Salute to Supernatural Nashville: All the Yum that is M2R2M

Rob Benedict and Matt Cohen
Rob Benedict and Matt Cohen

This article features all the NashCon awesomeness that is Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr., Matt Cohen, Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard. I’ll just mention a few of the highlights.

Rob, Richard and Matt took the stage for a panel on Saturday afternoon. Let’s be honest, okay? If you are lucky enough to have one best friend in your lifetime, then you are truly blessed. And here we have these best friends – THREE of them. How awesome is that?!


Matt talked about his new role on General Hospital, saying, among other things, that he “does medical stuff shirtless.” If you weren’t watching GH before, surely you are now.



One more shot of Matt, because Matt.
One more shot of Matt, because Matt.

One of the things Richard talked about was his Supernatural role of Gabriel. He asked us if we think Gabriel is still alive, to which we responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!” He said, “Great minds think alike!”



Rob talked about song writing and how therapeutic it is for him. He also talked about our fandom.

Rob: “This family is unmatched. Nothing else I’ve experienced in my life even comes close.”



Matt and Richard agreed, saying that the SPNFamily is awesome. Richard added, “I never thought that taking on the role of a janitor would have such an impact on my life.” Matt also told us that this show and this fandom has made him want to be a better man, a better human being. Right back at ya, Matt. #You.

Misha Collins also took the stage on Saturday. He first appeared on stage carrying a guitar, although he didn’t actually play for us. I honestly don’t know if he can play the guitar, and I honestly don’t care… I would be happy to listen to anything from Misha because I know he will make me laugh, probably make me cry, and in the end he’ll have me believing that I can actually change the world with my own little acts of kindness.


Misha shared stories of his kids, including the fact that his wife, Vicky, bought a karaoke machine for them – which they unfortunately use early in the morning before he and Vicky are even awake. He also told us that he has seen the fanart of him, “Misha for President.” When asked what his first act as President would be, he replied, “I would build a wall… around Donald Trump.” Regardless of your political beliefs, that is damn funny.



To be completely honest, I had moments during his panel when I wasn’t actually listening. I have such a different perspective, looking through the lens of my camera. I tend to see things differently, things strike me in ways that perhaps are different if I weren’t looking through the lens. I am most struck by the absolute sincerity Misha shows when listening to the questions. He really listens to us. I can literally see a sparkle in his eye as he ponders his answers, choosing between something witty or inappropriate or serious, and I can see all of these options flash through his eyes in a split second. He is both an ornery 4-year-old and a fiercely intelligent grown up all at the same time. Misha for President? Oh hells yeah.



Mark Sheppard took to the stage twice during the weekend, first on Saturday afternoon and then again on Sunday afternoon. I love Mark’s panels. I love that he doesn’t stay on the stage, that instead he chooses to walk through the crowd and interact with the fans. Watching Mark find a young child in the crowd, listening to him talk with that child – you get a glimpse of his softer side, and if you don’t, then where is your soul?




Please don’t misunderstand – I love all of these panels, all of the guests. But Mark really gets to me. I have heard him say it before, and I love that he says it during all of his panels. Yet each time I hear it, I get choked up and I’m fighting back my own tears. And there’s no way I will try to quote Mark – um, King of Hell and hellhounds and all – but he talks about the ‘impact that we as the SPNFamily have on our fandom, on them, on the Show, on the world… that he thinks it is a beautiful and wonderful thing and he is so proud to be a part of it… these conventions and this interaction with fans is one of the most rewarding parts of his career… and he truly, truly loves the fans.’


And that is why I hug Mark in my photo ops. Because he loves us. Because I want him to know that he is loved.

Supporting people. Changing things. The SPNFamily Business.

Stay tuned for more NashCon reports!

-Kim Prior.
just a mom with a camera.

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  • I completely understand what you mean by that separation you experience when you’re looking thru the lens of your camera. Last July I went to my first SPN convention in DC. I went alone not really know what to expect but knew that I was going to use my camera (I am a professional photographer). I knew that while I was photographing the panels that I would have enough separation from what was going on that I’d be able keep myself from getting too emotionally involved. And I ended up taking over a thousand photos that weekend that I then had to sort thru and edit. Awesome. I’m going to April’s SPN DC con (in Virginia which is awesome for me since I live not far from there) and while I’ll be bringing my camera again, I’m hoping I’ll be a little more calm and collected and able to relax a bit more since I’ll know what to expect.

    Love your pictures!

  • Nice write ups on the Nashville Convention, great pictures too! Hope you get to do more of them!

  • I love what you said about Mark. I went to NJ con in the fall….it was a wonderful experience, but my husband and I both agreed that Mark’s were the best panels…now we were in the cheap seats and the acoustics were terrible, it was hard to hear…but we could hear Mark perfectly….he’s the only one I did a photo op and an autograph session with….and we stayed late on Sunday, just to got to Mark’s second panel….they were fantastic…

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