Viva Las Vegas! Jensen Ackles at VegasCon

Note to our lovely readers:

Creation Entertainment has asked us to take down this Jensen Meet & Greet report and not to post any detailed reports of meet and greets in the future, in order to preserve the integrity of the meet and greets as private functions. We realize that our reports are more detailed than many (due to Lynn’s mad shorthand skills and amazing memory…okay, more due to her mad shorthand skills…) and had offered them up here as a “public service” to fandom and as a way of letting fans know how wonderful the meet and greets can be – which we saw as a way of promoting them for Creation as well. We’ve heard from many of you who decided to spring for the big bucks in order to be able to experience them yourselves after reading our reports. We make no money from this site, we simply wanted to share the squee. However, Creation has never been anything but professional and helpful to us, and supportive of our books, so we want to respect their wishes.

We will, of course, continue to post other interviews and con commentary here, and live tweet con coverage — and if you like our snarky fan-centric writing style, you can read a whole book of it when Fangasm comes out in October. It will be priced so that every fan can buy it, in e-book and paperback, and it’s jam-packed with interviews with Jensen, Jared, Misha, Jim, Richard, Matt, Kripke, Gamble, etc etc as well as our own squeeful (and occasionally embarrassing) misadventures in fandom.

51 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas! Jensen Ackles at VegasCon

  • I’m disappointed that Dean has no storyline of his own coming up and that he’s just going to be a supporting character.

    I love reading Jensen interviews and meet and greets. He just seems so lovely, humble, nice and down to earth.

    • Jensen and Jared are both southern gentlemen to the core! I love reading their interviews, which are fun, informative and always exciting.

  • Thanks for the interview. I love Jensen’s answers when he talks about the challenges of directing/acting. He’s so thoughtful and intelligent I am disappointed that 8 years in and 3 show runners and it appears Dean is nothing more than a support player to them. They can come up with a storyline for Cas, and one for Kevin and even Garth by naming him the new Bobby. We have a new storyline for a recurring character that may continue into season 9

    But Dean… he just gets to be support for Sam, except Sam doesn’t want it and Dean has to learn to let go. Didn’t we go through this exact thing in season 5?

    Wasn’t the whole reason for Sam doing the trials to be there for Dean, yet that barely lasted an episode and we’re right back into Dean’s all worried about Sam.

    We’ve known that Dean will worry about Sam and do anything for Sam in season 1. Thats not a storyline its a trait. Can’t we get some character growth please.

    Sadly, while I love Benny that scene sounds like a good bye scene, with very little doubt that Dean will apologize for not being there for Benny.

    • No matter what happens brothers/family care about each other. They live in a world where they fight monsters and can get killed, they care if each other is hurt or dies! This is a brother show how is that not just part of the show about family. He wants to care about his brother, you never grow out of that. Benny is a monster, he is not a friend, he is a vampire, I think Dean having humans as friends might be nice for a change. But he has his brother and they have something that is unbreakable.

      I love watching their relationship and how no matter how many times they say it they will always come back to putting each other first and having each others back and caring for the other more than themselves.

  • Your M&G reports always make me feel like I am there in the room with you, Jensen and the other lucky fans! Thanks for giving us the chance to enjoy the con with you! …and thanks for asking the question about the Harlem Shake! That was a great story!!

  • Thanks for the quick write up! Sounds like he was in a great mood this Saturday, must be the baby! lol wish I was there, maybe next year.

  • Awesome as usual. I’m not surprised Jensen is so thrilled to work with Ty and the Benny storyline, since it’s all they’ve given him this season, and worrying over Cas and Sam just isn’t very satisfying at all.. And the Purgatory storyline is the best one. I just hope there are more flashbacks in whatever episode he comes back in.

  • So basically it’s the same story they’ve had for the past 8 seasons. Sam with the special destiny and Dean as his, what? I don’t even know what Dean is, he has nothing to do, no story, just watch out for Sam. Nothing changes on this show. These writers are too afraid to change the formula and the show is getting boring with the constant repeats of the same storylines.

    Jensen is great and thanks for the interview. But this talented guy deserves better than what these unimaginative showrunners and writers give him, which is basically nothing.

