‘Walker’ Returns with ‘Daddy Was A Bank Robber’

There’s a brand new episode of Walker tonight, so here’s our recap of everything that happened last week when the show returned from a mini hiatus – and introduced a new character!

It’s an aptly named episode that picks up after the take down of Kevin Golden and the death of Julia Johnson (and Cordell being finally found innocent), a positive outcome but there’s aftermath for everyone, Cassie and Trey especially still on shaky ground.

Cordell comes home and hangs up his hat to kick it off, the family in the kitchen with coffee and bacon and things seeming more or less back to normal.

Cordell had two weeks off and some PT, and Geri is back (and Colton went to Vegas – not for an impromptu wedding but for a culinary internship – but boo, I really like Colton so I’ll miss him, never mind Stella’s feelings…)

Cordell has made some progress, able to say it was a good thing for him too that he took some time off to spend with family after his ordeal – that he needed it. Abeline thanks him for doing it, and hugs her son – and then even gruff Bonham joins in! A hug with Mom and Dad seems like just what Cordell often needs but doesn’t often get, so the fandom was just as happy as Cordi was in that moment, I think.

(So was Jared Padalecki, who live tweeted the episode along with his watching companion, daughter Odette).

Cassie knocks on Trey’s door and invites him out for a beer (and not a talk about our feelings all the time) and he says yes, which seems like a big step in the right direction for the two.

Geri returns to the Side Step – but she’s not alone, she’s got someone she wants the rest of the gang to meet.

That someone is Hoyt’s daughter Sadie (surprise!), who does not exactly endear herself to Liam and Cordell by trying to scam some tickets to the free fundraiser that’s happening that night for Walker Rescues. Saylor Bell joins the cast and does a wonderful job in this episode of portraying Sadie’s contradictions, and eventually the grief she tries to bravado over.

Awkward that Cordell finds out who she is after doing his “I’m a Texas Ranger and co-owner” thing, but who can blame him? After all the times they’ve been fooled recently, it’s entirely understandable that Cordell would be hesitant to trust Sadie, but Geri urges everyone to give her a chance. Turns out Hoyt never knew about her, which is always so sad when it happens on TV (as it does with alarming frequency). I imagine Geri can relate, having never known who her biological parents were for most of her life. And for both her and Cordell, having Sadie around is like having a connection to Hoyt, whose death is still a major (and complicated) loss for both of them.

We get a flashback of Geri at the Sidestep back in the day when Hoyt came to find her – and Sadie’s mom is there, intending to tell him about his daughter. She sees that Geri and Hoyt are together and leaves instead, as Hoyt plans a “one big thing” that ends up getting him arrested.

And that means we get more of the wonderful Matt Barr as Hoyt, fresh from playing his ancestor on Walker Independence!

It turns out that Sadie looked up Geri after her mother died, so she’s dealing with grief of her own and wanting to know who her father was. Now that Stella has been catapulted to almost-instant adult and business owner, the show needs an influx of “kid” again, I guess, so Sadie fills that gap. Even August has grown up after he paid such a price for losing his temper, with Abeline’s stroke.

Meanwhile, James and Kelly argue about houses to move into together, and he proposes to her (for the second time – for their second wedding, that is) with a diamond that was his grandma’s (but a new setting after some sage advice from Abeline). Larry gets down on one knee even, and awwwww she says yes.

Ben is upset when Liam pulls a protective boyfriend act when a wine deal goes south, but it turns out the guy really was scamming. That’s not the point though, Ben is understandably a bit insulted that Liam didn’t let him handle the situation when he asked him not to interject with “lawyer talk”. I wish we got to see more of Liam and Ben and their ups and downs – Matt Pascua and Keegan Allen have great chemistry, but we need to see enough of their relationship’s evolution to really be invested in it.

The wine scam is a good reason for Trey and Cassie to go undercover on their day off to bust the guy who is actually scamming, which re-establishes their bond even if they’re not super good at pretending to speak Italian. I’m not entirely sure the show isn’t starting to push these two toward a romance, but I really hope that does not happen. They are great as friends and I love their banter and their support of each other. I don’t need everything to be about romance…but I guess we’ll see. I’m just starting to get that vibe.

Trey: The thing about partners is, they have your back when you need it the most.

Trey does eventually call Lana back and leave a message, but it’s with Cassie in his kitchen pouring a whisky for them, so… I guess we’ll see.

