Jared Padalecki Talks Sam, Sports and More Seasons of Supernatural at Nashcon

Jared Padalecki’s Q & A at Creation’s Supernatural convention last weekend was set up a bit differently – by the time we crowded into the small room, Jared was already seated at a large round table, with ten lucky fans joining him. The other ten of us crowded around or pulled up a chair, and the conversation was at times almost like a rowdy dinner party, with fans and Jared all laughing and talking at once.

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Jensen Ackles Talks Dean, Directing and More in NashVegas


Jared and Jensen read card from fans congratualting them on their People's Choice Award


Jensen Ackles’ Q & A with twenty happy fangirls took place this afternoon at Creation’s Supernatural convention in Nashville. Jensen joined us in a small meeting room and climbed up on the extra tall chair at the front of the room, wondering aloud why they always had him seated on such a high chair. He suspected that perhaps it had something to do with Jared. Logical assumption, but fans knew better. The better to see you with, one fan said with a smile.

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