Walker Goes Undercover with Episode 1.05 ‘Duke’

We’re somehow already on episode 5 of Walker’s first season, and starting to feel a little bit like we’re getting to know the characters. This episode, however, let us get to know someone else a little – Walker’s undercover alter ego, Duke.  It was an interesting glimpse into what those ten months were like for him when he was gone, and just how deeply he lost himself in this other persona. If I look at that from my psychologist perspective, it seems like Cordell wasn’t ready to adapt to the loss of his wife, so he threw himself into an entirely different world. Became someone who hadn’t been in love with Emily and hadn’t lost her; someone who could immerse himself in another romantic relationship way before Cordell himself was ready to do that, even if he was ‘pretending’ some of the time. It’s not the healthiest coping strategy for grieving, and it had a negative impact on his family, but it’s becoming a little clearer why Walker stayed away all that time and just how deep he was in. Interestingly, the always perceptive fandom noticed that Padalecki covered up his crown tattoo that he shares with Supernatural castmates Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan when Walker was undercover as Duke. It’s all about identity in this episode.

The episode begins “Four Months Earlier” at a rodeo, Walker in a ball cap and looking a little scruffier than usual as things like calf roping go on. The attractive blonde woman  in the photo August developed (Twyla Jean, guest star Karissa Lee Staples)  comes on to him, saying she’s worked up the courage to introduce herself.

It seems like he’s had long enough to prove himself in some way, with Walker commenting that they’re keeping him sidelined so he doesn’t embarrass any of them. At that, one of the guys (Clint) challenges him to a sort of rite of passage – riding a bull for ten seconds.

Clink: Whaddya say, Dick?

Walker: It’s Duke.

Twyla proves herself in his corner by cautioning him that the bull has a cracked rib, so not to squeeze with his knees. At least I think that’s what she said – the audio in this show is still uneven at times.

We don’t actually see Walker (or his stunt double) riding the bull, and this is a little off topic, but I was distracted during this whole scene by my own feelings about rodeo. Sorry, I know this is a show based in Texas, but why is anyone riding a bull with cracked ribs? Or at all, for that matter? That’s neither here nor there, I know, but my feelings got in the way of what was intended as an indication of Walker’s success.

Walker — “Duke” — Image Number: WLK105b_1007r — Pictured (L-R): Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker — Photo: Rebecca Brenneman/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Jared Padalecki live tweeted the episode while dealing with floods and electricity outages in Austin, rescuing chickens and inviting neighbors into his home while the neighbors had no power or water.

Jared: BTS: I rode that bull for four minutes. But we had to cut those shots for timing sake. We even traded places.

I laughed out loud.

Back to “Present Day” and Walker freaking out about August texting Twyla (without knowing who he was texting) and her texting back. He seems on the verge of a panic attack and dunks his head in a sink full of cold water to calm down.

Padalecki in real life understands what it’s like to cope with anxiety, and he does a great job portraying that here. (The chapter he wrote in the book Family Don’t End With Blood talks about his own personal experience with anxiety and depression and his real life coping strategies).

He tells the kids at breakfast that he has to go out of town briefly, and Stella immediately looks upset.

Stella: That would be a no for today, then?

She’s wearing her soccer jersey; her father insists that he’ll be there at her game.

August: (bitterly) Unless he leaves town.

Uh oh. I can already see where this is going. That fragile progress Walker made with his son last episode is easily overturned as soon as August fears his dad is on the verge of abandoning them again.

Walker isn’t amused. He grounds August for taking the phone, saying it was boxed up for a reason. I have to admit, taking that phone was an odd thing for Augie to do. The character sometimes reads as confusingly young and naïve. Wouldn’t the teenage son of a Texas Ranger know better than to plug in one of his dad’s phones and text some random person? For that matter, wouldn’t Walker have deactivated the phone instead of leaving it lying around in a box? Hmm.

At any rate, August and Stella are still not trusting their dad to stick around, and that’s realistic. Children are more sensitive to perceived abandonment than anything else, and with their mother gone, their dad is all they have in terms of a parent.

Walker drives a little ways out of town then gets out and strips to the waist, changing shirts and putting on a cross on a chain and slapping on some (bad) aftershave. His change from Walker to Duke gave a grateful fandom some gorgeous shots of shirtless Padalecki in the Texas sun. (Screencaps and gifs of that scene took up half my timeline the next day. Not complaining).

