A Little Fandom Fun – Dudes Who Have Crushes On The Supernatural Cast

It has been nine months since Supernatural ended, and a lot of that nine months has been contentious to say the least in the Supernatural fandom. Maybe that’s why in the past week, everyone fell in love with Chance Terry’s TikTok account bursting with his amusing and simultaneously heartwarming declarations of man crushes on the Supernatural cast.

First it was Jeffrey Dean Morgan, then Jared Padalecki, closely followed by Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins.

Not only did fans love the videos, so did the actors. Morgan proclaimed having a man crush right back, Padalecki responded #TruthBomb and Ackles left a message of appreciation. It was Misha’s birthday and he was at a convention, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate his too.

What’s so happy making about Chance’s little videos is that they’re full of heartfelt affection for the guys at the same time as they are often hilarious. In an era where toxic masculinity seems to rule the internet most days, Chance (and his equally appreciative girlfriend) are a breath of fresh air. It’s all for fun, but when he says he’d like to ‘put a finger on it’ everyone watching gets it.


Chance and his man crush declarations did something that’s too rare these days in the Supernatural fandom (and often in any fandom) – brought everyone together to agree on something. Mostly anyway. (If you read enough comments on the internet, it’s impossible to hang onto any of your sense of well being).  Chance seemed pleasantly surprised and nearly overwhelmed with the Supernatural fandom’s enthusiasm, and in turn fans welcomed him as part of the SPN Family. Not sure if he realizes there’s a door to get in, but good luck finding the one to get out!

The popularity of Chance’s TikTok videos reminded me of another amusing man-crush-on-a-Supernatural-actor video from a while ago – the Elf Pirate’s ‘Sex With Jensen Ackles’ video. It made the rounds in the fandom when it came out, to some people’s delight and others’ consternation and probably others’ what the hell is this? It made me laugh, and it’s undeniably catchy too. Similar to Chance’s videos, though taking it to the next level for sure (a Winchester sandwich with an angel on top, anyone?), the Elf Pirate’s video also does some of that same challenging of norms using comedy.

Several people put it on my timeline yesterday again and reminded me of it, so I thought I’d share a little conversation I had with the Elf Pirate about that video.

You can watch the video at the link below if you haven’t seen it. (CW: the video is a parody video that’s just a song, but its title should make it clear what it’s about, so if that’s offensive, don’t watch or listen!)

Sex With Jensen Ackles

I asked him when and how he discovered Jensen and Supernatural and why he was such a fan.

EP: I discovered Jensen Ackles when I was a teenager, and watched Supernatural for the first time. I thought he was a both a fun and badass character and he became my favourite quite rapidly. I’m a sucker for anything fantasy, sci-fi and horror and the show combines elements from all of those genres, with a bit of quirky comedy, and it’s full of nods to the old classics as well. I also love the dynamic between the characters and especially between Dean and Castiel. And obviously the chemistry between the brothers.

I also asked him what his goal was when he sat down to make this video, since it’s definitely an unusual one!

EP: ‘Sex With Jensen Ackles’ is first and foremost a tribute to and a parody of the manic Supernatural fandom and their obsession with the characters.

(Well, he’s right about that, it’s nine months later and I’m still obsessed with these characters…)

EP: It’s a comedy rock song written in the style of hair metal ballads from the 80s (which we know Dean loves) and is meant to be a fun, tongue in cheek jingle with a catchy chorus and spicy lyrics. My main goal with the song was to make people smile. Obviously Jensen Ackles is an extremely handsome man and as a straight man I must admit that he is severely attractive, but the song is first and foremost a comedy song. (The girlfriend in the song is fictional, and I definitely do not own a red Toyota nor do I know website design).

He said he’s gotten mostly positive reactions and I told him that someone just put the video on my timeline again the other day, in fact.

EP: Largely positive, but some negative. The negative comes from either puritans who think Supernatural and sexual innuendos should be separated or people in the fandom who either think the song is poorly written or just don’t like the genre it’s written in. Most of them don’t realise it’s a comedy track.

I’m not sure how that happens that it’s not clear it’s a comedy track, but nothing really surprises me on the internet. I asked the Elf Pirate how he started making videos and if he had others he was particularly proud of.

EP: I’ve been an actor and a comedy rock singer for many years but I rarely make videos. I just write songs and have others help me with the videos. I did direct and star in another music video called “I Really Hate Humans” which is another song I wrote, and there is a lyric video for “Missing Socks” too. I’m an actor first and foremost, who does comedy rock on the side. I’m also a cosplayer, online content creator and streamer plus music promoter.

His Instagram indicates he not only enjoys cosplay, but adores his cat.

That’s a point in his favor in my book.

I’m grateful this weekend for the much-needed laughs from Chance Terry and the Elf Pirate, and for the opportunity to have fandom be purely fun for a little while.  It feels good to have that back again, so thanks to both of them.  Also, they both have really good taste.

You can find Chance on Instagram and Twitter as well as on TikTok.



And you can check out the Elf Pirate’s cosplay on Instagram, or find him on these other platforms too. Now I need to get that song out of my head…





— Lynn

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  • That was fun! Thanks for putting all the links in one place. This made me laugh out loud: “…in turn fans welcomed him as part of the SPN Family. Not sure if he realizes there’s a door to get in, but good luck finding the one to get out!”

  • Thank you for featuring me in this article. It was truly a joy to be contacted and interviewed by someone who loves SPN as much as I do! Your blog is awesome! – The Elf-Pirate

      • 😄I absolutely love both of these Guys♡ Great comedic Fun & definitely Entertaining. Thanks for the links. Looking forward to watching all other videos posted. Great job with the article. 💞🤗#JensenAckles #JaredPadalecki #MishaCollins #MarkSheppard #JeffreyDeanModgan

    • Years after this was written, I just saw the “Sex with Jensen Ackles” video for the first time and it made my day! So good. So funny. Perfect hair metal parody. Loved it.

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