Jensen Ackles in San Francisco – The Sam and Dean Train is Back on Track!

Some of the gorgeous photos Lizz Sisson has taken for Fangasm at past conventions
San Francisco is a beautiful city, and the Westin St. Francis is a gorgeous hotel. Everyone here at the Supernatural con is in agreement with that, and that the view from the conference rooms on the 32nd floor with a nearly 360 degree view of the city is amazing. However, when fans sat down to the Q&A with Jared Padalecki this morning, the floor-to-thirty-foot-ceiling windows let in so much blinding sun that nobody could actually see Jared. Fans, being resourceful individuals, utilized a few well-placed hair clips to keep the unruly curtains closed. Jared, being the helpful and generous individual he is, promptly took them off so everyone could enjoy the view.

Fans: Umm, that’s not exactly the view we’re here to enjoy.

Jared: (no doubt blushing): Oops, my bad.

We sat in on Jensen’s Q&A a little later, and just as he came in the hair clips began to lose the battle with the curtains.

Lynn (being the wuss she is): Ow, the sun’s in my eyes

Jensen (being the badass he is – or at least plays on tv) jumps up and does some impressive curtain wrangling, only to be foiled by the hair clips.

Jensen: I’m not real good with bobby pins. (looks around the room) Jared???!

Another photo from Lizz Sisson from a previous convention

We asked how Jensen was holding up, since he’s under the weather with a cold courtesy of Mitch Pileggi – but the DayQuil seemed to be doing its job, he said.

Jensen: Friday night it sucked because I was working until 1 am, but you just man up and get through it, and hope you don’t look too bad.

Fans: Um, yeah, no worries there.

Sick days are a rarity in television production, where every second counts and budget constraints exert a constant pressure.

Jensen: I’m trying to think if I’ve ever had an actual sick day on Supernatural. I had tonsillitis the first season, and I remember Kim Manners sat in my hotel room with me all day and then finally he took me to the hospital, and they got me all these antibiotics, and that was Saturday and by Monday I was back at work.

Okay, the guy actually *is* a badass.

At the breakfast this morning, and at the Q&As, the guys got several questions about soulless!Sam, and how both Jensen and Jared feel about that story arc being at an end. Jensen said once again how off balance he’d been about trying to play Dean opposite a Sam who was so different — which in turn makes Dean a different character, since he doesn’t have that relationship anymore. He didn’t know who Sam was — or who Dean was anymore. So he was very happy when Sam got his soul back, and he could go back to playing Dean as Dean, the character he loves playing. As he tells it:

Studio: Don’t worry, we’ll get Dean back — and Sam back.

Jensen: I don’t care about him!

Fans: *gasp in horror*

Not that we believed him. At the breakfast earlier this morning, Jensen seemed as happy as the fans to be able to say “the Sam and Dean train is back on track!”

We’ve been doing a lot of academic writing on fandom recently, which of course means we’ve been using Supernatural as an example of trends and theories and that sort of fun stuff. Hence Lynn’s question for Jensen.

Lynn: Supernatural is gaining a reputation for being the show that courageously breaks the fourth wall again and again. Do you think it’s unusual on a show that everyone’s so down with making fun of themselves and able to have so much fun with it?

Jensen: Well it’s definitely the only show I’ve been on that I think has had the opportunity to do something like that. I mean, I don’t know, maybe there are other shows out there that poke fun at themselves.

Lynn: (vigorously shaking her head) Not as much as you guys do.

Jensen: We really do, and I think it’s because we kinda feel like we’re the little show that could. So I think we can take some liberties that other shows don’t who get kinda scrutinized by the suits, the studio execs who hold a magnifying glass over shows. Whereas our show is just off doing its own thing.

Lynn: Under the radar, as it were?

Jensen: Yeah, and I think this show, as far as the entertainment industry is concerned, IS under the radar. It’s not on the map like Lost or the shows that get talked about on every news channel there is – so we have a little more liberty to poke fun at ourselves and have fun, and we like to do it because it switches things up. That’s one of the reasons I love the show so much, because it doesn’t take itself too seriously.Yet at the same time, it can get really serious, and when it does -well, I’d put some of our dramatic episodes up against any other dramatic show.

Lynn: The fans love that too

Jensen: And that’s the feedback we get – though some of the executives might be going, what?! I don’t understand what you’re doing…..

Fans: (muttering under their collective breath) Idjits.

A fan asked if the TV Guide cover had made a difference, and Jensen laughed and quoted their probable reaction as “Oh, that’s still on?”

Jensen and the fans in the room were all definitely on the same page, virtually cheering him on as he answered the metaphorical Powers that Be.