Gifs jaredandjensen

Jared livetweeting: Oh no, it’s back! #DadBod

Everyone: Incorrect

Micki and Trey start their day with banter, Trey asking if she’s told Walker about his new gig yet, and her wishing him luck for his first big game day as the new soccer coach. Things go downhill when Trey says he looked into flights to Vegas for them to go visit his mom. Micki has mommy issues, and immediately bristles.

Trey: I know you and your mom aren’t great, but…

Micki: The mother part sounds loaded.

She snaps at him but then comes back and apologizes, asking if they can talk about it later. Once again, I enjoy the healthy relationship dynamic going on with these two.

When Micki gets into work, Capt. James introduces her to Tessa Graves (Blythe Howard), San Antonio FBI

Tessa is not Walker’s biggest fan.

Tessa: So you’re the good partner?

Liam is there too, and together they catch Micki up on Cordell’s undercover operation, Tessa critical that it took him ten months to complete it. He ultimately identified four people as part of the Rodeo Kings gang – Clint, Crystal, Jaxon and Twyla Jean, who worked for a bank as the inside woman.

Tessa: Walker knew Twyla…intimately…

We also find out that Liam refused to put his big brother on the stand, which would have blown his identity and put his family at risk. At the end of their last job, the $300K vanished and Walker was one of the last people to be seen with it.

Tessa: He went dark for long stretches. This morning Duke made contact with Twyla – we have a wire on his phone.

She thinks they might be meeting up to get the missing cash and then leaving town, but Micki doesn’t buy it (and of course neither do the viewers).

Micki: Has anyone asked Walker about his side?

Liam also disagrees, pointing out that Cordell hated who he had to become as Duke. If he’s undercover it’s a last resort, Liam insists, maybe to get Twyla away from Austin and protect his family.

It’s nice to see the people closest to Walker refusing to buy into that narrative.

They watch as Walker knocks on a motel room door, and Twyla greets him and pulls him in.

Twyla: I’ve missed that aftershave.

They kiss passionately, she pulls his shirts off and unbuttons her dress, and for a minute it looks to Supernatural fans a lot like that Sam/Ruby intimate moment from a long time ago. (Look, we Supernatural fans remember those moments, what can I say?)

Gifs jaredandjensen

“Duke” stops her, though, saying they can’t “do this right now.”

And calling her “baby girl” which did not help the fandom calm down.

Duke: We can’t be seen together, it’d be worse for you than for me.

Twyla points out that he texted her, and says she needs to get out of town and needs his help, after looking everywhere for the missing money.

Duke stalls with “we always think better with whisky and garlic bread, right?”

Padalecki does a good job of letting us see just how reluctant Walker is to engage in this deception, though. As soon as Twyla is tucked under his chin, he closes his eyes, steeling himself to go through with it.

Also this show never fails to make me hungry and craving something mentioned. Garlic bread, anyone?

Twyla and Duke drink, eat garlic bread, and then she puts a song on the jukebox and they slow dance. (I’m not sure how this fits with his “we can’t be seen together”, but…)

The scene melts into a flashback, Duke and Twyla getting to know each other, him commenting that it’s strange that Clint robbed her and then she followed him to a bar to become friends. She counters with that Duke only seems happy when he’s on top of a bull.

Duke: I lost someone… my brother. He was my best friend. We traveled the country together. Going from town to town. He always had my back. I’m not trying to replace him, but you and that bull are the only things that hold a candle.

Me, a Supernatural fan: (sobs forever)

The Supernatural references in Walker are generally subtle, so that wouldn’t stand out to someone who hadn’t watched Padalecki’s former show, but for those of us who are Supernatural fans, it sounded so much like Sam and Dean Winchester. Padalecki’s tearing up saying it and I can’t help but think that he’s missing Dean Winchester too. Knowing that Sam really did lose his brother just three months ago on that show, brought a flood of emotion I wasn’t expecting.

I appreciate those references so much; knowing that Jared still thinks about Sam and Dean makes it easier somehow knowing how often I do.

Twyla (clearly not a Supernatural fan): Every girl’s dream, to be compared to a dead guy and a bull.

Back in the present, Micki joins the gang at the bar, undercover with an earpiece. She sees Jaxon heading for Walker and Twyla, armed, so she ignores what’s in her earpiece and surprises them by grabbing Jaxon’s gun and then outing Twyla for having one in her back pocket.

Micki (using the alias Adriana, which we’ll soon find out is her mother’s name): Didn’t want you thinkin’ Duke came without backup of his own. Why don’t we all get honest about what we’re doing here?

