Naughty or Nice? Gabe Tigerman and Danneel Ackles Kick Off the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving from Fangasm! To kick off your holiday celebrating, be sure to catch Gabriel Tigerman and Danneel Ackles in the original movie, Naughty or Nice, airing this Saturday, November 24th on the Hallmark Channel. The special is directed by another member of the SPN extended family, David Mackay, who also brought us Ten Inch Hero. (And Jensen in a kilt and eye makeup, lest you’ve forgotten. Wait, who would forget something like that??)

David was one of the first people we interviewed for Fangasm, way back in 2007 on our first trip to Vancouver. His insights on directing, the film business and how to hang onto your creative vision no matter what obstacles keep falling in your way helped us keep going when it looked like the book would never get published. And on a more shallow level (hey, you know what we like….) he shared filming tips like how he lit Jensen’s eyes so they’d be even more knock-you-over gorgeous. Thanks, David.

Danneel was also one of our first interviews, and we’ve been two of her biggest fans ever since she proved herself not only smart, thoughtful and beautiful, but one of the most patient and supportive people we’ve ever met. Let’s just say our interview with her was plagued with the most ridiculous technical difficulties you can imagine – and that Danneel and Jensen managed to save the day anyway. For those of you who’ve read Fandom At The Crossroads, you know that Danneel and the adorable Gabe Tigerman contributed their thinky thoughts to that book, and there’s much more from both of them and from David in Fangasm.

Until then, with this many Supernatural-connected cast and crew working on a project, Naughty or Nice can’t go wrong! Be sure to check it out on Saturday evening and tweet Danneel and Gabe your thoughts. We’re looking forward to it!

Here’s a preview, courtesy of the Hallmark Channel.

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