Carrie Genzel on the Perils and Rewards of Guest Starring on Supernatural!

carrie jmi2

It’s no secret that I loved the recent Supernatural episode, ‘Just My Imagination.’ I loved Jenny Klein’s script, I loved Richard Speight’s directing, I loved the cinematography, I loved the acting. So I was thrilled to have a chance to talk to Carrie Genzel, the actress who played the cluelessly glitter-and-blood-smeared mom so brilliantly. Little did I know that our conversation would end up being so much fun – and so hysterical!

Lynn: Thanks for chatting with me, I was really looking forward to talking to you.

Carrie: Oh me too, I loved your article, the one I commented on about the episode. I was like, wow, Lynn’s really thorough!

Lynn: [laughing] That’s one way of putting it. Kathy would say I just can’t shut up! Grad school makes you very detail oriented…and then you can’t unlearn it!

Carrie: Yeah but that’s a good thing. Everybody thinks they can write and gets on social media, but it’s usually not that in depth, and when you read something that obviously was researched — you went to different sources and took the time to research everything, so I was like wow, this article stands out.

Lynn: Thank you, that’s so nice of you to say. Sometimes I have to shake my head at myself. This isn’t my actual job, but when it comes to Supernatural, I kinda get carried away easily.

[I know, I know. Understatement.]

Carrie: I’m sure people really enjoy them as well because they’re really getting some great little nuggets of information and great little stories or something that isn’t just out there in the public eye or that they can just read anywhere. You’re getting the special little things in your interviews and articles and they just soak everything up. It’s been pretty incredible, the reaction to the episode.

Lynn: It was an amazing episode.

Carrie: It took me by surprise!

Lynn: It’s a very unique situation, how passionate this fandom is, how long the show has been on the air, and also how committed to it the cast has been, doing cons just about every weekend. Pretty sure there’s nothing else like it! You were on the Season 1 episode Bugs too – had you kept up with the show or did you not realize how popular it had become?

Carrie: Well I’m from Vancouver originally so I’m back there quite a lot, and because of that pretty much everyone I know who’s an actor has been on the show at some point.

Lynn: [laughing] It’s true! There are only so many actors in Vancouver, and most of them show up on Supernatural sooner or later.

Carrie: When I did Season 1, I don’t think the show was really an immediate hit right out of the gate. It was really different from what was on at the time.

Lynn: Yes it was different – and it definitely wasn’t a hit right away [remembering those early years where we all bit our fingernails to the quick waiting for the renewal news]

Carrie: When we were shooting it, because it was just starting to air, everyone was like ‘we’re not really sure if this is going to fly or not…’ It was really dark, even the way they shot it was really dark.

Lynn: It was, especially that first season.

Carrie: At that point there wasn’t social media at all either, but over the years people had reached out to me and said oh, I loved you in Bugs, were the spiders real? You know, the normal questions.

Lynn: The normal questions for Supernatural…

Carrie: And that was lovely, but never in my imagination did I think that there was going to be this immediate outpouring of love when Just My Imagination aired. It was overwhelming! We shot that about two months before it aired, and I was really excited for everyone to see it because it felt like a really special episode, but as an actor you move on and you start doing other things, and I knew the air date was coming up but I was on to the next thing. And then all of a sudden, my social media just exploded! And I guess it airs in different parts of the world at different times, so all of a sudden I’d get like a ton of messages from like, Brazil! And then from somewhere else, it would come in waves and I’d be like oh, we’re still going, we’re still doing this! But everyone was so incredible and welcoming. I couldn’t even keep up with all of the messages being posted, it was impossible. So I posted a little video saying thank you to everyone because it really is a family, it’s like nothing else that I’ve encountered.

carrie headshot2

Lynn: The SPN Family. It is like nothing else.

Carrie: I was on a soap opera for a couple of years, and that definitely has a very active fan base, but this by far takes it to a different level. It was really lovely, and it still continues. But it really took me by surprise. When we were shooting the episode, Jensen and Jared had just come from a convention and I think they were just about to go to another convention!

Lynn: They do them almost every weekend now, it’s unprecedented.

Carrie: It’s amazing. I don’t know any other show – I mean maybe, I don’t know, The Walking Dead or something, but eleven years in, I don’t know any other show where the main cast is doing that much to support the show.

