NJCon 2016 Sunday – Jared, Jensen and the Real Bob Singer!




Sunday morning happened early as it always does, with the boys’ morning Gold panel. Jensen was clearly as tired as me, because coffee was a repeated theme all day. He thoroughly owns being grumpy without it – Jensen turns into grumpy Dean apparently. He was pretty bummed that his hotel didn’t have coffee makers in the rooms, which I found entirely understandable after the kind of weekend I was having!

The boys were entertaining as usual, despite the lack of coffee. Jared said he really liked last week’s episode, which was old school SPN – the reason why he fell in love with Supernatural.

Jensen: (pouting) I thought I was the reason you fell in love with Supernatural.

More than one person in the ballroom: Yep.







Someone told them that Misha started a fire at his meet and greet, which amused them both.

Jensen: He started a fire? Well, he is pretty hot…

Jared: (fake throws up in the dead trees onstage…)



Jared had gone to see Hamilton the night before, which made me – and apparently Jensen – a bit envious. It became a running joke for Jensen to rib him about it.

Jensen: (repeatedly and at random times): Are we still talking about Hamilton?





There were some serious moments in the morning panel, like when Jared expressed his gratitude for fans’ sincere interest in him as a person, not just for playing a character.

And when Jensen made us all reach for the tissues.

Jensen: I’m grateful you guys have made me feel like I belong somewhere.




They talked about the show, of course. Jensen acknowledged that one of the ways that shows create tension is to kill a favorite.

Entire ballroom: CHARLIE!

There was a hilarious story about filming the episode with the kid anti Christ, Jesse. Apparently they were drinking the night before and it hadn’t exactly worn off when they got to set the next day. Jared came stumbling in like a bull in a china shop, threw his shoe at Jesse (causing the actor’s father more than a little shock) and then broke a prop couch. He was sent to his trailer to sleep it off and woke up hours later thoroughly confused. That’s the only time that’s happened, Jared quickly added.




I love that they are in on many of the fandom jokes at this point, after eleven years of interacting with fans. Someone brought up Jensen’s early modeling days, which he said he sort of hated (but then immediately went into super model pose, much to the delight of everyone in the room. I was so delighted I was rendered temporarily unable to take a picture, in fact).

Jensen: I still have the brick pants in a shadow box though.





In between the J’s morning and afternoon panels, we got a rare treat – a panel by EP Bob Singer, for whom Bobby Singer was named. It’s a treat because Singer can give us inside information that the actors aren’t privy to, which means we got a lot of interesting tidbits. Who knows if any of them will ever actually become canon, but it was fascinating no matter what.

Singer clearly had a great time at the Saturday Night Special, and enjoyed his interaction with the fans. He thanked Creation for inviting him, and then said to fans (about making the show): We do this for you.

He also sang Rob’s praises, which was really heartwarming.



And then there were the interesting glimpses.

Mark Pellegrino will be back this season as Lucifer (though Singer and pretty much everyone else thinks Rick Springfield also did a bang up job)

On Gabriel being back? It could happen.

On Wayward Daughters? That’s been talked about. It’s in the very early stages of being talked about.

Fandom: loses its shit

Briana Buckmaster: Um.


On Charlie coming back? Felicia is really busy with other things. But if Felicia called up and said hey, I’ve got four days, we wouldn’t say no.

I immediately and excitedly tweeted that, tagging Felicia Day in. She quickly answered my tweet.

Felicia: Waiting by the phone.

Soooooo….your move, Supernatural.

On having a character named after him: A friend from New York was like, you’ve gone so Hollywood that you named a character after yourself!

(Kripke couldn’t get approval for the name they wanted, so they just used his “for one episode”. Oops)

Singer also had some nice things to say about ‘the boys’ and about those characters I so love too.

Bob: (about Dean killing Death, not Sam): It was really Dean overcoming the mark. That in the end, it was his love for his brother. If you have one solid base theme of the show, that’s what it’s about – the love these guys have for each other. Even though Sam and Dean get into some terrible fights , in the end it’s about the love they have for each other and that conquers all.

Me: Tissues!

Singer also is well aware that the chemistry between the actors playing them is a big part of the reason the show (and Sam and Dean) work.

Bob: Jared and Jensen clicked from the very beginning. You never know if two actors will have that chemistry. There’s a tremendous amount of love for each other, and I think that comes through onscreen.







And at conventions!

That was one of my favorite moments. The other was when Singer was asked why the show doesn’t have any Emmy awards. He talked about some of the cast’s Emmy worthy performances (Dean with Benny in Purgatory, Jared in the panic room, Misha with Castiel’s fish out of water stuff).

Singer: I don’t know if we’ll ever get any awards. But when I see this (gestures to the crowd of fans), I don’t think we need one.

Jared and Jensen took the stage next, after singing Bob Singer’s praises in return. Jensen took a few minutes to tease Rich and Rob too.

Jensen: This is how you tell them apart. Been-a-dick (Benedict) and still-a-dick. Ba bum bum.



Jared has an ongoing joke with Jensen about dropping the mic. Literally. He’s done it too many times, and now Jensen is in this-is-why-we-can’t-have-nice-things mode and trying to convince him to stop. The this exchange happened.

Fan: Hi, I’m Sam.

