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Valentine’s weekend was pretty special this year for Supernatural fans. Not only did we get to spend the weekend with Jared, Jensen, Misha and company, but there were Valentine’s cards throughout the Hilton’s lobby, some of them SPN centric, so nobody was without one. Courtesy of the Supernatural facebook group, it was the sort of gesture that makes me all warm and fuzzy about fandom – and especially this particular fandom.

The con itself was a dizzying mix of maddening and glorious (the maddening being one of 55 rooms kicked out of the con hotel and booted to the Marriott down the road. WAY down the road). Shuttles really don’t cut it when you’re trying to live tweet, take photos and do interviews all at the same time. Not to mention spend time with your fangirl friends and also with your family! If I was looking harried and flustered, that’s why.

On the other hand, it was really hard to be in a bad mood on Sunday when Jared and Jensen were in such ridiculously GOOD moods. Their panels were so much fun, I could barely stop laughing and smiling long enough to tweet anything, and both meet and greets were equally fun. More photos and favorite moments from the con panels soon, but for now, here are a few of my favorite moments from Jared and Jensen’s meet and greets – from my fallible memory, not a transcript, yada yada. You know the drill.


Jared’s meet and greet was first up, as usual. Most of what I remember is Show-related, but one tidbit that isn’t was pretty adorable. Someone asked Jared what was the most challenging part of the Tough Mudder that he did with Jensen, Rob, Richard, Osric and Jason. Jared said that it was the monkey bars, because near the end there was a very long reach for the last bar. He got near the end and couldn’t reach the last bar, because his shoulder that was injured doesn’t rotate, so he was just hanging there.

Jared: I yelled ‘SPEIGHT!!!’ And Richard quickly came across the monkey bars and gave me a kick. Otherwise, I’d just be hanging there like, ‘someone kick me!’

He helpfully acted this out, which was both amusing and very very nice to watch. It did not, however, make me any more eager to do a Tough Mudder.


The first show-related question was about the keepsake box that Sam has, and what was in it. Jared said there were photos, something from John’s journal, a note that he didn’t read so he doesn’t know what it said, and the amulet. The musical amulet.

Fans: Not the real one??

Jared: Not yet.

Fans: (silently) YET!!!!!

I think Jared and Jensen are hoping it’s in there as fervently as we all are.

Another person asked about Jared’s portrayal of Soulless Sam back in Season 6. What kind of direction did he get?

Jared said that he didn’t get much. He went to see [showrunner] Sera to ask about Sam in Season 6. The conversation went something like this:

Jared: What’s up with Sam?

Sera: He’s soulless.

Fans listening to the story: [blink]

Jared: Right! It was just like that!

So he spent a month thinking about how to play Sam without a soul, eventually thinking of it like a sociopath, not inherently evil, just logical.


I loved this story, simply because I love hearing about how seriously these actors take their work and how much they care about the characters that we all love.

Someone also asked about the new Gilmore Girls project. Jared said he was surprised to find that there were GG fans everywhere. One of the crew came up to him last week and asked about set visits.

Jared: (confused) Um, but you work on this set…

Crew guy: No, the Gilmore Girls set.

Jared: Oh, for your family?

Crew guy: Nope. Just me.

They’re already filming, and Jared was set to film for them today.

Okay, back to Supernatural. A fan asked about unleashing Misha to play Casifer. Jared laughed and said that he thought Misha was doing a great job – in fact, Jared and Jensen don’t even prank him when he’s in Casifer mode! Now that’s really saying something about how well they think Misha is portraying the devil. (it’s Casifer in the script, btw, though I still love Lustiel).

Jared: I love his Mark Pellegrino! But I think Misha’s just glad he can stop doing the voice.

There were lots of questions about Season 11, which made me a happy fangirl. Someone noted that Sam seems to like himself more this season.

Jared: (considering) Maybe because Jared likes himself more.

Fan: I’m glad.

Jared: (soft smile) Me too.


I might have gotten a little sniffly at that moment. I keep saying I’m going to bring tissues to meet and greets and then forgetting to do it.