Lynn: There has never been a show like SPN as far as conventions. Not even for Star Trek in its heyday.

Carrie: Wow, yeah. And they’re worldwide! It’s incredible. And that really is the two guys that keep this going. They love the show. For an actor to come onto a show and guest star in the eleventh season, it’s not always a great experience. Usually by that time the main cast doesn’t like each other and they’re sick of each other and they don’t want to be there.

Lynn: Unlike this cast, who spend all week working together and then most weekends hanging out together with their families.

Carrie: And usually [eleven seasons in] everyone is in a bad mood, and as a guest actor you’re like, ‘I’m getting paid this week, I’m happy!’ And Supernatural is absolutely the reverse of that. Everyone was just as lovely and as excited and enthusiastic as when I was there in Season 1. And the crew too, because it’s mostly the same crew.

Lynn: Which is also weird, that never happens either.

Carrie. No. And they work a long season on Supernatural. They shoot a lot of episodes and it’s a lot of visual effects and long days and a long season. And to retain so much of your crew – and I mean, the key people too, the cinematographer, the ADs — for them to still be there and all having a great time is incredible. And that starts at the top. It starts with Jared and it starts with Jensen. They set the tone of what it’s going to be like on set. And they are having a ball! And they said, we do this for the fans, that’s what keeps us going. They really want to give back to the fan base, and I’ve never seen that. It’s incredible.

With Jared and Jensen filming Just My Imagination
With Jared and Jensen filming Just My Imagination

Lynn: I never have either. This cast is unique.

Carrie: And I have to say too, over the years I had auditioned for a number of roles on Supernatural. They kind of have a ban for a certain time after you’ve been on an episode and then you’re allowed to audition again. And I auditioned for some great stuff , but I always thought, if I go back it has to be for something that is really amazing because the first one was pretty awesome. I would hate to go back and blow my second chance to be on the show and it wasn’t really that exciting, you know?

Lynn: Well you certainly didn’t do that!

Carrie: When I went in to audition for Richard, I didn’t know anything about the blood because they’d taken all that out of the material. So I was kinda like, I don’t know why she’s behaving like this. And it seemed odd. When you take all the blood out…

Lynn: It would! It would seem very odd.

Carrie: And I was like, okay well I think the guys are a little strange, okay I get that, it’s a bit of a recurring theme on this show…

Lynn: Sam and Dean are definitely a little strange. In a good way.

Carrie: And it said there was something off, that they were wearing something really strange, like little sweaters, so I was like oh okay, I get that, something’s off here. But Richard gave me some notes, because of course he knows everything, and I was like okay, those also seem like strange notes, but whatever, he’s the director…

carrie richard2

Lynn: [laughing]

Carrie: But after, I was walking to my car and thinking wow, that was really odd, I don’t think I got that!

Lynn: Why did they do the audition without telling you about the blood?

Carrie: They take out a lot of stuff. A lot of times on Supernatural, [the audition] might be something from the episode but they’ve kind of removed things so you can’t tell what’s going on.

Lynn: For confidentiality reasons, you mean?

Carrie: Yes, because they don’t want it to get out. And I guess you didn’t’ really need to know about the blood…

Lynn: [skeptical] I don’t know, I think that would be really hard if you didn’t know! That changes the whole scene. You must have been confused…

Carrie: I was! It was funny because they had in there that she touches her face, so I thought okay, they made a point of writing that in, so I’ll do that in the audition. But it didn’t all make sense until I got the actual script, and then I just started laughing.

Cap casismyangel21
Cap casismyangel21

Carrie: They don’t want things to get out, when they send out materials for actors to audition, they’re all watermarked with your name, so they know if they do get out where it came from. But they don’t want that information slipping out, so they take out key elements, character names so you don’t really know who it is. They’re not the only show that does that, but anyway, it was very funny. But when I got the script, I just fell in love with it immediately. I was like okay I’ll have a blast doing this. It was just such a wonderfully written episode.

Lynn: It was. Did you get to meet Jenny?

Carrie: No, and she wrote such a wonderful script. We shot it about two months before it aired, and I had forgotten all the touching stuff at the end. I was so excited for everyone to finally see the unicorn and that I could finally talk about it, and then I got to the end watching it, and I was just sobbing.

