Jensen, Jared and Misha at Vancon!

jp cam great smile2

ja cam great smile3

misha cam smirk good

Vancon always feels a bit like coming home. Which is odd, since I’ve never lived in Vancouver. But several of the most pivotal and emotional chapters of our story in Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls took place in Vancouver. I met my first other SPN Family members in Vancouver – and, miraculously, six of us from that first group of a few dozen fans were back in Vancouver again last weekend! It was wonderful to reconnect, and amazing to know that so many of us are still fans, almost a decade later. Of course, Vancouver also feels like “home” because it’s home to the Show we were all there to celebrate. It’s a bit more laid back, since the boys don’t have to fly in and out. They’re more relaxed, and that means more time to chat with fans and be creative in photo ops (and oh yes, can fans ever be creative in photo ops!) It also gives the other actors, who aren’t there on Sunday and sometimes don’t get a chance to say hi to Jared and Jensen, the opportunity to reconnect too. I chatted with Gil McKinney recently and he said he hoped he would run into Jared and Jensen soon, since he kept having to fly out before they got to the con on Sunday. Watching Gil and Jensen singing together at the Saturday Night Special, I kept thinking how nice it was that they indeed got a chance to hang out again. And to harmonize!

sns cam gil

sns cam gil2

sns cam good

At Minncon the weekend before, the vast majority of the audience were new fans of Supernatural – which is a wonderful thing! It invests a con with so much energy, and I love seeing fans’ reaction to meeting Jared, Jensen, Misha or whoever they fan for the first time. Vancouver is one of the cons where many of the original con-going fans still congregate, which brings a different kind of energy – it’s a quieter, more sentimental sort of feeling. Many of us have been coming to Vancon since the beginning, and a dinner on the harbor is the comfortable sharing with old friends, with “remember that time…” repeated again and again. I was thrilled to meet up with so many old friends, and equally thrilled to meet so many new fans. Thank you to everyone who came over to tell me that reading Fangasm meant something to you and validated your experience as a Supernatural fan – signing our books is an honor for me, and hearing your stories even better.

We missed karaoke for the first time in forever, so I’m about to start scouring the internet for vids since I hear it was a fabulous one. Instead we headed out to North Van to catch a little Supernatural filming. We joined a small group of fans standing on the corner of a residential neighborhood, craning our necks to see if we could figure out what they were filming a short distance away. [Vague spoilers for episode 11.05 ahead]. I enjoyed watching the TV version of local cops chatting between takes, and the police car for the fictional town coming and going as well. There’s always something interesting to see when you’re obsessed with a television show, because frankly, EVERYTHING is interesting! AD Kevin Parks came over to say hello, which gave me a chance to wish him luck in the charity race he was about to undertake in the morning. Go Kevin! So did locations guy Allan Ross, who also kept busy trying to keep fans from getting run over as trucks full of prop evergreen trees and all sorts of other things came through the intersection. The local residents jogging by or walking their dogs were either mildly confused “What’s going on here?” or joined us after we explained that Supernatural was filming in their neighborhood.

Every now and then we would catch a glimpse of Jared Padalecki, looking mighty damn fine in his Winchester fed suit, walking back and forth as the camera followed him. We chatted with some of the always helpful and friendly crew, and traded SPN-centric stories with other fans as we watched, making sure to stay out of the way. This was an experienced group of fans — every time the PA called for quiet , all conversation stopped until we heard the “Cut!” The relationship between Show and fans felt as easy and comfortable as … well, as one built over a decade and (at least for the most part) constructed with some mutual respect. It was a good feeling.

Jared came over to say hello a little while later, greeting fans warmly and making sure he took a picture with each and every person who wanted one. (If this is you and you don’t want it posted, just let me know – but I think it’s adorable!)

Jared takes time out for photos with fans
Jared takes time out for photos with fans

In spite of it being late at night after a long day of shooting in the chilly drizzling rain, Jared made sure he greeted every fan and that he took a picture with everyone who wanted one. He stopped a few times to say, “anyone else? Did everyone get one?”

