It’s the Saturday Recap of Dallas!

And then it was Saturday!

That means Misha day and Saturday Night Special day as well as plenty of other panels that brought the laughter (and occasionally the emotional grab for the tissues).

Here are my (Kim’s) thoughts and photos from Day 2 of SPN Dallas. SNS post coming up soon!


Briana Buckmaster was the first panel on Saturday morning, and let me tell ya, what a joy it is to start the day with her! She had several things to say about Supernatural, including:

If she could play another character on the show, she would like to play Ash… or maybe Cas… then she speculated how it would go if she were Cas and Misha were Donna? Sounds like an episode worth watching! She also said she thinks Donna would be completely fascinated by Rowena, but really, aren’t we all? Briana also said there have been rumors of a musical episode this season, and while she is in No Way confirming these rumors as truth, she did say that If there is a musical episode, then she wants to be in it. #YesPlease #IdWatchThat

Briana also had some interesting insights into her character, Donna. She said, “I love people who are aware of their trauma and they’re working through it. I think I’d love Donna because she’s like that and we both like to connect with people.” On the other hand, she said, “I don’t think I would have been as strong as Donna when she said ‘This is who I am’ and let Doug go.”  It’s interesting that the characters in Supernatural are so richly written that they inspire not only us, the fans, but the characters who play them as well.

She also talked about her friendship with Kim Rhodes, telling us she bought rings for both of them when the spinoff didn’t get picked up. The rings have shields on them and they both wear the rings every day.

Love this shot, her eyes are just incredible!

She mentioned that Jensen would be at the concert later that night, saying she was “all a-flutter wondering if he still has the beard, wondering what hat he might wear….” Same, Briana, same. She also cites Jensen as being one of the reasons she’s at these conventions:

Briana: Jensen used to say I’m the female version of him.

Then she reminded us to give him a sniff when we have photo ops with him. And to tell him she said to do it. Listen, Briana, I can barely form words in my photo ops with him, let alone breathe. Forget sniffing.

And, as she always does, Briana left us with some words of wisdom:

“Anyone who’s telling you not to be yourself is doing it out of fear. Don’t change yourself for that. You’ll always hear you’re not good enough. Don’t believe it.”

Favorite Photo: I love how the light really falls across her cheeks.

Rachel Miner took the stage next. She also talked about Supernatural, saying that she thinks this season the Show is going to examine autocracy and the dangers of it, and she’s really excited about that.

She went on to say:

“It’s one of the hilarities of human life how difficult the everyday is. I’d also love to see Sam and Dean (in addition to Castiel and Meg) trying to do normal and not being very good at it.” And then adding, “I think the show has done a good job exploring many things about being human through this character who is not human — with Jack. You also see how hurt we can all be.”

The show has done the same thing with Castiel, exploring what it means to be human, with all its messiness, through this being who isn’t human at all (and yet often is very human indeed).

Rachel also said she loves working with everyone on the show. There’s a kindness, an intelligence, a lack of ego that makes it an extraordinary place to work. That includes both cast and crew. She added, “If Meg and Crowley hadn’t been enemies, I think they would have been married!” In real life, she connects with Mark Sheppard “because he could keep up with me!”

Rachel talked about acting, saying that she had stopped for a while because she wanted to be a strong woman, and she felt she couldn’t be that kind of person, not in the same way. The fans and the cast have been encouraging her to embrace herself again and get back into acting, with the chair, so she came to realize how she could portray the strength within. #Strength

She also talked about her involvement with Random Acts. She said, “Sometimes philanthropy and charity can seem elitist, like you have to be rich to make a difference. But with Random Acts, everyone can make a difference. #OneRandomActAtATime

Next up – the Vendor Room Jam! This is truly one of the highlights of every convention! I stood in the general vicinity of where the Jam would take place, talking with a group of friends. And how lucky were we when Liz began to set up the Jam session right in front of us! For the first time, I would actually be on the front row! And listen, I was thrilled, because Swain… but I did not think this through. As a fan, to be sitting on the floor in the front row was amazing… but as a photographer, sitting on the floor is a less-than-optimal spot. I should’ve been standing. Alas, heavy sigh. Please enjoy these photos looking up their noses.