Lynn: [nodding] Yep. You weren’t the only one.

Carrie: And Nate Torrence did such an incredible job, it was so hard not to laugh when he was in the room! I couldn’t even look at him – because I wasn’t supposed to even be able to see him – so I couldn’t even acknowledge that he was there, and meanwhile they’re doing all of this funny stuff and I was just standing there saying ‘Nate, don’t look at me, don’t look at me…’

Lynn: [laughing]

Carrie: In the moment when I have all the blood on my face and the three of them are standing there like, ‘take a shower’, people said to me wow, you pulled that off so well, you didn’t laugh, you were really concentrating. And I’m like, I AM concentrating, because I’m trying not to look at Nate!

With Nate Torrence
With Nate Torrence

carrie j2 2

Lynn: I can’t believe you did that. It was so hysterically funny, the looks on their faces!

Carrie: Well, the part where I actually had the blood on my face, we only did that one time, which was what we wanted to do. Because it would take an hour at least before we could do it again if it got messed up. The blood stains, it stained my skin because I’m like Twilight white. And so Richard and I really talked about that moment before we actually shot it. He said ‘I don’t want to have to do it again’, and I said, ‘I get it, it would put us back like an hour’. But the guys are so funny and their reactions are so funny so Richard was like, ‘promise me, you’re not gonna laugh’. And I said ‘I’m not, I’m not gonna laugh.’

Lynn: And you didn’t! Somehow.

carrie sparkleblood

Carrie: We talked about what he was looking for in that moment, so I felt a little bit of pressure.

Lynn: I guess so!

Carrie: I was like, ‘I’m not gonna be the one to let the team down!’ And when I did it, seeing their faces, I had no idea what I looked like. But even moments when they weren’t on camera, they were like OMG [cracks up]

carrie just

carrie just2

carrie just3

Lynn: I can just imagine…

Carrie: I’ve worked with fake blood before, and it’s like syrup, icky syrup. But it had that chunky glitter in it too. So I wasn’t sure what would happen when I had it on my face. When I stood up and I have that moment, it started to run down my face, and a big piece of glitter went in my eye.

Lynn: Oh no!

Carrie: And it actually felt like someone had like put a knife in my eye. I was like ‘oh no, oh no, look natural, look natural, are you blinking too much? Don’t blink too much…’

Lynn: That’s dedication! Ouch.

Carrie: So it’s funny when people are like, you really kept a straight face, and I’m thinking, well there was a lot going on!

Lynn: I’ll say. That makes it even harder to believe you maintained that. Knowing there was also glitter stabbing you in the eye, I’m even more impressed.

Carrie: As soon as Richard said cut, I was like “make up!”

Lynn: Like, ‘Help!’

Carrie: But I’ve been an actor for over twenty years, and you just go, you know what? The biggest part of my job is making uncomfortable things look comfortable.

Lynn: Best description of acting ever. I’d be a terrible actor. I’m a total wuss. Ask anyone.

Carrie: Jena [Skodke], who played Maddie, was wonderful. We had so much fun with her, and it’s funny because they wrapped her before the big Sparkle murder scene, so she didn’t actually see that.

Lynn: As a psychologist, I feel like that’s probably good.

carrie just4

Carrie: But she wanted to! I offered to take some pictures and send them to her mom. And she said, oh Jena has been waiting for these and I said ‘well they are pretty, ummm – it’s Supernatural, they don’t hold back!’

Lynn: Very true.

Carrie: It gets dark. I said ‘I’ll let you decide’. So when she runs in and screams she’s not actually looking at that scene. She was so lovely, we had so much fun. I hope I get to work with her again. She was so excited to work with Jensen and Jared and to be on the set.

Lynn: Well that’s totally understandable.

carrie family

I’ve seen Jared and Jensen goof around a lot on set, but Richard said they really didn’t bust him much, they were really supportive for his first time directing. Was there any messing around?

Carrie: Not so much, moreso in the scene where they come to the door of the house.

Lynn: [channeling my inner Dean Winchester] You mean…. the manicorn scene?