      • From the moment John Winchester loaded six month old Sam into four year old Dean’s arms, he made Dean the custodian of his little brother. That is a responsibility Dean has always shouldered and always will. I believe destiny means for Sam to be sacrificed and Dean to survive, and Dean must prevent that from happening, no matter what. I’m just glad that there is no real life rivalry between Jensen and Jared over the Sam-Dean controversy that angers so many fans. — Robin Vogel, who loves both brothers and actors equally

  • Thank you so much for this report! That fan probably wanted to say that she didn’t want him “to give anything away” – like spoilers. Now I really want to see that scene with Ty and i love when he talks about his Mom 😀

  • Thank you very much for this report. I loved hearing what Jensen himself had to say both about the upcoming scene with Ty and on working with Loflin on his “prayer scene” in making it more truly emotional; sometimes the writers appear to favor melodrama over genuine emotion. I’m looking forward to the scene with Ty, since the special something seems to have come about from Jensen and Ty themselves. This season Jensen seems very happy working with Ty and relished being challenged and complemented by Ty. Given there has not been any solid storyline for his character season after season, and at best the same supporting role and some comedy for Dean, at least it’s great that a new character was created that Jensen seems to like and the new actor gelled so well with him.

  • Aghhh, I love Jensen Ackles! I remember when he was on Smallville 🙂
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  • Loved it but I think the best part of S8 is the brother storyline so I hope they don’t forget about it and make it the reason why they make the choices they do. I also love the MOL storyline, I love that the boys have this huge revelation that only them two are privy too. I hope they use it as a team.

  • I have been in love with Supernatural for what feels like forever now. I’ve become so emotionally invested in the characters (especially Dean!) that I watched religiously, even where it got admittedly a little weak. I want to see more of Dean too, but I get that the role he often plays – I wouldn’t describe it as a support character though. Sam often gets the limelight and gets to be the one who shakes things up or hits the final nail and all that – but Dean is the guy who gets him through. He’s the big brother. The protector. Interesting to hear Benny will be back (figured they couldn’t leave that unresolved) but I really want to see more of Cas!

  • Thank you for sharing this! It’s the only way I can attend a con. I loved every minute of it. It’s nice to know that Ty is coming back for at least one episode. Jensen Ackles is a wonderful actor, director and it seems that he’s pretty down to Earth kind of guy in person. Maybe one day I can go to one of the SPN con’s. Thanks again for the post and sharing… 🙂

  • Thanks again for taking us behind closed doors! I love how sweet Jensen is and man, of all the things he talks about, I love hearing him talk about the process of bringing a scene to life. He is so accessible as an actor, not ‘portraying’ a character, but rather ‘becoming’ that character. And I love that he enjoys the process and those happy happenings between actors where they let the scene live.

    I am so excited to see this scene between Dean and Benny and to know that Guy Bee was directing just makes me giddy, because good things always happen when he’s directing the boys!

    I hope Jensen can direct an eppie in S9 but I love that he doesn’t want to come back early to do it. He is gonna make such a great dad and it’s lovely to see him so excited about the prospect.

    Ladies, always a pleasure!


    • Maybe I’m a crazy romantic, but I see a future where Thomas Padalecki marries Princess Ackles someday. I just see the J’s remaining lifetime friends and their kids ending up together.

  • Thank you for this interview with the Wonderful Jensen. I’m looking forward to his scene with Ty Olssen. It sounds terrific. Still, it’s a shame to me that the writers have again chosen to deny him even a part of the central role in the big myth-arc sl and have chosen to yet again give it all to Jared. I don’t understand this mindset on the part of the writers. I had hoped there would be something more for Dean and Jensen in the last third of the season-maybe with the angel tablet, but not even a hint of that from him. That was disappointing, even while the man and actor, himself, remains simply amazing. I hope that the writers will reconsider this particular choice of theirs.

    • Thank for you for the interview. I truly respect this guy.

      I agree concering Ty..I just hope that his character remains and is something that is positive, with all the battles ahead, in Dean’s life.

      I love Jensen and his obvious committment and his unique indepth expression when relaying information. Above anyone in the field, I really adore his devotion to SPN, despite the lack of value the producers and writers place on Dean’s character. Jensen gives his all as Dean in whatever position they place him. Eight years is a long time for the rug to be continually pulled out from under you. All the promising starts to stories that are then yanked away and passed to characters, while his co-star’s character is front and center and written to be right, when even he is clearly wrong. Jensen is simply amazing and has a very strong constitution. His professionalism knows no bounds and is to be applauded.

  • Great interview from the brilliant and yet underrated Jensen.

    Kay, I agree with everything you’ve written. Post purgatory and from midseason has placed Dean back to where he’s always been in his Sam’s life. Over the years so many promising Dean stories for has faded. It’s like they never happened. I’m so disappointed that Dean is only defined as support and reactionary to those around him, when he is clearly more than that. Even so, Jensen/Dean is clearly doing an excellent job because HE is the one that has kept me coming back for more each season…with the hope that once and for all the producers and writers would value Dean more than they do. Jensen/Dean keeps me emotionally invested in an iconic character who is a true yet unappreciated unsung hero:D

  • I see that once again there isn’t anything of interest storywise for Dean, although at least we get to see more of the Benny and Dean dynamic, and Castiel’s return may introduce something more for Dean than just worrying about Sam (which might aswell have a little TM next to it by now). I can’t help wondering, what was the reaction from the other fans when Jensen said that? I’m seeing disappointment all over the internet since this report came out.

