Meet the Fans (and Supernatural guest star Linda Blair) at Phoenix ComicCon FanFest!


Happy New Year, SPNFamily! Today we have a guest blogger – our friend and fellow fangirl Erin from @SPNcrossroad. We had a blast with Erin at Comic Con this year, and she was kind enough to do some reporting from this year’s Phoenix Comiccon Fan Fest. She met some fascinating Supernatural fans and one of Supernatural’s guest actors too. Here’s her report!

Hi, Y’all!! I’m Erin from @SPNcrossroad on Twitter, and I had the amazing opportunity to represent Fangasm at this year’s Phoenix Comiccon Fan Fest!! I’ve never interviewed anyone before, and writing is not my forté, so bear with me.

[We think she did a great job btw…]

First of all, I’d like to thank Lynn & Katherine for allowing me to do this for them as they could not make it and also for sending me lots of great stuff to pass out!!


Second, I’d like to thank everyone who let me interview & take pics of them. I hope y’all had a great time!!


This is Kohai. He was there all three days, and we kept running into each other but never got a chance to sit down for an interview.


I met Jen outside the exhibitor door. We struck up a conversation, and she told me she was Linda Blair’s volunteer. We talked about Supernatural a bit, then I shared my bus project with her. She said I could come by the autograph booth and pick up some literature for Linda’s charity and possibly meet Linda.


Emily was my first official interviewee. She and her friends fangirled the whole time over the show & the fact that she was getting interviewed for a Supernatural blog.

Emily’s Twitter: @em102000
Fave Character: Sam
Fave Non-Regular Character: Charlie
Started Watching: “Me and my dad started watching when I was 6 up until season 5. It was our thing we did together. Then I started back this year and am all caught up.”
Fave SPN Site: That Maddy Dork & iFunny
Fave Season: “Season 4 because of Ruby & the Apocalypse and its when Jared met his wife.”
Fave Episode: Changing Channels
Fave Actor: “Misha Collins because of GISHWHES and Random Acts.”
Fave Quote: “I Lost My Shoe.” -Sam
What do you want to see happen in the last episode? “I want Sammy to find his shoe.”


Brenda is in one of the costuming groups I hope to join called Heroes United. . I was asking someone else in the group when he would be available for his interview, and Brenda chimed in that she was a huge fan.

Fave Character: Dean
Fave Non-Regular Character: Chuck
Started Watching: Year and a half ago
Currently Reading: Supernatural: Bobby Singer’s Guide to Hunting
Fave Season: Season 2 – John/Gates of Hell “The boys get to see their dad again.”
Fave Episode: “Yellow Fever because of how Dean reacts to that cat.”
Least Fave Episode: “Anything with the Ghostfacers.”
Fave Actor: Jensen Ackles
Fave Quote: “That was scary!” -Dean
What do you want to see happen in the last episode? “I just want to be surprised.”

With Supernatural guest star the iconic Linda Blair
With Supernatural guest star the iconic Linda Blair

YES!! That’s Linda Blair!! Her volunteer Jen told her about me, so when I went over to get the literature on Linda’s charity, Jen waved me into the autograph line and introduced me as “the one with the bus project.” Squeeeeeee! Linda shook my hand and proceeded to ask if I had met the boys yet. I said I hadn’t but I would in February at Creation’s Salute to Supernatural here in Phoenix. She told me they are so sweet and genuine and truly are grateful for their fans. We then talked about her coming back on the show. Twitter peeps, get on that!! She wants to!! #BringLindaBlairBackToSPN She then asked me more about the bus project and wished me luck. What a strong, confident woman! It was truly a pleasure to meet her. I was shaking for at least an hour after that.


More Casplay!!



David is a huge Supernatural fan and helped his mother-in-law at her booth. (She makes stunning colored pencil drawings of the boys and donated four prints to the #SPNFamilyRoadhouse Project after I met her at Tucson Con. Check out Christine’s Etsy!!)

David’s Twitter: @thedhpearson
Fave Character: “Cas because he’s not whiny.”
Fave Non-Regular Character: “Gadreel because he is so torn and always wants to help and do the right thing.”
Started Watching: 18 months ago. Was introduced by the “Internet Collective.”
Fave Season: Season 4 – Apocalypse
Fave Episode: The French Mistake “Because Misha is so reflexive.”
Fave Actor: Misha. “I didn’t get to be in GISHWHES this year, but I work for a news studio and got to help hook up teams.”
Fave Quote: “Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cake hole.” -Dean
What do you want to see happen in the last episode: “I want them to keep on hunting or die and stay dead and go to an ambiguous heaven or a tidy heaven with no politics.”


