was a baseball player, not actually a cheerleader; the picture is of him pretending to be a cheerleader for the school’s Powder Puff game. Danneel still says that makes him a cheerleader.


The Gold Panel ended, and it was time for photo ops and lunch breaks and catching our breath before their afternoon panel.

Jared and Jensen came on stage with a bit more energy than their morning entrance. They stretched a bit before doing their signature jump, which is difficult to capture in a photo, but it looks something like this and oh my god can he be my personal trainer for just one day please…


Jared started the panel by explaining the nightcap adventures from the night before. He said he didn’t wake up hungover, he woke up drunk “with nothing on but the radio and Saxx underwear.” *insert collective sigh from the Famdom*



A fan asked Jensen about filming “Ten Inch Hero” with Danneel.

Jared: I loved her sex scene.

Jensen: (makes a face)


Jensen went on to tell us about working with costar Sean Wing, who plays Tadd. Sean apologized to Jensen for beating him up in their fight scene, “because in real life, you could so kick my ass.” Jensen explained that the guy is about yay-tall, motioning to somewhere just below his chin… Jared replied, “You realize that is actually normal height, right?”

Jensen went on to say that he was cool with the fight scene… but he might kick Sean’s ass for that sex scene. Protective!Jensen melts my heart every time.

I’m sure there were many other questions asked and answered, many other stories were told, but I’ll just leave you with more pictures.







I’d like to take a moment to give a big shout out to every fan that asks the Last Question. To go on stage, to stand there in front of a few thousand people, to stand between Jared and Jensen, to manage to speak with coherency – that, folks, is bravery and courage in its finest form. Kudos to every Last Question fan.

Until we meet again,
-Kim Prior.
just a mom with a camera.

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