Jaxcon Sunday with Jared and Jensen – Is It Hot In Here?


Post number three from Jaxcon, phew! I’ve got an embarrassment of riches with such beautiful photos to share thanks to Kim and Christina. I’m also in an emotional mood about Show, thinking about the anniversary of Kim Manners’ death, and the impact he had on the Show. Kim had such a profound influence, and in some ways, he set up the tone of the set which continues to today. He helped bond them all together, so in a sense, it was Kim who is partly responsible for that sense of SPNFamily that the cast and crew and fandom all feel.

Yesterday Eric Kripke, who’s responsible for this amazing show, tweeted in support of Sera Gamble’s new show, The Magicians, reminding us all that the SPNFamily supports each other. Add that to the cast’s tweets about Kim, and I’ve been feeling more emotional about Show than usual. In a good way.

That sense of closeness was very evident at Jaxcon. It was the first con of the year, and both fans and guests hadn’t seen each other in far too long. This is a cast that is demonstrative in their affection for each other, which makes the entire con feel warm and fuzzy and just plain good. You can see it in the photo ops, whether it’s Richard, Rob and Matt or Jared or Jensen and Misha or Kim and Katherine or any combination of cast and fans.

That closeness and comfort starts, as always, with Jared and Jensen. Here are a few highlights, and lots of pictures of that feel-good closeness.

The gold panel was at bright and early 10 am, which apparently was too early for Jared.

Jared: Happy 2017! Oh, happy 6 am in Vancouver time. I had one line, and I already screwed it up.

Jensen: (deadpans) Wow.




And so they were off.

We had Jared speaking French.

Then Jensen speaking French.


It wasn’t exactly a feel good moment, but Jensen shared his disappointment about not being invited to the People’s Choice Awards even when he won, which validated all of us in our disappointment (and annoyance).



One of my favorite moments was when someone from the UNF class on Supernatural stepped up to the mic to ask a question.

Jensen: There’s a CLASS on Supernatural? A college class? Like on the supernatural, not on…

Fan: No, on your Show.

Jensen: (throwing his hands up) Of course there is.

And it’s a fabulous course, by the way. In fact, I’m guest lecturing in it – thanks, Professor Linda!





And we got a hug for the Gold panel, which always brightens up everyone’s day.

Now if only we could get Sam and Dean to hug as much as Jared and Jensen!



After the gold panel, there were photo ops and meet and greets. And then Jared and Jensen took the stage again for their main panel.

That one began with Jared bringing out a birthday cake for Billy Moran, and the boys joined us in singing happy birthday.


Jensen to Rich and Rob: If there’s not a piece of cake back there when we’re done, I’m going to rip both your beards off.


Richard and Rob: (look frightened and slink off)

Predictably, this is what happened at the end of the panel when Richard appeared with a slice of cake and proceeded to enjoy it rather vocally — without offering the boys one.




Jared looming behind me like that? I might jump as far as Richard did. Or not.

Jensen commented on Jared getting hot wax on his fingers from the candles.

Jensen: (cocking an eyebrow) And he didn’t look like he minded….

Thus began a panel that was so full of innuendo, I barely survived it. More on that in a minute.

Someone asked what their spirit animal is (cross off another spot on the Jingo card, everyone!)

Jared: Mine is a brisket.

Jensen rolled his eyes and looked exasperated in that way he has of responding to Jared that manages to be both long-suffering and fond at the same time.

Jensen: Umm, pretty sure brisket is not an animal…




Jared: What? I think it is. Don’t you think it is?

Jensen: —




Not that Jared gave in. They bantered for a while (adorably) and then agreed to disagree.

There were a few serious moments too. Jared shared that Sam’s heaven would be that long highway in the Impala, beside his brother driving, Sam doing research. Which sounded so very Sam that many of us were grinning. Of course he’s doing research in heaven!

Another sort of serious moment began with an editorial comment on the early seasons not being successful, which brought a “Whoa” from the boys and a boo from the audience. The startled fan quickly rephrased the question. When did they know that the show had some staying power?

When Jensen got in trouble for joking otherwise with a EW reporter on set. (That’s actually a chapter in Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls. We were on set that day too, and a weird weird day it was indeed.)


But back to the innuendo.

Jensen asked for a bath towel for Jared because he was sweating so much, and Jared responded by fake stripping, much to the delight of everyone.

Well, except maybe Jensen.




Then there was that time Jared took off his belt (to auction it for charity to benefit whatever birthday boy Billy wanted – which ended up being the Stroke Association and raised a great deal of money for that important work).

But anyway, Jared took off his belt.

And Jensen ended up holding it. Which, in itself, was enough to make the temperature in the ballroom rise.



Then the boys started in.

Jared: (taunting) It’s too big for you Jensen, it’s too big.

Jensen: If I had a nickel…

Everyone: !!


Then Jensen turns serious. He’s still got that goddamn belt, and his expression is suddenly something very different. Have I mentioned the temperature in the room?

Can I mention it again??


Jared: (as Jensen stares at him while continuing to fondle the belt and the temperature in the ballroom rises by another 100 degrees) Will you be my Christian Grey?

Jensen: (cracks the belt like an effing boss)

Jared: (fans self) Now it’s really getting hot.

Everyone: (is on the floor)









I think I tweeted one of these photos with “I just can’t.” Because seriously, I just couldn’t.

Jensen turned to Jared at one point in the panel and asked, “Is there a reason you’re sitting so close to me?”

Jared: (whispering) Taste the rainbow…

Jared tries to irritate Jensen by touching his leg.