    Dean caring about Sam is great, but it’s not ALL he is, and anyone who thinks so must really not like Dean at all.

    On a sidenote – could you please add the usual tags to this article please so we can find it easily. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the write up! It’s always such a pleasure to hear about how Jensen sees his craft and character. Now I can’t wait to see those Dean-Ty scenes!

    I have to admit, though, I’m disappointed to hear that Dean’s once again playing the wind beneath Sam’s wings. That might be fine if Dean were a secondary, support character but as far as I know, he’s not. And even Jensen has repeatedly said how thrilled he was in S4 when Dean became more than just Sam’s big brother. No matter how PC Jensen might sound right now, I can’t imagine he’s all that excited to be relegated back to that same position again. I find it absolutely mindboggling at how the writers refuse to find ways for both brothers, not just Sam, to be important to the plot and bigger storyline as individuals. Oh well, maybe next season. With how much anger I’m seeing right now in parts of the Dean fandom right now, though, I wonder how long it’ll take for those fans to run out of patience. Three years is a long time for a lead character to get what’s considered standard fare on other shows.

  • Thank you for this report. I just love “listening” to Jensen. 🙂
    He is always so thoughtful with his responses.

    I also want to thank the fan who asked Jensen about an upcoming storyline for Dean! However, I have to agree with others, that I’m disappointed that Dean doesn’t have a storyline for the rest of the season. Dean may be Sam’s big brother, but that role shouldn’t define him. Dean is more than Sam’s big brother and he should have his own mytharc storylines like Sam has gotten. There should be balance.

  • Hi,

    Thanks so much for writing up these M&Gs. Like others have said, they really do create the feeling of being there, without actually being there. I also really like the different perspective and fresh insights JA and JP provide in these more intimate settings.

    I’d also like to thank you for giving me personally a big warm fuzzy on what is a cold and very, very snowy day where I live. (It actually delivered me a hint of that Vegas desert heat!). A few weeks ago, over at I posted an article called “Home Is Where The Heart Is: Burgers, Books & Boys”. It was all about what discovering the Men of Letters lair/Batcave has given both brothers. I talked at length about what having a home, a place to put his stuff means to Dean, and how it gives him a private space to display his strenghts and vulnerabilities.

    I’m absolutely thrilled because Jensen’s take on Dean’s relationship to the Batcave echoes almost everything I wrote in my article! It’s like getting a gold star from the teacher. (I secretly wonder if he read it, but I highly doubt it, so instead I’m just going to bask in the glow of being on a similar wavelength. Cool!!!)

    Didn’t mean to make this about me, but it is such a satisfying feeling, and I wouldn’t have it, without your write-up. So, it’s much, much appreciated.

    Thank you so much!

    Pragmatic Dreamer

  • Any chance Creation might be willing to agree to some kind of embargo on posting the meet and greet descriptions, like three or six months? It’s not like you’re taking a tape recorder in there. Just a thought.

    I’ve appreciated all of your write ups over the past year, and so look forward to the book(s). Thanks for sharing what you can, and I look forward to reading about your interviews with everyone.

    • I think an embargo is a great idea. while more intimate, the M&Gs are still fan experiences and anything the celebs say there has to be assumed to end up in the public domain. but in 3-6 months any spoilers will have been broadcast (or be in the gag reel) and there won’t be any problem with speculation about what it might mean.

  • I am beyond disappointed in Creation for their stance here; I’m angry. Despite my current straitened circumstances, I was thinking of bidding on a Jensen meet-and-greet in NJ: now I emphatically will not. I can understand their prohibition on recording, but restricting fans from sharing their personal memories and recollections, however detailed? No. Not acceptable. I’m not going to spend money to become a selfish hoarder at Creation’s behest. Creation is shooting itself in the foot by doing this.

    Ladies, I understand why you have to abide by Creation’s rules. I, however, wear no bridle. I will speak of my displeasure. And I suspect NJ and Vancon may be the last Creation conventions I ever attend, and those only because I already bought the tickets.

    • I agree, Mary. It’s not like Creation loses anything because there’s a meet and greet write up for fans to enjoy. Those who want to attend will do so regardless; if anything, reading how much fun these sessions can be might encourage otherwise reluctant fans. It’s extremely shortsighted of Creation (not to mention terrible public relations) to put out such an anti-fan edict. The company already has a reputation of only being interested in making money. This sort of thing only reinforces that very negative and apparently deserved reputation.

