Protective Dad Beau Arlen to the Rescue – Big Sky Goes ‘Duck Hunting’

Last week’s episode of Big Sky was so action packed and full of twists and turns that I could barely live tweet it – there just was no down time! Here’s an update of what happened to our favorite Sheriff, Beau Arlen, last week – and where we leave the rest of our Big Sky inhabitants…

The episode picks up right where we left off, with clueless Luke at first thinking it’s a good thing that he’s run into ex-girlfriend Paige in the woods, but she knows he picked up that rock to kill her – and so does Walter, who “gives him a head start to make it more sporting.” Uh oh, Luke.

Beau finally arrives at the murder camp and Emily throws herself into his arms with “Daddy!” and awwww he finally gets to hold his little girl, reassuring her “I gotcha, I gotcha”.

She’s distraught, telling him how she found Mary and thought she was hurt until she saw her eyes. Poor Emily – at least her dad is here now.

Love seeing this protective Dad side of Sheriff Beau, and Jensen Ackles channels his own protective dad reality to make this scene full of tenderness.

Em tells her dad that she doesn’t think Luke could have killed Mary, but admits that’s just a feeling she has.

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‘Come Get Me’ – Everyone to Beau Arlen Probably

Just kidding about that interpretation above, but that was in fact the title of last week’s episode of Big Sky. The episode was not Beau Arlen heavy, but it sure was chock full of the kind of weird-creepy-scary that we’ve come to expect from the show. Here’s my wrap up of all things Sheriff Beau and everything he finds himself in the midst of! (With lots of pretty pretty screencaps because that’s part of the point of these #Beaulegs little posts)

There were so many well-done scary scenes in this episode – Denise, who I love (along with the actress who plays her, Dedee Pfeiffer) comes back from a break to find the office dark and ransacked. She hears crashes and goes to investigate instead of running like hell (like I would have done) and hides under a desk instead. Classic horror movie trope of her pov seeing the feet of a man almost discovering her when her keys jingle, but then leaving. Phew!  He leaves behind ‘COME GET ME’ written in blood though, so that lessens the Phew factor.

Sheriff Beau and Jenny Hoyt come to investigate. Beau sees how distraught Denise is and immediately tells her to “c’mere” and wraps her up in a hug, and I’m pretty sure she felt A LOT better. I’ve experienced a Jensen Ackles hug and it is always a reliable way to make ME feel better anyway.

Actually in real life, Dedee Pfeiffer clearly agrees with me, because look at those happy hug faces. Awww.

Hoyt checks on Cassie, who says no, she’s not okay, that this is bringing it all back – about her dad.

Denise’s posting on the Bleeding Heart forum is what triggered the attack, they think, speculating that the Bleeding Heart killer is back. Or maybe never left…

They go over the files of cold case killings, including the original one, a young woman named Blair. One file of a person of interest is missing, so Beau and Jenny decide to go to check out the retired officer who signed it out last. Cassie adds that she saw one of those red hearts carved into a tree near where the truck was burning – and Beau realizes there was one on the dead hiker’s carved figure too. Suddenly Beau takes it personally.

Beau: Maybe I should pull Emily out of that camp…

Everyone screaming at their TV: Yes you absolutely should!!!

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