Happy Birthday, Jared Padalecki!


I have always admired Jared Padalecki. For the awesome acting, the depth and heart that he puts into his portrayal of Sam Winchester on that Show I’m so obsessed with, bringing the character to life so vividly. For the way he allows himself to be genuine and vulnerable in his interactions with others. For his desire to give back and make a difference in this world whether it’s with charity tee shirt campaigns or standing up at the Austin state house and fighting for laws that need to be passed. For the unique and heartwarming friendship he has with his onscreen brother and his loyalty to all his friends and his great love of family.

But I have never admired Jared as much as I do after working with him for the past few years as he wrote his chapter in Family Don’t End With Blood. I was blown away by his courage, his willingness to “go there” in what he wrote – to tell his own personal story without censoring it, in such powerful and compelling language that everyone who reads it knows exactly what he was feeling, exactly what happened, in every moment of that story. I witnessed firsthand his determination to “get it right” – even though I repeatedly told him I thought it was very nearly perfect already! And I witnessed firsthand just how much he cared about telling his story in a way that would be genuine and real. So that other people can see themselves reflected in someone we look up to, and understand that it’s not just words – you really are Not Alone.

I met so many people at the Chicago con this past weekend who told me how much Jared’s words meant to them – how much his writing inspired them, comforted them, validated them. How much it kept them going, let them always keep fighting. I’ve heard the same from so many people online, from all over the world where the book has traveled, who felt the same. I hope Jared knows how much of a difference he’s making with his words. I’ve told him, and I know some of you have told him too. I hope he believes it, and that on his birthday he can feel proud of all the things he’s accomplished.

Happy birthday, Jared.


If you’d like to read Jared’s story in Family Don’t

End With Blood, check it out at the link at the

top of the page. Have tissues ready.


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jared Padalecki!

  • Love me some Jared! His chapter in your book was truly inspiring. Can’t wait to meet him at the Orlando convention in January 2018

  • This morning I wanted to do something special for Jared’s birthday. Times it’s hard to put into words the feeling of my emotions on how much Jared or any of the cast. I looked up spirit animal moose and for dreams. Each area of the meanings hit on key. Everything that Jared represents is that spirit animal. But the awesome love and the strength that he gives to each of the Spnfamily is amazing. I’m so thankful that Jared is in all our lives. Everything Jared does or says or even that smile tells us he does have our backs. AKF. Thank you for sharing this special gift for Jared.

  • Reading his chapter, it was the first time I heard someone else describe their own struggle and was able to hear my own inner voice. It shook me an left me a little unbalanced, but in a good way. I’m grateful for his honesty and courage.

    • I to admire this young man for his courage and his ability to speak out honestly in an attempt to Aid other people his humanitarianism his honesty and his fantastic acting about a happy birthday and many more to come

  • Although I loved the whole book, I have read Jared’s chapter over and over. I have been in that “place” he was in Switzerland where a very small setback tipped me over the edge into full-blown depression, and his struggle to feel like he is enough resonates deeply with me. The courage it took to lay himself open like that in writing and the way he opens up to his vast SPN family continuously proves to me that he is more than enough. A talented, generous, loving, warm human being. Happy Birthday to Jared, and thank you, Lynn, for enabling in the best way.

  • Just wanted to wish you Happy birthday jared i hope you had a Happy one and awesome onelove everything you do and the spn family does can’t wait to see season 13

  • I am a big supernatural fan and I
    Have been inspired by Jared’s story with his depression and I want to let him know that I would never stop praying for him. He is a role model to me and I wish him a very happy birthday. You are a great actor and what makes you special is your dedication to all your fans and to your family as well.

  • 🎶Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Jared. Happy birthday to you🎶 For the record, I have been tormented with major depression since I was a child. It’s taken a combination of things to help me live my life. To my surprise and delight, your Always Keep Fighting message has been one of the things that has helped me press on. Thanks for being real and sharing your life with the rest of us 😊❤️

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