I was off to the side trying to take pictures, which I mostly failed at.

He turned to me at the end and grabbed me for a Moose hug – anyone who has been hugged by Jared knows what I mean!

“I’m so tired, hold me up,” he teased, and then proceeded to collapse in my arms – which explains why I’m laughing my head off and look ridiculous in the picture my friend Alicia snapped at that moment. The next day he apologized for leaning on me and I assured him it was no hardship. I mean, obviously, right? In fact, I felt pretty macho for having been able to hold up someone who’s 6’4” or 5 or whatever. He’s a big guy! Then again, his wife can carry him around piggyback and she’s shorter than I am, so clearly she’s the macho one.

Moose hug!
Moose hug!

It started to rain shortly after Jared went back to work, and we headed back to the condo where we were staying, but the whole experience left me feeling all warm and fuzzy about Show and cast and crew and fandom. (Not all that unusual for me, I know…)

We did NOT miss the Saturday Night Special, since we knew Jensen was probably going to sing; in fact, we were in our seats ridiculously early, bouncing in anticipation already. I’m still not over VegasCon, where Jensen turned into a rockstar before our eyes – damned if he didn’t do it again at Vancon! He said later that he got the idea to perform “Simple Man” from a fan who suggested it, and since he’d always loved the song anyway, he decided on that one. Its connection to Supernatural was icing on the cake.

You’ve all seen it, obviously. Probably a hundred times. Or is that just me?

sns cam best

sns cam good armpit

I’ve said many times that I love the SNS, and this one was no exception. Everyone brought their A game, and everyone was emotional. Rob sings ‘She Waits’ and tears just stream down my face. They all sing ‘Carry On’ and then ‘A Little Help From My Friends’ and fandom sings along and the feeling in the auditorium is sort of indescribable.

It feels remarkably like an organic thing we’ve all built, like we really are all in this together. When Rob holds up his hands and makes a heart, turning to each segment of the audience to be sure everyone knows it includes them, it touches mine.



sns10 bester

Jensen’s performance singing ‘Simple Man’ was once again that kind of experience that sort of makes time move in an altered state – pretty sure that I sat there grinning like a fool the entire time, just like at VegasCon. This time he played guitar too, rocking out with Richard and Rob as all three of them lost themselves in the music. Tell me these aren’t rockstars, go ahead. I dare you. This is why our fandom isn’t quite like any others.

Jared the next day, pointing to himself: Who’s regretting not being at the concert?

Jensen: He’s counting on someone posting videos of it for him.

Jared: Anyone take videos? Anyone? No? No?

Jared: [to Jensen] I’ll just have to have you redo it for me.

I think we’d all like to have that kind of do-over!



I talked to Jensen about the concert the next day.

Me: Holy crap, you really are a rockstar!

Jensen: (laughing) I don’t know what happened! I don’t even remember, it was like Ctrl Alt Delete. What happened?

Me: Well whatever happened, you’d better keep doing it, because it was awesome!

It’s clear to anyone watching that whatever altered state he might go into at the time, Ackles absolutely loves singing once he gets going. Look at that face! He gets totally into it, and his enthusiasm feeds into the enthusiasm of the rest of the band until something very special is happening.

rockstar cam

rockstar cam2






Also? Bowlegs. Mmmm. And Mark Sheppard on drums.


After the concert, there were spontaneous hugs all around, much like at VegasCon. Everyone was overwhelmed with the kind of happiness that, frankly, you just don’t get to experience all that often in life. Rockstar!Jensen is right up there with the good stuff.

We piled outside the convention center still grinning and gushing, only to be confronted with yet more pouring rain – and no cabs. Seems like someone could have planned a bit better for a concert of thousands of people to let out and have to wait an hour for a bloody cab. Fifteen minutes in, a big white stretch limo pulled up and offered rides, and a bunch of us said what the hell and piled in. It seemed somehow fitting, as we were chauffeured back up the hill to our condo. We sorta felt like rockstars too for those five minutes.