The fans in the meet and greet – and most fans in general, I think – are loving all the genuine communication that’s going on in Supernatural this season. Someone said that she loved that they finally talked about the season of Sam-hitting-a-dog and that Sam and Dean actually talked about it too and cleared the air between them.

Fan: Give Robbie Thompson a fruit basket!

Jared talked a little about the PACK fund, and how he and Jensen and Misha talked about it a long time ago. They didn’t know if they’d raise any significant money, but now that they have, they’re excited to contribute to organizations like TWLOHA, AIR and Random Acts. They’re also excited about the Fan Crisis Support Network, because it’s something by the fans and for the fans.

Jared: Because that’s the meaning of Supernatural. We help each other. So it’s fitting.


It is.

My question was also about Season 11 — about the most recent episode, and especially that last scene in ‘Love Hurts’ where the brothers actually TALK to each other. Jared seemed just as excited about it as me.

Jared: I prefer when Sam and Dean are on the same team. When you love someone so much, you don’t want to see them suffer. Sam loves Dean, so he wants to take that burden. But Dean also loves Sam, so in a way it’s more of a burden knowing that Sam’s taking it on. Sam is resigned – accepting of it, and not in a negative way.

Me: I loved that scene, loved what Sam said to Dean about not judging him, that it wasn’t his fault. It struck me as a fitting parallel to the work that you and Jensen and Misha are doing in ‘real life’ around mental health issues. So often people get blamed and judged for things that aren’t their fault.

Jared liked the idea of a parallel.

Jared: The way the Show mirrors the fandom, it’s a relationship. It’s hard to know which is the chicken and which the egg, which came first, after eleven seasons. Are Sam and Dean like this because of Jared and Jensen or vice versa?

He went on to give credit to the writers, who know these characters and how to write them.

Jared: We trust them, and they trust us.

We both agreed that this is unique; something that’s not going to happen again. Not all of this.


Talk about warm and fuzzy feelings, that’s a hell of a way to leave a meet and greet.

A little later, it was time for Jensen’s, which was kicked off by a question that I asked about last time but am frankly still wondering about. So I’m glad someone else asked it again.

Fan: I don’t understand what’s going on with Dean and Amara – I’m so confused!

Jensen: Me too!

He went on to say that the writers were at first going down a path of attraction and desire, but that didn’t make sense to him – it made more sense that Dean would be confused.



Jensen: It’s something he’s unable to put a name to. In a scene coming up, I play it like he’s in shock and awe, like he’s powerless. The script said desire, but luckily it was Phil and he agreed with me – it’s not something you can put a word on like that, it’s not lust or desire.

Everyone in the room: Thank you!

Jensen also said that Sam feels like he has to protect Dean now. Because of the situation with Amara, Dean is more helpless than he has been before. [Personally, I’m A-OK with some protective Sam!]

My question was similar to what I asked Jared – about the scene in last week’s episode where Sam and Dean finally had an actual conversation. I reiterated what I’d said to Jared, that Sam’s refusal to judge or shame his brother was a nice parallel to their real life AKF and YANA campaigns encouraging the same thing.

Jensen: I hadn’t thought of that, but yes, that’s true. That’s interesting.


I also wondered about Jensen’s take on what Dean was thinking in that scene, because after Sam said “I got this, Dean,” he didn’t really respond.

Jensen: They didn’t linger on Dean too long…

Me: No, like not at all.

Jensen: … Because I got up and left!

Me: Oh – because Dean was so uncomfortable with the conversation?

Jensen said yes, that Dean was very uncomfortable with having to ask Sam for help, with actually saying that he couldn’t do it [kill Amara].

Jensen: It was so hard for him, he just wanted to get it out there and not linger.

Me: Was it scripted?

Jensen: No.

Me: (smirk) Thought so.


Damn you, Mr. Ackles and your fabulous acting instincts and the way you know this character inside out.

