Happy Supernatural Day 2021!

My fear was that I’d be the only one to remember this year. That this year, Supernatural Day would feel more sad than joyous, and I’d be sitting here recalling years past when we all took to social media with posts and tweets and photos celebrating the premiere day of the Little Show That Could, together.

I should have known better.

The fandom can feel like a fractured and contentious place sometimes, especially now a year after Supernatural ended, but I woke up today to find my timeline overflowing with beautiful memories and heartfelt sentiments about what the show has meant to people who are still grateful – and still missing it, like I am. One of the best things about fandom has always been that it feels like having a community of like-minded people around you, sharing the joy you find in something, and understanding just how passionate you are about that something. It’s validating, and it makes the experience of being a fan a million times more enjoyable. It’s why so many of us describe joining the fandom for the thing we love as ‘coming home’ or ‘finding my people’. Being able to wake up today and feel all those wonderful things all over again is such a gift.

So I’m joining the chorus (which is the best feeling ever – to raise your voice and express your emotions along with a whole bunch of other people doing the same).

Happy Supernatural Day!

We came a long long way over the fifteen years this show was on the air.

Thank you, Eric Kripke, for creating these characters and this story that has changed so many people’s lives.

Thank you, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and so many more gifted actors for bringing these characters to life and making them so real – imperfect, complex, struggling, enduring loss and pain and confusion and despair just like the rest of us do.

But never giving up.

I am so grateful for the journey we got to take with Sam and Dean and Cas and all the other memorable characters who were a part of this fifteen year story. Grateful that the story itself was never simple, and rarely easy, just like real life. We watched the characters we loved go through unimaginable pain and loss; watched the actors portray their grief and rage and longing and love so vividly that we could feel it ourselves, in our own hearts.

Grateful that Supernatural was a show that made me laugh so hard tears were running down my cheeks – and made me sob so hard that the same thing happened. Grateful I had something I loved so much that it could make me furious and frustrated, and elated and overjoyed. That it was so well crafted by everyone involved – writers, actors, the most amazing crew ever – that it held my interest and inspired my passion for fifteen years. I doubt that will ever happen again, and I’m inexplicably thankful.

I’m so grateful that the actors who made Supernatural what it is have never stopped loving it either, commemorating its milestones right along with us and expressing their own genuine emotions about what the show and the fandom has brought to them too.


Photo cadlymack

When I asked most of the actors if they wanted to write a chapter about their experiences on the show for a book, I was honestly shocked that almost all of them said yes – and then shocked again when they actually did it, and by how personal their chapters were.

The chapters in Family Don’t End With Blood and There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done make it very clear that the actors have been changed just as much by the show and the fandom as the fans have. And they weren’t afraid to share that, including the struggles that they went through to get there and how the fans helped, in order to inspire other people to ‘always keep fighting’ too.

They have celebrated right along with us every step of the way, and there has never been any doubt that they love this little show as much as we do.

While it was not always easy, with long nights of filming and time away from family and friends, it was also clear that what the cast and crew built together was as special as the show itself.

Photo Rob Hayter
Photo Briana Buckmaster

And I’m grateful to my fellow fans. To the ones who courageously shared their very personal stories in Family Don’t End With Blood and There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done, so that other fans could feel validated in their own challenges and perseverance. To the ones who’ve shared this wild and crazy adventure with me over all these years, whether that’s bantering on twitter or having deep discussions on this blog or hugging me in photo op lines or clambering over fences at midnight to try to find Supernatural locations.

I have so many memories, and have become friends with so many diverse and fascinating and wonderful people from all over the world. Supernatural has given me so much, and I’m grateful for each and every person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting – and everyone I’ll meet in the future!

So here we are once again, celebrating the day that the world changed forever with the premiere of a little show on the WB network. A show that struggled mightily to survive for many years, clinging to renewal with a small but passionate contingent of fans doing everything we could to keep it going.