Jensen: Yeah, we’re still here, and we’re still knockin’ it outta the park and giving it our all.

Fans: Damn right.

It’s important to the SPN cast and crew that they won the type of awards that aren’t just political – the People’s Choice last year, the TV Guide cover. – the awards with the people’s voice are the most gratifying. Of course, Jensen allowed, that may just be something people say who haven’t won an Oscar.

Fans: YET

Jensen went on: I do think it was a kinda coup for us to get that, because it gives us some weight as far as the industry goes. I think it was very surprising to a lot of people – and it’s thanks to you guys. It was funny because the publicity department at the CW called and they were all excited and crazy happy about this — and it’s like yeah — you guys didn’t do it!

Fans: *are beaming*

Interesting guest stars this season? Jensen mentioned Mark Sheppard and Sebastian Roche, who apparently grew up in Turkey and is a professional rock climber.

Fan: Plus he does a great Julia Child

Jensen: Wait, how did you know that??

Room: Jared πŸ™‚

To date, nobody has made a first impression on Jensen that rivals Misha’s.

Jensen: But nobody has come on and put me on my heels as much as Misha did that first day. I was just like, who is this guy, is he for real? But then it so worked and I was like all right, you’re a lot smarter than I thought you were.

A fan asked if Jensen might do a commentary on the dvd for “Weekend at Bobby’s”.

Jensen: I’d have a lot to talk about for that one — I’d like that – would you like that?

Fans: DUH

If Season 7 is a go (and Peter Roth, the big time marketing exec at WB said months ago it was an 80% chance), Jensen would like to direct again. He seemed quite surprised that when he called to see if he might be able to, the answer was simply, sure.

Fans: DUH

He had thought he might have to do a little song and dance for them, do a little negotiating, but clearly they’ve recognized his directing talents. Maybe he should have asked for a raise while he had them in such a good mood? Next time he’ll most likely direct an episode with Jared and Misha. If we’re very lucky, some of it will end up on the gag reels πŸ™‚

Will we see Ben again? Jensen doesn’t know — though he expressed surprise that some bad guy hasn’t used them as leverage against Dean.

A fan asked where he sees himself going from here.

Jensen: Each year the show has kinda built up a bit more steam, gotten stronger and stronger, gained momentum – and I think if we can continue on that path, and take risks, and getting the kind of attention that we’re now getting, which seems like very positive attention – I don’t read a lot of crappy stuff about our show, I think we’ve been really fortunate – I’d really like to continue doing the show – if season 7 is it, then that’s that, or if there’s another year or two, and then put it to bed and try something new. I love working, I love being on set, I love telling stories and working with characters, as long as i can continue doing that.

Fans: YES!

He also mentioned wanting to have kids once his life settles down, prompting a room full of stifled Awwwws.

Another photo from Lizz Sisson from a previous convention

A fan asked Jensen to describe a typical day on set. Just hearing his answer made us tired.

Jensen: We’ll get picked up at 6:30 or so, do hair and makeup, come to set. And we’ll shoot everything from one side of the scene, then we’ll have a ‘turnaround’ and we’ll have a break of maybe a half hour, and then we’ll have maybe some odd and inconsistent breaks during the day (These sometimes consist of “Jensen we’ll need you in 5 minutes”….45 minutes later….”okay, ready for you now!”) Sometimes it’s action stuff, so we’re sweaty and taking advil….sometimes it’s a lot of dialogue…a lot of it is back and forth to the set and the trailers, laughing with the crew, having a really good time – they really are like family. It’s the longest on set that anybody has ever been on a show. And then we wrap after about 12 or 13 hours, then it’s back to hair and makeup, wash all that off, get out of your costume, get into your street clothes, hop in the car. You’ve got about 9 hours, so you decompress for about an hour, then go to bed. We’re guaranteed a 12 hour gap between call times, so it pushes our call times every day. Monday we’ll start at 7ish, by the time Friday rolls around we’re starting at 1 or 2 in the afternoon.

Jensen shares not only the fans’ love for the ‘little show that could’, but some of the frustration of not always knowing where the writers are going.

Fan: Death said something about Dean being an intrepid detective, can you tell us what he meant?

Jensen: I have that same question for the writers!

This is a good time in the filming season, since they’re getting into the one-off episodes, which Jensen loves. He mentioned the ‘bizarro’ episode (what fandom calls the meta episode) and his favorite — the long-awaited western episode. When the guys talked about this episode at the breakfast, Jensen confided that Dean, predictably, loves Westerns – so he’s really into it.

Fans: Assless chaps?

Jared: Oh definitely. But they only shot him from the back.

