Savoring Supernatural

I told myself that I would work really hard to savor every moment of Supernatural’s last season, and today I feel like I’m keeping that promise.  I’m going to try to document these last months with the show that has been so important to me, because I want to remember every moment.

Today is a good day.

It’s been a week of being immersed in the show and the fandom and the fandom-adjacent things that have made this wild ride so special. A week of doing GISH (a charity scavenger hunt challenge sort of game spearheaded by Misha Collins) with the team I’ve been on for six years, which will never be in the running for actual winning but which always manages to be silly, have fun, spread some kindness and do some good in the world. My team is full of spectacular cheerleaders who applaud even my most not-quite-masterpiece-level attempts and somehow inspire more creativity than anything else I do all year long. Credit for that also goes to Misha Collins and company’s think-outside-the-box challenges that I always think nah, I can’t do that, and then the damn item will not let me forget about it!

GISH always makes me feel close not only to my team but to the SPN Family at large, knowing many people are out there doing the same silly things I am all for a good cause. This year, because of the pandemic, there were lots of zoom panels too, some of which were informative and some of which were just good old (chaotic) fun. It was so nice to see the faces of some of my favorite Supernatural actors and also some fans who I miss seeing! Having a zoom panel each day made it feel almost like a convention weekend, and made me feel immersed in the Supernatural fandom in a more immediate and consistent way than I’ve felt for a while. We even joined Kansas for a ‘Carry On’ singalong over zoom, which I’m not ashamed to say made me all kinds of emotional. And yes, I savored it.

This weekend Creation had a virtual mini con, so as GISH was ending, the fandom gathered around their screens once again, this time to watch Stage It panels of Kim and Briana, then Misha, then today Jared and Jensen. I had to work during Kim and Briana’s, but I bought a ticket for Misha’s and for Jared and Jensen’s and then live tweeted the panels because apparently I just wanted it to feel as much like a con as possible! We have been lucky as a fandom to have been able to see Misha quite a bit online over this quarantine, and I’m so grateful. I would have felt so much more cut off without his zoom chats and panels pulling together all sorts of fascinating people – and I would have been a lot less informed and able to help make change too.

Also, as shallow as this may be, quarantine has agreed with Misha. He looks GOOD.

We haven’t seen as much of Jared and Jensen, however. Last week there was a little interview from Australian tv, which was wonderful. Then today they did some meet and greets and a joint virtual Stage It panel for a mini Creation con, live from their respective quarantines in Vancouver (they’re back in their apartments that they’ve had there for many years – and now having to start cleaning out soon…)

I’m not sure I realized how much I missed them until today. Conventions, whether you’re there or you’re watching a video kindly recorded by fellow fans, are a way of feeling close to the cast of our favorite show. That near constant contact is what has made this fandom feel so much like a family, and part of why we all feel so close to the actors who bring our favorite characters to life. I said to someone tonight, it actually felt “healing” to be able to “spend time” with them, even though we could see them and they couldn’t see us. Nevertheless, it was a connection. We got to see them smile and tease each other and throw their heads back and laugh, and I found myself grinning like a fool and kinda glad nobody could see me! I’m so glad they’re happy to be back and still in love with this show and these characters just like we are.

Jared and Jensen on the possibility of having more Supernatural in some form one day: Spinoff? Special feature? Hmmm….


That constant interaction that we usually have through conventions and interviews etc also makes me feel close to the show itself. My questions are always about the show, and I’m used to regularly hearing Jared and Jensen and Misha’s thoughts on what their characters are experiencing, and little clues about where the show might be going. We haven’t had that in a long time, and it was so good to hear them talk about the show again. It made me feel so much more immersed in the fandom and the show, and so grateful that Supernatural is still on the air and is not over yet.  My social media was overflowing with Supernatural content, which felt so good – with joyous posts and a million screencaps and fans who are so grateful for something good and fun and pretty in the midst of such a dark and difficult time.

Also, how do they look like this just hanging out on a zoom call???

Cap jaredwalkersam
cap acklespower

I might have stared at those last two for a while. Pretty sure I’m not alone.

Jared and Jensen both have their dogs with them in quarantine, which melted at least half the fandom. (Icarus waved hello on his way to greet dog walker Maisie). Also speaking of melting, in his meet and greet, Jensen wore a white Henley sans hoodie. Anyway…

From rainbow-motors gif

It was a good day, and that’s not something you hear all that often right now.

I’m so grateful that Supernatural is still here, and that it can still make me this happy. A day like this, it’s easy to keep that promise. I’m savoring it! Meet you back here for the next moments I want to remember – you can follow updates on twitter @FangasmSPN.

Panel videos below – enjoy!


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8 thoughts on “Savoring Supernatural

  • Thanks so much for your wonderful and inspiring commentary! What a joy to see the boys live again, even if only virtually! I couldn’t get the grin off my face the whole time. And I SO WISH Jensen wouldn’t have to cut his hair for filming…in the meantime I have collected every I can get lol

  • Lynn I truly love reading your blogs about OUR boys and the gang, it also makes me smile!! I’m so grateful 🙏 I found this fandom/family 👪 and you, all due to those magical words spoken: ” Dad’s on a hunting trip and hasn’t been home in awhile ” Here is to the rest of OUR WORLD!!! #SPNFAMILY4EVER ❤

    • Some of the words that will forever bind us all together. Here’s to a wild ride as we take these boys home!

  • Lynn, I’m hurrying as I write this while I wait on my DIL and two-year-old granddaughter to arrive any time now. My son is in the Air Force and my DIL has decided to finish her degree while they’re apart and I get to chase a toddler around for the next nine months. I’m telling you this because I may not get another opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate you as you have faithfully shared your reviews of the shows and conventions and then blessed those of us who couldn’t participate with these panels. I love this show that came into my life at a time when I desperately needed it, and I love these fine gentlemen and keep them, their families, and all the cast and crew in my prayers every day. I’ve been concerned that the stopping and waiting and starting and stopping and waiting they’re all going through is making what should’ve been a very special time for them disjointed and weird and uncertain (my daughter is an actress facing an unclear future, so I think about all performers a lot). Whatever comes this fall for our show and our boys, I’ll look forward to buying, one Goldfish cracker at a time, a few minutes to read your comments and those of my fellow fans as we share in our mutual love of this very special show and this unforgettable time in our lives. I also look forward to a time when we can safely meet at conventions again and hope I’ll be able to tell you in person how much I have loved your books as well and get you to sign them for me. In the meantime, God bless, and thanks again!

    • Thank you so much for your comment, that means so much to me. We will all get through this together and I look forward to being able to meet you in person – until then, wishing you ALL the energy to chase after a two year old! You got this! #SPNFamily

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