Ben does get his money back for the faked wine also, but he also wants Liam to respect him running his own business and not needing a ‘fixer’. Liam apologizes, to his credit. Then gets in a little tease.

Liam: Side note: Did any part of you like the protective boyfriend thing, just a little bit?

Ben: Mmm, to discuss…

Abeline is so happy to see Geri she literally squeals and it’s totally adorable. She’s also on Geri’s side immediately about Sadie.

Geri reminds Cordi that he and Hoyt did much worse than sell fake tickets before the Marines and everyone pretty much gangs up on him.

Even Bonham admits if he had the chance to do it over, he’d be nicer to Hoyt so he didn’t have regrets.

Cordell still feels guilty that he didn’t step in and stop Hoyt the first time he got into real trouble. Another flashback, new partner James and Cordell celebrating with young Geri and Hoyt.

Geri knows he’s about to do something that’s not a good idea and asks Cordell to try to stop him from “coloring outside the lines”. He does try, but Hoyt convinces him he shouldn’t be worried and can’t help, especially now that he’s a Ranger.

Hoyt: I don’t want to lie to you, so let’s leave it at that.

Bonham and Abeline are supportive, saying there’s a fine line between giving someone the benefit of the doubt and enabling them. And they’re right. And I love seeing them supporting their son, whose feelings and doubts seem entirely valid to me.

The Sidestep has their big fundraiser, with a big glass cowboy boot filled with donation money. Sadie asks August about the music Hoyt liked, and he tells her he “came across” her song and the two have a little connection. Augie emphasizes that Hoyt was not actually his uncle, so they’re totally not related, lol.

Geri asks Cordell if maybe he’s being too hard on Sadie because he fears he was too soft on Hoyt – she’s perceptive like that. He tries to re-do their introduction.

Cordell: Ranger Cordell Walker

Sadie: Bastard orphan Sadie.

Cordell: Hoyt used to do that too.

Sadie gets serious, asking if Hoyt ever mentioned if he knew about her?

And Cordell actually tells her just what she desperately needs to hear, and believe.

Cordell: Hoyt wasn’t perfect, but he had a good heart. The best. If he knew about you, he’d have done everything possible to be a part of your life.

Also, Cordell in a black hat is mmm. Team black hat, all the way!

Cordell warns Sadie not to steal from a charity, definitely feeling burnt by all that happened with Hoyt – but also, as Cordell points out, that’s exactly what she was doing when he caught her.

As would happen, the band opener gets tied up and can’t get there, so Augie asks Sadie to fill in, which she does.

A flashback shows her dad making the biggest mistake of his life as she sings “You’ll have to catch me first” (which the cops do in her dad’s case, alas).

Cordell notices a shady looking guy exchanging glances with Sadie and is suspicious . But he also has to go change a keg, and when he comes back both Sadie and the boot full of money is gone. Like father, like daughter?

Cordell comes home to find Sadie with Augie – and with the boot. She did steal it, but says the fun kinda went out of it. Cordell rightly notes this hasn’t actually been fun, and she admits it. He gives her the benefit of saying she did the thing in the end, and admits she stirs up a lot of emotions for all of them. He asks her what he’d asked her father many years ago – just tell me how worried I should be.

Sadie says there’s a guy she owes money to, but asks for “5 minutes with dad’s best friend” before he reverts to “hard ass Ranger”.

Cordell: I’d like that. I’d like the chance to do both.

They shake on it and damn, Mr. Padalecki, lookin’ good. Also every time I see the little crown tattoo on his wrist that he and Jensen and Jeffrey Dean Morgan got, it makes me sniffle.

Cordell and Geri bond over how complicated it is to have Hoyt’s child there, Geri sharing that she never really knew how much to wish for, with Hoyt. Walker still has regrets, recalls that Hoyt had wishes in him, perhaps more than they gave him credit for.

We get another flashback, Hoyt in jail and Geri doubting if they can have a future together. Poor Hoyt, it seemed he loved her and wanted that so much, but just couldn’t keep himself from doing those impulsive things.

He drops the handmade ring on the floor as Cordell looks on.

Cordell: He wasn’t gonna get out of his own way.

Geri grieves, noting how it comes in waves, and Cordell holds her.

I’ve always loved the way this show deals with grief and loss, and this episode was no exception. I’m curious to see what Sadie adds to the ensemble, and what Geri and Cordell’s relationship will be going forward (I don’t ship it, and damn it I still miss Julia and am sad no one mentioned her, but I like Geri a lot).

Only two episodes left – a new one tonight on the CW!

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