Jensen, of course, got back at Jared by doing an impromptu imitation of Jared/Sam riding — on a tiny little pony. Oh boy, are we looking forward to this episode!

As the Q&A wrapped up, Jensen apologized for not being ‘as lively as I should be.’

Fans responded with ‘we hope you feel better’, to which he replied, “I do – you guys made me feel better.”

Say it with me, one more time, readers. Awwwww.


More from Creation’s Salute to Supernatural convention shortly — Richard Speight Jr. played tour guide for us in North Beach and caught us up on what he’s been doing lately, Gabe Tigerman updated us on his latest projects, and we sat down with the Brian Buckley Band to find out how they got together and how Jared convinced them to play a Supernatural con. Also, photos from the San Francisco con coming up. Check back soon!

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  • Great interview with Jensen!

    Can’t wait to read one with Jared next.

    Thank you for your interviews and articles. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

    • A good time was definitely had by all – more from Jared in our interview with his good friends, the Brian Buckley Band, too!

    • Sorry for the confusion, we’re waiting for some SF photos from a photographer colleague – so we thought we’d share some of professional photographer Elizabeth Sisson’s fabulous photos from previous cons in the interim, as a glimpse into the kind of photos that will be in the book. Beautiful, aren’t they? The photos and the boys πŸ™‚

    • So glad you liked! We do have some photos of the SF con coming, but figured we’d share some of the ‘classics’ from previous cons in the interim. Striking, aren’t they? πŸ™‚

  • Thank you so much for this sweet account of your moments with Jensen. And the pics were definitely awwwh – material. Thank you ever so much for sharing. It’s a joy to read.
    Love, Jas

    • Hi Jas! Our pleasure sharing — we had a lovely Chinatown dinner with your colleague Alice and some more of the Winchester Family Business gang in SF, wish you were there!

  • I love your article – I showed it to a friend who said, ‘it’s the nearest thing to being there.’
    And she’s right…so thanks from all of us who live too far away to be able to participate in SPN cons

    • That’s exactly what we aim for, to make everyone feel like you’re right there too – I think the boys would love that!

    • You’re very welcome — photos from the SF con to be added shortly, plus more interviews from the con, so check back!

  • Thank you for this! I count on hearing your reports from the cons I couldn’t possibly attend; I’m really glad you get to go! And I absolutely cannot WAIT to get my paws on “Fangasm” the book – I’m impatient for a publication date. And while I’ve transitioned to ebooks, I’ll buy this one hardcopy so I can get it signed!

    About Death’s “intrepid detective” comment to Dean: I think a couple things were in play. One is simply that Dean is tenacious and is good at piecing together things he intuits. But the other one is that “detective” is villain Rhas al Ghul’s pet nickname for Batman – I laugh to think Death was teasing Dean about his Batman complex, and the writers were teasing Jensen about his ties to Batman through “Under the Red Hood”!

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    Supernatural truly is a brilliant show and it is made even more so by the wonderful cast and crew that work on it each week, day in and day out. I honestly feel very grateful to have been watching SPN from the very beginning, this little tv show has enriched my life in so many ways and I have made such wonderful friends from around the world via SPN.

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    • A stapler would have been a life-saver – though Jensen’s gallant struggle with hair clips and curtains was pretty priceless too. Agreed – cast, crew, fans, friends – all wonderful πŸ™‚

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    • You’re very welcome, thanks so much for reading and commenting! The guys are wonderful, aren’t they? We can’t wait to share the book, and in the meantime, we’ll bring you what we can right here πŸ™‚

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  • Thank you SO much!
    Your reports are always the best, it’s always a pleasure to read.

    I’m absolutely in awe of Jensen. Is he even real?! This amazing, god-gifted, generous, kind, gorgeous man!.. Can’t stop admiring him.

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    • SO agreed, best news since the beginning of the season — and who better to hear it from than Jensen?! We’re thrilled to be able to share it with you πŸ™‚

  • Hi there! great article – I take it those photos aren’t from the San Francisco Convention???? Unless they changed clothes a few times.

    • LOL, no, the boys didn’t pull a runway-model-quick-change between appearances – we’re waiting for some photos from SF, but in the interim, we thought we’d share some of the beautiful photos that photographer Lizz Sisson has taken at past cons – a taste of what will be in Fangasmthebook πŸ™‚

  • Wonderful article! Thank you so much for letting those of us that can’t be there feel like we were. I love how open and easy to talk to these guys seem to be. Makes me love them and what they do all the more. This has been my absolute favorite show since the day it debuted, and I’m always glad to hear that Jensen and Jared — along with the entire crew — love doing it as much as we love watching it. It’s quite an accomplishment to get so many people invested in something simply by doing the best possible job you can, and I appreciate their dedication to their art and their fans. Thank you again for this wonderful peak inside and I look forward to more!

