Salute to Supernatural – Nashville: We done up and did it this time!


I have said it before. In fact, I have said this so many times that she may be quite tired of hearing it. Oh well. I just have to say it again – Thanks to Lynn for allowing me this incredible opportunity to write a few articles for her!

The Salute to Supernatural Convention in Nashville makes my 5th con, and once again, I was not disappointed. The staff and volunteers from Creation Entertainment truly put on a wonderful weekend. The lines moved quickly. Questions were answered with smiles. I am so very impressed by the continued enthusiasm these volunteers show, even on Sunday evening, even after working crazy-long hours. If you have the chance to attend one of these cons, please make the time to thank these people for making your experience the wonderful thing that it is.

The Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center served as the venue in Nashville, and I thought it was similar to the venue in Vegas… and by similar, I mean both venues are HUGE. I have an app on my phone that tracks my steps, and wowza – I averaged 8,200 steps each day of the con, walking nearly 4 miles each day! Not gonna lie, yes, I did get lost a time or two, or four. Who’s counting.

One of my favorite parts of these conventions is listening to the Rules and Regulations as presented by our host, Richard Speight Jr. alongside Rob Benedict and Louden Swain. Do they discuss what they are going to do each time? Do they write it, plan it, rehearse it? I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t care. Their version of the Rules and Regulations are different at each convention, usually laced with indirect or direct innuendo about the host city, and always laugh-‘til-my-cheeks-hurt funny. I may or may not have laughed ‘til I cried at more than one of these presentations.

This convention begins on Friday with Richard bringing us yet another fresh, new version of the Rules and Regulations. In typical fashion, he managed to explain these to us all while making fun of southern sayings; he referenced so many that I could not possibly include them all – and yes, I reckon I laughed so hard I was fixin’ to cry.


Friday panels began with the Dynamic Duo of Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster.



They danced their way onto the stage, and immediately began to tell us about their conversation from the night before – one that included both periods and trying on underwear – because that’s how best friends roll. Listening to their panel, watching their interaction, I had no doubt they share an epic friendship, and it reminded me of my own real life best friend. (You really don’t want to read some of our texts either.) I don’t know if Wayward Daughters will ever be picked up as a spin off, but if it isn’t, can someone please give these two besties their own show already?




Gil McKinney had a solo panel on Friday. Always smooth and sexy, he talks effortlessly about his life on Supernatural and beyond. He also reminds us how much the show and the fandom have impacted his life. Oh, and he discovered and now loves Cracker Barrel… and y’all know you’re gonna eat there for breakfast every time there’s a con in town.



Travis Aaron Wade also took the stage in Nashville. He talked about his upcoming projects, his charity work, and he asked us to sing Happy Birthday to his girlfriend. He said that he would like to see “Supernatural: The Movie.” I think we all want to see that! He also talked about Jared grabbing his butt during one of their scenes. I’ll just leave that comment here and let y’all ponder it.



Osric Chau was the first to comment on the oddly shaped chairs, suggesting they are like massage chairs. He is so adorable, I’m sure someone would volunteer to give him that massage! He talks about the possibility of Kevin returning to the show, and suggests that anything can happen with our show. “You can always come back and still be dead.” He also thinks that Kevin has probably figured out how to break the veil.



Ruth Connell is an absolute joy. She seemingly glides from one side of the stage to the other, graciously answering questions. She addresses each fan by asking, “what’s your name where ya from and what do ya want” and then she gives the fan a gift of a hotel toiletry or a bracelet for being brave enough to ask a question. The bracelets are representative of her charity, Hope Chest, because, as she says, “Boobs are important.” To quote Mark Sheppard, Ruth is truly “Magically Delicious.”



Kim and Ruth crawled onto the stage Saturday morning after last night’s karaoke. Apparently they were “over-served.”



During their panel, Kim revealed to us that originally she was to become an angel vessel bc she was so upset over Alex, but the fans saved her life – literally. Meanwhile, Ruth revealed to us that Misha’s nickname for her is “ear lobe” and I know I can’t wait for the gag reel to understand why. Their panel ended with Brianna joining them on stage for a reprisal of the V-Club disco-ball-change induction dance. Someone suggested they do a remake of “The Witches of Eastwick” and oh my god can this be a thing right now please?!?!?!




Tim took the stage for a panel on Sunday. He told us that he loved playing Cain because he is such a badass character. He also told stories of being a huge fanboy of Frank Turner, explaining that the song he did for the Saturday Night Special was one of Turner’s songs. He also told us that he had gone to college with Richard Speight Jr. and was thrilled to be on stage with him (playing harmonica) in the concert. He said that it had been 20 years since he & Richard had played music together. He also explained to us the difference between a man bun and a top knot – I agree, Mr. Omundson, the man bun is not very becoming.

ETA: For the record, I heartily disagree! Jared or Tim with a man bun?? Bring it! –Lynn

Tim has also spoken with writer Robbie Thompson about the possibility of Cain returning; Tim thinks an episode with Cain and Rowena would be of epic proportion. Same, Tim, same.



I’ll leave you with just one small piece from the duo-panel of Gil & Osric. I’m sure they talked about a lot of very interesting things, but all I can remember is they acted out each other’s deaths on the show. Before doing this, they huddled at the back of the stage and whispered the details to one another. Yes, folks, the fanfiction writes itself.


I hope you have enjoyed my photos!

Additional coverage of NashCon coming soon,
-Kim Prior.
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