Because Family Really Don’t End With Blood

It’s World Mental Health Day. As a psychologist, this day carries an important message – the same message we all tried to convey in Family Don’t End With Blood. The Supernatural actors — Jared, Jensen, Misha, Mark, Kim, Briana, Ruth, Rachel, Gil, Osric, Rob, Matt and Jim — wrote their own chapters, about their own personal experience on the show and in life, in order to NOT be silent about the challenges we all face in life. They wrote courageously, especially as public figures who are often cautioned to be quiet about their struggles and present a perfect persona instead, about battling anxiety, depression, self doubt. About times when it was hard to keep going, and how they did just that. They shared their struggles because too often we all think that we’re the only one. The only one who feels this bad, the only one who’s this terrified, the only one who wants what we want or loves what we love. We all need the validation that comes from knowing that others have felt the same way. When those others are our favorite actors on our favorite show — or our fellow fans who share our passion — that validation carries even more weight. That’s why we all, fans and actors alike, wrote this book.

That picture at the top of the page? That’s Jared and Jensen expressing how they feel about each other’s chapters in FDEWB. Family Don’t End With Blood has been out for five months now, and in that time I’ve been privileged to hear hundreds and hundreds of stories from fellow fans about how reading those personal essays, in an actor’s or fan’s own words, has inspired someone else to keep going. I try to pass those on to Jared, Jensen, Misha and the other actors and fans who wrote chapters so they will know that when someone reads their words, they have an impact. They help someone feel less alone, or less ashamed, or less consumed with doubt or sadness. I can’t tell  you how much that means to all of them. Honestly, it was hard for them to write those chapters. It took a long time because it was important to them all to get it right, and it was very scary to put themselves out there like that.  But when you read their words, you know that they get it. You know there’s a real bond there, between actors and fans, that’s unique and rare and very special.

So on this day, remember that. Remember that You Are Not Alone. Hug someone in our #SPNFamily today, either in person or virtually.


Tell someone how you feel, and remember that many of your fellow SPNFamily have felt some of those same things.

Take Jared’s words to heart and Always Keep Fighting.

And remember that in this fandom, for both fans and actors, Family Don’t End With Blood.


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