Finding Hope and Home – Supernatural ‘Into The Mystic’

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This week’s Supernatural episode, Into The Mystic (I love when Show remembers its roots and uses song titles) was one of those episodes that didn’t grab me at the very beginning and not let me catch a breath the entire time. Instead, it was a slow build, culminating in an ending scene that left me grabbing for the tissues and grinning like a fool simultaneously. Just the way I like it, Show.

There were things about the episode, and about where we are now in the myth-arc, that are still confusing to me. I remain confused about The Darkness and Dean – hence my question to Jensen Ackles at Jaxcon, and probably my next question to him too. To some extent, I guess that confusion is deliberate. At the very least, Jensen corroborated that confusion is what Dean is feeling at this point too. This week’s ‘Then’ montage included both grown up Amara and teenage Amara insisting that Dean couldn’t resist her and that they’re bound. I still don’t know what that means or what it has to do with the Mark, but the part that really throws me right now is when Amara tells Dean that what he can have with her is “just bliss” and asks “why wouldn’t you want that?”

The odd thing is, we’ve never really seen any indication that Dean feels blissful when he’s with her. He’s alluded to it being quiet, which I guess for Dean means no self recrimination or guilt or overwhelming sense of responsibility or whatever, so that would be nice I suppose. But bliss? That doesn’t seem like the right word for anything we’ve seen between them. It seems more like Dean falls into a trance when he’s with her – strong enough to make him ignore Sam’s phone call, or draw him into a kiss, but not strong enough that he didn’t make an attempt at stabbing her with the angel blade.

So yeah, I’m still confused. I don’t like the thought of it being “pining” or “attraction” at all. It feels disturbing. I guess that’s how Dean feels too, along with a whopping dose of shame for feeling anything even close to attraction for the being that’s out to destroy everything. It goes against everything Dean Winchester stands for, against how he defines himself – his very identity as a hunter of monsters. That combination of “attraction” and the reality of not being in control, especially when combined with a kiss, is definitely unsettling. I feel for Dean in his confusion. And I get that his shame is keeping him from admitting all this to Sam. Jensen said in his last meet and greet that Dean doesn’t understand what’s happening, and that’s why he’s still keeping it from his brother. Of course that doesn’t stop him from telling Casifer!

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Misha’s version of Lucifer – Lustiel, if we go by Misha’s preference, but it keeps making me giggle inappropriately – was more understated this week, as he tries to speak and act more like Cas so as not to arouse Dean’s suspicion. It has to be challenging to play Mark Pellegrino playing Lucifer playing Castiel, so kudos Misha. I was a little confused last week as to why the version of Lucifer that we were seeing was more like Hallucifer than Lucifer himself (as Mark played him in his first appearances). Those were just Sam’s hallucinations, right? Then again, maybe they were based on how Lucifer acted in the Cage.

Anyway, Casifer strolls around the park and enjoys his freedom, trying to convince an angel that he’s no longer the bad guy with a friendly hand on his shoulder (and then exploding him when that doesn’t work). I laughed out loud when he referred to himself as “Lucifer Ex Machina” there to save the day, since there has been a fair amount of discussion in fandom about the danger of Castiel falling into a similar role. I know not everyone in fandom likes in jokes, but I do – and Robbie often can insert them seamlessly so that the narrative plays out with all the appropriate tension unimpeded.

There was plenty of tension when Dean returns to the bunker and hears noises, and it didn’t abate when Dean was reassured that it was Cas – because we realized with horror that Lucifer is right there, IN THE BUNKER. The Winchesters’ supposed safe place. How horrifying was it to see Casifer put his hand on Dean’s shoulder like he did with the angel he’d just killed, or to hear him sound so much like Cas with his signature “Hello, Dean”? Or that twisted manic grin after Dean left? I shuddered.

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I did want to scream at Dean for telling not-Cas the truth about Amara when he hasn’t confided in Sam, but I do get it. He’s clearly confused and ashamed, and he cares too much about his brother’s opinion of him to just lay that out there before he really understands what’s going on. I think he’s still desperately hoping that it’s NOT attraction, and that he can fight it off next time. Kind of heartbreaking that he thinks Cas will be beside him next time to help, isn’t it?

(By the way, I do have to applaud Casifer for taking off the trenchcoat and rolling up Misha’s sleeves. Mmm.) I’m not sure exactly what Casifer is up to, but he was very curious about Dean’s bond with Amara – and perhaps how he can use it.

Shirtsleeves yes please
Shirtsleeves yes please

The other wonderful parts of this episode were every single thing about the amazing guest stars, Dee Wallace and Shoshannah Stern, and the brother moments we got in the bunker.

Guest stars first. I love when Supernatural brings in genre favorites and they join the family. Both Dee and Shoshannah have impressive resumes, and they are both super talented actresses. Add to that the richly configured characters created by Thompson, and WOAH. No wonder this episode kept getting better and better!

