Dee Wallace on What’s So Special about Working on Supernatural

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If you’ve read my review of ‘Into The Mystic’, you know how much I loved the episode. I also fell in love with the characters played by guest stars Shoshannah Stern and Dee Wallace, Eileen and Mildred. I enjoyed my chat with Shoshannah last month tremendously (check out that interview on Fangasm too) – so naturally I was very much looking forward to chatting with Dee Wallace. After so many television and film roles, I was curious about her experience on Supernatural and how it stacked up to so many other roles.

She made some time to talk on a Sunday morning, even though she had an audition coming up.

Dee: I’m so sorry, you know, they even book things on Sunday now!

Lynn: But they’re important, I understand that. My son did some acting for a while and I’m afraid I was a terrible ‘stage mom’ – I was in grad school so I wasn’t very good at dropping everything for an audition. They didn’t really appreciate that…

Dee: Well, we certainly didn’t have any of those problems on Supernatural!

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Supernatural’s Shoshannah Stern On Playing A Badass — And Fun with Jared and Jensen!


As soon as “Into The Mystic” finished airing, I immediately tweeted my congratulations to amazing guest stars Dee Wallace and Shoshannah Stern, who – along with Jared, Jensen, Misha and writer Robbie Thompson – made this episode both emotional and hysterical. And also important. This season is giving us some nuanced, deftly drawn female characters, including Mildred and Eileen. So I was thrilled to have the chance to ask Shoshannah Stern about her experience on the Supernatural set and playing Eileen.

Lynn: How were you cast on the show?

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Finding Hope and Home – Supernatural ‘Into The Mystic’

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This week’s Supernatural episode, Into The Mystic (I love when Show remembers its roots and uses song titles) was one of those episodes that didn’t grab me at the very beginning and not let me catch a breath the entire time. Instead, it was a slow build, culminating in an ending scene that left me grabbing for the tissues and grinning like a fool simultaneously. Just the way I like it, Show.

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