Loving the Ladies – Supernatural ‘Hibbing 911’

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I feel like my episode reviews are getting redundant, but it’s in the best possible way. Another S10 episode that I absolutely loved! Usually when an episode is SamnDean lite I’m grumbling, but a) what we got of the brothers, I liked, and b) this episode was all about the ladies, and that was awesome! In fact, it was so awesome that my daughter and I (who watched the episode together) actually AGREED on just about everything! Is the moon blue??

I’ve loved the character of Jody Mills since her introduction, and over the course of multiple seasons and many conventions, have come to love and respect the woman who plays her so perfectly, Kim Rhodes, even more. I love Jody with Sam, and Jody with Dean, and Jody with adopted daughter Alex – but you know what? I really REALLY love Jody with Sheriff Donna. These two were meant to share screen time – thank you, Jenny Klein and Phil Sgriccia, for making that happen!

The script was rich with one-liners and anti-misogynistic-dick-zingers and laugh-out-loud moments, but it also managed to have a great deal of emotional resonance. Perhaps especially for women. Many of us are good at covering up our hurt with a shrug and a deflecting joke, often at our own expense. Donna was good at it, and maybe not so good at letting go of a guy who doesn’t have many redeeming characteristics. Some of us have been far too good at that from time to time, too.

Sheriffs Mills and Hanscom had a hysterical and appealing Odd Couple vibe, and Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster bring a real-life chemistry to the roles that is a lovely mirror to the chemistry between Jared and Jensen. Though the flirty banter is a bit more overt.

Kim Rhodes live tweeting: *returns quickly* Wait. What exactly is “blingoed”? Are you hitting on me? Cuz in that case, I’m in! #supernatural #jodythoughts

@City_Cinderella: Obviously this is the scene where donna and Jody kiss

My twitter dash: I ship it like FedEx.

Tweet: @City_Cinderella
Tweet: @City_Cinderella

One of the best things about this episode was its realism. That’s not usually what Supernatural is known for, seeing as it’s a show about the SUPERnatural, but it works best when its human moments are real. Like Donna’s reaction to finding out that monsters exist – she hid behind a pole and hyperventilated. Let’s face it, that’s probably what most of us would do (or am I just speaking for myself here? Possibly.)

Not only did this episode pass the Bechdel test once again (go S10!), but the conversations between Donna and Jody also rang very true. Their connection wasn’t made easily, and it wasn’t sappy. It was awkward and blundering, but genuine. They persisted, working to find what they had in common – loss and hurt and hope and a whole lot of guts. And that seemed pretty damn real. Both women are trying hard to deal with circumstances that are far from perfect – and while they start out making assumptions about what the other “should” do, they both eventually realize that it’s hard to judge when you’re not in someone else’s shoes. Sometimes it’s hard to get over someone even when they’re an assbutt. Sometimes it’s tough to be a parent even when your heart’s in the right place (like Jody’s relationship with Alex). Because who would expect Alex to be perfect, after the life she’s lived? Jody’s dealing with the realistic aftermath of SPN’s violent and monstrous world. Smoking grass under the bleachers and firecrackers in the background? You’re doing okay, Jody. Better than.

Jody is somewhere between a mom and a friend and a hunting partner to the boys too. Sam’s smile when he sees that she’s calling lights up his whole face. And the way she hugs the brothers when she sees them is full of emotion. She knows they’ve been through something, and whatever it is, she wants to be there for them. And they clearly feel the same affection for her.

Buckmaster got some of the best comedic lines. I laughed hysterically just from her wide-eyed yet matter of fact response to the mostly consumed teenager in the morgue. “Ate the whole kit and kaboodle.”

xxxx 10.08 bb2

Every scene in which the two women took on the episode’s contingent of guys who were dicks was gold. The gun dealer trying to sell them on a cute little gun they can take with them to “get your nails done”? Oh, their faces!

Kudos Kim Rhodes for the expression on your face when you zinged him back:

Jody: You call this a big one? I hope you drive a Porsche.


And Donna may not have been ready for Sheriff Mills to put her dick of an ex in his place, but I certainly appreciated it.

Donna: I lost six pounds!

Doug: You’re a quarter of the way there!

Jody: What’s wrong with you? Do you get off on fat shaming chicks?

Everyone watching: Yay!

I’m not going to quote every line of this episode, honest, but damn, there were a lot of good ones.

The boys had their share of comedic and touching moments too, which is a combination that Supernatural gets right more than most shows. One of my favorite scenes in the episode was part scripted, part brilliant Ackles adlib (according to Jenny Klein’s tweet)

Sam: “Try to be less defensive of your pretend job.”

Dean: “This badge means something.”

Sam: “I made it at Kinkos.”

