LA Weekend – Jason Manns, Jensen Ackles, Danneel Harris and Friends


Jason Mann’s CD release party in LA – good times were had by all.

We had a fabulous time at Jason Mann’s show in LA last week – the night was a celebration of Jason’s new CD release, and everyone came out to show their enthusiasm and enjoy an evening of fabulous music. Jason’s written a song just for fans which will be included as a digital download exclusive in Fangasm, so of course we wanted to be there too.

Expect a blog post of our chat with Jason soon about his new CD, upcoming plans, and performing with Jensen at the convention in Italy — but for now, we just wanted to share the fun night! We were blown away by the talents of John Pearson (think early Thom Yorke) and Jim Hanft (not only a talented musician, but hysterically funny – he’s a Philly boy like Lynn, so look for him soon at World Café). Then Riley Smith’s band, Life of Riley, took the stage and we couldn’t resist jumping off the bar stools to shake it up a little. Jason finished up the evening, playing with the band for a change and having everyone on their feet and singing along. Oddly, this included Michael Rosenbaum, who kept walking by the stage singing Jason’s praises. Loudly. We totally agreed with him though– in fact, we all demanded an encore, which prompted Jason to call all his friends up to the stage to help him sing an awesome cover of ‘The Weight’. And yes, he did try to convince Jensen to help out, since he’s apparently the only one who’s sure about the words for the later verses. This time, unlike at the Italy con, Jensen managed to evade the temptation. Alas!

Can’t say we blame him, though. The night was wonderfully laid back, with most of the people there knowing each other well from the local music scene. We had a chance to catch up with Jensen and Danneel and Steve Carlson to just chat instead of asking interview questions, which is definitely a lot more fun! In fact, they asked us questions about Fangasm instead, which was a lovely turnaround since we’re used to being on the other side of the question asking! They’ve all contributed alot to the book, and their support never fails to make us all warm and fuzzy. Or maybe that was the drinks….

Anyway, conversation ranged from music to television to whether or not you should interrupt another celebrity having a quiet dinner to tell him you’re a big fan (yes, the people we fan also struggle with this same dilemma about the people they fan – and the consensus was probably not, let the guy eat, in case you were wondering). By the end of the evening, we were feeling so warm and fuzzy that we ended up giving out wedding advice to Danneel and Jensen – as in, don’t forget to have fun at your own wedding, it’s your day after all. Easy to forget when you’re genuinely caring people who worry about everyone else having a good time, as they both are. This prompted a lovely conversation that only made the warm and fuzzies even more warm and fuzzy, and the goodbye hugs too. Hopefully the warmth will stay with us now that we’re back on the chilly rainy East coast faced with a staggering pile of work to catch up on. Why can’t we just be fulltime fangirls??

8 thoughts on “LA Weekend – Jason Manns, Jensen Ackles, Danneel Harris and Friends

  • This is me, being insanely jealous … and this is me, being very thankful you share! And a promised downloadable treat from Jason? This is me being impatient and REALLY looking forward to Fangasm coming out at long last!

  • “Why can’t we just be fulltime fangirls??” I second that!

    I was fortunate enough to be at Jason’s show, too. He was great! I can’t wait to hear what he’s prepared for us. Thanks!

  • I’m a newbie to your website but am loving it! I must say, reading most of your stories with “warm fuzzies” as well!! Although just a little jealousy mixed in too! 🙂

    Can’t wait to read your book!

    I too am a prisoner of the university world…and bound into servitude for life! Would much prefer the full-time life of fandom!
    Hopelessly devoted to Supernatural…and proud of it!

    In some forums and alternate universes I am known as “Dean4me”. I love the show and discussing it.
    Thanks for some great insights and interviews.

  • “Why can’t we just be fulltime fangirls??”

    Ummm…this is me raising my hand to volunteer! If ever you need help in your fangirling, you know where to find me! Seriously, though- the digital download sounds really cool; can’t wait for the book to come out.

  • Sounds like a fun and delightfully laid-back evening. Just what you hard-working girls deserve! Such a treat that you’ve become such great friends with these guys (and gals – including Danneel here! LOL) that they’ll just sit and chat with you. Many have said it before but I’ll say it again – warms my heart so much to know what kind and down-to-earth people this whole crew is. Makes a girl love them more!

  • This is me, seconding everything Mary (Bardicvoice) said. I’m really jealous, I’m so glad you share, and when is the book coming out already??? 🙂

  • Ok, so I am thirding (is that even a word? Well it is now!) what Mary and Becky wrote, thanks for sharing with us, you know that I live vicariously through you guys don’t you?

    I can’t wait for the book to come out, do you have a publishing date yet ladies? Now is the time that I should mention that I want two copies, one to read and pore through and one to keep in pristine condition (for when I wear out the first copy!).

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