Sunday at DallasCon – Jared, Jensen and Julian!


The hotel didn’t get any better on Sunday, but it was even harder to care when we had Jared and Jensen and Julian to entertain us, not to mention Rob and Rich.

I had a chance to chat with Megan Padalecki, who was there to sell her new book, Little Moon. The tiniest member of our family absolutely LOVES her first book, Big Mo, so of course I had to buy this one too. I introduced her to Monica, the production manager for Family Don’t End With Blood, and they totally hit it off. In fact, they sort of geeked out together in animated conversation about printing stock and such things that are far above my pay grade. Meanwhile, I chatted with Jared’s lovely parents, who wanted to know all about the new book and how their son’s chapter had turned out (AMAZING!!!) Soon the Padaleckis will have two published authors in the family, I said, which put a smile on their faces.

Jared and Jensen took the stage for the morning gold panel looking amazing (not a shock, I know) and seeming well rested and in a good mood. Texas agrees with them, I think – they always seem to be in an extra laid back good mood when they’re in their home state.




Jared had apparently gotten up early and went jogging. To Walgreen’s. For some Prilosec. Which eventually morphed into a story about needing butt cream…I don’t even know. Anyway, he didn’t have time to jog back so called an Uber. Uber is on Gen’s account, so she got a notification that Jared was Ubering from somewhere early in the morning, so naturally she called him.

Jared: I just went to the Walgreen’s.

Gen: Let me talk to Jensen.

I had to laugh at that; they all know each other so well.





One of my favorite stories was about the Entertainment Weekly photo shoot. Apparently Baby was waxed to shiny perfection, but that made her very slippery. Jensen and Jared kept climbing on to sprawl themselves decoratively on the hood, only to keep sliding right off. They were both contorting their bodies to try to stay on, Jensen said. And then they were supposed to lean against the car while reading a copy of the magazine, all of which meant that they both wrenched their backs. Ouch!




Eventually Jensen just hooked his belt on the wiper. Which seemed like a very Winchester solution – or perhaps a McGyver one.

It seems some people misinterpreted what Jared and Jensen said about getting to Episode 300 in that article – they got a “strongly worded” email from the head of the network saying don’t imply that it will end with 300! (Which they actually weren’t).

Jensen: Bring on 350!




Everyone: (is cheering)

Later, I asked Jensen if he thought that the mainstream press ‘gets it’ now – that they understand just what a phenomenon Supernatural and the SPN Family is. I remember way back in Season 4, when we were on set writing ‘Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls’, along with a reporter from EW working on their first story about the show. We chatted with her for quite a while, and I remember thinking, she doesn’t get it. She doesn’t know why this is special, and she has no idea just how much of a phenomenon this show and its fandom is going to be.

Hey, when I’m right, I’m right.

Jensen agreed that they still really don’t get it, but in a way, that’s okay. It’s something we have, that’s special to us. And it lets Jensen and Jared still live their lives, instead of being trapped in a celebrity bubble. Maybe that’s the best of both worlds.



Jared told a funny story from the early seasons, about having to leap into the backseat of the Impala even though he didn’t fit, eventually cutting it so close that he scraped his head on the ceiling – and lost a chunk of hair and scalp! Ewww. The not-so-glamourous life of a CW actor.

I love getting behind the scenes insights like that. We also heard that both of them use the slate that snaps into place to start a scene as a sort of ‘starter pistol’ to jump into character. Jared insists he can’t act without it!





Another little behind the scenes tidbit (I’ve witnessed this myself several times on set, but apparently it still happens even now):

Jensen: Even new crew refer to us as “the boys”.

Everyone: Yep.

Someone asked about strategies for cheering yourself up, and Jared says he watches the gag reels. I just watched Ash48’s brand new Season 11 gag reel vid today and can I just say that it’s impossible to watch that without smiling? Same with the actual gag reel itself. So yeah, what Jared said.



Hands down, my favorite part of the gold panel was when a fan asked them what were their weirdest text messages to each other?

They looked at each other, eyes a little wide and trying not to laugh, and then just started shaking their heads.

Jensen: Oh no. No way.

Jared: We can’t tell you that.






Everyone: Awwww.

Jared: There was one yesterday…

Jensen (shaking his head) Careful…

We never did hear any, but I would give an awful lot to hear some – Jared and Jensen ended up laughing, muttering that they’d probably be in trouble. Which only made me want to hear more!