Dean: “Yes, you did. Be proud of that.”

Ackles adlibs earnestly: 'Be proud of that.'
Ackles adlibs earnestly: ‘Be proud of that.’

I laughed out loud when that scene happened; now I know why it rang so true. Nobody gets the brotherly banter between Sam and Dean more than Jared and Jensen.

The brothers got some serious moments too. Oh, and they also got knocked out and tied to trees. Which necessitated some epic levels of Winchester silent communication as they try to get free of the bad hippie vampire girl’s version of bondage. (Hey, and why did she have to be named Lynn? I’m looking at you, Jenny Klein…)

Lynn: *strokes Dean’s face and chest and then takes off his belt*

(No, not me! The vampire hippie vamp girl Lynn. Though it sounds like it could have been…)

Dean: I’m not in the mood.

And by the way, Sam and Dean tied up having wordless conversations when tied to trees makes for hysterical out of context gifs. Just saying.

One of my other favorite scenes made me laugh and smile fondly simultaneously because it was the role reversal of an SPN trope we’ve enjoyed since S1.

Sam: (not wanting to hit the road and take the case) Jody said she was on top of it, Dean.

Dean: *makes pleading face*

xxxx 10.08 dean puppy eyes

Sam: *folding* Okay, let’s take a drive.

Tumblr: Sam’s not the only Winchester with lethal puppy eyes.

The brothers have a much more serious conversation at the end of the episode, as Jody and Donna are having one too.

Sam: You good?

Dean: Yeah. You know, for the first time, I didn’t feel like the mark was pushing me.

Sam: (looking epically worried) First time?

Dean: “All I know is, back there, killing those vamps. I felt like me again.”

Sam: “Alright, so that’s– good. Right?”

Dean: “Yeah.”

Sam: “Okay. Let’s go with that.”

Dean: *rubs at the mark*

I don’t know if Dean’s fooling himself or both of them, and I don’t think Sam is as good at believing what he clearly wants to believe as he wishes he was.

Pretty sure this is Sam's worried face...
Pretty sure this is Sam’s worried face…

They’re both worried, but they also haven’t come up with anything to do yet, no way to counteract the mark or cure Dean from its effects. From what Jared and Jensen have said, Sam and Dean have plenty to worry about – which makes me excited to see what happens next!

Also, Americana is playing during this scene, implying that Jody and Donna are sisters/family just like Sam and Dean – because, as we all know, family don’t end with blood. There was something very poignant about Jody and Donna just forging a bond, eager to get out there, ‘saving people, hunting things’, juxtaposed with Sam and Dean, ‘out there’ all their lives, having gone through so many struggles and having come so close to losing their bond. Jody empathizing with Donna’s discovery of “what’s out there” reminds me of Sammy losing his innocence, and Dean wishing that he could spare his little brother that knowledge.

I’m all wibbly again just thinking about it.

Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster and Jensen Ackles all live tweeted the west coast airing.

My favorite Kim and Briana tweets?

Kim Rhodes: “Screw you, Winchester.” No. Really. I mean… um… I gotta go. Bye. #supernatural #jodythoughts

Hey, who can blame her? Not me, surely.

Briana Buckmaster: SHUT THE FUCKING DOOR. -what I actually wanted to say

Can’t you just see Kim and Briana onstage at a con together? I’m grinning just thinking about it.

And we all followed along as Jensen ordered pizza and waited impatiently for it.

Jensen: Come on pizza, I’m dying here. #pepperonidreaming

And yes, that actually trended. Yes, we can trend anything.

Meanwhile, many of us were thinking the same thing as my Tumblr dash.

Tumblr: Can we get a spinoff of Donna and Jody fighting sexist douchebags?

Now that’s an excellent question!

Thanks, Jenny and Phil, for a great episode.

Jenny Klein and Eric Charmelo at the Fangasm table at Burcon
Jenny Klein and Eric Charmelo at the Fangasm table at Burcon

So my daughter and I were finishing our pie and hot cider, chatting about the episode. In pretty good spirits.

Then came the promo for next week, which left me gaping rather unattractively at my television and my daughter laughing at me. But seriously, folks. WHAT??? I don’t think there are enough tissues in the world for next week’s episode.

Are you ready?

