Jared and Jensen TorCon Meet and Greets – Sam and Dean In This Together


Toronto Con is always an emotional convention, and this year was no exception. It was also Canadian Thanksgiving, which meant I had some wonderful nights out with Canadian fangirl friends over good wine and delicious turkey dinner. More on the convention soon, but for now, some meet and greet excerpts! I was lucky enough to go to both Jared and Jensen’s meet and greets, and there were some great questions at both. Here are a couple of tidbits from Jensen’s:

Random question first: he likes Penny Dreadful, and is mock jealous of Josh Hartnett for playing such a cool character.

Most of the rest of the meet and greet was all about Supernatural, which made me a happy meet and greet attendee indeed. The first question was about the similarities between Season 11 and Season 1, seeing as the new season is a bit of a throwback and getting back to the basics of the first season. How have the brothers changed?

Jensen: Has everyone seen the premiere?

One fan: Um, no.

Jensen (gesturing toward the door in mock fury) Get out!

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My Show is Back! Supernatural 11.01 Out Of The Darkness


There is always so much anticipation leading up to the Supernatural season premiere, that it’s hard to believe anything could actually live up to it. For weeks, fans have been posting countdowns, fanfiction that picks up where S10 left off and imagines where the Winchesters, Cas and Crowley will go from there, fanvids, fanart, and graphics all in an attempt to get through the long Hellatus without going insane from Supernatural deprivation.

When the big night is finally here, the excitement is palpable all over social media. I might have let my grad students go home a bit early last night. Shhhh…

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DallasCon Jensen Meet and Greet Tidbits – Countdown to S11!


Other than being in a convention center with woefully long bathroom lines and a single food concession place, DallasCon was laid back and lots of fun. Some of my favorite fangirls were there to hang out with and the cast was in a great mood – Jensen and Jared got to spend time with their kids and families, many of whom were at the con, and Misha is all better and back to smiling a lot, which felt wonderful. More photos and commentary from the con soon, but for now, here are some tidbits from Jensen’s meet and greet.

I usually relate mostly show related things, because that’s what I’m usually dying to know and thus am likely to remember, but I’ll share a little non-show-related tidbit, because it was so cute I can’t leave it out. A fan told Jensen that Jared had said in his meet and greet that JJ screams (with joy) when she sees Tom and Shep (awwww). Jensen laughed and said yes, that’s true. And then added that when she sees him recently and he picks her up, she puts both hands on the sides of his face, cradling it, and says tenderly, “Oh Daddy…”

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Jared, Jensen and Misha at an Emotional Minncon (with J and J Meet and Greet Tidbits)

j2 ja reaches for jp

All Supernatural conventions are emotional; it’s been that way from the beginning for me, because I’m so emotional about this Show and this fandom. Over the years, that’s only become more true. Not just for me, but for all of us – for the fans whose lives have been changed or even saved by an unlikely little show on the CW, and for the actors who make the show and have been interacting with the fandom for the past decade. It’s amazing, unprecedented. I’m writing a new book about it, with chapters written by those fans and those actors, so maybe I’m primed to be even more emotional than usual. But I think anyone who was at Minncon would agree that emotions were running high all weekend.

j2 serious

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