Carrie: [laughing] OMG come on! You know, there are just certain lines for every actor on any particular day that for whatever reason, they can’t say it. It happens to me, it happens to everybody. And Jared had a line like that and then you concentrate on it and of course it gets messed up, and we just had a blast, there was a lot of joking around. So when we got to the actual manicorn blood scene, I think Richard was really nervous because we had talked about it and he was like, don’t laugh, you’ve gotta hold it together. But I had no idea until after we wrapped that Richard had never directed before!

Lynn: Yep, his first time directing Supernatural. You didn’t know?

Carrie: I didn’t know! He did a fantastic job. I said to him on set, ‘Richard, it’s so nice to have a director who’s an actor on set, because you know how we think and you know how to talk to us, we speak the same language. And you’re looking at the overall story and also taking care of us, the way only another actor looks at things’. I had no clue he’d never done it before. There’s definitely a shorthand with the guys and the crew, because he’s been there a lot, but I thought he did a fantastic job. It’s a beautiful episode. There’s wonderful funny moments and beautiful touching moments. And a lot of that has to do with Jenny Klein and her wonderful teleplay.

Lynn: Yes, absolutely. I talked to both Richard and Jenny and they each gave the other so much credit.

Carrie: I thought he did an exceptional job bringing that to life. Being on set, I always felt that he had my back and that he was in control and knew exactly what he wanted and needed to get done. I had no idea he’d never done it before.

Lynn: That’s the best testament, isn’t it?

Carrie: And I think, his resume as an actor is quite extensive. As an actor, you prepare, and he did his preparation and that helped. And the crew is incredibly supportive, and such a well oiled machine at this point so I’m sure that helped a lot too. I sent him a message saying congratulations on the episode, I had no idea!

carrie richard kissy

Lynn: I’m sure he appreciated that. Jensen told me he was glad that Richard was directing this episode because he knows how to do comedy – he knows when a joke lands and when it doesn’t. And these did!

Carrie: It’s funny when you work on different shows and friends and family will watch that episode because they want to see your work even though they don’t typically watch that show, and I thought oh, this will be interesting.

Lynn: Yeah, like, what the hell is this show?

Carrie: But even my mom, which this wouldn’t be what she typically watches, she called me and she was crying, saying ‘that was such a beautiful episode!’

Lynn: Awwww

Carrie: She really enjoyed it. My brother works on the show in visual effects.

Lynn: Right. The only reason I know that is because when I was live tweeting the episode I complimented you but didn’t know your name, and Mark Meloche let me know who you were and that your brother works on the show too.

Carrie: I think this is my brother’s fourth season on the show, and he and Mark have been friends for many years and worked together on many projects, so Mark had brought him onto the team a few seasons ago. It was fun because when we were shooting on the lot, the first person I saw was my brother. We were like ‘good morning!’

Lynn: True SPNFamily!

Carrie: I already felt like a part of the family just seeing so many familiar faces on set, but then the day we were on the lot, it really was SPN family!

Lynn: You’ve been on two episodes that I think will both be iconic. Your first episode, Bugs, you had that iconic scene where your character assures Sam and Dean that you welcome people of any sexual orientation.

carrie bugs7

I think I heard that Dean slapping Sam’s ass as he walks away was adlibbed. Do you remember?

Carrie: Oh, that was ad libbed! Jensen did that. When you see Jared’s reaction, that’s his real reaction!

Lynn: No wonder it came off so well!

Carrie: Completely. That was not in the script. I was like, that’s so awesome. I remember we laughed really hard. I remember Kim Manners directed that episode, and when he yelled ‘cut’ we all burst into laughter.

Lynn: And then they used that shot.

Carrie: It’s funny, because we had done a few takes of it and it was okay and then Jensen turned around and just smacked him on the butt and it was great.

carrie bugs4

carrie bugs5

carrie bugs13

Lynn: Your deadpan reaction and that happening spontaneously right afterward just made the scene.

Carrie: Yeah, it did, it did. And I’m not sure if that was the first episode that people were speculating that they were gay.

Lynn: It was a constant theme in the early seasons.

Carrie: Just before that, I can’t remember the actor, but he says the same thing to them and then I repeat it, it’s like a line from the real estate company. So I’m not actually the first person to say it, I’m actually the second in the episode, but I know that somebody reached out to me and said it was the first episode where that happened. Though I don’t know for sure.