They all put their guns on the table. Duke insists he doesn’t have the $300K; Micki gets right on board and suggests they pull off another job to get the money back, the last one that Clint was planning. There’s a tense moment when Twyla tries to put Micki on the spot asking about Duke’s safe cracking friend, but Micki comes up with Hoyt and pulls it off.

Adriana: Hoyt, that dummy couldn’t crack a safe to save his life. Shame he’s back in lock up. You want $300K, this is the option on the table.

They agree, but there’s one thing Adriana has to do if she’s going to be part of the Rodeo Kings.

Flashback to the night before their last heist, Crystal and Clint singing karaoke in the bar, Cordi meeting clandestinely with Liam in a back room. He’s stressed; does the face dunk thing again.

He tells Liam that he needs to go to Capt. James and tell him to make the arrests that night, that the Rodeo Kings can’t finish the job tomorrow because Clint and Crystal are talking about ‘going down shooting’.  Liam insists he needs them to put one foot in the bank, so he can put them away for real.

That little exchange, and Liam’s confession of guilt at the end of the episode, were some realistic touches that gave a little insight into just how stressful doing an undercover job like that must be, constantly walking the line between not blowing your cover and not getting innocent people killed. It also let us see more of the Walker brothers working together, which is a dynamic I hope we see more of.

Back in the present, Walker thanks Micki for “backing this unspeakable jackass sight unseen”.

Micki: Oh, I saw a lot.

Cordell leans in to shout into her earpiece to let everyone know he knows they’re listening.

“Adriana” admits that not being Micki for the day is kinda exhilarating. Then it’s time for Adriana to show her stuff – riding the mechanical bull. Because Micki is damn good at just about everything, she even beats Walker’s time on the bull.

Also, you go, Lindsey Morgan!

Walker — “Duke” — Image Number: WLK105b_0238r — Pictured: Lindsey Morgan as Micki Ramirez — Photo: Rebecca Brenneman/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Unfortunately, the celebration is cut short by a car pulling up – one that Cordell recognizes. It’s August and Ruby; he’d told her he was scared his dad was leaving again, and Ruby had encouraged Augie to “give him an earful.”  While that might sometimes be decent advice, again I would think that August would understand the danger or interrupting his Texas Ranger dad in the middle of a case, especially when he’s clearly undercover. I guess his anger and fear of abandonment are overruling his common sense?

August: I knew you were lying to me! We’re not good enough for you, are we? You’re a coward who abandoned us twice.

Walker tries desperately to get them to leave, afraid they’ll blow his cover and put all of them in danger.

Walker: You don’t know what you’re messing with, take your girl and get outta here, kid!

August: If I never see this guy again, it’ll be too soon.

They drive off, leaving Walker looking agonized.

Stella also has a tough time at the soccer game that Walker doesn’t make it to, looking around again and again for her dad in the stands. Ouch. After the game, Coach Trey tries to ask her what’s wrong, but she pushes him off, saying “they gave you a whistle, but you don’t know me.”

She capitulates surprisingly fast though, which was a bit unrealistic, telling him that her mom was a big deal in college soccer and her dad said he never missed one of her games at UT.

Stella: I threw myself into soccer because – this is so stupid — but I thought that it would bring him back or whatever. Like make him come home.

Trey: And he still isn’t here. I’m sorry. But you’ve gotta decide, who are you playing for, yourself or your dad?

The Rodeo Kings foursome grabs a stash of guns. Micki surreptitiously squeezes Walker’s hand, saying that August will forgive him.

Walker to Jaxon: You’ve got a lot of bullets…

Jaxon: What did Clint say? Go big or go home.

Walker’s got a bad feeling about this. We see a flashback of that last robbery, as the police show up and a gunfight ensued. A wounded Crystal takes the money bag and drives off, mortally wounded, and says to Walker:  Tell Clint we’ll always have one last dance.

Then Walker is ‘captured’, ending his undercover stint.

Walker has an epiphany in the present: Wait, stop! I know where the money is, it’s in the juke box at the bar. We don’t need to rob a bank.

Twyla immediately knocks Jaxon out and holds a gun on Duke and Adriana, ordering them to the floor and to count backwards from 50. As they do, Micki looks over at Walker.

Micki: Oh, I don’t like that smile…

Gifs jaredandjensen

Walker: Like August says, if he never sees Duke again, it’ll be too soon. Let’s give my boy what he wants.