Someone asked if he ever wanted to do his own stunts, and Jensen laughed and said all the time. He told a story about his stunt double Todd Scott which involved him having to throw himself on the car’s windshield and break it. He had to use ‘quick ramps’ which he ran up at breakneck speed and threw himself onto the car. Except the car was a convertible and instead of hitting the windshield, he hit the frame! Jensen said he knew Todd was hurt, but he wouldn’t admit it and went again, even harder this time. This time the windshield shattered. But Todd ended up with three broken ribs. Ouch.

Another fan asked what it was like to shoot that scene where Dean is scooting backwards on his (lovely) ass while firing at one of the Steins. Jensen said that it was difficult because he was concerned about shooting the cameraman, who was right in there with him.

Jensen: Brad and Rosie have been with us since the beginning, and they’re like family. But they trust me, they said they wouldn’t let anyone else point a gun right at them. But I worried, I would feel awful if they got hurt.


He also said that because the guns are shooting blanks, there’s a great deal of blow back. That’s why you’ll often see him blink when he fires. [Jensen helpfully got up and demonstrated some of this, which we all really really appreciated.]

Fan: Was that the weirdest position you’ve been in for the show?

Jensen: [with a smile] No, I’ve done a lot of weird positions before…



A fan said, in a very emotional and heartfelt way, that she was struck by this fandom’s support of each other and love for each other.

Jensen: Me too. Jared and I talk about this all the time. Eric Kripke said to us, listen guys, this is on you. We were 27 and 23, and that was a lot of responsibility. Even though we really didn’t’ have to try, we knew we had to get along. In Season 1, he stormed off set and I was like, oh crap. We hashed it out like bros do, and we made a pact – we’re teammates, brothers. Now we’re like, ‘this is way bigger than us’. And we have a responsibility. We’re proud to be a part of this. It’s an honor.


It made sense that the conversation stayed with the theme of family. A fan asked about the closeness between Jared and Jensen, and what was the most impressive thing that either of them had done for each other’s families.

Jensen thought for a minute before he answered.

Jensen: Being there for each other.

He said that last summer when Jared had a hard time, Danneel was there for Gen, and she and Jensen were there for both of them.

Jensen: Just last night we had dinner at their house, and we said cheers, love you guys, love you too. I said [to Jared], ‘this is why we do it, the long hours and the flights home – our kids playing together and our wives with a glass of wine in the kitchen’. It’s pretty amazing for two guys who were essentially forced to work together. And now it’s all of us – we love each other. And we love you guys too.

Everyone: [perhaps a little choked up] And we love you.



Once again, I left the meet and greet wishing for tissues, which is something I will apparently never learn. What Jared said about this being unique and never likely to happen again, not like this? Yeah. A million times yeah.

Stay tuned for much more from Houscon, including exclusive interviews and photos!

Photo edits by the talented @arkine13!

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34 thoughts on “Houscon – Jared and Jensen Meet and Greet Tidbits

  • What beautiful Meet & Greets, Lynn!.! I am loving season 11, their communication and teamwork. Lovin’ protective Sam coming up! Most of all, Jared & Jensen and their close relationship that is the foundation for the brotherhood of Sam & Dean and the ripple effect of love to all of the SPNFamily!

  • Thank you so much for posting this. I just purchased your book and absolutely love it! I am 50 years old and over the moon with these guys. What you and they say about family… So true. There will never be another show or fandom like this. Friends and family laugh and tease because not a day goes by that I don’t have a story to tell about SPN !

  • Great write-ups! I always love reading them. And I’m so glad to hear this: “Jared and Jensen don’t even prank him when he’s in Casifer mode! Now that’s really saying something about how well they think Misha is portraying the devil.” I love that Jared was so complimentary of Casifer – I totally agree with him!

    And I love the mentions of AKF, YANA, and RA. Our boys are all so charitable and wonderful. We’ve definitely hit the jackpot with those three.

  • *wibble* My goodness there’s something in my eye. I just love them so much. I love the Show so much. There has – literally – never been anything like it. Star Trek is the closest, but they didn’t have the internet and the immediacy and access that we have now. Its pretty darn amazing. As always, thanks for sharing with us!