The jam session was right in the middle of the vendor room, which meant everyone ended up singing along. Alana and Lynn sang and kazoo’d from Lynn’s vendor table, Alana on a chair so she could see. All up and down the vendor row, people were standing on chairs and joining in. It was a moment!

After the Jam session, I had autographs with Swain (they are just the best guys, truly, so kind-hearted and friendly.) Then I went in search of food – shout out to my friends for bringing me a much-needed sandwich!

Then it was time for one of my favorite panels, Richard Speight Jr, Rob Benedict and Matt Cohen, aka R2M.

One of the first questions to be asked was how they have evolved since high school. Matt quickly joked, saying who he was as a kid is not who he is today, but then he just as quickly gave credit to Rich and Rob and the rest of the cast, as well as the fans, for helping him to become the man he is today. (He writes all about that evolution in his chapter in Family Don’t End With Blood, and it’s pretty damn inspiring).

Richard answered the question with some fun facts, things I did not know, such as – he was the president of his high school! But let’s be honest, is this really surprising? Richard is obviously a natural-born leader, so it only makes sense that he was a leader in his school. #RichForPOTUS

Rob told us that he was, in fact, valedictorian of his high school class. Damnit. No seriously, damn IT. Listen, I knew Rob was a smart guy – college graduate, writer, witty – but why does he have to be so damn cute and adorable and freakin smart too. My heart cannot.

They also shared some of their favorite memories from Supernatural:

Rob: “Singing Fare Thee Well in that scene with Curtis Armstrong, and the crew there watching, and after it was just quiet… yeah, that’s one of my favorite memories.” Same, Rob, same.

Richard: “Directing myself fighting myself” in ‘Unfinished Business’. Which is no mean feat! He also enjoyed the scene where Dean walks in and sees Sully. There was no light switch for him to turn on – so the crew instantly made one!

Matt’s favorite memory was a more recent one, when he and the guys had a day off from traveling and they all went to a water park together and had a big sleepover. My first reaction to that comment was “oh I would’ve loved to have been there” but after thinking about it, maybe not so much, I mean, I’d love to hang out with these guys, but I’m just grateful they had the opportunity to just hang out together. I know how much time spent with my friends means to me, I imagine it is the same for them. Does that make sense?

After these insightful answers, it turned to a walk down memory lane and they recalled some of their favorite costumes from karaoke nights, including cheerleader costumes (which Rich wore on Halloween!) to Rob’s Khaleesi costume (which took 45 minutes to put on), and then something about a unitard and a mooseknuckle… is there a hashtag for that?

They also talked about the show. Matt said that he got to meet Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and he thinks his performance as Young John Winchester was more like the John we saw in Jeffrey’s performance in the 300th episode.

Richard had a few things to say about the show. Someone asked them if the show would be different if it were presented as something other than traditional Christianity. Richard replied, “Changing the religious background of the show wouldn’t change the show itself because the core of the show is Family.” Well said, Richard, Amen.

Richard then went on to pitch an idea for an episode of Season 15 to include Gabriel, Michael, and Chuck… perhaps with a musical background. Listen, Richard, don’t tease me like this. I just know I need this in my life, and I may or may not stop thinking about this possibility. I blame Rich for my descent into madness.

For the next panel, we had a double feature including both Samantha Smith and Courtney Ford (Kelly, Jack’s mother). A fan asked, “You both play mothers on the show. So if you could only bring back Sam or Dean, who would you choose and why?” Samantha quickly said that her phone was ringing and she needed to step away to answer it. No worries, folks, it was me calling her because I’m a mom too and listen WE. Don’t. Make. Those. Choices. #SavesAllTheKids

They also talked about what it’s like to be in the acting industry. Samantha said that people often say terrible, awful things to you when you’re going into auditions, and then Courtney added that you have to learn to ignore it. Courtney also said the industry puts a fear into females, a “fear state feeling like you won’t ever work again.” Yikes.