Lynn: We need to consult the Superwiki.

Carrie: But I know people send me lots of screen shots from that scene because they’re like, I love that scene!

Lynn: And you were directed by Kim. I’m so sorry that I never got to meet him. He wasn’t there the first time we were on the set, and then by the time we were back, he had tragically passed away.

Carrie: He was incredible. When I went in to audition for that episode, I’m trying to remember what I knew about the show going in -but I know that when I went in to audition, I remember having to do that particular scene. And I remember afterwards Kim leaning in and saying “Carrie, so I’m gonna need you to have live tarantulas on your head and your body…’

Lynn: [aghast] !!!???

Carrie: And in the scene, and here’s what’s so wonderful about Kim. I mean, he directed how many iconic X Files episodes, you know? And he’s like ‘what I need in the shot is, I’m gonna have you laying down on the ground, and you’re dead, and I’m gonna pan the camera down your entire body….And I’ll have the spiders crawling on you, and I want your mouth open…


Carrie: And I got so pulled into his vision and how he was explaining it, that I just said ‘yeah, I can do that’. And he stopped and he goes, “good.” Then I walk back to my car and go ‘What the hell did I just agree to?’

Lynn: [laughing]

Carrie: It was like he put me under a spell! I hated spiders, I was terrified of spiders. And I went okay, well maybe I won’t get cast, maybe they’ll cast somebody else. And then I was like OMG I have to really do this! It ended up that I spent a couple of hours with the bug wrangler before we even shot, just to make sure that I was comfortable and they kind of went over the do’s and don’ts. So I learned a lot about tarantulas.

carrie spider

Lynn: Okay…

Carrie: I learned that they’re actually really fragile and I realized okay, at first I was like, Kim said he wants my mouth open – that doesn’t seem like a good idea…


Carrie: [laughing] I know. But they’re like, actually it’s fine, and I was like, really? Why? Because they don’t like damp places so they’ll start to go there…

Lynn: Oh no, oh no…

Carrie: And they’ll like turn around because they’re not gonna like this wet. And I go, ‘okay so I’m gonna lick my lips A LOT before hand’ So as we’re having this conversation, she put a bunch of them on my head and my face to see if I’d freak out. And I mean, I was nervous but I was like, I’m gonna do this! I felt like I was on Fear Factor!

carrie spider1

Lynn: Seriously

Carrie: As we’re talking, one of the tarantulas goes into my ear…


Carrie: And won’t come out.

Lynn: Oh no way. No way.

Carrie: It was one of the smaller baby ones, and I said, I think there’s one in my ear…


Carrie: And I was like, I’m not gonna be the girl who screams and runs away, I’m gonna do this. And he looks and goes oh yeah, it’s really in there.

Lynn: Just what you wanna hear.

Carrie: And he starts looking around on the desk and he goes, just a second, and he pulls out a Bic pen and he pops the lid off it and goes okay, hold on. And he takes the end of the pen and he puts it in my ear and like scoops out the spider!


Carrie: And he looks at me and goes, yeah, you’re gonna be fine.

Lynn: Except for the nightmares you’re clearly going to have.

Carrie: He was like, if that didn’t freak you out, you’re gonna be fine. And because of that he said, when we shoot I’m gonna put earplugs on you so they can’t go in there.

Lynn: Well gee thanks.

carrie spider2

Carrie: And so we shot that scene and Kim shot it exactly how he explained it. He had me on a track on the ground and the camera was literally so close I could hear it. And he panned down and the spiders were crawling all over me and whatever. They did it twice just to be sure, and then it took 30 minutes to get all the spiders off of me….

Lynn: Okay, forget YOU having nightmares – I’M gonna have nightmares!

Carrie: [undeterred] …Because they’re so fragile they had three people – with plastic spoons from craft service – and they’d scoop them up one at a time and put them back. And I’m like buck naked lying there and people are scooping with plastic spoons…

Lynn: This is very kinky all of a sudden.

