Jensen Ackles at Supernatural DC Con

jensen standing

We’re still having con letdown 24 hours after returning from the Creation Supernatural convention in Washington D.C. (actually Arlington, Virginia, but close enough) – it was a freaking fantastic con! One of the best ones we’ve been to. We’ll write up more coverage when we can catch our breath, but for now, a few con highlights.

One was having a chance for not one, not two, but THREE fangirl dinners (and some excellent fanboy chats too) – all of them filled with spirited discussion about SPN, where Season 9 is headed and whether we’ll all survive it. There’s nothing better than a table full of fans analyzing the smallest moments, debating their significance, sharing intricate theories, challenging and validating each other’s thinky thoughts. It’s exhilarating!

Also exhilarating (in more ways than one, only some of them cognitive…) was Jensen’s meet and greet. As always, no notes allowed, but here are a few tidbits, and my own questions and Jensen’s answers.

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