Courtney also said it’s important to remember, when you don’t get the part, that does not mean you cease to exist, you don’t cease to exist.” Good advice for life in general, I’d say.

Courtney also talked about the first time she met Alex Calvert. She was sobbing in the makeup trailer at the time.

The final panel of the day was with our most beloved Angel, Misha Collins.

Misha began his panel by talking about his family. He told us about his son, West, asking his dad the tough questions, like ‘so Santa brought that bike? Well, I measured it and it doesn’t fit down the chimney.’ LOL

He also said that his daughter Maison told him that he’s more like a babysitter than a parent. OUCH. When Misha said that he’s considering a sabbatical after the show ends, everyone cheered! Yes, please, take some time off. Spend time with your kids, and your wife. Take some time OFF! You deserve it after working so hard to make this little show we all love for a decade – and your children will be immensely grateful to have their dad full time.

Misha also talked about how much of a family they all are on set, and how difficult this transition is going to be, after the show ends. Ugh. I’m not ready to go there yet. Ugh. I need some tissues now.

Misha talked about other things Show-related, such as joining the cast:

“Jared and Jensen thought I was a little weird… if I had watched the show, I might’ve made different choices.”

“I auditioned for a demon and then they said oh you’re really an angel, do that. And I was like ummm… so that’s how Cas as socially awkward was born. Me being nervous.” But seriously though, isn’t that one of the reasons why we love Cas so much, because he’s the embodiment of the awkwardness so many of us feel? Maybe that was the right choice after all!

On working with Jared and Jensen:

He also told us that they really get nothing accomplished during rehearsals, in part because Jared and/or Jensen are messing around so much. Or messing with him so much. Listen, we all know the camera never stops rolling on this set, where is this footage?? We all need this kind of laughter in our lives.

Misha told us the story of working with Jared in that scene from Peace of Mind where Jared had to tackle him, and how it just deteriorated from there… Jared on top of him, slapping him, saying things like, “You like it, sexy bitch.” “Misha continued, saying, “Everyone was a little worried Jared was pregnant after that. And of course, the cameras are rolling the whole time, but thankfully that footage has been deleted because someone very smartly realized we’d all never work again if it somehow leaked out.”

Fandom: Damn.

On playing different versions of Cas:

Misha also told us that he likes being able to play different characters on the show. Sometimes he wonders what exactly he’s doing, though, like Nazi-Universe Cas…

Misha talked about Season 15, saying, “It’s an interesting monkey wrench to throw in for season 15 that we’ve been puppets in a scripted play. Can we break out of that finally? I don’t know where we’re going with this. Are we gonna spend the rest of the year trying to kill God?”

He then turned to the audience in mock fear. “Is there a person of the cloth here? Are we going to hell?” And of course, there was a person-of-the-cloth in the audience who responded to his question. #ItsAllGood #NoOneIsGoingToHell

A fan asked, “What do you think of to remind yourself to be grateful?” Misha replied, “Caressing Rob Benedict.” Listen, y’all I literally leaned over to Lynn and said, “Same, Misha, SAME.” #BecauseRob

Misha’s panel ended with an explanation as to why he always wears orange underwear (because fans sent him orange underwear. So why not wear it? Also of note, he has plenty by now).

And that brings Saturday’s panels to an end! Stay tuned for a recap/review of the Saturday Night Special starring Louden Swain!



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  • Great recap. I missed most of the panels that day due to M&G and photo ops then there was the afternoon baking project so I was looking forward to find out what all I missed. It was a great weekend in Dallas spent with great friends new and not so new. I am excited to read about the SNS, which was amazing, and then Sunday’s review.

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