Carrie: I mean, looking back, I can see why they were so excited I was back. Because we shot the shower scene and I was in that shower for the better part of a day. Initially they wanted to use real spiders and it just didn’t work because of the water, so they had to do it with visual effects. But we covered that shower scene from every conceivable angle, I mean it was ridiculous. And at first they’re trying to give me some little pasties and stuff so I could have a little modesty, but like when you’re in the shower for seven hours, it just doesn’t matter anymore, you’re just like, this is it, guys.

carrie bugs3

Lynn: At that point, it’s like being in labor, you’re just like, I don’t care who the hell is standing there watching.

Carrie: Exactly. I’m like, you’ve seen all this before, it’s nothing that everyone doesn’t have. But the best part is, so we’re doing all of those shots and we have this scene where I fall out of the shower through the door, and it was a shot of my feet and I scream and kind of jump around a little then I have to fall out of frame and they throw glass and blood in.

Lynn: Sounds about right for Supernatural.

Carrie: [laughing] You’ll never watch this scene the same way again.

Lynn: Understatement.

Carrie: And so for me to fall out convincingly, they had a big crash pad there and a stunt man laying on the crash pad who was there to catch me! He’s fully dressed, I’m soaking wet and not wearing anything, and I had to fall like …

Lynn: Like, ‘Here I come!’

Carrie: [laughing] And he had to put his hands out to brace me, like to make sure I fall out, like into his hands, and we did it, many times to get it right.

Lynn: Well, he got to know you very well.

Carrie: He was soaking wet at that point, and so eventually I was like, so are you married?

Lynn: [laughing] Wanna get a cup of coffee?

Carrie: Like what are you doing later? But the crew was like, you rock! I know all the guest actors, and I know Jared and Jensen had to work with those horrible bees, but everyone had to work with some sort of bugs, and some of the guys were freaking out with these bugs. And apparently the crew was like, are you shitting me, did you see what Carrie is doing?

carrie bugs10

Lynn: Yeah, really.

Carrie: And you guys are wearing clothes!

Lynn: So they were excited for you to come back because you’re basically able to do any damn thing! I think Jensen said he got stung by a bee.

Carrie: Oh yes, and some of them got into the soundstage and for a long time, some of them were in there apparently. Then that reminds me – there’s this scene where I’m watching the news and a spider comes out onto my forehead and I wipe it away. Well that was a whole ordeal too, because you can’t train spiders.

Lynn: True.

Carrie: So they had the bug guy laying on the bed behind me, and they fed a tube up through the back of my costume up through my hair to the front of my hairline and then they would put a spider in my hair with the tube, and then he would blow through the tube to make the spider run…

Lynn: OMG what?!

Carrie: The spider would just run willy nilly so we had to keep doing it over and over again until it like ran in a place that looked good. But because of that, because he’s laying there blowing into this tube, you get it full of spit, it’s like coming down my forehead…

Lynn: Ewww…

Carrie: And then I had to like swipe the spider off in a very specific way so I didn’t hurt or kill it, so it was pretty awkward. They were like, you have to scoop…but again, they were like, Carrie you’re a superhero!

Lynn: I have so much respect for you right now.

Carrie: You know it’s that thing of, like this is an incredible show. Even in its first season, like this is a show that I would watch. And Kim, it’s Kim Manners, I mean, you do it, right?

Lynn: For Kim? Absolutely. I think that’s how they all felt about Kim.

Carrie: He was so specific about what he wanted and then he was like, ‘okay, let’s get it done.’ And Richard was the same way, he knew specifically what he wanted it to look like, what he wanted, so you go okay, whatever that is, let’s do it. You get on board and you’re like, let’s make this happen, let’s make this the best it can be.

Lynn: I think Kim inspired everyone.

Carrie: Yeah. And I think, to go back to the show and knowing what it is today in terms of the fan base and the following and how people are so excited about each episode, you really want to make it the best it can be for the fans. And so you go, okay, I’ll bite my tongue and not laugh in this scene, I’ll do whatever it takes to make it great. And to see the reaction was wonderful. It still continues, and it’s January.

Lynn: Have you ever thought about going to the cons? You’d be great.

Carrie: I would love to! Some of the fans have reached out and asked if they’d see me at conventions and I was like, yes, if I have the opportunity! And I said this on my facebook page too – it would be incredible to meet all of you, because the fandom is really fun.

carrie headshot

Lynn: It is. And the stories you’re telling are great. One of the other actors who was in Bugs, Tyler Johnston, he’s done some recently.

