Big Sky 3.05 – Sheriff Beau Gives Hugs, Rides a Motorcycle, and Saves His Popstar!

This was a good episode of Big Sky for Beau Arlen admirers. Not a very good episode for poor Deputy Poppernak though.

Here’s my what-happened-to-Sheriff-Beau-in-this-episode recap – in which we got some heroics, some hugs and some hints of Beau’s maybe troubled past…

We also got a teaser photo from bts on set thanks to Kylie Bunbury (Cassie) of Jensen Ackles taking a probably well deserved nap, after some intense weeks of doing double duty promoting and producing the new show ‘The Winchesters’ and also being Sheriff Beau Arlen.

It’s the Sheriff’s day off, so he’s shopping for a motorbike for Emily at Gorilla Dave’s, acknowledging that her “overprotective mom” probably won’t like it, but hoping it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.

I can imagine that he clashed with Carla over things like this in the past, but he’s also now clearly feeling like he’s losing his daughter as she’s been camping with Avery. A glimpse of Beau’s sensitivity and vulnerability when it comes to his daughter, and also the anger that’s bubbling around in there in competition with Avery.

“What’s that you say, you’ve never seen Emily so happy? That’s because you took her glamping and I bought her a bike,” he says, imagining a conversation with either her mother or her stepfather and him being the preferred parent. He must really be feeling insecure and hurt if he thinks he has to buy Emily’s love. Ouch.

His day off goes downhill in a big way when the owner confronts a guy outside and gets stabbed with a screwdriver. Beau snaps into Sheriff mode and runs after him – I’m reminded of Dean Winchester running so fast while filming ‘The End’ that none of the other actors could keep up with him, though Sheriff Beau does not run quite that fast.

(Fans theorize his pants are pretty damn tight…that’s okay, wardrobe…)  He leaps a fence as smoothly as Dean Winchester however, and though he doesn’t catch the guy, he does get the license plate of the truck he escapes in.

“I got you,” he says as it disappears.

Beau and Poppernak investigate, Beau saying he has a bad feeling about it all. I say this every week, but he has very good instincts!

Poppernak ends up questioning the wrong person and suddenly has a gun pointed at his head and is taken hostage.  Beau sees the truck and realizes Poppernak isn’t answering his phone and also that’s the truck he’s looking for, and we get a real glimpse of Dean Winchester then.

Beau: Sonofabitch that’s him!

No Supernatural fan will ever hear Jensen Ackles say ‘sonofabitch’ and not hear (or miss) Dean Winchester.

A very worried Jenny and Beau find the Deputy’s phone and realize he was in the truck too.

In the back of that truck, one of Poppernak’s captors asks the other if he’s going to kill their hostage. He says he doesn’t know, and oh no, this is not good. The captors aren’t exactly getting along well either, so the whole situation is way too volatile and you can tell Poppernak knows it.

Beau and Jenny figure out the bad guy is a former motocross rider who always escapes on a motorcycle and disappears afterwards, and that he’s stealing a lot more than bikes. Beau takes charge, giving orders and coming up with a plan and is it hot in here?

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