    • More is on the way shortly – photos and more interviews. Totally agreed about the show and the unprecedented level of commitment and love the entire crew bring to making it — and it shows. And we’re the lucky ones who get to appreciate it!

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    ‘ “It was funny because the publicity department at the CW called and they were all excited and crazy happy about this β€” and it’s like yeah β€” you guys didn’t do it!” ‘

    Excellent! Well said, sir.

    I am so glad that I am one of the relative few who have discovered and become enthralled with this ‘little show that could’ and all that it entails. Thank you to everyone at Supernatural for the amazing ride so far – here’s to the continuing epic of Sam and Dean!

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    • Yep, the photos are from the first Chicago con — our photos from SF aren’t up yet, so we thought we’d share some vintage ‘classics’ from the book. Glad you enjoyed the article – more soon!

  • I thought it was impossible to love these guys or our ‘little show that could’ any more than I already did, but you proved me wrong. I cannot wait for the western episode…I’m with Jensen, I’ve wanted that from day one and it sounds awesome. I especially love hearing that Dean loves westerns too. Thanks for bringing the boys’ personalities out and letting us join in the fun.

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    • Thanks so much for reading and letting us know you enjoyed the article – we agree with you (and Jensen), can’t wait for the Western ep! And we loved it when Jensen called this the ‘little show that could’ – it’s the perfect description, don’t you think?

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    • You used just the right description here — the guys really are very warm and generous to the fans (even when they’re under the weather themselves!) And I think the fans can really feel it and appreciate it too. So glad you enjoyed our report – stay tuned for more!

  • Thanks for being our eyes and ears during Jensen’s M&G. It sounds like it was a lot of fun for everyone! I love hearing Jensen’s take on the show and his dedication/professionalism really comes through. It sounds as if he’s happier with the second half of the season, which is reassuring to hear. The Western episode sounds like it’ll be a blast and I can’t wait to see the brothers on horseback (not to mention those assless chaps, lol.)

    • We’re with you – definitely looking forward to the boys on horseback, even if their lovely backsides do have to remain covered to keep Standards & Practices happy. And I think the guys are looking forward to it even more than we are!

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    • So glad you enjoyed it, that makes our day! The boys are most definitely enjoyable, gotta say πŸ™‚

  • Thanks so much for the recap of the Q&A’s- I love being able to hear what went on! I could never afford to do these on my own, so thanks for being my eyes and ears. I didn’t even know you two were going to San Francisco- silly me, I should have known better! Like everyone else, I’m so excited to hear about the Western ep. Ever since the Comic Con where Eric Kripke teased us that he’d have the guys in assless chaps if it would raise the ratings, I’ve been waiting to see that. Now if only we can get that past standards and practices… πŸ™‚

    • I think if they could get it past S&P, they most definitely would — thereby making that the most popular episode in the history of ever. LOL. So glad you enjoyed the recap, thank you!

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  • It was great seeing you at the San Fran con Lynn! Sorry we couldn’t have more time, but dinner in Chinatown was pretty sweet, huh? Ardeospina and Jenniffer certainly enjoyed meeting you. So Richard took you to North Beach huh? That definitely sounds like a fascinating experience. Also good that you and Gabe both shared the magic of Quiznos. Great minds think alike!

    Thanks for as usual the great report and I know, both boys looked a little flat on Sunday but they gave it their all. Jensen especially. By the time autographs were over he looked like he was ready to collapse. Hopefully they won’t have to work as hard in the second half of the season. Some of what was revealed sounds very interesting.

    • Hey Alice, it was awesome having a chance to catch up over Chinese food (and narrowly escape fistfights and bar brawls) – give Ardeospina and Jenniffer a big hug from me! You’re right that Jensen especially looked exhausted by the end of the con, but as always, he’s a trooper — and the consummate professional.

      We agree with you about the revelations for the rest of S6 — verrrrrry interesting! Can’t wait to see how it all plays out πŸ™‚

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    • You’re very welcome, and thank you for your lovely comment – so glad we could bring some of the experience to life for you!

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  • Thank you so much for this transcript. I love reading Jensen’s thoughtful responses.

    I love how much he seems to care about the fans, and the show.

    He is truly a talented man and I can’t wait to see what he does in the future, both on Supernatural and after Supernatural.

    • You’re so right – it was obvious during the Q&A that we were all on the same page when it comes to affection for this little show that could, and the mutual appreciation in the room was pretty damn heartwarming πŸ™‚

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    • Jared did have one, yes, but unfortunately we weren’t there – we wish we could be everywhere, believe me! πŸ™‚

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