I love that Eileen is a badass Legacy hunter just like the Winchesters – smart, capable, taking no shit. I love that her deafness was just another attribute, much like Thompson created Charlie as a fully faceted character whose sexuality was only one part of her identity. Once again, Thompson has created a female character who makes sense in the Supernatural verse – she’s a hunter who just happens to be a woman and just happens to be deaf. Shoshannah Stern played Eileen with a believable guardedness, letting her lifelong trust issues show through, but at the same time with a steely resolve that befits a solitary hunter raised in the life. What’s even more remarkable is that Stern also shows us Eileen’s warmer side, with Sam and especially with Mildred. She has a flair for subtle comedy, with a well timed raised eyebrow or her eyes dancing with humor – she and Dee Wallace together made me literally laugh out loud.

I loved Sam in his first scene with Eileen — his response when he meets her, attempting to sign his thank you – and his apology for not getting it quite right. I also love Eileen’s amused correction and genuine appreciation.

“You tried. Most people don’t try,” she says. And she’s right.

Sam and Eileen connect (once she’s no longer trying to kill him) over their many similarities and mutual respect. (And who wouldn’t want to have Sam Winchester at your mercy like this, seriously?)


Sam, as is the Winchester way, tells her the things I always wish the brothers would tell each other – but at least that means we, the audience, get to hear them.

Sam: I wouldn’t do this without my brother. He’s had my back every step of the way. Even when I let him down.

Oh Sam. Break my heart, why don’t you?

I love Mildred as much as I do Eileen. She’s an older woman who is anything but pathetic – like Eileen, she’s smart and capable and takes no shit. In this case, her age is just another attribute, with both benefits and liabilities. She’s content and fulfilled and shares the wisdom that comes with experience – which Dean genuinely appreciates. There’s no condescension in his reaction to her, or in Sam’s reaction to Mildred’s obvious fondness for his brother. In fact, both brothers admit to crushes on two of the Golden Girls without judgment. How refreshing is that?

Screenshot 2016-01-29 13.08.16

It’s also a bit of change for Supernatural, who has at times presented older women as “cougars” and their desires as laughable – ie, not in the most flattering of lights. Mildred is flirty with Dean, but in a way that seems appropriate and not entirely unwelcome. Mostly she just wants to look – and who can blame her??

My timeline immediately blew up: WE ARE ALL MILDRED.

Hey, the woman has good taste, what can I say? Dee Wallace did an incredible job of bringing Mildred to life and making us feel like we already know her – and love her! She could be a fangirl representation in more ways than just her unabashed ogling of the Winchesters though. She’s had an adventurous past, traveling the world with a Patsy Cline tribute band, and she doesn’t apologize for that. In fact she tells Dean, follow your heart, travel the world, make people smile. She did what she wanted to do and didn’t allow anyone to make her feel bad about it. That sounds a lot like fandom sometimes, doesn’t it? It’s half the plot of ‘Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls’.

Much of their interaction was amusing, but some moments between Dean and Mildred were serious too. The scene with them on the couch, watching the sunset, was particularly touching. (I also loved Mildred’s matter of fact observation that the sunset was almost as gorgeous as Dean. Which, by the way, was an actual fact.)

Screenshot 2016-01-29 13.15.58

Screenshot 2016-01-29 13.17.33

Dean listens to her; he wants to know the secret for a long and happy life. I found that tremendously hopeful – one of the messages of this episode seemed to be that the Winchesters are slowly coming out of a very dark time, in which neither of them had much hope for the future. For ANY future. That’s changing, little by little, now that they’re back together, a united front. Being together, a team, is what has kept them going through everything they’ve faced, and it’s giving them some hope now for something on the other side of the fight. Retirement, perhaps?

(Some of my favorite fanfics are Winchester retirement AU’s, so I’m so down with that, Show!)

Sam’s evolution is also seen in his conversations with Eileen.

Sam: My brother and I, we’re like you. We’re legacies.

You can hear the pride in his voice when he says it. He’s finally found an identity that’s meaningful for him, that’s important. He knows who he is and where he belongs and what he should be doing, which was something that eluded him for a long time.

But back to the women. Dee Wallace got some classic lines too.

Dean: Your hand is still on my knee.

Mildred: I could move it up…

Screenshot 2016-01-29 13.18.02

Screenshot 2016-01-29 13.18.14

Her signed conversation with Eileen on the couch is also classic.

Mildred: You can have the tall one. I’m not much of a mountain climber anymore.

Eileen: You sure you don’t want both?

I laughed out loud – in fact, I had to replay that scene several times because I kept missing what Sam and Dean were saying to each other on the phone, the women were so captivating.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 13.07.46

It’s the women who save the Winchesters too, Dean incapacitated and Sam tossed aside. They make a good team, actually. I think the entire fandom began madly tweeting about how much we’d like to see Eileen and Mildred reappear – and hey, Mildred is only 15 minutes down the road!