I sat down with Briana Buckmaster on Saturday for an absolutely lovely chat, which was a highlight of the con weekend. She’s one of those people who I could talk to for hours and never run out of things to say, and I was thrilled to have a chance for some relatively relaxed conversation. I also met her beautiful daughter and wonderful husband Jose, who scoped out the con while we chatted. (waves!) Look for our interview with Briana here soon – she talks thoughtfully about fandom and SPN, and catches us up on what she’s been doing.

We also filmed a segment with Briana for ‘Squee! The Fangirl Documentary’ while we were at Vancon – cannot wait for you all to see Squee! It’s a wonderfully fangirl-positive film that will make you feel good all over. I got a chance to catch up and consult with our Squee Post Producer too, the super talented Adam Williams from SPN’s amazing VFX crew.

Briana Buckmaster films for Squee!
Briana Buckmaster films for Squee!
What a gorgeous place to have a Squee meeting with Adam Williams!
What a gorgeous place to have a Squee meeting with Adam Williams!

And speaking of documentaries, we also caught up with Ryan Curtis, who premiered his film ‘The Weirdo Hero’ on Monday evening in Vancouver. I was honored to consult for the film, which deals with the important topics of depression and suicidality – I only wish I could have stayed in Vancouver to see the screening and squee at my name in the credits! Cannot wait to see it!

Briana is one of the stars, along with other Supernatural alums like Ty Olsson and Jared’s stand in Jason Cecchini, who we met in Vancouver last year. Ryan told us he plans on taking the film on the film festival circuit, so be sure to check it out if you can.

Briana and Ryan and Weirdo Hero
Briana and Ryan and Weirdo Hero

One of the highlights of Saturday was having Misha Collins back onstage. We missed having him on onstage at Minncon, and I think the entire fandom was worried about him that entire weekend. I know I was. Being attacked like that, even if you end up physically okay, is a big deal. I don’t care how strong you are or how secure, there’s a sense of vulnerability that comes with a random attack, that changes your world view as well. I chatted briefly with Misha at Minncon, and sent him an email soon after, with my psychologist hat on.

Misha: (smiling) Thanks for the email. It made sense.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to see his smile.

misha cam laugh

misha smile fixed

misha smile better

misha smile

misha smile2

misha smile3

And all his other essentially Misha expressions too.

misha cam huh

misha cam good

misha point

misha cam ser

misha ser me

misha ser2

Not to mention those lovely jeans he was wearing at Vancon. He loves to put his leg up on the chair, which for some reason I find appealing. Hmmm. And those blue eyes and long lashes.

misha leg

misha cam blue eyes

misha cam eyelash

Sunday was, of course, J2 Day. But it was also the premiere of another documentary’s trailer – The Supernatural Fandom documentary. Filmmakers Clif and Mitch Kosterman and Supernatural’s Jason Fischer were there to answer questions and introduce the doc, which we were thrilled to contribute an interview for. And hey, we made the trailer! (Though you have to look fast or you’ll miss it. Like lightning fast).

The documentary is a little like the film version of Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls – all about the fandom. Who we are, why this is important to us. At the conclusion of the trailer, the entire ballroom stood up and gave them a standing ovation. Gotta say, for three burly guys, they looked pretty damn emotional at the fandom’s response. Check out the trailer and the indiegogo for more!

