Are You Ready for the Kings of Con? A Chat With Rich and Rob!


I’m so excited for the new web series ‘Kings of Con’, which premieres on Comic Con HQ on November 15. Not only are its two stars, Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict, talented actors and musicians, they have been making Supernatural fans laugh until it’s painful at conventions for the past eight years. I have a feeling Kings of Con is going to be equally hysterical.

I’ve known Rob and Rich since their very first Supernatural conventions back in 2008, so I was thrilled to sit down to chat with them a few weeks ago about Kings of Con. They had just done a ‘Kings of Con’ panel at the convention, in fact. Rob was still working out some arrangements for the band, so Richard and I started chatting.

Richard: So, the panel was good?

Lynn: OMG so good – you guys are always funny, but my stomach was literally hurting from laughing so much.

Richard: Awesome. I liked being on earlier in the day, we had more energy.

(That’s really saying something – nobody has ever accused Richard of not being energetic!)

Richard and Rob onstage at a convention
Richard and Rob onstage at a convention

Lynn: Fans have been very excited about Kings of Con, but that interview that you did on the morning show today (in Toronto) has made everyone even more excited. Because you really get fandom.

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The Kings of Con Talk Their New Series, Convention Shenanigans, and Getting Muddy with Jared and Jensen

kings of con offic

I had the pleasure of chatting with Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict (aka The Kings of Con) earlier today about their web series in the making and how the support of their SPN Family is making it happen.

Lynn: So I just have to ask: Texas Tough Mudder? You guys, Jensen and Jared, Osric, Jason Manns. How was it?

Richard: Actually it was really challenging, but it was a blast!

Lynn: (skeptical) Was it? It’s not exactly my version of fun, gotta say. But you all enjoyed it?

Richard: Well, you know, all of us are sports enthusiasts and played various sports and athletics growing up, and even though seemingly we’re like different dudes in that regard, we’re not.

Lynn: Not surprising, just still having a hard time labelling it as ‘fun’…. I really love that all the guys wore Kings of Con shirts!

Rich: The funny thing is, that was Jensen’s idea. He named the team ‘Kings of Con’. You have to name your team, so I was like, oh awesome! So we had the shirts on.

Lynn: That doesn’t surprise me at all – you guys have all supported and contributed to our books, and everyone in this cast is so supportive of everyone else’s projects.

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