Supernatural Giveaway! Signed Copies of “Fan Phenomena: Supernatural” and More Hellatus Busters

Come and get it!  Photo by Chris Schmelke
Come and get it! Photo by Chris Schmelke

How’s everyone faring as we go into our third week of Supernatural Hellatus?

I’m still trying to piece myself back together after the emotional devastation of the season finale. The amazing finale-themed fanvids have been cathartic (and have used up every single box of tissues in the house) and the amazing fanart and fanfiction has been therapeutic, and sightings of our boys out and about and looking gorgeous have been helpful. We’re especially looking forward to Misha’s appearance on “Whose Line Is It Anyway” next week, which is sure to cheer us up.

But let’s face it, Tuesdays just aren’t the same. If the postings seen around social media are any indication, we’re all struggling (If one of these creative gems is yours, tell us so we can credit you!)

Life is a little less vibrant without Show.

xxx9.23 now

And like I said, Tuesdays just aren’t the same.

This is pretty much me (and the rest of fandom) every Tuesday…

sinataslimy via dr_spn_phd

Not having a new Supernatural episode every week has a sweeping impact on life in general.

It makes even simple conversation difficult…

talk about spn

Basically, Hellatus sucks.

So to cheer everyone up, how about a giveaway? Our lovely publisher has just put five copies of our new book, Fan Phenomena: Supernatural, up on Goodreads for giveaway. We’d be honored to sign them for you too.

We’re very excited about this book, because it’s a perfect example of how we have all become SPNFamily – the fans and aca-fans, the cast, and the crew. We wanted to write a book that included all those perspectives, giving everyone a chance to talk about what Supernatural has meant to them. The passion we all have for the Show, whether we’re actors or cinematographers or fans or vidders or acafans or SuperWiki administrators, is what brings us all together – what makes us SPN Family.

Misha and Richard and Serge are all excited about the chapters they’ve written – be sure to let them know what you think when you read their chapters!

To whet your appetite, we thought we’d share some random excerpts from “Fan Phenomena: Supernatural”.

Here’s Misha’s version of how to whet your appetite….

Tempting, isn't he?
Tempting, isn’t he?

Yeah, that pretty much works for us.


Misha Collins: “People like to imagine that I’m like the character I play on TV, or that I’m secretly screwing Jensen in our trailers, or that I am somehow a perfect man or that I’m an unselfconscious maverick. And while I am, in fact, perfect, not all of the other stuff is true.”

Serge Ladouceur (SPN cinematographer): “Jensen has an amazing control. Some actors would put some glycerine drops in, but Jensen never does that. I don’t know what state he goes through, but he can call up that space within him and he can be there and you believe it. It’s amazing. But he needs the help of the people around him….”

“Images do have a subtext: what the image means before a single word is spoken. On the one hand, something is shown; on the other hand, something is said. Sometimes these two levels of meaning overlap, and sometimes they contradict each other. It’s a kind of semiotic game, and I love being a part of it.”

Paul Booth: “It felt as if Castiel Himself led me to see the connection between the show that was airing and the syllabus on my laptop…”

Bridget Kies: “After the [RoboSam] shirtless workout scene, fans created icons and animated gifs with taglines like ‘I love you, Sera Gamble’ and the more sarcastic ‘I watch for the plot…”

Lisa Macklem: “There are few episodes of Supernatural, in fact, that do not contain at least a wink to the attentive fan..”

Richard Speight, Jr. (tips for convention karaoke): “If the joint is jumping, don’t bring it to a screeching halt with a love ballad. I don’t care how moving your rendition of Bette Midler’s ‘The Rose’ is, if you sing that right after someone just nailed ‘Carry On, My Wayward Son’, you, my friend, are now officially the brakeman on the train of fun.”

Richard Speight Jr., Karaoke King
Richard Speight Jr., Karaoke King

Jules Wilkinson (administrator of the SuperWiki): “Our fandom is a large, extended, slightly dysfunctional family. Like Sam and Dean, we all have our own version of family history and this is the online history of mine…”

Mary Frances Casper: “Supernatural fans have created a foundation of support for one another. They will call you on your crap, but they always have your back…”

Mary Dominiak: “Saving people and making a difference for the better has become the Supernatural fandom business…That’s something Sam and Dean Winchester would approve.”

Ash48 (vidder): “Supernatural is still the only show I feel passionate about and connected to in a way that inspires me to vid (or write meta, make picspams, etc.). I love and enjoy many other shows but they don’t really inspire me to want to search through hours and hours of footage and extract what I need to make a fanvid.”

We can relate. And we bet most of you can too. To read more, go sign up for the Goodreads giveaway –

Or click the fancy widget below that I can’t make look quite as pretty as I wanted since all that text above it refuses to disappear, but you get the idea…

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Fan Phenomena by Lynn Zubernis

Fan Phenomena

by Lynn Zubernis

Giveaway ends July 09, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

If you don’t want to wait, you can also click the link at the top of the page to order your very own copy of “Fan Phenomena: Supernatural”!

Here are some other cool things going on in the Supernatural world –

There’s a new documentary about the best Show and fandom in the universe in the making. To celebrate Supernatural’s 10th season, there’s a kickstarter for “Ten Years of Smiles”, a documentary film about the Show and all of us who are its devoted fans. Go contribute if you can, or share your own fan story and be a part of this amazing project!

The SPN Family totally deserves its own documentaries. Lots of them.

And speaking of documentaries, this is another one that is already finished and looking for help getting screened. We’ve seen it, and it captures the spirit of fannish celebration that is also part of “Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls” and “Fan Phenomena: Supernatural”. The film, Don’t Feed The Trolls, was accepted to screen at the upcoming Wizard World Philly (we’ll be there too!). If you can help out, here’s the link, or help by spreading the word about both documentaries on twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc etc.

There are lots of amazing things going on in fandom right now as we all find survival strategies for Hellatus. Winchester Bros is having a 200th episode celebration…

There’s even a Supernatural baking contest…

We’ll do our part to try to keep things interesting. Check back for more interviews, book giveaways and other news soon!

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  • Oh poo. The giveaway isn’t open to fans from South Africa 🙁 Still, Good Luck to everyone who enters!

    • I think they tried to open it as widely as they could – but check back here soon for more giveaways on our blog that will be open as widely as we can manage!

      • Cool 🙂 It’s not as if I need the lure of giveaways to get me here! I may be new to the blog but I already love the content!

  • Entered 🙂 would so love this! book, today is my birthday so maybe the angels watching over me today 🙂 lets hope we get another 200 episodes ! love the cast and crew, classic rock tunes, and the Impala 🙂 Fab !!

  • I’ve been watching TV for 51 years and I think that Supernatural is like a life event that seems to include everyone so well, by recognizing fans as part of them. It is a spectacular piece of entertainment that never forgets it’s fan base, which makes it the best show I’ve ever had in my life.

  • Great… not open for Hungary, although it is open for our neighbour Austria, how interesting…
    I would even be willing to pay for shipping but I can’t even enter :((

    • Check back here – we’ll be having more giveaways with a wider range so we can try to reach fans all over!

  • I watch re-runs everyday, and have the DVD when they are not on. My whole DVR is Supernatural. I sent over a year ago a request for a DVD jacket to be signed. Never heard anything. They are still my boys (I am a senior citizen), and will continue to watch and rewatch. Wish them many more years.

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