A show that persevered just like its protagonists did, embodying the ‘always keep fighting’ mantra that became its unofficial slogan – because we’ve all got work to do.

A show whose cast and crew loved it and believed in it just as much as its fans, who fought for it year after year, working their asses off to make it something incredible.

Who celebrated its successes and grieved its ending, just as we all did.

A show that became something special, in so many ways, to so many people.

Happy Supernatural Day to the Little Show That Could – and did.

— Lynn

You can read the actors’ and fans’

personal memories of Supernatural

in Family Don’t End With Blood and

There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done,

links on the home page banner or at

40 thoughts on “Happy Supernatural Day 2021!

  • Oh Lynn, of course we’re still here celebrating what we have in our show, the show that changed so much for so many.

    Me? I’m no longer just lurking wistfully looking for the courage to join in, but actively having the best time hanging out with everyone here and those who I’d only know thanks to Supernatural. There’s still so much to unpack, still room for debating a unique and special creation . The Little Show that Could took in its own life and drew so many of us in with you. The cast and crew have left a legacy to last for years to come that they can always be proud of.
    Also a big thank you to your goodself and( if you don’t mind) to all those other blogs and websites, like Winchester Family Business which I know take hour of your own private time to run in order to keep us all connected. You are an integral and important part of that success with your endless enthusiasm.
    You are all awesome.

  • Happy Supernatural Day. I would never forget SPN`s birthday. I sometimes feel a bit stupid when I say that Supernatural has changed my live, it sounds so dramatic, but it really has. I`m sure Supernatural will always have a place in my heart. And now I`m g,oing to watch some Supernatural. Not because today is Supernatural day, I`m still doing that all the time.

  • Happy Supernatural Day! This is the best show EVER! I have gone through bunches of life events and seasons of many series and shows. Supernatural has been with me since the first episode! It was ingrained into my life through 15 years of good and not so good events. It was my escape for laughter, adventure, surprises, and just a good time. Thank you!!

  • Now I’m sad because this show is over when a lot of fans thought it should never end but all good things must come to an end

  • I was a late comer to the Supernatural family, but I love you all and celebrated the day long distance with my friend in NJ.

  • Nicia from NY, love love Supernatural, the characters and the bond that made this show exceptional 👏. Thank you all for the 15 years. FYI what happened to baby?

  • What a great article! I like how it flowed! Sammy!! Mean dean!!!
    Happy super natural day!!!
    I miss everybody that came 2gather 4 this show!! Please come back!! May god bless y’all in all the ways y’all will need them the most!!!

  • I’ve loved every episode of SN. I’ve watched the show from beginning to end 4 times. And am now on my 5th, as I have found someone who has never seen it. And I’ll admit, I still LOVE EVERY EPISODE. And the two of you along with a bunch of talented people have made it was it was and we need more SN episodes! How about season 16,17 and 18! Oh heck guys, go for 20th season. Love you guys and whole cast.

  • All I can say is I’m so grateful to have been with you guys for 15 years!
    You have kept me going thru medical problems, and having the courage to keep on fighting!
    I have never been able to visit you in person, but I feel I have known you were there with me in spirit.
    I love you guys and girls with all of my heart!

    • Love you guys really missed the show catching myself going back and repeating the seasons wish we had more but thanks for what you gave us


    My Husband, and I LOVE SUPERNATURAL… I was so lucky enough to meet Jared Padalecki one day about 10 ten years or more, and he was the nicest person on earth. All I gotta say is he was the celebrity, but he was treating me as if I was the one that was famous, and he went above, and beyond to help me get a picture with him, and I to this day have never forgotten that wonderful day of meeting Jared Padalecki aka Sam Winchester! ❤ He is such a sweet, and kind person. ❤

    To this day My husband and I watch reruns of the show on TNT or we take out our DVD box sets, and rewatch episodes. When SUPERNATURAL ended it was like a piece of our life’s were missing, and to this day it still feels as if a piece of our lifes is still missing. I would have loved to know what Jack had done in heaven as God, and how he had fixed heaven, and what he did with all of the Angels that had fallen, and all the bad Angels. What happened to Crowley, Cas? There’s so much that is missing, and so much that wasn’t finnished. There could have been 20 more seasons, but unfortunately it had to come to an end.

