It’s the Last Saturday Night Special of 2021! SPNNash Part Two

We left off Part One of our NashCon coverage on Saturday night. After a delicious dinner on the ‘outdoor’ veranda with friends, it was time for the Saturday Night Special, which rocked as always. Also as always, this means that Kim took a billion (beautiful) photos. Yay!

Louden Swain opened the show with “Present Time” followed by “Taxi Driver.”

Kim got alot of excellent shots of Billy Moran. Obviously. All you Billy fans, these are for you – please enjoy!

Ahhhh, the elusive drummer shot!


Nashville native Emma Fitzpatrick joined Rob and the band on “Salt in the Wound”– she has an incredible voice.

Rob was also joined by Tyler James, who collaborated with Rob on his new solo music including the single “Elevator”. Check it out if you haven’t already!

Next, the band performed “Kind of Guy” which also featured Tyler on keyboard.

Briana performed a version of ‘Uninvited’ that left everyone gobsmacked. I missed her voice and stage presence so much when cons weren’t happening.

“Basement of No Hope” was the next song, which included Rob’s hilarious re-enactment, err, um, explanation of the song’s origin. I don’t think he’s quite over having to spend the night in that horror movie-esque basement room after losing at #rockpaperscissors. Poor Rob.

Making art about it can be therapeutic though, so good on you writing a song about it!

Billy is amused by Rob’s version of the story

David Haydn Jones came straight from his ‘Dinner with Davy’ still decked out in tux and sneakers, which seemed pretty perfect for his bring-the-house-down rendition of George Michaels’ ‘Faith’.

Here’s a little clip from our twitter:

David performs ‘Faith’

Rob and Mike are enjoying David’s performance

Next was one of my favorites, ‘Rock Song’, with Tyler on bass, Borja on keyboard.

Where are all my friends? Right HERE, Rob!

Next up was Kim Rhodes, whose stage presence and rocking out I’ve also really missed.

The best thing about Kim Rhodes’ performances are watching just how much she enjoys herself and gets into the music, which never fails to put a huge grin on my face. On this night, she performed “Bloodletting.”

Next, the band performed their soon-to-be-released single “What I Got Myself Into.”

And then my personal favorite of the new songs, with a refrain that gets (happily) stuck in my head every time I hear it – “Comeback Kid.”

Jason Manns joined Rob and Billy for a gorgeous rendition of Hallelujah, which gave all of us a chance to sing along too. Before they started, Rob tried to kill a little time to allow Billy a chance to get set.

And then they were ready. And the magic took over.

Rob and Jason take a step back and listen to the crowd sing along. It truly is a powerful moment.

Here’s a little clip from my twitter so you can hear the magic yourself:


The band next performed one of Kim’s favorites, “Amazing.” Chills, man, chills every. freakin. time.

Rob introduced the next song “This Is How” by encouraging all of us to “Say this is who I am, God made me this way – I made you this way!”

When it was time for an encore, Mark Pellegrino came out to encourage the crowd to demand more music. And then the band returned to the stage to perform “She Waits.” Many of us had finger lights for Amazing and She Waits, and I always get emotional seeing that show of support.

The final song of the night was a joyous rendition of Mama’s Jam with everyone onstage joining in. I will always miss the days of Matt Cohen bounding out onstage to cheerlead for this song, but I have to say, Kim Rhodes is just as enthusiastic!

I love love love when Kim really gets into it – because that means we all get really into it too!



There’s no way not to be in a great mood after a Saturday Night Special, and we all were.

I stopped at my friend Tedra’s room on the (long) walk back from SNS because I had to see it all decorated in full on Supernatural motel splendor. I also had a chance to see all those friends’ photo ops they’d had that day, which made me really sad that I didn’t have any on Saturday because holy hell, not to be too shallow, but that jacket and jeans combination that Mr. Ackles had on? Dayum.

(Photo op glimpse that night from @waywrddaughter67). See?

Anyway. Me not having Saturday photo ops? I have regrets.

Back in our hotel room, Kim spent some time going through her pretty pretty pictures (so we could share them in all these posts, lucky us), while I pretty much passed out with all the lights on. Oops.

And then it was Sunday! Stay tuned for Nashcon Part 3 with Jared, Jensen, Ruth, Alex and more!


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  • Beautiful pictures, love how well you convey that enthusiastic vibe that these events stoke. I could almost be there with you. Thanks Lynn.

  • LOVE these photos. So excited for TWO cons next year. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year, Lynn. Hope to sit next to you at a con next year. <3

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