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23 thoughts on “Loving the Ladies – Supernatural ‘Hibbing 911’

  • I thought SPIN OFF! This duo would work. Smart, sexy, skillful women who have to balance work with family life and/or emotional connections. They don’t lose it looking at gore, but remain true to their natures. The parallels to the Winchesters: tragic loss, loss of innocence, non-blood related family, banter, vulnerabilities. It is driven home with the denouement of the episode as the scene switches between Sam/Dean and Jodi/Donna. Jenny K. and Phil S addressed many real life issues faced by women today. There was a great balance of humour, gore, feels, and action. I became a Donna fan and pairing her with Jodi deserves at least follow up episodes or perhaps a spin off. I would tune in if Jenny Klein can run it the way this show set it up. The use of “The Weight” as the song for the appearance of the Winchesters, certainly followed through in message: the boys can share the weight of what is out there with this new strong, partnership. Kim RHodes and Briana Buckminster are my new favorite female duo.

  • Thank you for expressing so eloquently what I enjoyed about this episode. Right up there with one of my favs now. Kim & Briana need to do a con panel! And Sheriff spin-off would be soooo much better than Bloodlines……

  • I love this episode, just like I loved all the episodes so far of season 10. The only one I though was a little weak was 10:04, but even that had its strong points. I’m SO glad that the fandom has finally communicated to the writers that we love female characters, that was a faux pas that we made that had to be fixed. Now maybe we’ll get a female lead?
    My only complaint is that the episode with all the awesome misogyny-shaming and fat-shaming was marketed as the ‘chicks’ episode. Why can’t we have that as a regular thing in SPN? Why do we have to have a ‘feminist’ episode, instead of just having female characters who are badass? It seems a bit that when SPN totes out their admittedly awesome female characters, they always make a point of going, “Oh, look how feminist we are.” I appreciate that, but it also seems a bit patronizing.
    All the awards though to Kim and Briana. The SPN writers have really stepped up their game when it comes to creating humorous characters. Yay!

    • At #nerdhq Jared said something that I completely agree with. This is a show about two guys who are brothers and the things they go through. What would a female lead accomplish in this scenario? I think that in its current format it achieves something that no other show on tv does and wanting it to be just another show about males and females is in my opinion, just wrong. Go watch How to get away with murder or scandal, or rizzoli and isles or so so many other shows with female leads. As for feminism, what do you call it when Dean told that guy in season 9 that if he broke (Madison’s character)’s heart, she would kill him? isn’t that giving the power to the woman. what about the fact that there are female hunters, and male hunters, all equally respected. And Abadon – if you’re looking for strong females doing it for themselves; they don’t get stronger than the angriest ginger in the universe. I think you’re displaying gratuitous bias.

      • SPN has NEVER had a female lead on the same level as the male ones. Their last attempt was with Bela and Ruby, and after whiplash from the fans they never tried that again. Characters like Meg and Charlie and Abbadon have never carried as much storyline as characters like Bobby and Cas and Crowley. I’m really hopeful for the Claire Novak storyline, for a reoccurring female character with her own plot.
        SPN will always be about Sam and Dean, but in the later years they’ve made room for supporting characters. I’d like to see one – just one! – of those supporting characters be a woman.

      • Fat shaming is a term I have heard in several circles, so not surprised Jody was the one to say it. Women need to support women. Doesn’t always happen in competitive employment opportunities. When I apply for the next opening as a huntress, I hope I will be supported by mentors who may be female or male.

      • They’ve never had a female lead because if the bizarre nature of the Winchesters’ world. I’m not saying the Show has a great track record with female characters, but the reason they have no real female leads is that the boys live in a world defined by a single dad who raised them on the road without a female influence. Their surrogate father was a guy who had lost his wife and never remarried. (Weirdly enough he killed her… twice – but I digress.) I’m feminist through and through, but I also love a good story that makes sense. And it makes sense that this show focuses on the boys. They have each other. That’s it. And they’re associations of having women in their lives is pure heartache. Dean’s mommy issues alone could make you cry. Sam doesn’t have a mom (other than Dean) and he lost Jessica. And then some others. The math adds up to codependent brothers.

        And that’s what a lot of us love.

  • *goes to watch the episode again* I just thought it was rather slow, but I enjoyed the Sam and Dean parts immensely. Especially Sam being the one to say “okay then, lets go.” Because Dean usually calls the shots but it looks like Sam is in charge…for now.

  • This is the spin off that should have been. I hope CW has this planned because it is more than perfect a SPN Cagney & Lacey.

  • What about the moments where (1) Jodi calls Sam on the fact that he didn’t let her know that he found Dean, and (2) where she confronted Dean about the fact that he “went off the res for a little while”? It’s a mom thing, I suppose….I loved the expressions of both Sam and Dean like “oops, she caught me” but then they covered up quickly with a brush-off. So typically mom/son convo. 🙂

    • That was brilliant! Of course Sam would’ve checked in with Jody. And of course he wouldn’t have followed up. And Jody called his moose ass out on it. Good for her. And good for the writers to have closed that nagging “why didn’t Sam call Jody” loop.