Carrie: He’s great, a great actor. And yes, I’d absolutely love to do that, it would be so much fun. I know the fans love to know how the episode was made and what it was like to do it, so it would be great to be in a big room full of people and share the stories live.

Lynn: Especially these stories – they’re incredibly funny.

Carrie: Well, nobody thinks about what goes into making those scenes. In talking to you about it, I’m remembering more and more. But I think when you’re on Supernatural, anything goes. You just roll with it. I mean, it made me laugh when Everett Shea, who played Sparkle, came out for the first time as the manicorn and none of the crew even batted an eyelash.

Lynn: [laughing]

Carrie: He was like, can you tell me where craft service is? And they were like yeah, it’s over there, like he was dressed totally normal. Because they said, on this show, it’s just Wednesday. On Supernatural, you’re just kinda normal.

Lynn: It’s true! That episode will inspire a lot of cosplay at the conventions, I bet. I’m waiting to see a manicorn.

With Everett Shea, aka the Manicorn
With Everett Shea, aka the Manicorn

Carrie: They could even do Linda with the sparkly blood on her face!

Lynn: I wouldn’t be at all surprised – I’ll try to take a picture for you if someone does that. (Fandom? Anyone? Come find me at the con if you do!)

Carrie: That would be hilarious. It’s too bad it didn’t air right before Halloween, because there would have been some fun things people could do from that episode.

Lynn: I hope you do get to some cons – I think you’d be great!

Carrie: That would be great, then I’d get to meet you!

Lynn: It’s so much better to chat in person. Anything else you’d like me to share? What do you have coming up?

Carrie: I do have a fun horror thriller coming up in March that will be in selected theaters called ‘They’re Watching’ which kind of falls into the same sort of fan base. And that was really fun to shoot, we shot it in Romania – in Bukarest, up in Transylvania, which is really cool, out in the forest and outside of Bukarest and that’s a really fun film. It’s about an American production team going through – it’s supposed to be Moldova, which is next to Romania – and they’re doing a home renovation show, one of those shows you see on HGTV, and things start to go a little awry and people start dying.

Lynn: That sounds up Supernatural fans’ alley.

Carrie: It does for sure. I play the producer and host of the show – not the most likable character.

Lynn: I imagine that’s a nice challenge sometimes.

Carrie: She’s alot of fun, it’s a fun movie, there’s a lot of humor in it. And some folks in it that people may know from other things. David Alpay, who had a recurring role in the Vampire Diairies, and Kris Lemche is in it who did Final Destination and Haven on SyFy, he’s known in those circles as well. So I’m looking forward to everyone seeing that.

Lynn: Great! Can you send me some photos to run with the article? Fans have posted a lot from the episode too.

Carrie: The fans are amazing with their skills – they’re very crafty, those SPN fans.

Lynn: That they are. Fannish creativity never ceases to amaze me.

Carrie: Nowadays everyone’s so quick, as soon as it airs, there’s stuff up. I have really been blown away by the love and support of the SPNFamily. I can’t say enough about how much it means. As an actor, you do things and you hope the fans appreciate it, because we do it for them. And to have that level of excitement and love and support, I can’t tell you how many wonderful messages I got saying ‘welcome to the family’.

Lynn: Awww

Carrie: It really touched me, it really does mean something. It feels really incredible to know that we put a smile on all those faces out there worldwide, it blows my mind. But I think first and foremost, I’m so thankful to the fans, and for getting to do another episode, they made the experience so much more incredible than it even already was.

Lynn: SPN Family. Nothin’ like it. It was great talking to you Carrie.

Carrie: I hope we get to meet in person someday soon, I know we’ll have a blast!

That much is clear! Fingers crossed we all get to meet Carrie in person at a con this year – and to have her back on SPN eventually too.

Check out Carrie in the new movie “They’re Watching” — and catch up to me at Jaxcon if you’re going! If you’ll be there and would like your copy of ‘Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls’ or ‘Fan Phenomena Supernatural’ or ‘Fandom At The Crossroads’ signed, I’d love to meet you!

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