    I am so happy that all the characters have wrote a book together, that is so awesome. I will be looking for this book, and as soon as I find a copy I will be buying a copy!!!

    I Hope that in the meer future that maybe, and it might be wishful think, but just might maybe they will put a few more seasons together so that we might see how the Winchester Brothers are doing, and see how Jack is doing as God up in Heaven.

    It’s so funny the when they were going to cancel SUPERNATURAL way back when My Husband, and I were so angry, up-set, and mad, we couldn’t believe horrible shows like Ugly Betty, and iZombie was still on. We were just like what? Then when we found out it, SUPERNATURAL was returning it was probably one of the happiest days of our lifes. NO MORE FEELING LIKE THERE WAS SOMETHING MISSING FROM US. When they announced last year that last season was going to be last 1, I thought eh there just saying that, there going to bring it back, and make another season. My Husband was so sad, because SUPERNATURAL was his, and still is his all time favorite show. Anyways I told him don’t worry, I am sure they will make another season. It can’t just end with Jack becoming God, and we don’t get to see him as God. Well that was short lived, because then we started seeing commercials for Jared Padalecki new T.V. show WALKER, WHICH WE ALSO LOVE. Took a little getting use to not seeing Jared not cutting Demon’s heads off or being thrown around, and most importantly seeing Jared as a Father, and yes, I know in real life he is and has been a father, but not in SUPERNATURAL. Anyways when I saw the commercial for Walker I told My Husband, I don’t think there bring back SUPERNATURAL, unless Jared Padalecki is going to do both shows, but I knew that was probably near impossible. He was very sad, and upset, but then said well I guess I will be watching Walker I guess then. Which is a awesome T.V. show too…

    One year later, and as My Husband, and I are still, and always will be SUPERNATURAL FAN FOREVER, we hope that some day there will be more SUPERNATURAL seasons, but we both know that is wishful thinking. ☹😭 We can hope, wish, and dream can’t we? And hey maybe someday us hoping, wishing, and dreaming will bring us a SUPERNATURAL SEASON 16! And maybe a SUPERNATURAL SEASON 17! And maybe a SUPERNATURAL SEASON 18! And maybe a SUPERNATURAL SEASON19! And maybe a SUPERNATURAL SEASON 20! But hey let’s not get to way ahead of ourselves let’s just try to get Season 16 to start 1st. 😉 How awesome and great would that be to have a season 16 of SUPERNATURAL? REALLY AWESOME!!!


  • I’m a 69 year old chunky widow woman, and I take y’all to bed with me every night! I have an old lady crush. Netflix is rather new to me, but I am now on my 4th run of all episodes. Thanks for keeping me company every night at bedtime.

  • I do miss you all so much. I am patiently waiting for the prequel The Winchesters. Take care all of you.

  • Happy supernatural day to the cast and crew, I was sad to see you guys go I miss you being on on Thursday night. I do understand why but it still makes me sad

  • What can I say that hasn’t already been said. This ride we’ve been on has been fantastic and emotional. This journey is far from over even though the show has ended. The places you’ve been to have been added to my bucket list. The music just straight up kicks a**. Thank you for creating this phenomenal show and bringing it into our homes as well as yours. We love and adore you boys Dean and Sam Winchester (Jensen and Jarod), Castiel (Misha), Crowley (Mark), John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), each and every one of you I haven’t mentioned. Carry on Wayward Sons. Place and love to you all!