Clif, Jason and Mitch get emotional
Clif, Jason and Mitch get emotional


Jared and Jensen were in a fabulous mood on Sunday, with the usual shenanigans and laughter. Seriously, sometimes my face aches when I’m at a con, just from this cast being too damn funny. I took so many photos of the boys smiling that I can’t even fit a fraction of them into this post!

j2 laugh

j2 smile2

j2 smile5

j2 smile6

j2 smile9

j2 smile10

Jensen offered to braid Jared’s hair, and did a hip-twitching Magic Winchesters XXL routine that made Jared fan himself (which was entirely understandable).

j2 funny

There was also a hysterical Jensen imitation of Rob climbing a ladder to spy on Jensen (you need to watch the video for context, not that there really was a lot…)

j2 rob peek better

I think this was Jensen acting out the Yellow Fever snake coming over his shoulder, but at any rate…

Jared: Can you do that on the other side, that feels good?

j2 slashy3

And there was Jensen imitating Jared on set when he fell for Gen, which had Jared in stitches. I’m not sure how they always manage to have so much fun and be so damn funny, but they do.

j2 jared gen

j2 jared gen2

j2 jared gen3

There were serious moments too. I’m always impressed by how carefully and intently the cast listens to fans’ questions, and how much thought they put into answering them.

j2 cam great ser

j2 cam great ser3

Jared and Jensen also looked gorgeous. I wish my photography skills could do them justice.

jp cam great smile

ja cam great smile

jp cam good smirk

ja cam great ser2

jp cam great ser

jp cam greater

Jensen’s meet and greet was as laid back as the rest of this con. Of course we all started talking at once about how much we loved his singing at the concert. He said he wasn’t expecting it to be quite so rock and roll, although he allowed that when there are two drum kits on stage, you should expect the rock and roll! Everyone agreed that Mark Sheppard was positively glowing.

Jensen: (laughing) Heh heh heh. Crowley glowing…

There were lots of excellent Show questions. A fan asked what was the most difficult scene for Dean, in the ten years that Jensen has been portraying him.

Jensen: Oh gosh…I feel fortunate to portray a character who can be so many things… heroic to emotional to funny to sometimes goofy, it’s great for me. There’s not a lot we haven’t seen Dean go through.

Everyone: Understatement.

He said the hardest are the really emotional scenes with a character he hasn’t built a relationship with.

Jensen: I’m comfortable letting raw emotions show with Jared, or with Misha.

j2 cam great ser2

j2 cam great look

He was also asked about his favorite fight scenes, but he also talked about what’s difficult about fight scenes, saying that there are times he’s nearly given himself whiplash. When you throw a fake punch, there’s no contact, so you have to whip your own head around really fast (Jensen got up and helpfully demonstrated). Ouch.

He also said that one time a guest actor was supposed to throw Dean up against a dresser and practically lift him up onto it, and he slammed his back against it way too hard, and came up saying “Advil!”

Jensen: I can take a punch, but…

j2 cam great oooh

Again, ouch.

His favorite fight scenes (I think we could probably guess both of these) were the ones with Cain – that first epic all-day fight scene in Cain’s kitchen, and the Mark of Cain showdown in S10.

[Mild spoilers below]

The most recent fight scene they filmed – the three way fight in the back seat of Baby – sounds rather epic too. They filmed it the entire day, call to wrap, with virtually no dialogue.

Jensen: (jumping up to illustrate) Just like OOOH EEEEH AAHHHH!!

Me: [silently] That probably should not have been hot…

Jensen: It was fun though, because it was different, and taxing. I earned it that day.

I bet he did! Apparently Dean was getting dragged out the window and then dragged back in. Which, frankly, does not sound like my definition of a fun day. But I’m no Jensen Ackles.

There was one line of dialogue though. Can you guess what it was?

Jensen: “I’m sorry, Baby.”

Of course Dean said that in the middle of a fight scene. Of course he did.

ja cam ok

Jensen also mentioned again that apparently epic reverse 180 he pulled off in the Impala. There was a guest star in the front seat who asked with some trepidation, “Um, you have done this before, right?”

Jensen: (smirking) Not a good time to ask.

I hope that person’s reaction is in the gag reel.

Someone asked about the small things that make Supernatural so believable and so powerful, like the clench of a jaw or a subtle change of expression. Jensen talked a little about those “happy accidents” that occur during filming, and how his relationship with Jared facilitates them.