Clearly all the actors had a fabulous time together too, judging from Shoshanna’s tweets and Dee’s behind the scenes photo.

Shoshanna: I loved seeing how much fun they had with each other. It was very contagious, and seeing that just made me smile.

Which made all of us smile!

11.111 bts

A few of my other favorite scenes….actually, the more I write about this episode, the more I realize how much I liked it. It’s one of those episodes that sneaks up on you with its significance, and that invests each scene with more pleasure than it might have carried at first watch. I loved Dean casually pocketing some Viagra while Sam is reading the file (apparently this was an Ackles ad lib?).

Dean: Yeah, real dick move.

Hehe. Oh Dean. (And oh Robbie, thanks for making Dean sound so much like Dean)

And I loved every single scene of the boys in their Fed suits. Is it me, or are their Fed suits getting more and more beautifully tailored as the seasons go by? They are all long legs and broad shoulders in those damn suits. Thank you, Show.

There were several scenes that were breathtaking for their cinematography, so thanks also to Serge Ladouceur for working his magic. The nighttime graveyard scene, the boys back to back working and then Dean sitting on the green cooler by lantern light – so gorgeous!

Screenshot 2016-01-29 12.31.23

As was every single scene in the bunker, with the interesting perspectives and the play of light and shadow that carries so much meaning.

Shout out to SPN’s hair and make up wizards too. Sam’s hair? Flawless, especially as it’s blowing back in the lantern-lit graveyard scene. And Dean’s lips were extra pink and plump and very very glossy. Yum.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 12.32.40

I’m generally not a fan of actually seeing the MotW, preferring to keep things hinted at – that’s actually scarier for me most of the time. But I would guess that creating the banshee was a real feat of VFXing, and she was definitely frightening. Especially the way she moved.

Mildred’s scream at the window? Totally understandable.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 12.05.31

And then there were the broments. Sometimes I think back over those seasons where Sam and Dean were so at odds, where they didn’t even seem to like each other let alone love each other. I remember how much that devastated both of them, and how much it hurt for all of us to watch. So I don’t take lightly the way things are between them now.

Throughout this episode, the source of the Winchesters’ strength and perseverance was clear – it was a theme that played out from beginning to end.

We see Sam at the start of the episode still cut off from his brother, tormented by Lucifer’s voice in his nightmare as he tosses and turns, the shadows on his handsome face like the bars of a prison.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 12.23.04

He doesn’t share it, doesn’t talk about it; instead he takes the Winchester way out, getting up and being productive, obsessively cleaning his weapons in the bunker kitchen.

Dean (in the dead guy robe, yay!) knows there’s something wrong – and instead of ignoring it, he actually asks. And not for the last time in this episode.

Dean: How long have you been up? Are you okay?

Sam deflects and doesn’t admit he isn’t. Not yet anyway. Dean doesn’t push; instead he tries to get Sam’s mind off of things with the prospect of a case.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 12.23.58

Dean asks again if Sam is okay as they dig the grave, which I loved. He knows there’s something wrong, and while he waits a while before asking again, he doesn’t just let it drop, and this time Sam tells him the truth.

Dean: You okay?

Sam: No. Not at all. Being this close to Lucifer again brought stuff up. Stuff I thought I forgot about.

Dean: You wanna talk about it?

Sam: No.

Dean doesn’t push, but he does reassure. That Lucifer will never get to Sam again, that Sam is never going back to the Cage. Case closed, says Dean, and both of them want it to be. This interaction between the brothers rings so true, and it’s so much gentler than what we often hear between them – the kind of conversation that we know must have taken place again and again, because it’s the source of their unbelievably strong bond. Sam has been traumatized, and not for the first time. It’s happened to both of them, repeatedly. And this is what gets people through something like that – the genuine caring and valuing of someone who matters. The space to talk without being pushed to talk too quickly. I have to assume that’s what has gotten Sam and Dean through many times. But getting to see it and hear it? That is GOLD for me as a fan. It makes everything else between the brothers believable. Understandable.

Sam: Just burn the bones so we can go home.

Sam is irritable when he says it, and that too is both realistic and understandable, but what he says is important. Home – the bunker, or the Impala, or wherever he is with his brother – is a refuge for Sam now. He has someplace he can go to feel safe, to get away from the traumatic memories, and he can admit to needing that. How often have the Winchesters had anything like that? I almost felt like ‘Home’ should have been in the title of this episode – it was all about finding yourself and finding a place to belong. (Also, in perhaps an odd coincidence, but maybe a Kim Manners homage, the song playing at the retirement home is ‘Wonderful, Wonderful’ – which, if you’ve seen the classic Kim Manners-directed X Files episode actually called ‘Home’….. never mind…)

That sense of home and safety and not being alone is also reflected in the brothers’ bookended scenes about the retirement home. When Sam and Dean first arrive, it’s Dean who admits it would be nice to retire there someday; Sam scoffs that they won’t live that long, which has more often been Dean’s line.