  • What can I say that hasn’t already been said. This ride we’ve been on has been fantastic and emotional. This journey is far from over even though the show has ended. The places you’ve been to have been added to my bucket list. The music just straight up kicks a**. Thank you for creating this phenomenal show and bringing it into our homes as well as yours. We love and adore you boys Dean and Sam Winchester (Jensen and Jarod), Castiel (Misha), Crowley (Mark), John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), each and every one of you I haven’t mentioned. Carry on Wayward Sons. Peace and love to you all! Happy Supernatural Day 🥂🍾

  • My peace has not came since you’ve been gone. I could rewatch Supernatural Over and Over AGAIN (yes sometimes Only to rewatch my favorites-which is most of the show..yes).Happy Supernatural day to All of the cast, makes me Happy, Sad,Mad all emotions at once. Love you All.

  • Supernatural is the best. Truly humble and love in all ways. There will never be a family like that again. Love always to all of you

  • I never missed a single episode in 15 Year’s, and wish there was another 15 Year’s
    We the fans want more. You became part of our lives. Can’t wait for what is to come. Happy Supernatural Day to all.

  • Originally, when my husband told me about Supernatural, I thought it would be just another boring Reality Show. But, to my surprise, quickly fell for Sam and Dean Winchester. They shared such a genuine bond and showed us, that no matter what challengers that may come our way, supporting each other can help us overcome any situations. Of, course, then came Mary, John, Castiel, Jack, Crowley, Rowena , and the rest of the cast, that made the shoe suc a success. I still watch all of the reruns and will continue. Thanks to all that bring joy, sadness and sometimes hate in our lives. Love you all.


  • Happy Supernatural Day to Jensen, Jarod, Misha, Eric and the whole crew!! How about a new one called Supernatural; the next generation of ghost hunters!! Dean and Sam get married and have kids that start as infants fighting demons and ghosts!!! Then the series still shows that it’s all in the families blood!!

    • Loved the show but thought the ending was rushed and thoughtless. After everything Sam and Dean went through, they deserved to live happily ever after. The fans deserved a happily ever after but instead we watched Dean die forever and the whole rest of Sam’s life in 5 min. We all deserved a better ending than that.

      • Agreed 100%! The boys should have either died together epically saving the world (Butch and Sundance style, as Jensen often said he wanted) or lived on together, driving into the sunset in Baby, leaving the door open for sequels. Dean dying at age 41 and Sam living without him for DECADES, at least 30 or 40 years, was the worst thing I could have imagined. When we were in the middle of the series, if someone had suggested that Dean die that young on a “milk run” typical vamp hunt and Sam would live on half of his entire life without Dean, I don’t think anyone would have cheered. I felt so betrayed and angry when I saw where the episode was headed that I didn’t shed a tear during Dean’s death scene. It killed me that the show I adore more than any other would let me down so hard. I am never watching the series finale ever again, and in my head canon it never happened. Just my opinion, I know a lot of people thought the finale was “perfect” and “beautiful.”

  • Me encantaron todas las temporadas de supernatural me gustaría que no pararan de producir tan buenas temporadas. Soy fanática de supernatural. Les deseo suerte a Dean,Sam,Cass etc.

  • I was young when I 1st started watching the very 1st episode of Supernatural. When I couldn’t watch, I recorded. Took up a lot of space on my DVR! I was crushed when it ended. Talented writers, Talented actors, Exhausted crew, but it was the recipe for a very successful show. Now, at the age of ‘blanky blank’, I’d like to see a sequel before I die,… Maybe, Cass could bring me back, if I do….love to all!☮

  • I love everything about this show!!! The writers,actors,fans, and all the production people who helped make it possible!! When life beats ya up and you get down I know that I can put on Supernatural and feel well. . Like I’m home!!! Thank you to all!!! Love you soooo much!!!! Thanks for being there for us too!!!!!

  • This was beautifully put. You expressed what all of us fans felt and feel about the effect Supernateral has and have on us. Well done!

  • Got it all on my DVR and my 82 yr old Dad is now a SUPERNATURAL fan😊🤗 thanks for the memories!!

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