Jared: I’m Sam. (beat) And Dean. (mic drop)

Jensen: eye roll

And yes, the mic broke. Much to Jensen’s glee.




Broken! Yes!
Broken! Yes!
Jared: Uhhh, Liz?
Jared: Uhhh, Liz?




When a very young fan asked about scary movies, Jensen asked him what his favorite scary movie was.

Little kid: New York Minute.

Jensen: Now this is when you drop the mic…






They both agreed it would be nice if the brothers could stay in a nice hotel sometimes instead of a motel. Often when they film scenes in buildings that look like they’re dilapidated and condemned, that’s because they actually ARE. Once they commented on what a nice touch a sign that said “Warning: Asbestos” was. Turns out it was for real.

Jensen: One day our dolly grip was like, why can’t we ever torture someone in a Four Seasons?

What super heroes would they be? Jared chose Doomsday, then turned to Jensen and suggested, ‘Catwoman.’



Jensen: Oh, I’d make a mean Catwoman.

Holy crap Mr. Ackles, hell yes you would.

There’s a relatively new tradition at the cons of fans saying “Hi, I’m so and so” which I think is really nice.

Fan steps up to the mic: Hi, I’m Octuse.

Jared: Lock Juice?

Jensen: Obtuse?

It went downhill from there.











They also had a few teasers about Season 12. Like there’s an episode coming up that Jensen really enjoyed where something Yellow Fever-esque happens to Dean. If it gives Ackles a chance to flex his substantial comedic muscle? I’m all for it! Actually I’m all for him flexing any kind of muscle, who am I kidding?

There were some serious questions, believe it or not. They each talked about some of the other’s best acting moments. Jensen thought Jared did an amazing job playing Lucifer, and Jared loves when Jensen shows Dean’s vulnerability, when that gruff exterior comes down.




I agree with Jensen about Jared playing Lucifer, and definitely agree with Jared. Pretty sure that’s what hooked me on the show in the first place, to be honest.

Jared told a touching story about how Tom and Shep were worried about him when he had all those fake injuries in a few episodes this season (makeup did too good a job!) . So he thought he’d reassure them by bringing some prop injuries home and showing them. Unfortunately, they just look a little too real, so when he put them on, Tom got upset. Which Jensen helpfully acted out as he helped tell the story.

Jensen: And what does Jared do? He runs to get his phone!



There was a lot of cracking each other up, and a lot of questions they instinctively answered for both of them or each other.

Fan: What are you enjoying right now as far as music?

Jared: Lately the same thing for both of us, a lot of Kaleo.

They also both like The Shining as far as scary movies, and then Jensen said that his current favorite was ‘The Strangers’.

Jared gaped for a second and then exclaimed, “I was gonna say the same thing!”




Like that surprised a single solitary person in the room, Jared!

They often talk to each other as well as to the fans, which makes their panels seem like you’re eavesdropping on a private conversation sometimes. Which is kind of adorable.

Jensen, turning to Jared before answering a question: I don’t think I ever told you this story…

At one point, a fan stepped up to the mic and mentioned how close they are.

Fan: So I was just wondering…

Jensen: If we’re ever apart??








Fan: So do you consider yourselves brothers in real life?

Jensen: Yeah, we just don’t wanna admit it.






They talked a bit about how hard it will be when the series ends, that it will be a tough shooting day to get through. But at the same time, Jensen said, it’s so nice to work with a friend, a dear friend. A best friend. He was talking to Luke Perry recently, who said he still lives right down the street from Jason Priestly, his former co star.

Jensen: I take solace in that, knowing that’s probably how it will be for me and this yahoo here.

Jared just beamed.





Me too. Along with everyone in the room.

One of my favorite moments was my girl Jen bringing Jared a delicious looking iced coffee – and Jensen’s glare of death when she didn’t have one for him.






Later, I teased him about it, and he insisted that it was NOT a glare of death, but rather a look of devastation and heartbreak and sadness and okay maybe some anger in there too.

Still, watch your back, Jen…

All too soon, it was time for the last question – which means Jensen joins Rob for a little singing and then some lucky fan gets escorted to the stage. Bob Singer joined J2 onstage for the last question, and they again had nice things to say about him.











Jared: This show wouldn’t exist without him.

And they had some helpful hints for him.

Jensen to Bob: It would be nice to bring some fan favorites back…

Richard and Rob side stage: Are beaming




Hand signals ala Sam and Dean
Hand signals ala Sam and Dean


The boys couldn’t resist jumping in to fake play the keyboards before they left the stage, ending with a dramatic flourish.



The day ended with a Kings of Con panel, which got unexpectedly emotional when a fan stepped up to the mic to tell them that “it’s you guys who make these cons so great”.

They reminisced about the early days of con karaoke, when there was crowd surfing, chair throwing and a lot fewer people. (You can read about the evolution of karaoke in Richard’s chapter in ‘Fan Phenomena Supernatural’ and in a few chapters of ‘Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls’ which feature Richard, btw).

And now that Kings of Con has premiered to rave reviews, check out our interview with Rich and Rob right here on Fangasm!

Stay tuned for some pics and memories (assuming it hasn’t all mushed together in my brain at this point) from Burcon, and our exclusive chat with the awesome Alaina Huffman.

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