Big Sky Gets Supernaturally Creepy with ‘Carrion Comfort’

Forget Easter eggs and callbacks, this week’s Big Sky episode was so scary that it could have been an actual Supernatural episode!  Here’s my Jensen Ackles/Beau Arlen centric recap of the scares, as well as what we learned about the sheriff in this episode.

The episode starts out with the stereotypical horror movie opening, a woman cleaning up after a dinner in her very dark house on a very dark night, with a creepy figure lurking outside the windows. In typical horror movie fashion, when the dog starts barking, the woman goes outside to investigate – and promptly gets murdered by what looks like some kind of furry monster. Aaaaah!!

That’s the monster of the week that Sheriff Beau and Jenny are hunting, trying to figure out if it’s the husband (who she was cheating on), the daughter or her slightly shady boyfriend, or the guy she was cheating with perhaps. (Spoiler alert: it’s not any of them!)

In the process, we get to see more of Beau’s good instincts.

They meet with the grieving husband and daughter, trying to figure out who might have wanted the woman dead. As they walk out of the house that’s the scene of the crime, Jenny says it’s usually the husband, but Beau’s not so sure.

“Something’s not right about that house,” he tells her.

Also I love Hoyt’s Zeppelin tee shirt. Does that count as a Supernatural Easter egg? I was kidding with the “forget about those” – of course there were some!

Beau looking at the neighbor’s camera footage of the killer: Werewolf? That’s a first for me!

(Dean Winchester is laughing somewhere right now…)

Beau and Jenny also visit an antique shop that looks straight out of a Supernatural episode to question the mom’s boyfriend, and the whole thing is incredibly creepy and shot in a suspenseful way that had me jittery all over again.

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