By the end of the episode, things have changed.

But before we get there, a few wee quibbles: I was a bit surprised that the Winchesters assumed that Mildred would be the next target. Her atrial fibrillation, seemingly well controlled with meds, seemed to get lost in the shuffle of a bunch of people who probably also had vulnerabilities – some of them with walkers. Why were they so sure it would be Mildred? She looked pretty damn happy and healthy to me!

Screenshot 2016-01-29 12.28.07

I also have to quibble with Sam’s far-too-easy acceptance of Dean’s lame explanation about why the banshee in fact came after him. It was clear that he heard the screams long before anyone else – and before he ever raised his gold blade. Sam was right there. Why didn’t he suspect his brother’s vulnerability? Maybe he just doesn’t want to push – is giving Dean time to come clean, the same space Dean gave him. Maybe.

Dean, it appears, is vulnerable because he isn’t able to share the emotional burdens he carries, and so they persist. He keeps his feelings hidden – his confusion, guilt, shame, fear about Amara, in this case. And when you keep everything inside and don’t ask for help and don’t get any, that creates a vulnerability. One that banshees can apparently see a mile away.

So at first watch, three quarters of the way through the episode as the banshee attacks Dean, I was enjoying it immensely but not engulfed in feels like I sometimes am by Supernatural. Things started to amp up in that scene, especially as Dean clutches his head and starts banging it against the wall. Every time something brings Dean Winchester to his knees it hits me hard, and this time was no exception. Sam rushes to him, and the kickass women trap and kill the banshee while the Winchesters are incapacitated. (Woohoo!) Sam runs to Dean’s side, sliding to his knees in his haste to check to be sure his brother is okay, which is always an episode high point. Sam catches Eileen’s eye and gets his thank you right this time.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 13.24.18

11.111 deansam

Thank you for saving my brother
Thank you for saving my brother

Okay, MotW dispatched, but we’re not quite done. Eileen and Mildred watch the Winchesters walk away, once again signing behind their backs. In keeping with the ogling-the-Winchesters theme of the episode…

Mildred: They look even cuter walking away. Wow.

Thanks, Show, for that nice perspective. Much appreciated, John Badham.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 13.26.58

Screenshot 2016-01-29 13.26.53

And then Robbie Thompson sucker punched me, after I’d already put my box of tissues away. Dean and Sam are back in the bunker – back home. Sam tosses a beer over his shoulder without looking and Dean catches it seamlessly, a reminder that they are back in sync, together. And then Sam opens up in a way that rarely happens on this Show – or at least we rarely get to eavesdrop.

Sam: You were right, by the way. Getting back on the job, it helped.

Dean: Say that part again, that I was right…

Sam: You’re an idiot.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 13.31.11

When Dean goes on, though, Sam stops him. I especially love Sam’s “Give me a sec,” and how Dean immediately shuts up. It’s Sam’s way of saying this is important, and it isn’t easy – so let me say it.

I sat there open-mouthed, possibly saying out loud “OMG they’re actually – finally – going there.”

Sam: I should have looked for you. When you were in Purgatory I…I should have turned over every stone but I didn’t. I stopped. And I’ve never forgiven myself for it.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 13.32.21

The Season 8 Amelia arc is so roundly despised that fandom has had to invent its own head canon for what might have happened to make Sam behave so out of character. Many of us, including me, decided that Sam was not in his right mind, so overwhelmed with grief and rage that he had some sort of breakdown, hit a dog, and just stopped. Shut down. At least that made some kind of sense, and it wasn’t incompatible with the teensy weensy bits of explanation that we actually got in canon. Alternatively, it would have been understandable if Sam was convinced that Dean was dead – that was the most likely thing that had happened. He would have had no reason to think Purgatory was an option, certainly, so where the hell would he have looked?

Finally having the brothers talk about it made some people’s head canon no longer workable, but mine mostly survived. So Sam did look for Dean, and he failed to find him, and eventually he stopped. [In my head canon? Breakdown. Your mileage may vary]. We now know that Sam has carried a crushing burden of guilt for that stopping; one that Lucifer knew to take full advantage of.

I felt a tremendous sense of relief hearing Sam talk about his feelings and tell Dean that he can’t forgive himself – and hearing Dean say that he already has. It was a healing moment that I didn’t know how much I was still needing until it happened, and then I think I literally let out an audible sigh. Finally. I loved Sam so much in that moment – the courage it took to do that! And I loved the warmth in Dean’s response, full of love and genuine forgiveness and reminding us all of what’s really important.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 13.32.25

Dean: Well, I have. Hey, that’s in the past man—what’s done is done. All that matters now, all that’s ever mattered, is that we’re together.

Yes. So much yes.

But Robbie’s not done with us yet. We get Winchesters saying goodnite, and barefoot boys climbing into their beds.