The ending is an elaborate plan that goes like clockwork. Walker confronts Twyla as she finds the money in the jukebox; they dance while she holds a gun to his side, which was… odd.

Twyla: I thought it’d be you and me, splitting Jaxon’s share, but I can’t shake the feeling there’s something behind those eyes that’s never quite gonna let me in.

Perceptive, Twyla Jean.

The cops show up and she tries to run with the money, but is apprehended. Walker makes sure she sees Duke get caught too, leaping the fence and yelling about “going big” as Tessa shoots him (in the bulletproof vest).

Gif jarpadsandjensens

He face plants into the swimming pool and she gasps and is led away.

As soon as she’s gone, Liam runs to his big brother, calling his name and helping him out of the water in a scene reminiscent of countless scenes in Supernatural. Instead of “Sammy!” he’s yelling “Cordi, Cordi!” but it hits much the same.

Gif jarpadsandjensens

Liam: Hey hey, it’s okay, she’s gone, you’re safe, they’re all safe. Hey, it’s over, Duke is dead.

They even say ‘hey hey’ like the Winchesters when trying to reassure each other (and themselves) that they’re all right.

Sorry, Supernatural flashback to Sam and Dean and brother comforting brother. Wet brother.

Anyway, Tessa admits that Walker was clean on this and that he retrieved the money and wrapped up the Rodeo Kings, better late than never. After she leaves, the Walker brothers have a moment.

Liam: Listen, back then, I should’ve listened to you. People died, you were way ahead of it…

Cordi: Stop, don’t. None of that is on you, that’s on Clint. Don’t ever forget that.

They hug, Padalecki so clearly now playing the big brother. It’s a nice moment. Give me all the brotherly moments, I’m used to them!

Later that night, Liam comes to see Capt. James, carrying Emily’s drone footage – which they both requested.

Liam: Something’s off.

Ah. The plot thickens.

Micki returns home and asks how Trey’s first game day was, and he allows that coaching is proving more meaningful to him than he thought it would be.

Micki: I made this for you. I’m happy to give your mom some particulars.

It’s a drawing of him in Las Vegas, and I really really love that Micki draws.

Micki: Moms are stressful… I think of the criticism. Adriana makes me feel small.

Trey: Tina doesn’t.

He asks if there’s a chance they’re in this for the long haul, and she smiles, saying ‘maybe.’

Meanwhile, Walker comes home to find a hurt and angry August.

August: If you really are leaving, you need to tell her, I’m not doing it for you.

Stella has Emily’s jersey, saying she’s going to change her number to her mother’s, clearly thinking about what Coach Trey said and what it means to her own identity development.

Walker: I’m sorry, August. I’m not leaving. It breaks my heart you thought I would.

He explains to Stella that her brother followed him, which would’ve been an impressive recon op if it weren’t so dangerous.

Walker: I had to yell at you to get you away from those people. I didn’t mean a word of it.

August: I did.

Walker knows that’s true, and he knows what he has to do.

Walker: Duke is over. It’s over. Because of you. Nothing inside or outside this box will ever keep me away ever again.  Duke is dead but he still needs to be cremated. So whattya say we take this fake cowboy badass and light him up once and for all?

The family ritual puts the painful ten months behind them once and for all, along with the persona that Walker took on to avoid his own grieving.

August: What was he like?

Walker: He pretended a lot to be happy, to feel whole, to…

August: To be in love?

Walker: Yeah. He pretended there too. Help me say goodbye once and for all.

August lights the match, and the box burns as Walker hugs his kids.

As always, I like the emotional moments more than anything else in this episode. The undercover case itself and its primary players were a little over the top and I’m still not sure why it took Duke ten months to figure out what he did – maybe that’s intentionally odd though.

The episode had a lot to say about identity – Walker coming back to being himself perhaps more comfortably than before after giving up the avoidant alter ego of Duke; Stella starting to adapt to her mother’s death by identifying with her, even wearing her jersey; Micki struggling with her own mother’s influence on her, taking on her name as her undercover alter ego even though she tells Trey that she doesn’t want to see her.

I enjoyed the relationships and how they all evolved. The Tricki moments were warm as always, and I’m intrigued to find out more about Micki’s relationship with her mother, especially after chatting with Alex Meneses yesterday about the role – look for an exclusive interview here soon!

I like the way the Walker brothers are becoming closer and that they’re working together more, and I liked seeing Cordell’s obviously conflicted feelings about his time undercover and his alter ego, Duke. It’s both a practical and a symbolic move forward that he’s said goodbye to that fake person and has promised his kids to really be there for them – the real him, here and now.

