Todd Stashwick on being an actor and a fanboy and on the Twitter “global party”

Finally well rested from our trip to the Rising Con, we promptly headed to The Big Apple for the premiere of The Last Airbender last week – which, by the way, was incredible. We were blown away by the film (take that critics! True to the spirit of Nickelodeon’s original, visually stunning (and no, we don’t mean the 3D – the amazing fight scenes, the frozen vistas of Greenland, the bending of the elements effects, were all seamless). Novice Noah Ringer personified Aang, and the supporting cast was perfect, nothing overwrought and everyone striking just the right tone. Dev Patel was particularly adept at portraying Zuko’s ambivalence, part hurt little boy and part vengeful young man. Also, Bradley Cooper has nice hair and a dozen young women followed Jackson Rathbone around everywhere he went during the after party.

We also caught up with one of our favorite Supernatural guest stars last week, Todd Stashwick (Dracula from “Monster Movie”). We first met Todd at the Creation con in New Jersey a year ago, where we ended up having a few hours of conversation with him at some ridiculous hour of the morning – he was that entertaining.

Todd in the \”green room\” at NJ Con 2009

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