Happy Birthday Matt Cohen!

This is birthday month for the OG’s of the Supernatural family – and today is Mr. Matt Cohen’s turn! We first met Matt shortly after he appeared on the show as young John Winchester, and were enamored of him from his very first con. He didn’t know how conventions worked and assuming there were thick boundaries between the actors and the fans just wasn’t on his radar, so Matt wanted to hug each and every person he met that weekend. His down to earth personality and infectious genuine joy made him a fan favorite from day one. The first time we sat down to chat with him, we realized there was so much more to Matt Cohen than a pretty face or an incredible physique. (Not that we didn’t already know that)

The first time Matt shared the stage with Richard Speight Jr, his frenetic energy and rapid fire improv style were a bit of a contrast with Matt’s more laid back approach. We watched as Matt and Rich found their rhythm together, both in panels (later joined by Rob Benedict for the now iconic R2M) and in Friday night karaoke. Matt and Rich together spearheaded the evolution of karaoke into a few fans taking the mic in a hotel bar to a crowd of fans singing along and batting a hundred balloons in the air as actors and fans share the mic onstage. It’s been a wild ride, and one that Matt has been an integral part of.

Little by little, like so many of the Supernatural cast, Matt has gone from reluctant to get onstage and sing, to a rockstar who belts out songs like Seven Nation Army and Joker and the Thief. One of my favorite parts of any con is when Matt sticks around for Louden Swain to play Mama’s Jam and becomes the best cheerleader any band ever had, running around the ballroom to get us all pumped and standing on chairs, fist pumping the air. That infectious joy that’s always been there is never more in evidence as when Matt is rocking out to Mama’s Jam!

Matt was also a big part of Kings of Con, one of the funniest things to ever grace your screens. Here’s hoping we get more KoC and more of Matt coming up!

In the early con days, we would often sit down with Matt and catch up on what was happening in his life – and he would catch up with what was happening in ours. Matt would joke that meetings with me and Kathy were his “con therapy sessions”, and I like to think that he enjoyed them as much as we did – which was a lot! When I was putting together Family Don’t End With Blood, I already knew that Matt had a compelling personal story, because he had already shared it with us. I just didn’t know if he would be willing to write it down and put it in a book. I was thrilled when he said yes, and even though he was anxious about doing something he’d never done before – writing – he stepped up to the plate and wrote an amazing chapter. I’ve heard from countless fans who have been inspired by his personal story of how the SPN Family helped him discover who he really is and become himself.

Photo by @kreespa

Now he’s a husband and a dad (posting the most adorable photos of his son in “Mack Attack” pics).

He’s also a wildly popular actor on the venerable soap General Hospital. And while his onscreen physician alter ego might spend a fair amount of time shirtless, anyone who has read Matt’s chapter in Family Don’t End With Blood knows what a deep, thoughtful, smart and caring person Matt is – even if he does look damn good without a shirt. I’m so happy for all your success, Matt, and so grateful that you still come hang out with us on convention weekends.

Wishing you all the best!



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One last photo – it’s one of Kim’s favorites, and mine too!


You can read Matt’s chapter in Family Don’t

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