Jensen and Jared at NJCon!


We’ve had a blast at NJCon, and hope some of you enjoyed our mad tweeting! Above is an example of how much fun Jared and Jensen were onstage today – this is Jared pantomiming the snake in Yellow Fever while Jensen looks perplexed. He should be used to this by now!

We’ve got a lot to share here, with some picture posts coming up of all three days of the con. But for now, a few tidbits from the Jared and Jensen meet and greets. Tidbits only, since we didn’t take notes. But the boys are rather memorable.

njcon j2 061

We ran into a few fans who had just been at Jared’s meet and greet (and were consequently smiling like they’d just won the lottery).

Lynn: Did Jared say anything adorable?

Fans: Yes.

Lynn: Ooh, what?

Fans: Hello.

Lynn: Point taken.

Actually Jared did say a few adorable things, like now that he’s on hiatus, he’s putting in a lot of daddy time. Imagine his surprise when he discovered that parenting is actually harder than his day job. (Fangirl moms in the room: *are not surprised in the least*)

Someone asked Jared for advice about being an actor, and Jared had some words of wisdom — be yourself, and don’t try to fit into a particular role, i.e. the pretty boy or whatever.

Jared: There are better actors out there who could play Sam.

Fans: No way.

Jared: And there are actors out there who are better looking.

Fans. No really. NO WAY.

Jared obviously lost that battle.


Jensen talked about what makes someone a good actor too, saying it came down to being able to make someone believe it. He reads his scripts the night before and makes notes all over it, because he likes to follow his initial instincts in playing the scene. Though he and Jared are always open to the nuances of the scene, and will sometimes change a word or a line because they feel it differently.

He also talked about how much playing Dean over the past eight years has impacted his life. He puts on those boots and those faded jeans, and he’s Dean. He’s a part of Dean, and Dean’s a part of him — one he’ll carry with him even after the show is over. Actor Josh Jackson told him that when a long-running series ends, it’s like you have to reintegrate into society.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think I’ll feel that way when SPN ends too. This show and this fandom are a wonderful and special world, and it’s been pretty awesome being immersed in both for so many years. We’ve had many fans tell us they can no longer imagine life without Supernatural. I guess we’ll all be reintegrating along with Jared and Jensen!

njcon j2 069

My question for Jensen was a serious one – what is his psychological take on how Dean is dealing with not being able to be the one to do the trials, and having to watch Sam suffer through them. Jensen said that of course it’s tough on Dean, he’s a stubborn bastard, and he feels like he should be doing them. In that scene where Dean tells Sam that he’s the grunt, he’s the one who should take them on, so Sam can go on and live a long and happy “normal” life, the scene got very emotional. They went with a more stoic version because they felt that fit the scene better, but apparently both actors got caught up in the emotions for some of the takes.

Lynn: (perhaps a little misty eyed) Um, me too. (This is an understatement…)

We had a few laughs with Mr. Ackles in the meet and greet too. He loves working with Felicia Day, and they make each other laugh. A fan asked him about a continuity glitch about the boys never having been to the Grand Canyon and then Sam suddenly remembering being there as a four year old with Dean on a farty mule – Jensen agreed it would be nice to have a continuity bible somewhere on set, and then joked about his favorite episode being the one where they go to the Grand Canyon.

Oh, and we should all be chomping at the bit for the release of the gag reel. The scene in LARP and the Real Girl where Braveheart!Dean gives his inspirational speech and then takes off? Jensen shared at the last con that he slipped in the mud and fell flat on his face. Apparently that outtake — in glorious slow motion — plays like every five minutes on the gag reel. Or at least that’s how it seemed to poor Jensen.


Supernatural group hug! Ty and Rick join J2
Supernatural group hug! Ty and Rick join J2

Much more from NJCon coming up – stay tuned!

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  • Thank you so much for sharing, on twitter live (we really appreciate it, us who couldn’t be there) and here with more details. As a fan too, you know how much we love knowing everything, so thank you THANK YOU

  • Love it 🙂

    I can’t wait to experience a convention myself (VanCon), but, in the meantime, I love that you’re sharing your experience via twitter and your blog. Cheers!

  • Once again a wonderful job done during this Con. It made me almost feel like I have been there myself. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • I appreciate you sharing your notes. I was afraid Creation’s requirement would cause you to not report this time.

  • It’s such an amazing experience for fans at the ‘Supernatural Convention’ where we get to mingle and see our favourite SPN stars live on stage and being closer to them …I still remember my very first and only SPN con Asylum 3 in the UK….God ..It was so incredible to see Jensen & Jared infront of me ..they are so better looking and gorgeous in person than on tv…It’s so worth it to attend an SPN convention .. so much fun and great stage talks with our stars ..can’t get enough of it ..I would probably go to all the SPN Con around the world if only I can afford it …So thanks for sharing all the wonderful moments of our SPN family at the Con..

  • Reading the NJCon reports just made me realize that I had way more fun than I realized at NJCon. Thank you for that! It’s good sometimes to get out of my head and my worries about things and realize there is so much to love about this fandom. 😀 And in the previous con report, I loved the mention of being immersed in a world where specific things have meaning to the whole fandom (like taking pics of the Impala and the importance of pie), and I remembered the amazing Stump the Experts game; I had so much fun participating with new friends in the audience. 😀


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