Jensen: Those little moments happen in the moment. Jared and I work well together, we study and get the lines done, but not a definitive way of saying every word. So that allows us to be available to what happens in the moment. It’s organic, it’s not over-rehearsed.

ja cam great

ja cam great2

ja cam great3

ja cam great4

ja cam great5

A fan asked Jensen what he’d learned from Jared and what he thought Jared had learned from him, confiding that she’d already asked Jared that question at Minncon.

Jensen: Oh great, what did he say?

Fan: (laughing) It’s like the Newlywed Game!

He said that what he’s learned professionally from Jared is from the energy that Jared brings to set.

Jensen: The energy he brings to set is vital. It comes from the top down. He has an incredible ability to keep everything light and fun but still get work done. When he’s not around, it’s missing.

jp cam great2

jp cam great

jp cam good2

He said he tries to emulate Jared in that when he’s not there. And, like Jared said, they are different. Complementary.

Jensen: We’re like Sam and Dean, because I’m a worker bee. We balance each other out.

He’s well aware that it’s not like that on most sets, that usually the cast are much more independent of each other.

Jensen: Jared and I are aware that the way we get along isn’t a normal situation. The other is much more common.

And yes, that’s yet another thing that sets our fandom apart – and makes us so very very lucky.

I got to ask the last question, which I was dying to hear Jensen’s take on. I’ve had conversations recently with several SPN crew members, who had said that they were really liking S11 so far, and that it seemed like the Kripke era. At the time, I was so excited to hear that, I just started nodding like a crazy person and saying OOOOH that makes me so happy! Unfortunately that means I didn’t realize that I wasn’t sure exactly what they meant until long after I’d strolled away grinning. So I thought I’d ask Jensen.

Me: So do you agree with that, that S11 so far seems like the Kripke era? And if you do, what exactly does that mean, since I realize I don’t actually know?

Jensen said he did agree, and that what he thought it meant was that this season has a through story. The boys trying to figure out how to fight the Darkness is an overarching story similar to Season 1’s search for John. But in the meantime, the Winchesters are going to help as many people as they can, so there will be some one-offs like there were in the Kripke seasons.

He talked about the energy to the new season, that the early seasons also had that energy, with the two boys in the car, neither of them possessed, with nothing riding them and nothing between them. With the brothers together.

j2 touch2

j2 slashy4

That does sound like the Kripke era, doesn’t it? OMG is it time for S11 yet????

Stay tuned for more photos and coverage from Minncon and Vancon, and more exclusive interviews!

Big thanks to @arkine13 for the photo edits – and her patience.

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Misha and more in Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls!
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  • LOL, I was actually going to tell you thank you for being so patient with me because it doesn’t usually take so long to get those photos edited. And, in case there are any Creation people reading, PLEASE put a filter on some of those lights!

    Anyhow, awesome article, as per normal. 😉 I like the idea that S11 is going to feel more like early seasons. A reboot? So to speak.

    I’m still pissed about what happened to Misha, but at least it looks like he’s healed up nicely and is still laughing.

    Really looking forward to seeing the documentaries, the trailer looked really cool.

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this! 🙂

    • Here’s hoping Creation reads this and does some lighting changes!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your help – and yes, your patience. Here’s to S11!