End of Day #1, and I came home to Jason Manns’ Christmas CD!! You can order it too (and be ready for next year or just play it all year long, it’s that good!) at


I met Tina during the @SPNRoadconUSA AZ Christmas party. What a fun girl, so filled with joy that’s absolutely contagious!! She was at Fan Fest all 3 days, and we got to spend a lot of time together fangirling over all our fave fandoms.

Tina’s Twitter: @az_Tina_MK
Fave Character: Dean “I can identify with him as the oldest. I had to be the good child and protective of my siblings.”
Fave Non-Regular Character: Jody “She’s awesome!! She was thrown into this world. Watched her son die twice and lost her husband, yet takes it in stride with so much strength.”
Started Watching: “Taped it on my VCR right from the start because I had to work, but it broke shortly after Scarecrow. Found it on TNT 2 years ago and binge-watched while I had pneumonia. I joined Twitter because of the comments about the show on Amazon.”
Fave SPN Fansite: SuperWiki
Fave Season: Season 5 “Chuck, Gabriel, the perfect wrap-up. I really liked Season 9 too because of the Demon/Mark of Cain fall-out. It gave the boys time to interact with other characters.”
Fave Episode: Swan Song
Fave Actor: Jensen “I don’t think he would be as good if it wasn’t for Jared. They play so well off of each other.”
Fave Quote: “I’m very pop culture savvy now.” ~Cas & “No one in the history of torture’s been tortured with torture like the torture you’ll be tortured with.” -Crowley
What would you like to see happen in the last episode? “Either them Thelma & Louise-ing it or them meeting God & God taking them to heaven.


“Say ‘Destiel'”


As a new SPN fan, Tyler sure rocks the Casplay!!

Fave Character: Cas “Because he’s the odd one out and his misunderstandings of pop culture.”
Fave Non-Regular Character: Charlie “Because of the amount of knowledge she keeps in her head.”
Started Watching: 6 months ago
Fave Season: Season 5 “Because of Cas’ storyline, and Kripke wraps the show so completely.”
Fave Episode: Lazarus Rising
Fave Actor: Misha
Fave Quote: “Dean, this isn’t funny. The voice says I’m almost out of minutes.”
What do you want to see happen in the last episode? “Crowley to the camera: ‘Your ten years are up.’ He snaps, the screen goes black, then all you hear are hellhounds.” (I told him the show was confirmed for Season 11. *sad face*)


Team Free Will


“Moose” by Twiggs & Berries []



I met Sara at Tuscon Con and hoped I’d run into her again because she makes amazing Supernatural jewelry and clocks. Sara loves her job so much because of how people react when they see something they just have to have that she has handmade. She only sells her wares at conventions, so go!! I shared with her about my bus project and she excitedly handed me her favourite SPN clock. Check it out along with all the other amazing creations donated by our SPNFamily at

Sara’s Facebook Page: My Faerietale
Fave Character: Dean “I would totally let him pick me up!”
Fave Non-Regular Character: Becky
Started Watching: 2005 “Watched Jensen in Dark Angel then saw the previews for his new show.”
Fave Season: Season 3
Fave Episode: Clap Your Hands if You Believe
Fave Actor: Jim Beaver
Fave Quote: “I am the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.”
What do you want to see happen in the last episode? “Last image of them (could be just the boys or with Cas too) driving off into the sunset in the Impala.”


Cas with one of Sara’s Clocks



Crowley & Moose with Amazing Flower Crowns

— Erin


We think Erin did a great job, and loved “meeting” the SPN fans who were there — and Linda Blair too!

Check back here tomorrow for an exclusive interview with Briana Buckmaster, Supernatural’s own Sheriff Donna. And if you’ve read Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls and enjoy talking about fandom or SPN, you might be interested to know that some fans have started an online book club for Fangasm, which thrills us to no end. You can register at and join in the discussion in February – if you haven’t read it yet, you can order a copy from the link at the top of this page. We’ll be joining in too, and promise to answer all your questions. Well, most of them…

online book club

— Lynn

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