‘Come Get Me’ – Everyone to Beau Arlen Probably

Just kidding about that interpretation above, but that was in fact the title of last week’s episode of Big Sky. The episode was not Beau Arlen heavy, but it sure was chock full of the kind of weird-creepy-scary that we’ve come to expect from the show. Here’s my wrap up of all things Sheriff Beau and everything he finds himself in the midst of! (With lots of pretty pretty screencaps because that’s part of the point of these #Beaulegs little posts)

There were so many well-done scary scenes in this episode – Denise, who I love (along with the actress who plays her, Dedee Pfeiffer) comes back from a break to find the office dark and ransacked. She hears crashes and goes to investigate instead of running like hell (like I would have done) and hides under a desk instead. Classic horror movie trope of her pov seeing the feet of a man almost discovering her when her keys jingle, but then leaving. Phew!  He leaves behind ‘COME GET ME’ written in blood though, so that lessens the Phew factor.

Sheriff Beau and Jenny Hoyt come to investigate. Beau sees how distraught Denise is and immediately tells her to “c’mere” and wraps her up in a hug, and I’m pretty sure she felt A LOT better. I’ve experienced a Jensen Ackles hug and it is always a reliable way to make ME feel better anyway.

Actually in real life, Dedee Pfeiffer clearly agrees with me, because look at those happy hug faces. Awww.

Hoyt checks on Cassie, who says no, she’s not okay, that this is bringing it all back – about her dad.

Denise’s posting on the Bleeding Heart forum is what triggered the attack, they think, speculating that the Bleeding Heart killer is back. Or maybe never left…

They go over the files of cold case killings, including the original one, a young woman named Blair. One file of a person of interest is missing, so Beau and Jenny decide to go to check out the retired officer who signed it out last. Cassie adds that she saw one of those red hearts carved into a tree near where the truck was burning – and Beau realizes there was one on the dead hiker’s carved figure too. Suddenly Beau takes it personally.

Beau: Maybe I should pull Emily out of that camp…

Everyone screaming at their TV: Yes you absolutely should!!!

Beau and Jenny confront the retired cop, who says that Blair’s boyfriend was the son of a powerful man (named Walker, amusingly) who messed up the cop’s life to keep his son out of jail. Beau is touched by the story, and promises the guy they’ll do their best to solve the case – he holds out his hand, and the man shakes it.

(Those are his listening face, his oh I get it face, his reaching out to you face, and his I got you face. Clearly.)

Arlen is very good at connecting to people, which is another thing that makes him an effective sheriff. He’s a little bit Dean Winchester and a little bit Sam Winchester, and that’s an excellent combination!

Cassie and Denise find a very old heart carved into a tree at the sight of Blair’s killing, and a much newer necklace hanging there – Cassie realizes it was probably planted, that the killer is taunting them.

Beau and Jenny find Blair’s old boyfriend Joe Walker in his ramshackle house, Beau lamenting about how people turn out as they walk from the truck. Big Sky is beautiful in all sorts of ways, from the gorgeous scenery behind Beau and Jenny here to the showcased beauty of the actors themselves.

Also? Requisite #Beaulegs cap.

gifs soldierboys

gifs sensitiveham

Joe is merrily cooking meth and hiding in an attic crawlspace. Beau pokes a hole in the ceiling and Joe falls right through.

Beau: Hiya, Joe.

The delivery though. Priceless.

Beau and Jenny tag team interrogate Joe, which is pretty hot actually. Joe at first thinks he’s in trouble for the meth.

Beau: We’re not here because of your janky meth lab!

They tell him they just opened the Bleeding Heart murder case, but he insists that he didn’t kill her, saying that her father was controlling and possibly abusive, that she had bruises, that maybe he did it, that he lost it when Blair planned to take off with Joe. Beau bristles.

Beau: I’d be pissed too if my daughter was gonna take off.

Joe asks, would you hurt her (which of course we know he would not) and insists the dad was stalking them on prom night.

Beau: Over protective father on prom night, hardly stalking…

Oh Beau, don’t take it so personally!

They regroup with Poppernak and figure out that Cassie went to investigate the dad – alone. Bad idea, Cassie!

She lets herself into a very creepy work shed, weapons and knifes and things hanging everywhere, and finds a very creepy wall of newspaper clippings and sketches about Blair’s murder. Suddenly the dad returns, slamming the door, threatening Cassie even though she has a gun raised. In a twist I didn’t see coming, however, it turns out the dad didn’t do it. He’s distraught that they let the case go cold, so he’s kept the wall of weird and left the messages because someone needs to keep looking.

At that moment, Beau and Jenny arrive and Beau kicks in the door, which mmmm.

gif justjensenanddean

Before they leave, Cassie notices a sketch on the wall of weird that looks just like the guy she saw on the road – Walter.  The dad says that was a guy someone saw in the woods the night Blair was killed. Cassie realizes it’s the same guy she saw.

