Big Sky Gets Supernaturally Creepy with ‘Carrion Comfort’

Forget Easter eggs and callbacks, this week’s Big Sky episode was so scary that it could have been an actual Supernatural episode!  Here’s my Jensen Ackles/Beau Arlen centric recap of the scares, as well as what we learned about the sheriff in this episode.

The episode starts out with the stereotypical horror movie opening, a woman cleaning up after a dinner in her very dark house on a very dark night, with a creepy figure lurking outside the windows. In typical horror movie fashion, when the dog starts barking, the woman goes outside to investigate – and promptly gets murdered by what looks like some kind of furry monster. Aaaaah!!

That’s the monster of the week that Sheriff Beau and Jenny are hunting, trying to figure out if it’s the husband (who she was cheating on), the daughter or her slightly shady boyfriend, or the guy she was cheating with perhaps. (Spoiler alert: it’s not any of them!)

In the process, we get to see more of Beau’s good instincts.

They meet with the grieving husband and daughter, trying to figure out who might have wanted the woman dead. As they walk out of the house that’s the scene of the crime, Jenny says it’s usually the husband, but Beau’s not so sure.

“Something’s not right about that house,” he tells her.

Also I love Hoyt’s Zeppelin tee shirt. Does that count as a Supernatural Easter egg? I was kidding with the “forget about those” – of course there were some!

Beau looking at the neighbor’s camera footage of the killer: Werewolf? That’s a first for me!

(Dean Winchester is laughing somewhere right now…)

Beau and Jenny also visit an antique shop that looks straight out of a Supernatural episode to question the mom’s boyfriend, and the whole thing is incredibly creepy and shot in a suspenseful way that had me jittery all over again.

The shop owner/boyfriend surprises them carrying a giant ax that he isn’t using as a weapon, but it spooks Beau and Jenny anyway. Understandably.

He’s the one who sold the woman the wolf mask because of course he is – and we’re all thrown off the scent for a while.

They also question the daughter and her somewhat shady boyfriend, but he doesn’t have any cuts on his forearms either so that’s a bust – however, we do get to appreciate Sheriff Beau from every angle in the process.

Beau also mentions his brother again in this episode, their relationship sounding both loving and fraught, and I won’t lie, I’m really hoping we get to meet this mysterious brother at some point! Apparently Beau’s brother used to take him to creepy antique shops, one with a severed finger in a glass that somehow pointed to you no matter where you were in the store. Supernatural, anyone??

We get some more backstory on Beau in this episode too, including finally meeting his ex wife Carla. She makes him grumpy in a rather adorable way, calling him a big old man-baby, to which he insists “I’m not doing this,” smiling but clearly rattled.

He also refuses to remember Avery’s name (or that she did tell him they were all going camping but he just wasn’t listening). His dismissive “pfft” to discussing Avery is priceless – and I wonder if it was an Ackles adlib!

gif sensitiveham

Apparently communication was an issue for them, though Jenny assures Carla that Beau is getting a lot better at it.

Jenny the second she’s gone: You’re still in love with her.

Grumpy Beau: I am not!


Jensen Ackles is too good an actor not to let us see the cracks in Beau Arlen’s I-don’t-care bravado though. He’s vulnerable with Carla in a way we haven’t seen him be very often, softer and clearly capable of being hurt by her.

Look at him standing there with his bowlegs … Beaulegs… looking a little bit forlorn as Carla walks away. Awww.

Big Sky is dabbling in the meta pond ala The Boys and Supernatural recently, so there’s also a little joke about how Jensen Ackles is aging backwards with Beau insisting on continuing to use a ten year old photo of himself for the sheriff’s department. (Cassie had complained about the lost hiker posting an old photo of himself)

Still searching for the hiker, Cassie goes on a “date” with Cormac that starts racing through the woods on four wheelers and ends with finding the dead body of the missing hiker dude. I guess Walter didn’t do such a great job of re-burying him, did he? Oops.

Can’t blame Cassie for hanging out with Cormac though…

Also meanwhile, Sunny continues to lie to everyone around her in an attempt to pretend that everything is A-Okay and multiple people have not gone missing and keeps insisting to her husband that Walter (her child who was adopted by another couple who died mysteriously) is not dangerous. It looks like it’s going to come to a showdown between Sunny’s son and her husband, and I honestly don’t know how that’s gonna go, but it sure as hell isn’t gonna be good. I can’t believe how truly terrifying Reba can be!

Emily continues to be suspicious and have good instincts just like her father, still searching for the knife her dad gave her and still suspicious of Luke, who always seems to be hanging out at the stream in the woods.

No Denise in this episode and not much Poppernak, but Beau gets to call him “Popstar” again and I continue to be tickled that Ackles likes to come up with nicknames to adlib for him.

Back on the case, we find out it’s not the woman’s husband after all when he’s attacked and almost killed. If I woke up from unconsciousness and saw this leaning over me I might faint all over again though, just saying.

Now the daughter is missing, and the urgency ramps up. Beau finally uses that gut instinct he keeps talking about, realizing that something about the house is indeed off, that the proportions aren’t right. (He knows this because he built houses when he was younger). It turns out he’s right – they follow a bloody handprint to a closet, and then to a secret room inside where a drugged Autumn is being held by the dad’s business partner, Scott. Who, extra creepily, had planned the whole thing for a long long time.