Sam opens a keepsake box he has in his room…. A KEEPSAKE BOX. Just the fact that he has one makes me so damn happy! That hope for the future I was talking about before? Sam has it – there’s no need for a keepsake box if you don’t plan to be around for a while. And what does he put into it? The brochure for the retirement home.

Sam has come full circle in this episode, from scoffing at the idea of them retiring to placing the possibility right there in his keepsake box. It seems that both Sam and Dean assume that they’ll still be together when they’re senior citizens – and that perhaps they’ll actually live that long!

Add to that the other items that we glimpse in those few moments, and I was a mess. The photo of Dean and Sam as kids (a respectable manip of young Jared and Jensen). The photo that led to the death of Death. One of the little green army men from the Impala. And holy shit, the amulet. Okay, not the original one – fandom would be destroyed if that was in there, though if anyone wants to try that, I’m so ready to be destroyed! But the one from the 200th episode, a symbol of the brothers’ love for each other. Sam saved it.

11.111 army man

Sam curls up and falls asleep, comforted and freed from the burden of guilt that’s been weighing him down and oblivious to the fact that I am now sobbing. Dean is now the one who can’t sleep, burdened by the guilt and shame and confusion of Amara’s hold over him.

We get one last close up of his ridiculously beautiful face, anguished, before the screen goes dark.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 13.34.19

Screenshot 2016-01-29 13.34.46

So did I start out saying I liked this episode but it didn’t overwhelm me right away? The more I write and think about it, the more I love it. Might just have to go watch it again.

So what did you think??

Caps by @kayb625 – many many thanks!

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53 thoughts on “Finding Hope and Home – Supernatural ‘Into The Mystic’

  • I must admit that I wasn’t sure if I was going to lie it or not, but I was almost overwhelmed with emotions in this one. You wrote it so beautifully. I really do wish the original amulet would show up.

  • I adored this episode from start to finish. I also needed that slower pace after the last welcome back from Hellatus smack up side the head we had in The Devil in the Details. The Banshee was incredibly creepy! Our VFX team is hands down the best on TV. Misha’s interpretation of Lucifer is getting better and better with each scene and scaring the life out of me. The possibilities of where this is going are endless and I’m sure will be terrifying and painful. I absolutely loved the Samulet prop appearance and completely enjoyed the following fandom speculation that the real one was tucked away underneath. I’m a believer. Sam fished it out of the trash. It’s somewhere and I surely hope Show gives us that gift somewhere down the line. There will be much in the way of happy tears when (not if!) it happens. I too had my own very similar head canon over Sam not looking for Dean that matched right up with that amazing, long-awaited and completely heart wrenching confession. I burst into tears – happy ones for a change and I love it when Show does that for us. I’m a big fan of how they’re incorporating the big myth arc storyline into MOTW eps and this was no exception. Season 11 is kicking it in the ass!

    • I’m a believer too, so fingers crossed we actually get that scene that will destroy us all – and we’ll love every minute of it!

  • I liked the parallel of Mildred crushing on Dean as a older women just like Amara(old as God) crushing on Dean

    • Good catch – I love when Show parallels (though I enjoyed Mildred more than Amara’s crush, tbh)

  • Omg Lynn everything you said plus 10! The episode was such a representation of our fandom, especially we ladies that are in the 50+ club lol! Love that the boys didn’t make us feel awful for being older and loving them lol! The memory box got me right in the heart!

    • The memory box absolutely destroyed me – in a wonderful way 🙂 And yes, I loved the respectful appreciative way Robbie wrote her and the actors responded to the awesome Mildred.

  • While last week’s episode left me sick to my stomach, this week’s made my heart flutter non-stop! I knew what the MOW was as soon as Ireland popped up so I was hoping for much more than the monster mystery. And as you like to say, show did not disappoint. I am so happy Sam had someone to talk to; not all of use are mind readers so hearing Sam talk about his emotions and Dean was rewarding. (Dean always has people to talk to, even in this episode with Cassifer and Mildred. I don’t like seeing Dean vulnerable but he can be and Sam needs to see that as well. Loved, loved the strong women, much like Jodi Mills and Donna. They may have a a flaw or two but they know to move past them. I agree with you on the boys wardrobe suites and blue jeans. Mildred didn’t need words! I loved the gravesite scene. I need to get a screen grab of that same image above. Sam’s hair would move to the heat waves from the fire so that was a guilty pleasure for me as well. The final minutes were heartwarming and much needed for the boys (and fandom as I too had similar head canon although I am probably one of the few people who didn’t mind Sam having a little bit of a domestic life.) I too am a bit confused about what the “pinning for someone” Dean is supposed to have. The attraction to Amara might be less of a mystery when we find out more about her. I don’t think she is as bad as everything thinks she is supposed to be; I think there is more of a nurturing aspect to her and that could be the connection as Dean also has those tendencies. I could go on but I have rambled enough. The only thing I did not like about this episode is I feel like we were cheated out of a few minutes of run time of our show. The show before our show runs into the top of the hour and our show finishes with previews before the top of the hour (not that I am watching the clock or anything but I this has happened a lot.) Keep up the great reviews and convention recaps.