Julian Richings had a panel between the J’s morning and afternoon ones. He was still adorably excited about being able to be onstage with Louden Swain last night. And to my delight, he was quite taken with my tweet that he was astounded was making its way across the internet: Death plays a mean tambourine!

I love that he wore a Death tee shirt.


Julian gave props to Jensen Ackles for his acting, talking about that first scene they had together and how Jensen skillfully portrayed Dean’s fear, which allowed Julian to bring out the human side of Death more than you might expect.

Julian: We love Jensen for many things, but we must remember he’s a great actor too.

(Also Jensen was savvy enough not to eat the pizza, whereas poor Julian ate far too much with unfortunate consequences)

Show-wise, he said that he doesn’t think that Billie is Death – but he loves Lisa Berry and thinks that Billie and Death should totally team up.

Jared popped onstage to tell us how much he loved Julian and to give him a big hug in the middle of his panel, which was totally heartwarming. The happiness on Julian’s face I’m pretty sure looked just like most of ours would have if Jared Padalecki suddenly appeared and swept us into his arms!




Julian also has a man crush on Osric Chau, who he says is the ‘cutest guy ever’. Awww.

A few photo ops later, it was time for Jared and Jensen’s afternoon panel. They came onstage to a deafening roar from the crowd.

Jared: We hear the love, we feel the love. We fucking love you guys.




And we definitely were loving them back. In no particular order, some of my favorite moments of their panel:

A fan asks about what song or music cheers them up. Jared plays a Taylor Dayne song on his phone – cheesy 80s music is his pick me up.

Jensen (wryly): This is why driver picks the music.






They were asked about their favorite death scenes, and both picked a scene from the amazing episode ‘Red Meat’.

Jensen said that swallowing all those pills was difficult, and then having to put baking soda in his mouth so Dean would be foaming at the mouth was the icing on the cake.

Jensen: Oh, this will be fun…

Jared also thought that his death scene in that episode was a favorite. (I totally agree that it was incredible, but it was so realistic that entire episode had me mildly nauseous because Jared just portrayed Sam’s pain so realistically.)



There was a question about how they’ve changed over the years of being on the show, and Jared said he’s learned not to jump to conclusions about people, and to be forgiving.

Jared: I’ve learned to love the gray.

Jensen talked about the values that he learned from his family, and that his mother taught him, including the value of inclusion and the need to treat people the way you want to be treated yourself.

Jared: We’re all people doing our best, no one’s better than anyone else.

He also reminded people that if they’ve made it through something, THEY did that. It was their strength that allowed them to do that.





At one point, a fan with a real life badge asked a question. When they asked to see her badge (ala Sam and Dean and their many badges), she brought it up close for their inspection. When they realized it was a prison badge, Jensen immediately tried to sneak away, protesting “I uh didn’t do it…”



Some people really do ask hard questions. Like would they want to bring back Bobby or John?

Jared: Ruby [mic drop].

Mic drop!
Mic drop!

Jensen shook his head.

Jared: Charlie.

Everyone: (cheering)

There were, as always, playful moments. Which is why no other con is going to have panels as much fun as ours.

Jensen complained that whenever Jared eats something that turns out to be yucky, he always says to Jensen “Ewww, try this!” And for some reason, Jensen always gives in and does! With the expected results, which he acted out much to our (and Jared’s) amusement.





Here Jensen, try this...
Here Jensen, try this…
And for some reason, I do!
And for some reason, I do!




In a discussion about waiting in lines, Jensen apologized for all the waiting at cons, since he knows it’s hard.

Jared: I feel like a race horse waiting to get on the track when we have to wait on set.

Jensen: (teasing) You’re such a thoroughbred…

Jared: (play shoves him)

Jensen: (whinnies)





Creation has announced that they won’t have any more cons in Texas, due to something about taxes (I think). Anyway, the largely local crowd was understandably upset that the boys wouldn’t be back there.

Jensen protested: I’m always in Texas, all over Texas – I cover all of Texas!

Jared demonstrated, helpfully running his hand over the image of Texas on Jensen’s shirt.





Then playfully pinched his nipple.

Jensen: Okay Jared, that’s a little too much coverage…






We also got a Salmon Dean nod from both the boys. That’s never gonna get old.


I love it when they’re playful, but there were serious moments too. A fan asked about Sam’s hair routine, and at first they answered jokingly.

Jared: How long have you got?



But when Jared answered for himself, he said his hair routine was this (pointing to the beanie he had on).

Jared: This is how Jared feels comfortable being Jared. I’m learning that this is me, and I’m enough.