Tonya and Donno, meanwhile, get increasingly tangled up in the web of the powerful men who hired them to find Luke and Paige. They also become increasingly suspicious of Avery, who warns them that he’s got his eye on them.

I’m growing quite fond of Donno, who always tells it like it is (and wears awesome shirts).

He tries to talk Tonya into cutting their losses and walking away.

Donno: We’ve got a good thing going on now. I never had anything to lose before.

Awwww, Donno.

Tonya says they can’t back out and suggests they ask for double the fee, and I think that breaks Donno’s heart a little. He gives her an early birthday present for protection – a handgun. It reminds me a little of Dean Winchester’s with its ivory grip and carvings.

They meet with the guy who hired them to ask for twice the fee, and encounter the rest of his ‘gang’ of weirdos. Two of them sing a beautiful duet – because they’re actually Lyle Lovett and Darius Rucker!

I guess that’s what you can get if Reba is a regular on your show! Donno fits right in because they are all weird as hell. They also tell Tonya and Donno they have to kill Luke, and threaten them if they don’t – with just the kind of loss Donno wants to prevent. Businesses burn down so easy these days, sometimes with their owners inside, the bad guy warns.

Meanwhile Sunny seems genuinely upset that Buck killed Mary, but he insists she was going to hurt her. He also demands to know whether Walter killed Paige, and Sunny admits she doesn’t know (but we do, because Paige is alive and well and pretty much a master manipulator). They decide to set Luke up for Mary’s murder since the two were friendly, planning a night hike under the Super Moon so they can pretend to stumble over the body, setting Luke up by planting Paige’s phone in his room.

I’m used to Reba doing an amazing job of making Sunny scary as hell, but Buck (Rex Linn) is giving her a run for the money with his cold blooded kill – and now his creepy confession to the dead woman that she was a pretty smart girl and he admires her, and then his extra creepy sniffing the blood on his hand. WHAT?? I swear, this show does creepy better than just about anyone.

Cormac is increasingly suspicious of his parents, catching them acting shady again and again though they cover well. Sunny and Buck send him into town to pick up a prescription, wanting him out of the way for the night hike setup.

Emily, meanwhile, tells Luke that his new besties Tonya and Donno went into town, and Luke sees that as his window for escape.

Emily: You look terrified.

Luke: There are some bad people on this trip, you should get the hell outta here – I am.

He leaves, and Emily foolishly follows him into the woods. She’s impulsive but she’s also fearless, and I wonder how like her dad she is.

Carla becomes worried when Emily doesn’t return, and when Sunny tries to investigate she overhears Tonya and Donno also worrying about where Luke is. The plot thickens!

Emily is now lost in the dark woods, calling out for Luke or anyone, when she of course stumbles right onto Mary’s body. How small are these woods anyway? Or does Emily just have seriously the worst luck? Why does she keep going off into the woods alone?? She runs screaming through the woods and runs into – wait for it – Buck. Her actual killer.

Emily: Someone killed Mary!

Everyone: Yep, he definitely knows…

Buck to Emily: Show me…

Everyone: nooooooooooooooooo!

Carla, now understandably very upset, tells Avery they still can’t find Emily. He’s annoyingly calm, saying “Okay.”

Carla: No it’s not okay, I’m gonna call Beau!

Avery still doesn’t want her to, the idiot.

Meanwhile, back in the woods, Luke runs for his life and it’s once again scary as hell.

Buck comes back to camp with Mary’s body across his horse and Emily in tow, running to her mom, Paige’s bag with them.

Avery: Where’s Luke?

In the woods, Luke unexpectedly runs into… Paige! And oh, she looks every bit as terrifying as half the other people on this show, sarcastically asking if he misses her. Behind him we see Walter.

Uh oh Luke, you’re in trouble now!

There’s no new Big Sky tomorrow unfortunately, but the show and Sheriff Beau returns in one week on ABC!

caps by spndeangirl


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  • I’m starting to think that Buck — not Walter — is the real serial killer of women, and possibly others, and that his wife, Sunny, doesn’t know it.

    After all, Buck is the only person whom we have actually seen kill a young woman, and then soon afterward we saw him sniffing the blood on his hand and otherwise not seeming regretful. I wonder whether Buck has spent years pinning his crimes on Walter, who seems to have some kind of mental condition (FWIW, I think Donno does as well, probably autism), unbeknownst to Sunny.

    And we have seen Walter NOT kill a young woman (Paige) even though he probably had the chance to.

  • I must know. What is it that Beau drives? Similar to older Pathfinder.
    So what is Pedro?

    Loving Jensen as Beau and that long hair? Mercy

    • Pedro is a Landrover. Defender I think an older model. 90s maybe.

      Also are we sure that the BHK isn’t actually a real werewolf? Body mauled, missing (possibly consumed) heart?

  • I’m kinda digging Donno, too. He looked so forlorn when Tonya suggested they double their fee. Donno just wants to cook great food!

    Oh, and those Beauxlegs….mmmmm

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