    • I didn’t even realize that we were being cheated out of some precious minutes of Show! What the hell??? Boo! Your theory about Amara is interesting…I guess we’ll see. She does have some vulnerability to her, but she’s also done some pretty nasty things so far. Hmmm.

  • I love your reviews because you go so in depth into every detail. And that’s how it should be because in Supernatural every detail matters. I wanna say, to me, this episode was love at first MotW. I like it when they are actually scary and to tell the truth, I’d been wondering for a while why we had never seen a banshee, being such a widely known creature. So thanks for listening to my non-spoken request.
    Sam struggling over Lucifer’s mention of his shortcomings was so real. That’s exactly what happens when some unresolved issue comes taunting you, not allowing you a good night’s sleep. And you are so right about Dean, not pushing, not judging, just letting Sam know that he’s there, that he cares and he’s willing to listen.
    The very idea of them growing old together makes me all… I don’t know. Too huge to describe.
    Mildred and Eileen were the hit. Mildred was flirty in a nice non-nasty way. She is comfortable with herself and her life choices and I loved it that they made Eileen a legacy. Capable and secure despite her deafness and the parallels between her and Sam. By the way, I loved the way Sam introduced his brother to her, like colleagues. She mistook them for banshees at first LOL. Misha’s Lucifer pretending to be Cas -Cassifer- was scary and creepy and all kinds of awesome. I wonder what his end game is…
    So an old woman and a deaf hunter girl get to save the day, including our boys, and no one else dies? This episode rocks!
    I don’t like the idea of Dean having “a thing” for Amara. But apparently that’s part of her juice. Enticing people. But if the mark is off Dean, why is it still having an effect on him at all? Did we miss something?
    And finally… THE TALK! The so-long-overdue apology from Sam. And the unusually almost-sweet answer from Dean. Goodness my heart is being squeezed in bittersweet ways. I, too, had made up my own explanation to the whole Dog-Amelia-Not-looking-for-Dean thing. I miss the dog, by the way. They should have one now they’ve got a home. Anyhow, I had pictured Sam just like he was when Dean went to hell. So wrecked over losing him, so desperate for a phone call from Dean that never came, that he decided to ditch the phones cause he couldn’t bear their silence, drinking too much and obsesively driving until he hit the dog. He had to clean himself up to care for the dog and that’s why he hung on to that, cause it was the only way he found not to lose his mind out of grief. And then along came Amelia. Good one, right? I think so. But you are right, we really needed to come full circle on that, to close that chapter in a way that didn’t hurt as bad as it did back in the time. To us and to Dean. And there it was. As unexpectedly as the moment came, it went. The beer in the air and the good nights to each other just added to the sense of warmth, of familiarity, of love. I wish Dean would open up to Sam about his confussion over Amara. Give Sam some credit. I think he’s earned it these couple of seasons. And the cherry to the pie, boys in their beds, in their usual sleeping positions, how I love that. Dean lies on his back, arms crossed. Sam lies on his side, curled up. You see? When you know those things about someone, it means you’re family.

    • So true. No wonder we call ourselves the SPN Family 🙂 It’s funny how we all have the same head canon for what happened to Sam before he hit that dog and why he stopped looking – and now that it’s been talked about in the actual Show, we can settle in with that understanding and move on. Phew!

  • I liked it, though I’m still not on board with this whole Cas/Lucifer thing. Loved both the guest actors, I hope we see them again down the road.

    In fact, my only real issue with the episode was the Banshee. It was a wonderful model, but the moment I saw it I started analyzing it as a 3D model, I’ve rarely done something like that with this show. I think the main issue is the creature was too solid. I think if they’d put a little transparency on that thing it would have been rightfully scary. As it is, I just couldn’t get past the CG aspect, it yanked me out of the episode every time it was on screen. Which saddened me, normally I really have to look for the CG (maybe because it’s simpler items? The car, a road, a weapon…. maybe?) I know they normally use live actors for the ghosts and then modify the footage with FX, kind of wish they’d done that for this episode.

    Overall though, it was enjoyable, and I’ll watch it again down the road.

    • I read a tweet somewhere that said the banshee was played by a CW stunt woman who has experience with the Cirque De Soleil. It ended with “look at her arms!”

    • Hmmm. So was it a stunt woman or was it CG? It was jarring to me just to SEE it so clearly – I usually prefer something less….substantial. Which I guess is what you’re saying too. But in that scene shot from above, I will say her back and shoulder muscles were impressive!

  • Oh! Forgot. About Dean being vulnerable, I think Sam goes for the lame explanation without second thoughts because at this moment, he feels vulnerable himself and when that happens, he finds his strength in Dean, so he’s in a state of mind where Dean is strong and the banshee attacking him doesn’t fit into that mindframe. But he will eventually put two and two together. Dean will show other signs and Sam will connect the dots. Does this make sense?