  • @Fangasm

    Have you ever been in a M&G or at a panel where Jensen or Jared has told a more detailed story on what went down when they had a fight on set, which ended with Jensen going to Jared’s trailer and them hugging it out?

      • Hah, yes 😀 According to a report on Jensen’s M&G at one JIBcon, Jensen had felt like an asshole after Jared had left the set. Apparently, Jensen told that Jared had been in tears when Jensen had gotten to Jared’s trailer.

        I’d be interested to know if they’ve talked more about the situation in the past e.g. how they felt and what they thought when things were still bad between them, why the fight escalated, what made Jared storm off etc.

        Did Jared at one point say that at the time (before they made up), he didn’t know how he and Jensen could work together after a fight like that?

      • It was never a “fight,” just a brief disagreement on set in S1 that got heated. Jensen decided to follow right away so no hard feelings would start. They’ve never had a problem between each other after that. Pretty rare.

  • I wish the fans would treat the actors with the same respect and care that the actors treat the fans. This bashing of YANA and Jensen and Misha by a certain segment of the fandom is disgusting.

    It’s unfortunate that Jensen’s meet and greet was attended by at least two members of that certain segment of the fandom, people who are bashing Jensen online because he is involved with YANA were actually in the meet and greet.

  • Hey Lynn! Are you trying to make me cry????? That is one of the sweetest things I’ve read!!!! <3 ONe day I WILL meet them!!!

    • Are you referring to the fight they had on set? 🙂

      I’d like to know which episode they were filming at the time! 😀

  • “Are Sam and Dean like this because of Jared and Jensen or vice versa?”

    I adore this quote by Jared! I also really loved Jensen talking about his family hanging out with Jared’s family the night before and how the two of them – with their own, individual families – have literally formed a family together. It’s crazy (and sweet) how life often imitates art – especially with those two.

    I did have a question about something you wrote. Is Misha involved in the PACK Fund? I was under the impression that the PACK Fun was something set up jointly by J2 (hence the name). I didn’t know Misha was involved as he has Random Acts.

    As always, thanks so much for sharing! It’s alway a pleasure to read your M&G reviews!

  • Thank you Lynn x
    Thank you so much.
    I love them. I actually love them. Really.
    Both, although I am a Sam/Jared girl through and through ( you prob didn’t know that, right 😁)
    I wish I had been there, but it is so nice to hear a bit about themes and greets. I am getting emotional now. I think if I had been there I would have melted 😍

    Thanks again,
    Sue ❤️❤️

  • Thank you Lynn x
    Thank you so much.
    I love them. I actually love them. Really.
    Both, although I am a Sam/Jared girl through and through ( you prob didn’t know that, right 😁)
    I wish I had been there, but it is so nice to hear a bit about the meet and greets. I am getting emotional now. I think if I had been there I would have melted 😍

    Thanks again,
    Sue ❤️❤️

  • Thank you Lynn! I’m a bit late to the Supernatural party but I have embraced it completely. Your articles are the best.
    Where you state that Jared’s response to the fan’s question was that he likes himself more now, I am not ashamed to say I had a few tears roll down my face. Jared is so much more at ease with himself and everyone around him. It is very obvious in the way he has been playing Sam this season.
    I have to say I’ve been a Jensen fan since I started watching Supernatural but this season Jared has been just phenomenal. Gotta say I love em both equally now.
    One of these days I’ll get to a meet and greet.

    • So true! If I had been there, I think I would have bawled my eyes out. I couldn’t be prouder of how Jared and Jensen and the whole SPN family have come so far, just with each other’s support.

  • @Laurie

    “It was never a “fight,” just a brief disagreement on set in S1 that got heated. Jensen decided to follow right away so no hard feelings would start. They’ve never had a problem between each other after that. Pretty rare.”

    Nah, the order of the events differ a bit depending on the source.

    According to one account, Jared leaves the set, Jensen sits back feeling like an asshole, after a while Jared returns to the set and they finish the scene, Jared goes to his trailer and Jensen decides to follow him there and they hug it out.