Jensen: I know you’re smelling your fingers.

Jared: I am not. (smells fingers)







How is Jared that adorable??

They spent several minutes conferring about what Sam and Dean should nickname Crowley, cracking each other up with whatever they came up with while we all watched and waited to find out.

Jensen: Should we tell them?

Jared: Nooooo! Sweet nothings stay between us.

They finally settled on Crumpet. Which I think suits Mark Sheppard rather well.











Near the end of the panel, this priceless exchange occurred between Jared and Jensen and an awesome fangirl named Cookie (If you recall, I posted a photo of Cookie yesterday at the Saturday Night Special and said that she won the con. Now you’ll see why.)

Fan: Hi, my name is Cookie.

Jared: I love cookies. And I love you.

Jensen: (flirtatiously and full of innuendo) You know what? I had me some cookie earlier…


Cookie: (not to be outdone and full of just as much innuendo) Oh, was it…chocolate chip?

Jared: (grinning) Fistpump!

Jensen (not to be outdone in the innuendo contest): Actually it was… oreo.




Fan: (without missing a beat) Double stuffed?

Jared and Jensen: Drop the mics, grinning like mad men, sling their arms around each other and amble on over to Cookie, apparently up for the challenge.

You see why Cookie wins the con?





Here’s the last question of the panel. I can’t remember what it was, but it sort of looks like Jared and Jensen are planning world domination over the head of the fan, who appears rather nervous about the whole thing.

Or you can caption it yourself. Go!

j2 stare

As always, the panel was over way too soon.

Jensen sang a few lines with Rob and the band.

Jared came back out a while later to hug Creation volunteer Connie, who we all love – and who has an illustrious history as a pioneering woman in the armed forces.




Then it was back to reality – and back to the Northeast, where a blizzard greeted me. But honestly, remembering Jaxcon just warmed me right up.

Here are more pictures of the Best.Cast.Ever showing their affection for each other to be sure you’re all warmed up too.
















I’m warmed up. How about you?

Meet you back here for a review of tomorrow night’s brand new Supernatural!



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  • Love your con reports. If I was richer, younger, and had a husband who wouldn’t think I was crazy, I would go in a heart beat. Thank you for the pretty pictures.

    • go anyways Mallena!! YOLO 😉

      My sister, my best friend and I are saving money to go to one later this year..we’re leaving our men at home and its going to be a blast!!!

    • Mallena,
      I’ve been telling myself the same thing (no husband, but still) I’m too old for this kind of shenanigans, no way I can waste the money…etc. Then about 6 months ago I had a revelation. It’s my life, I’ll never be any younger than I am right now, and I can do anything I really want to. I’ll have to get a ticket for an early 2017 convention, cause I’m dumping all my income tax return into it and I intend to get a gold ticket. I understand having a husband that might think you’ve lost your mind, but if you ever think you can, do it.
      YOLO indeed! I’m doing it for my 60th birthday, you’re never too old!

  • Loved reading this! I was giggling and refaced in a kid’s dentist office waiting area….thank you for that awesomeness. I’m sure the lady next to me thinks I’m a weirdo….which I surely am. Lol! I love reading your recaps, ESPECIALLY this one! 🙂 the belt…the cookies….*swoons*. 😀

    • It definitely was a con that called for lots of giggles and red faces – in the best way possible 🙂

  • LOVED the panel and your write up. I don’t remember the last question either, but I do remember the guys were impressed with it. Oh and Jared hugged Connie because she was crying. An Air Force guy at the con told Adam that he’d just taken the test from E4 to E5 and the answer was Connie’s name! Touching moment and Jared hugged her.

  • One of these days I am going to get to a convention right after the boys get back from their break. They are always much more relaxed and mischievous. And you are right about the photos! Hugs to you. Stay warm!

  • Lynn, you make the anticipation for my trip this summer all that much sweeter. I’m so excited!!! Thank you for sharing!

    @Mallena, I’m not richer (especially after saving all my pennies and spending it all on the golden ticket!), nor am I younger (this is going to be my big 5-0 present to myself), and while my husband thinks fandom and the show might be a little wackadoo, he loves me and is excited for me.

    VanCon2016, here I come!!!

    • Good point, so sorry!! I’ll take that out – I usually try to be spoiler free here, but my emotionality got the better of my rationality! Sincere apologies.

      • I thought it was odd that popped up there – I did get spoiled earlier elsewhere by seeing a photo, but some folk may not be aware…

  • I loved Jensen’s response to Dean’s heaven – long road, lots of roadhouses…and Patrick Swayze!

    I also loved the story Jensen told about the night before and pulling up to the girl who was singing along with her radio and how he and Clif shocked the heck out of her and then her response. Jensen is a great storyteller!

  • Fantastic report ladies. Thank you. So many beautiful pictures.
    The Cookie and Christian Grey segments of the cons definitely brought the heat. Whew!
    My favorite moment is J2 talking about Sam and Dean in Heaven. I love that they believe the brothers share a heaven, on the road, in the impala. Like Ash said, ‘Winchester Land”. Soulmates and all that… 😉

  • Love the con report and the pics are amazing! I had gold tickets for my 61st birthday ON my 61st birthday. Sadly, I had a gastric bleed the day before and didn’t get to go. The docs healed my body but I’ll never get over my “I missed the Supernatural con” sickness. I live vicariously via you and YouTube. Carry On!

  • These conventions always sound like a total blast and my wife and I are definitely looking to get to one in the near future. Everybody who is a SPN fan needs to get to at least one of ’em if at all possible!

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