    • It does make sense, at least to me. Let’s hope Sam does put two and two together soon – or that Dean puts aside his shame and opens up to his brother!

  • Nice recap as always Lynn! I was in heaven this week, new episodes of SPN and the come back of XFiles!! I wonder if the tie in with the “Home” episode of XFiles with the song in this episode was intentional?? Great episode all around. I don’t think I have anything to add as you all have covered it already. One thing I will say is I just love the “Road” this show takes week in and week out, year in and year out. I can’t wait each week to see what’s going to happen and love that the writers can still surprise me so much after 11 years!!

  • Thank you so much for posting this recap. My cable has been out so I have not been able to see the episode yet. Sounds like I missed a good one and your words made me fell like I have already seen it. Great job! Thanks.

  • Great work !! Very interesting !! I really love DEAN !!! DEAN and JENSEN are so spectacular that are incredible !!
    Thanks for these photos !!

  • I was not sure, as most of us fans were confused- I was not sure what the path was- but after a few minutes I decided that I could really relate- I am 83, a humble and addicted fan of the SPN- and fell in love with this episode- In fact, I watched it 3 ties since last aired. Thanks for a great review- and thanks to the superb acting of both the men. Their relationship gets warmer and more secure with each time they appear. It is no longer a “show” to me- it is a way of life that makes it seem so real, (that’s great acting) that I have a hard time letting go after each show- But I am glad to have had the time to watch them grow- all 11 years- we have a great fandom and an awesome series (from writer to producer to every worker on the set) they are all awesome- Thanks for making each week special

    • It really is a way of life, isn’t it? Love that you’ve been along for the ride from the beginning — here’s hoping we get renewed for a few more seasons!

  • I loved this episode. The brother scene at the end was pure gold. Finally we can put the Sam/Amelia disaster behind us. I also liked Robbie Thompson’s subtle shout out to Michigan by naming the retirement home Oak Park which is a city in his (and my) home state! He’s so good about mentioning Michigan in his episodes. I loved the strong female characters and thought it was awesome that they saved the boys. It killed me that Dean confided in LuiciferCas instead of Sam, but I get why he’s keeping things from Sam (not that I like it). In my head canon the real amulet is also in that box. it’s just buried at the bottom. I had a M&G in at this past TorCon and I asked Jared if he thought Sam might have picked up the amulet from the trash since we never saw Sam leave the motel room in “Dark Side of the Moon.” Jared said that he’d like to think that Sam did. Fingers crossed that we’ll see it again someday.

    • It’s funny how fandom has collectively decided that the real amulet is absolutely in that box too. Now if only we can get the writers on board! Fingers crossed 🙂

  • I’m just beginning to realize how much the fandom dislikes the Sam/Amelia time, yet I understand why Sam quit after Dean disappeared.
    13 years ago this April, my husband of 14 years (of whom Sam/Jared and Dean remind me so much) went for a motorcycle ride and never came home. We had a fight that morning, my fault, he couldn’t get the bike started, I apologized, I told him maybe Someone is telling him he shouldn’t go that day, we kissed, the bike started right up, he left and never made it home. It is unexplainable how devastating, how crushing, how the entire world is turned upside down, and how lost I felt. I feel Sam’s pain, I understand how hitting the dog, made him feel. He’s always liked dogs, we saw that in the episode they were in Heaven. He had a dog in one of his memories. So hurting anything that wasn’t a monster pushed Sam off the cliff that he was so precariously perched on. I understand that feeling. (This is why I end my #AKF posts with “one day, one step at a time” that was all I could do.) That’s all that Sam could do after Dean disappeared so unexpectedly and inexplicably. Then he found someone just as messed up as him. Misery loves company, Sam found comfort and healing with Amelia, and a life that he had craved his entire existence. Again I refer to the Heaven episode, thanksgiving dinner with some other family. And as Sam said in this last show, he can’t live the hunter life without his brother.
    Thank you for your insights and this wonderful article. I loved just about every word. ( only a few exceptions… Sam/Amelia) 😉

    • I actually very much agree with you – that’s my head canon, that Sam was so utterly and completely devastated that he simply could not go on futilely searching for his brother. He was alone and had no way of finding Dean or even knowing if he was alive, and when he hit the dog, he broke. And he stopped. He happened to find another person who understood that overwhelming pain and so he stayed and she stayed, even though they continued to grieve for the person they had lost. My problem is that story was never told in canon, and there were too many instances that came close to going against that reading. (Not the most recent episode, that in a sense restored the possibility of that reading). So yes, I’m with you. And I’m so very very sorry for your loss. #AKF #spnfamily

      • Thank you so much for your consolation @spnfans. That means a lot to me. This show means so much to me, and I’m just scratching the surface of the fandom and what a tight knit group they/we are. #AKF, one day, one step at a time. 💗💔💗

    • I agree with you, I never minded the Amelia story line it always made sense to me. Why shouldn’t one of them get to be happy and move on when the time comes??