  • Lynn, it was so great meeting you at VanCon and thank you for signing my Fangasm & Fan Phenomena books! My husband, John, was with me. Not only is was VanCon our first con but he is new to watching Supernatural having just started this season. After hearing you and I talk, he had an Ah-ha! moment. He said he understood for the first time why I love it all so much- not just the show but the fandom. He said he saw a little bit of me in everyone we met that weekend. To quote him, “These are your people.” I’m tearing up even now. He’s always been supportive and never ridiculed my fangirling but he didn’t understand me until now. He even said the whole experience made him want to watch more Supernatural (oh ok twist my arm!) and when I asked him which one he wanted to watch, he said “What episode has Dean dressed as the P.E. teacher?” *breathless, dreamy sigh* Ok, fine. We’ll watch Jensen in shorts— No PROBLEM!! (Thank you P.E. teacher Dean cosplayer!!)
    As for the con…you always seem to sum up just what I feel! I have so many memories and thoughts on all of it! Not only did Jensen ROCK my second favorite classic rock song (Carry On is first, of course!) but I so love seeing Mark play the drums!! He is positively gleeful! It’s great to see him so relaxed and happy– yes HAPPY!! And can we get a #DontForgetTheBand shout out?! Oh my Chuck! Louden Swain are incredible!! Rob is a rock star! I can’t get enough! You did miss an off-the-charts karaoke party! Briana, wow what a woman! Love her!! Gil, Osric, Tyler, Erica, Ruth, Theo…wow! And of course our Porncouver host with the most– Rich is always hilarious!
    I have to agree with you that it was so wonderful to see Misha’s smile again. We were all so concerned about him and it was nice to see him playful again– including Sunday during Ruth’s final panel and his autos. And Ruth! Who knew she would be such a natural? She’s delightful and I could listen to her talk all day!
    As for J2, what can I say except time seems to speed up when they’re around. Sunday went WAY too quickly! And I will concur, there is something truly special about being wrapped in a Jared hug!
    I have officially experienced my first Supernatural convention and my first post-con blues. I miss beautiful Vancouver and all my SPNFamily already! I may addicted to the cons now. I might need to sell a few organs to be able to go to more. See you at JaxCon?

    • This is the best con story ever!!!! Love that your hubby got to experience it all firsthand so that he really understands. Every time someone tells me that their partner read ‘Fangasm’ and now they too ‘get it’, that’s a thrill for me. Validiation – it’s what it’s all about!

      Err…and yes, I might know a bit about that addiction thing….see you at JaxCon!

  • “I don’t care how strong you are or how secure, there’s a sense of vulnerability that comes with a random attack, that changes your world view as well.”

    I’m so relieved to know you got to talk to Misha and that he seemed like he was back to his normal, wonderful, goofy self this weekend. I definitely hope the attack didn’t change his world view too badly, because his desire to help others and promote kindness is just so inspiring to me and such a big part of who he is. I know he won’t let something like this keep him down, though, and I’m so glad we got to see his smile again (and I’m with you, the jeans and the blue eyes and the long lashes.. *ahem* Sorry, I got distracted!)

    I really hope I get to experience Jensen singing live someday – he’s yet to make an appearance at one of the cons I go to, but I remain optimistic. 😀 Can’t wait to see my three favorite guys again soon.

    I also really love what Jensen said about “I’m comfortable letting raw emotions show with Jared, or with Misha.” You can really tell how much he trusts them in scenes – it shines through, and it stems from the friendships between these guys on and off camera. J2M are definitely the heart and soul of things for me – thank you for another lovely con write-up! I love following your coverage.. it’s almost like being there. 🙂

    • Thank you! I was so happy to see Misha’s beautiful smile again, and to have a chance to chat a bit. All three guys are something special – I feel lucky that this is the Show I fell for 🙂

  • Reading this makes me happy. Thank you. I AM planning on being at the DenCon in November…but, if I never make it to one, never meet any of this amazing cast, crew, fandom…I will still have the words you write, the photos you post. I still feel like family….we are stronger together.

    • Reading this makes ME happy 🙂 We are all family, here online and all over the world as well as at the cons. If you go to DenCon, please share with those of us who can’t be there – I count on that when I’m not there too. *hugs*

  • Jensen is so amazing and humble about his singing! I love how thoughtful he is with his responses. He dearly loves the show, his friends and the fans and it comes through. I have to say, there’s nothing like a Jensen hug! 🙂