  • I liked this episode. I’m impressed that Donna could be turned into a more well developed character. Kudos to the writers and actress on that. One of the things that I love about her is that she is incredibly strong *and* also traditionally feminine. As a feminist it bothers me when femininity and feminism are portrayed as incompatible. Donna balances that beautifully.

    And it goes without saying that Jody just needs to show up once or twice a season. I mean, she’s Sheriff Mills and she fits within the Show. However, I’m not sure I buy them carrying a series. (Side note: the actresses though? Hell yes, give them a show. Or put them on the Men of Letters spin off I’m craving.)

    That said, I really want Dean and Donna to hook up casually. Think about it.

    My biggest problem with this episode was that I wanted more brothers and more Mark of Cain. Yes, they’ve been teasing MoC at the top and bottom of the past few episodes, but it’s incredibly frustrating that the fans want a long, drawn out, detailed multiple-episode arc for these big things but instead they get rushed to “tell the other stories.” Why? Why not give the fans a third of an episode (or two) about whatever horror the mark is causing Dean before leading into the big midseason finale? Isn’t that what writers want? Fans who will pay attention to that level of detail?

    My only other issue was some of Jody’s dialogue. I love Jody. And I have no doubt that she’d defend Donna and tell off her ex, but to hear the term ‘fat shaming’ seemed out if character. I’m pretty sure that outside of college campuses and the Internet people don’t say ‘—shaming’ in reference to anything. Sure she should’ve – and did – call him a dick. But the ‘shaming’ comment was just odd.

    Despite my negative comments, I did enjoy the episode. But I’m more excited for more Sam and Dean centric ones.

    • I agree with this 200%. I’m a HUGE Jody fan, but I felt like both she and Donna were sorta charicatures, as opposed to real women, and ‘fat-shaming’ was a word Jody would never have used. I’m jonesin’ for more MoC play, too, but because the season is so long–23-ish episodes?–I get why they drag things out and have lots of MotW shows to fill the schedule.

      My campaign for a spin-off is Jody, Alex, and a fictional town where there’s an indigenous monster population. Northern Exposure meets Twin Peeks meets SPN. The town itself will be a character, and there can be deputies, Alex’s friends, many options to expand into an ensemble cast of varying demographics.

      Despite the fact that ‘fandom’ is largely female, the average SPN viewer skews male (at least compared to the other CW shows). This is, in part, why the show has done so well, despite its reputation among some circles as not being particularly female-character-friendly. My two cents only, of course! I don’t have an inside track or anything.

      And frankly, I like the show this way. I like seeing an exploration of the brother relationship. I don’t need romance, of any stripe, to ‘complete’ the show. I wouldn’t mind a regular female character–Kevin could easily have been cast as a female though I do love Osric!–but the role will have to be cast very carefully. Hannah was superb, I thought!

      Anywho, I ramble. I didn’t dislike the episode, I just thought it could’ve been done a little less broadly. Next week looks tense, eeeee!

      • Hannah was an extra?! That actually works within the context of the show. Lets pretend she was Caroline. 🙂 She could have hung out with the striga who later became the evil mentor to the teenage hunters. Or Ty Olsson who has been two different vampires.

      • I do enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts and perspectives, everyone seems to see something or pick up on something that not all of us do in each episode!

        I agree with quikreaver, I think the show’s dynamic is fine. It shouldn’t matter whether a character is male or female if it is written well. This show is about the journey of Sam and Dean and the people they meet along the way, regardless of their gender.

        Tomorrow night’s episode looks good, can’t wait!

    • They should just call it what it is: holiday break because no one has a normal schedule in December. Midseason finale is a little catchier, though. 😉 As far as I could tell the season is still 22-23 episodes long.

      As for the the MoC, I don’t mean there should be tons of episodes just about it (I’d certainly love that, though!) but maybe one meaningful scene every episode other than a reference. Even if its just a scene where Sam is researching it on his own and looks worried as Dean does some sort of awkward junkie-like behavior since he hasn’t killed anything lately. I’d like to see something like that inserted into the middle of the show instead of just the ‘check off the box’ first and last scene approach.

    • December the network uses for holiday specials and to repeat to get new viewers into the season before it starts up again. Most networks do it. Remember the filming schedule is ahead a few episodes, so for the actors it really is mid-season. AUdiences not available because of family and holiday commitments- no viewers-no ratings-no show- so mid season finale.

  • I find this episode more awesome with each viewing. Jody and Donna’s “stories” come together perfectly at an appropriately over-the-top cop seminar and we see the “boys” actually wind up sharing the glory with the ladies as they help solve that local vamp problem. Nice to always see some women-saving-the-world power represented on the series. The line about the badge being made at Kinkos but still meaning something – priceless!

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