There’s a lot of up and down and back and forth in this show when it comes to the family’s grieving. Sometimes I’m tempted to go come on, they’ve already had this out and come together again – but really, that’s not how it goes. Healing is not a one and done deal, it happens over time and people go back and forth between dealing well and barely dealing at all. It’s as though my own sense of frustration is mirroring that of the characters, as they keep struggling to get close again only to be pulled apart by the events of the past year in their lives.

This time, I think they made some significant strides. I enjoyed meeting Duke, but I hope he’s put to rest, for Walker’s sake. I’m sure the show can find some other reasons for Walker to take his shirt off from time to time…

The show has its first mini hiatus for a few weeks, returning on March 11. Looking forward to meeting the ‘real’ Adriana!

Caps by homeofthenutty

— Lynn

You can read Jared Padalecki’s chapter

“What Fandom Means To Me” in

Family Don’t End With Blood and and

his chapter on Supernatural’s legacy in

There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done






18 thoughts on “Walker Goes Undercover with Episode 1.05 ‘Duke’

  • I don’t know if it’s wishful thinking but I noticed a lot of SPN references (or ones that just reminded me of SPN) in this episode. Duke talking about losing his brother. (ouch) Burning the box at the end, the mechanical bull (even though it was Dean in the episode Regarding Dean) and the line “Clint and Crystal, they’re talking Butch and Sundance”. But maybe I’m wishing or reading more into stuff
    I didn’t like Tessa Graves (FBI- San Antonio Office) but I did like Liam sticking up for his brother. I also enjoyed Micki going up to the table and confronting Twyla and Jaxon. The lady has nerve! I must be getting involved in the show because as soon as August showed up- I said OH SHIT!! loudly, LOL

    I also (like Lynn) questioned the fact that Stella so quickly confided in the new coach (Trey). It seemed very quick but there are so many story lines that I guess things get rushed. I understand Walker not deactivating the phone because technically, (at the time) he wasn’t totally done with that case. The money was still missing and Twyla and Jaxon weren’t behind bars. In the back of his mind, he probably knew he wasn’t totally done yet but August texting that number (teens-do crap first, ask questions later) put things in motion.

    This was a good episode, it answered some questions and left others which is the way it should be. Emily’s death still needs some clearing up.

    When Jared tweeted #DadBod I just cracked up.. Thanks Jared. Now I have to wait for another episode. Reminds me of hellatus during Supernatural.

    • I noticed all those Supernatural parallels too, but I thought the discussion of Duke’s lost brother was the most overt. Half the time anything and everything reminds me of Supernatural, so I’m never sure it’s not just me!

  • Jared again proves what a superb actor he is. Not only isn’t there barely a trace of my beloved Sam in Cordell, but he also gave us Duke a totally separate and complex character. I adore Kale CULLEY as August. That young man will go far if he continues to learn his craft with Jared and Gen as mentors. Jared shirtless made me whoop out loud ( not sorry). My husband is tolerant of my undying love for him.

    Micki and Trey are a treat to watch. Their relationship is real and solid. Communication is key!

    Trey coaching Stella kept it all in the family.
    Love this show. I’ve fallen hard for Cordell. Damn hellatus!

  • This show just keeps getting better and better. Each new episode becomes my favourite. Jared’s acting is superb. The final shoot out was great. I was so wrapped up in the story that I honestly thought she shot him. It wasn’t until he opens his eye that I realized I had been holding my breath.

    Micki’s badassery knows no bounds. I like how she took charge of the case. It expands on the trust building between her and Walker from the previous episode. The banter between Micki and Walker in this episode is always enjoyable.

    I will say I’ve been enjoying all the Supernatural references too. But that flashback scene did me in. I quickly turned into a complete puddle sitting there on my couch. All the dialogue past “I lost my brother” became static and I couldn’t think of anything other than losing Dean.

    • I had a pretty strong emotional reaction to that scene too – I wasn’t expecting it, so I wasn’t prepared for the sudden tearing up that happened. I’m grateful though, that Jared is still thinking about Sam and Dean too.

  • Awesome review as usual! I also love the way Liam kept side-eying Graves lol. I saw on Twitter that dunking face like Walker did is one of calming techniques for panic attack, is it true?

  • I did like this episode, though it wasn’t perfect.

    For example, “Duke Cunningham” had a noticeable drawl initially, then lost it . . . not good for characterization (inside the box) nor continuity (outside the box). Maybe this is a minor point, but somehow it bothers ex-Texan me.