Fandom may be outspoken in our appreciation of Jared’s beautiful hair, but we also understand exactly what he means. The entire ballroom nodded quietly in support, which I hope Jared could feel.

Jensen listened quietly too, an expression on his face that was so sweet and understanding, it made me grab for my tissues.






We also got some J2 secrets, one of my favorite things.






Near the end of the panel, there was suddenly a disruption in the ballroom, and fans started calling out “she fainted, she fainted!” Jensen and Jared immediately stopped, and Jensen yelled “house lights on!”

They waited as people swooped in to help, and didn’t start the panel again until they knew she was okay.

Jensen: Will someone give us a thumbs up if she’s okay?




Only when we all knew that she was all right did Richard come onstage to break the tension.

Richard: Blame the musk!

It was actually a nice moment, an illustration of that reciprocal relationship we always talk about that’s not just a word. It’s real. Jensen and Jared cared about that fan – the show wouldn’t go on until they knew she was okay. And that touched me.

Jensen sang with Rob and Louden Swain to end the panel, and we got a few seconds of Jared joining in too, which was exciting – it would be even more exciting if Jared would come to a Saturday Night Special, am I right??

Also: Dayum, those bowlegs!












Jensen and Jared thank the fans
Jensen and Jared thank the fans

We ended the day with a Kings of Con panel, a new tradition that seems to really work. Rich and Rob were on point on Sunday, keeping everyone laughing throughout. If this is how funny they are unscripted onstage, can you even imagine how hysterical Kings of Con is going to be??

Fan to Richard: What would Gabriel hunt?

Richard: Well, I’m an excellent bargain hunter.


Rob shot the ‘naked scene’ for Kings of Con in his own front yard, and yes, he was truly naked. Which must have given his neighbors something to talk about for the next ten years.



Rob brought up how much he loved the script that Robbie Thompson wrote for one of his episodes last season, especially that God has had both boyfriends and girlfriends. Both he and Richard talked a lot about Robbie’s episodes and how special they were, and I tried to blink back tears because we won’t have any more of those episodes…be right back, need some tissues…

Rob told the hilarious 911 story that never fails to make me laugh way too hard, and Richard told the story of ripping his pants onstage and being terrified the rest of the con that Jensen was going to force him to turn around.

We even had a surprise Jensen Ackles onstage. He didn’t say a word, just looked rather confused.

Rich: This isn’t the bathroom…


And then it was time to say goodbye to Dallas. I have lots of very good friends who I only see at the Texas cons, so I have to admit, I got emotional thinking this is the last one. We’ll just have to make plans to rendezvous anyway, maybe to watch a couple episodes of Supernatural and remember some of the ridiculous things that have happened to us over the years at the cons.




Big thanks to @mamaprior and @arkine13 for the photo edits!

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  • Thanks again for the write-up Lynn. I didn’t realize that they had dropped Texas due to taxes. Bummer.

    And I absolutely LOVED that Gen immediately asks for Jensen. There’s a little life imitating art (I think) with how Jensen looks out for Jared. I know the reverse is true as well, but in the mundane moments, it seems like Jensen is definitely the older ‘brother’.

    I just listened to the two DVD commentaries that Robbie recorded. Listen to them but be prepared to start rocking and keening in pain as his loss is just a gut shot for so many of us. His little comments about the boys ‘smell like Baby Jesus’ and what great actors they are. THIS kind of show devotion Robbie has demonstrated is just overwhelming.

    *starts to keen again*

    WHEN is the book out???

    • It’s a bit of art imitating life or vice versa, isn’t it? 🙂 And thanks for the warning – I’ll need lots of tissues to listen to Robbie’s dvd commentary for sure. *sobs*

      May 2017 is the release date for the new book!

  • Aww, you left out Jensen’s adorable answer about songs and how it’s whatever JJ is currently listening to and wants Jensen to dance to. Such a sweet and adorable response, Jensen!

  • Hi, I enjoy reading your articles after the cons you go to . Keep them coming !!! I will be going to NJ con in Nov . I can’t wait always a good time. I’m excited for your new book in 2017 , can’t wait!!! Will you be able to get the book in Barnes & Noble or only on line?

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  • Thanks so much for this. It was a great read, interesting and funny. I’m in NZ so there’s pretty much zero chance to ever go to one of these conventions. I really enjoyed your recap. Cheers!

    • They do one in NJ which is in the northern part of the state, so I think that’s as close as they’ll come – NYC itself is too expensive for venues, I think. And thank you!

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