  • Great summary of the Con Lynn as usual! This was my first con and I absolutely loved it!! All the panels were really great. It was a nice surprise to have a last minute addition of Erica Carroll. She and Ruth Connell were so fun together. I was also kind of surprised at how much I loved the panels of the guest stars. They were all really great, funny and good stories! It made me want to see more of their characters on the show. The fan videos were quite interesting and well done. I got to know the family sitting behind me and their daughter’s video was one of the winners. She was so excited and her parents couldn’t have been prouder!
    The Fri night Karaoke Party was great fun. I was only going to stay for a bit since it was late but I ended up staying for the whole night and I am so glad I did. Brianna Buckmaster was awesome, so much energy and what a great singer! I met some really great people and we immediately started emailing after the con to share photos. A couple of us realized that we will be at the Denver Con so have made arrangements to meet up. The Sat night concert was amazing, just great talent all the way around! Louden Swain was excellent and of course Jensen Ackles indescribably great!!
    I also did the Site Location Tour on Mon with the Show’s location manager Russ Hamilton. Lots of fun seeing some of the locations and getting the back story. When I got back to the hotel Mon night I immediately watched a couple of the episodes and it was so much fun to see where I had just been in the episode. Plus the bus driver for the tour was great. One of the locations was extremely hard to get to, narrow road, big hill, slick road, etc. But Bob got there and back safely!! Can’t wait for Oct 7 and season 11 to start.

    • Your comment is like a great synopsis of what the SPN Family is all about and how it feels to become immersed in it! So glad you had a great great experience all the way around 🙂

      • Thanks, I didn’t get a chance to say Hi when I saw you there. I didn’t want to interrupt you. If you are at Denver I will try to catch you.

  • I have to wonder … does Jensen watch his own musical performances? I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some reluctance there. I’m glad he’s ‘letting it rip’ in these moments.

    Thanks for the excellent insights, as always! Your reports are so full of neat details. BTW, at some point, Jensen asked if anyone had seen a particular con or event and then he looked at the crowd like he was looking at ONE person and nodded. As if to say “of course, you.” And I wondered…was that you? SuperWiki? Just curious.

    My favorite moment of the con (AFTER Rock Star Ackles) was telling the story of how Jared fell in love with Gen. That was 8 kinds of adorable. And I can just SEE Jared rocking on the ground like a little kid. Oh my heart. Brimming full of good feels.

    • Haha yes, that was me. They like to rib me about whatever they can lol. My guess is you’re right, Jensen still isn’t 100% comfortable with being a rockstar, but he’s getting there. Here’s hoping he keeps practicing more and more 🙂

  • Thank you for posting all of this ! I’m a french student so i can’t go to those conventions, but with videos on youtube and your articles i have a pretty good idea of what it’s like to be there.
    I look forward to your Articles almost every week especially now that I am lost and I need to talk to someone. And reading this article today make me want to tell you thank you.
    I’m not sure if I want to continue to go to university but one thing the SPN family taught me is to always keep fighting so I think that’s what i’m going to do.

    • Yes! That’s absolutely what you need to do – and reach out to talk to people when you feel lost, both online and in your own life. We’re all SPN Family. *hugs*

  • Thank you, as always, for this wonderful report. I may never get to one of these conventions (is there a reason they never come to Boston???), so this is probably as close as I’ll ever get, and I CANNOT tell you how much it means to me!

    • I’m with you – Boston is close to me too, so yay for a Boston con! (They did do one many years ago, but clearly it’s time for a revisit) 🙂

  • As one of those originals from the very beginning at Something Wicked, I must say: love what you’re built on that foundation! I always appreciate your write-ups, Lynn – especially on those pieces of the convention I can’t afford/don’t get to attend, like the Gold panel and the Saturday Night Special. Many, many thanks for sharing!

    • It felt so special to see so many of us who have been there from ‘the beginning’ all together again. So glad we got to catch up 🙂

  • Thank you Lynn for taking us all with you to the Con…you always make me feel like I’ve gotten to experience a part of it with you! I went to the ChicagoCon back in 2009, it was amazing and wonderful but I want to see our Boys now as they have matured into these amazing people!! Vancouver someday? It’s my dream!!
    In the meantime I’ll live vicariously through your awesome posts. Thank you again for your love of Show, of our Family and our hearts!!

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