  • Hey Just wanted to thank you for your lovely reports every time…i Kind of rely on your reports to get all my Con scoop.. so Thank you!!
    But i am also sorry that the Creation Entertainment asked you to take down this Jensen Meet & Greet report and also not allowing you to post other M&G in future .
    I feel the CE fail to realize that reading such reports gives fans motivation to spend the extra dollars for these private meeting.. and that through these reports we connect to the vast fandom and spread happiness without any personal profit.. And i agree with you that this in turn does promote their events..surely its a loss…

    so i just wanted to thank u again to all the effort u put in these articles…

  • If they asked to take down Jensen’s meet and greet report, then why didn’t they ask to take down Jared’s too. What is the difference?
    Although I did not get to read the Jensen report what could it possibly hurt to have read it? It is not really the same as being there. No harm came from reading Jared’s report.
    This is kind of selective, and in my opinion wrong and unfair.
    Creation still makes the money, and if anything reading and seeing the experience brings people to conventions. Exactly what is the problem?

  • I don’t understand. This is my only opportunity to get an actual insight into Jensen’s thought process. Not everyone is fortunate enough to afford to travel, always have the funds or the luck to attend something as unique and great as this. Therefore I think it’s appalling to withdraw this vehicle that allows invested fans to touch base, feel a part of SPN and attract others to the show as well as the character Jensen plays…and Jensen, of course.

    Are they withdrawing Jared’s M&G too? I hope so.

    Or is this a reflection of what’s already happening on the show, just like SPN, where once again Dean and his fans are secondary?

    Not good PR, not a way of winning fans and it makes you feels like you have to be a member of that special private club. Obviously I’ll never be worthy of that! Some of us already stood at the back praying for information, and we were very grateful for that, but now talk about pushing us out the side door and boarding up the windows. Very, very disappointed.

  • Or maybe what Jensen says is deemed more important and valuable that it is must be taken down than Jared . It is one meet and greet they cant control what extreme Dean fans have no problem voicing else so I wouldnt worry about it.

  • Creation Ent have now said:

    We have just added the line about posting transcripts which has more to do with the 1 hour meet & greets. However, I also included it for backstage. While we don’t mind your writing about your experience we don’t want you to post verbatim conversations from each guest. There is a difference.

    So it should be fine to put your recap back up!

  • I hope in the future you’ll still do write-ups of the Meet and Greets in the format you used for Jared’s this year. I’m assuming they had no problem with that write-up since it didn’t appear to quote him directly.

    I’ve loved all your interviews over the years, I hope you’ll find some way to keep it up!

  • Bonjour hello. I coming to discover that creation asked you to remove reports on meet and greet oh its sad. I cant make of meet and greet with jensen my fave actor and read your reports with him it’s as be a little in this meets and greets. I hadnt the time in more to read the last of jensen at vegas con meet greet. You can maybe to send me it by email pdf etc? Maybe you can to create a page more private for this meets and greets. thanks youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu isabelle.

  • Well, Creation has taken away a big part of the con experience by attacking your reviews and shutting you down. Any chance of my spending the bucks on a M&G were possible only though these. Such bad form, Creation. You don’t really get the SPN fandom at all, and snuffed out the chance of my bucks out of pique. Was Jensen the target because he’s the only one who ever had anything interesting to say? poop

  • Oh, no, I was so looking forward to reading this 🙁
    Feeling a little crushed right now. There is no way I’d be able to go to one of these, though I can’t tell you how much I want to. This is as close as it gets 🙁

  • I love your detailed reports. If Creation ever brought a con to my part of the country, I would go (and have, the one time they did) but I have to rely on other fans for reports and information from the cons in the rest of the world.

    I think Creation is being unreasonable. There are many fans around North America and the rest of the world who would love to go to the Meet and Greats, but don’t have the money, time, babysitters, vacation hours, etc. to even get to one of the cons. And since they limit the audience anyway, even if everyone at the con wanted to go, they couldn’t. I understand that the M&G is exclusive, but you can’t tell me that any of the actors believe that whatever they say there won’t eventually filter out to the rest of the fandom. People are paying for the chance to sit in the same room, and see the actors in a more relaxed setting. I don’t believe for a second that any actor believes that it’s a “secret” what is said in that room. And unless they make the people in that small audience sign something that legally binds them to secrecy, they can’t be surprised that it gets out.

    It’s unfortunate that Creation is more interested in the mighty dollar than in the fans. Just my opinion, but there you go. Thank you for sharing what you are able to, and I hope that you continue to do so for as long as you can.

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