    The episode showed, intentionally or otherwise, how immature, privileged and sheltered both Stella and August are.

    IMHO, Cordell is going to have to, in essence, temporarily be John Winchester in order to drill some sense into those kids’ heads. When their dad is senior law enforcement and spends time undercover, even teen family members need to understand and respect that lest someone innocent get hurt or worse. And, yeah, I know that this is not SPN, but Sam Winchester would never have blown a scenario like August almost did even when he was 14 or 12 or 10.

    As to healing and trauma, you are correct about the process. As Sam Winchester once said, “It’s never over.” And, as famous grief author Megan Devine is frequently quoted as saying, “Some things cannot be fixed; they can only be carried. Grief like yours, love like yours, can only be carried.”

    • That last quote is so poignant – and especially relevant considering the show’s unofficial theme song is ‘Carry On’

  • Thanks for your detailed and well illustrated review Lynn.

    Not sure if it’s the writing or the actress, but Mickie is coming to dominate the show with sparkling good humour and such a well adjusted attitude even with her own issues. Mature and adult , not too proud to apologize when she’s cranky.

    I got the same feelings as August, Walker was very much into his fake persons and enjoying it a little too much. Jared portrays him as a man cable of, given the right/ wrong situation of going darkside without a second thought.

    There were some growing issues with the Walker children and their reckless actions and escalating behaviour. Yes they are teens, teens make mistakes, but from a very young age they would have been very much aware of and schooled in the need for confidentiality for their Dads job, to act with care around his work, known enough not to endanger themselves or him, so it feels as if the writers have chosen to use that purposefully or they failed in their research. As someone raised in an environment like that I can say they would absolutely know better, which makes the way they are written so much worse, because it would be more than naïve, it would be deliberate endangerment.

    I also question would Liam be working Emily’s case ? Is he not too close a family member? Would that not be given to someone impartial?

    • I think alot of us side eyed some of Stella and Augie’s reactions and behavior this episode.I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not as well thought out as it could be – I guess time will tell. I hadn’t thought to question Liam being so closely involved with his sister in law’s case. Hmm.

  • Lovely review! Another moment between TeamSassyBoots that I love is when they lied down on the floor and Walker smiled so back after Micki said, “So she can shoot you!” You can see he got the idea of “killing” Duke right there 😀

  • I liked this episode the best so far. It was good to see Jared showing us so much with his expressions, like he learned to do on Supernatural. One thing I only caught on a rewatch was a funny moment with Micki after Twyla took off. She berated Walker for just spitting out all that information about where the money was in front of the gang. He defends himself by saying he was excited (at figuring it out). It was a nice bit of “real” Walker (aka Talker) that showed he may be excellent at his job, but he’s got his flaws. As usual, I tend to be able to gloss over any plot problems because I’m so taken up with the characters. I miss Sam and Dean like burning, but Walker has a great cast.

    • Agreed on all counts. I like those little moments of vulnerability that make the character real. And I miss Sam and Dean like burning. I suspect I always will.

  • I liked the episode, but there are some things that really didn`t make sense to me. But maybe that`s just me.

    The first one you have mentioned too, I have a hard time imagening August would do such a stupid thing, but ok maybe he just didn`t think straight because he really was scared his father would leave. But why didn`t Walker just explain what happend, that August has blown his cover and he has to fix that now, or people would be in danger. Maybe August would have stood back if he knew.

    Also how was August able to find his father, even Walker couldn`t know he would end up at that ranch when he went to that motel to meet Twyla. So how did August find him ?

    Another thing I didn`t understand, why was Twyla even in Austin, why did she think Duke would be there. I don`t assume that Walkers undercover assignment took place in Austin, so why did she expect him to be there. I`m usually not someone who picks a story a part, but in that episode I never understood where they were at the moment and why. First in Austin, then obviously close to where Walker worked his undercover case. Was that really that close ? Wouldn`t that be way to risky, someone could haver recognized him.

    So alltogether, I liked the episode, especially because of the interactions between the characters, but in the end I had more questions than answers. But as I said, maybe that`s just me.

    • I can’t answer alot of those either. I guess there could have been a way to trace where the text came from when August texted Twyla? And maybe Walker had some of those conversations with his son offscreen? But yes, that’s alot of handwaving, which I generally am not a big fan of. I always value the character moments more than the plot, but I don’t like to be distracted by plot holes either!

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