This scene was terrifying, as the creepy guy crawls out from under the bed in true Sixth Sense fashion and gets the drop on Beau and Jenny, stabbing Beau as they fight (in the back, which….extra ouch for Dean Winchester’s fate right there). Just when you think he’s down from Beau’s fists, and Jenny is making sure he’s okay, in true horror movie fashion he goes after them again.

Beau spins Jenny around and she aims her gun at him, shooting him before he can get to them, and WHEW, is it hot in here??

gifs soldierboys

It’s interesting to see that this case gets to the sheriff who seems so emotionally defended much of the time. “Why does it seem like the monsters always win?” he asks Jenny as they watch the tearful reunion between a traumatized Autumn and her wounded father in the hospital, the dad saying he should have protected her. It’s a callback to Supernatural too, to the time when Dean Winchester felt the same way.

Getting to know Beau is a slow process since he’s only a part of the story in this show, but little by little I’m really starting to like him.

Jenny knows this case got to him, and also knows how worried he is about his own daughter.

Jenny: A loving dad can’t protect you from everything, but it goes a long way.

Beau: We still talking about them or about somebody else?

Oh yeah, this case got to him – a missing daughter, in danger. A dad regretting that he didn’t protect her. A helpless sense of the monsters winning. Very Dean Winchester, but apparently very Beau Arlen too. I can’t wait to find out more!

We end with Walter refusing to listen to his mother and her husband when they tell him he needs to relocate – and the unexpected reveal that Walter has someone with him in his cabin – Paige! (Who Tonya and Donno are now looking for, on the request of some mysterious guy with a gun).

The plot thickens! But more importantly, next week we get Beau on a motorcycle!

I won’t miss that episode…

Pretty pretty caps by spndeangirl

– Lynn

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11 thoughts on “Big Sky Gets Supernaturally Creepy with ‘Carrion Comfort’

  • I am loving Jensen in this role! Lynn, who is on the production side giving us so much SPN love?

  • That scene with Carla really bothered me. Maybe I’m being overly sensitive or reading too much into it but she basically ambushed him at work and then emasculated him in front of a (female) coworker. So he’s immediately defensive and off balance, so that last bit of “we talked you just weren’t listening” felt really gaslight-y. And his reminder that she promised Em could stay with him after the trip also feels like she might have broken visitation deals in the past. I really want to find out what happened. The writers are doing a great job.

    • Yeah I kinda took that smile and his saying I’m not doing that now to be less amused and more one of those smiles when you are frustrated and don’t know what else to do smiles. She’s all kinds of passive aggressive, unnecessarily bitchy especiallly toward Jenny. A bit jealous perhaps?
      Does he still have feelings? I’m sure. Love? My guess is yes but maybe not as strong of a hold on him as before now that he is making friends who truly care about him and show him daily.

      I’m sure Carla wouldn’t appreciate Beau barging into her office and embarrassing her intentionally in front of her co workers. She knew what she was doing. I don’t think Beau was impressed or appreciated it. Is Beau a masochist? If he keeps up with Carla I’m going to have to say yes.

  • Also. Emily is 16. Did she choose who to stay with? Is it joint custody? Does he get some weekends and Carla isn’t abiding by the schedule? Does Carla have full custody which makes a little more sense seeing as she picked up and moved from Texas to Big Sky. If one shares custody I don’t think you can just up and do that.

    What happened in Texas? Why was Beau benched. Did he cause something to happen to his brother? Is his bro in law enforcement? Dead? Was it a horrible fishing accident? :). We’re lures involved? Please tell me no lureswere involved. 🙂

    Seriously tho. Big Ol’ Man Baby? Big Ol’ Passive Aggresive Bitch is more like it.

    • I think it depends on how long they’ve been divorced, Em may not have been old enough and, to be honest, Dads generally don’t win custody if there was even a fight over it. (which again, what happened in Texas?) At the end of season 2, Beau says he’s been in Big Sky for 6 months. (How long have Carla and Avery been married? Em and Avery are supposed to be bonding. Did they move because she remarried? Is it that recent?) It all feels like the divorce was some time ago but not too long ago and Avery’s only just entered the picture.

      I think maybe lures are involved, but they’re ones the writers are dangling in front of our faces.

  • The other shoe needs to drop on Beau/Avery but it’s going to be awhile. And I suspect it will make Beau look bad. Not because I think he’s a bad guy but because that would be a good plot twist for an episode. I think we’ll eventually be seeing that something happened, something Beau regrets or couldn’t prevent, and the actions that he’s taken (leave of absence from Texas, living near his daughter) is him trying to recover his family as best he can.

    Different topic:
    While definitely hot and ‘a moment’, what is the ‘in universe’ rationale for Beau keeping his arm around Hoyt. Was he in shock, woozey, trying to be protective, trying to be protected (seems odd)? I’m confusing by it. From a show perspective give, it’s a chemistry moment – plain and simple. But ‘in show’, I’m struggling with why he kept his arm around her shoulder.
    I do know he was rattled and maybe not thinking to clearly. What instinct held his arm there?


    • I think it’s more of a “Hey are you okay?” type thing. I assume the contact ended at the scene cut. Remember also, there are like half a dozen cops still outside the house and they probably came charging into the room very shortly after from hearing the gunfire. (The house they are in was Scott’s house(the creepy guy) and not the Cutter’s (victim) )

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