    In another one, the order of the events is as follows: Jared storms off to his trailer and slams the door, Jensen follows suit and stomps off to his trailer, after a couple of hours Jensen goes over to Jared’s trailer and they hug it out.

    And apparently, Jensen has described it as a fight and what he has shared about it shows that it was indeed a fight. Getting up in each other’s faces, the crew’s reactions, Jared storming off and being in tears and then the two of them deciding that something like that could never happen again if they wanted the show to be successful.

  • I’m crying so hard it’s not even funny. The things this entire family does for each other, to keep each other going and spreading love and support is endlessly inspiring.

  • Another thing from Jensen’s meet and greet that I loved is how Jensen was talking about something in the past and he said something like “he didn’t think he could sing” like, in the past tense. I love how Jensen has grown in self-confidence about his (amazing) singing ability! I love how, within the past year or so, that he feels so comfortable with the fans and trusts the fans to put on this amazing show for us! Jensen is such an amazing person and such inspiration to all of us!

    Speaking of trusting the fans, I love that he allowed the fans in the meet and greet to be part of his call/skype with Danneel and JJ. ( though, after this past week and how he has been bashed and hated on, for doing something nice and in support of us fansI don’t know if he should anymore).

    • Jensen has gotten hate this week??? :S For what?? :S Jared got hate for McDonalds commercial and Jensen got hate for… COME ON YOU GUYS!

      • I wouldn’t fret. Some people (myself included) were upset with how poorly worded the initial YANA announcement was, and expressing that feeling was misinterpreted by some as hate for Jensen, or even Misha. Things have been clarified, and it’s all good.

        As for the hate Jared gets for the McD ad, that’s just absurd. Does McConahey get hate for selling cars? No of course not.

      • In what way was it poorly worded? I can’t find anything about it that would cause confusion. Certainly nothing that warrants the hate Jensen and Misha have gotten over this. It’s absolutely disgusting.When people call the actors names and state they will never support something just because Misha is a part of it, then it’s hate. Nothing to misintrepret about that.

  • I really think that Misha and Jensen should have given some credit to Jared for “You Are Not Alone.”

    E! News had an extensive Q&A with Jared in July, 2015.

    The title of the article: Jared Padalecki Opens Up About His Struggle with Anxiety and Depression: “I’m Not Alone”

    First line of the article is, “Jared Padalecki wants you to know that you are not alone.”

    And Jared is quoted as saying, “It’s even more than just the amount of T-shirts sold, it’s spreading the word. “Hey, we’re not alone, guys! You’re not alone, I’m not alone.” Even I, in my position, I have to remind myself sometimes that I’m not alone. And this crazy business, it’s ironic, but it can be such a lonely existence. You’re around tons of people, cast members, crew members, fans and family and friends, but if you live in your head, it doesn’t matter if you’re surrounded by a million people. You can get overwhelmed. It just goes to show you with these Always Keep Fighting campaigns, we are not alone.”

    • Jared did not coin the phrase “You are not Alone”. Misha has done charity work with RA long before Jared started the AFK thing. And most importantly Jared has no problem with it and supports the campaign. Let’s focus on the amazing cause instead of behaving like stubborn children wanting their favorite to get credit.

  • Thank you for this amazing and emotional report! Not gonna lie, I live for these things, and I know you must spend a fortune attending these M&G’s while the rest of us sit home and absorb (and kevetch about!) these lovely glimpses of the boys “behind the scenes,” so to speak, so. Just. Thanks 🙂

  • Thank you so much for this! My take on the whole lust/desire/confusion thing going on between Amara and Dean: being attracted to someone always starts in the head – and what if it’s just that? Without the bodily desire?

  • So, I was watching a filming of the con on youtube, and I got to the part where the girl asked Jensen to lift up his shirt a little bit. Shortly after Jared said that if he lifted it up 12 inches you could see everything, the girl then proceeded to say something that I couldn’t hear, I was wondering if anyone knew what she said? It was when J&J deadpanned after Jared said, “Get a grip.”

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