Supernatural’s Emily Perkins Gets Real – About Actors, Objectification, Jared and Jensen

Emily as Becky The Fangirl
Emily as Becky The Fangirl. Supernatural, Property of Warner Brothers, cap credit ladymanson

Part 2 of our conversation with Emily Perkins, aka Becky the Fangirl in multiple episodes of Supernatural. Emily shares some thoughtful insights about what it’s like to be an actor and working with Jared and Jensen. See previous post for Part 1!

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Playing God and The Fangirl: Supernatural’s Chuck and Becky Get Meta (Part One)

"Becky!" "Chuck!" *hearts*
“Becky!” “Chuck!” *hearts*

Few shows have dared to go as meta as SPN, and most of the time, we’ve loved the results. It takes a uniquely close and reciprocal relationship for a show to dare to incorporate both its own fans and its creator into canon, but Supernatural has done just that. Repeatedly.

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