      • I was never a fan of the Amelia storyline, but mostly because it left the big “figure it out yourself” hole – and of course we all did and now we have different ideas of how Sam got from point A to point B.

        HOWEVER, was I the only one who heard Dean’s “Well I did. Now shut up and drink your beer” and thought the rest of the line should have been Dean muttering “before you remember that while you spent the better part of a century being tortured by the Devil himself I was hosting barbecues, golfing, and living the apple pie life with Lisa.” ?

  • Like you I was not immediately in love with this episode. I loved Mildred and Dean’s flirting. I liked Sam’s connection to Eileen. I enjoyed the seeds of hope it planted regarding the boys seeing themselves have a futur. I guess it was more like a long warm embrace rather than the full on body tackle kinda episode 😉

    • That’s such a good way to put it — yes! And the warmth of that embrace is lasting even now 🙂

  • What a great review for a great episode! I so appreciate your thoughtful & balanced approach. Thank you.

  • I adored the episode aside from one thing: I’m not sure that I will ever understand why the brothers (…mostly Dean as I do feel like we are seeing Sam make a real effort to be honest with Dean this season) feel the need to keep from secrets from one another – especially important ones like Amara. It’s something that they do constantly and never seem to learn from no matter how many times it has ended poorly. It just doesn’t make sense at this point.

    Sam & Dean are a team, a true partnership, and in order for that partnership to be successful, they both need to be laying all their cards on the table. It’s the only way it’ll work.

    By Dean not telling Sam about Amara, Dean is putting Sam (as well as himself) at a huge risk. It’s just stupidity to me.

    I just want to shake, shake, shake Dean.

    Is it shame that’s holding him back? I have been trying to figure it out. Dean admitted everything pretty easily to (who he thought was) Cas – so why is Sam so hard?

    Oh, boys!

  • The only way I can wrap my head around the Dean/Amara attraction is to liken it to a magnet. They are the opposite poles of a magnet and, in this case, the magnet is the Mark of Cain. They are attracted to each other much like magnets. Dean doesn’t understand it, he doesn’t have control over it, and he doesn’t like it. I think his lack of control over the situation bothers him more than anything else. Dean likes to feel in control. And really… who doesn’t?

  • I loved this episode! It grabbed me from the start (I was also one of those, “Oh Ireland? Yay! A banshee!” viewers) and it didn’t let me go. I particularly liked Sam’s stupid move of talking in front of someone you know for a fact reads lips. Most everything I loved was mentioned in your excellent (and so detailed! thank you for that) review and in other comments. There’s just one other thing I wanted to throw out as a possibility.

    I think Dean opened up to Cas because he is Lucifer/Casifer/Lustiel. Amara made a point of explaining that Dean once bore the Mark and that bound them forever. Lucifer and Cain also bore the Mark, so in theory all three of them should have some sort of bond to her and therefore possibly each other. So the confession to Cas, really might be a brother in arms moment. (We never did see the kill shot or Cain’s body, and if this the Mark bonds you thing holds up, there’s all sorts of what happened in that barn options.)

    • Ooh, cool idea! I did wonder in that scene if Lucifer was wondering what kind of effect Amara might have on him because he’d borne the Mark too, and that was why he seemed so keen on Dean telling him all about it!

  • Totally agree with all the stuff you liked, but real quick on that one quibble- I really miss the Sam who used to tell Dean, “You’re lying, and you may as well drop it ’cause I can see right through you.” (3×07) It’s been a long, long time since we got to see Sam call Dean on any of his crap, and I want to believe that Sam is just letting things slide on purpose for Dean’s sake, but it’d be nice to see some (any) evidence of that.

    Other than that, what a fantastic episode, the guest stars were amazing, and I totally loved how well Robbie bookended the episode with first Sam not being able to sleep, then Dean!

  • Really enjoyed this episode. Wonderful review. I have not been a fan of either The Darkness or the return of Lucifer so for the most part we had a nice monster-of-the-week ep with a new hunter and a legit backstory…Dee Wallace admiring the boys…and the boys being human and down-to-Earth without having to save all of it in one hour. Lucifer in Cas has made my head spin so it was nice to enjoy minimum exposure to all that and just watch Sam and Dean work a case with a little humor and a lot of humanity.

  • When I first read the very brief description for this ep (and did not know it was Robbie’s script), I worried they were going to turn the “older woman” into a joke. Because, yes, they are always cougars. But the script was solid and Dee Wallace just knocked it out of the park. Hey, I’m 62 and am amazed by the masculine beauty that is Mr. Ackles, and am an unabashed Deangirl. I was relieved, pleased, and amused by the interactions throughout. As I often say: I’m older, but I’m not dead! As you noted, the end scenes featuring each brother awake in the dark were fantastic. Robbie Thompson, don’t ever leave SPN!

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