Ackles and Padalecki as The Next Pitt and Clooney – A Chat with J2

The ‘private’ Q and A with Jensen and Jared still didn’t fit any real definition of private, but it was a little more intimate. This time they dispensed with the round tables and cheese plates in favor of just clustering the chairs around the boys in a small semi-circle, making it seem more like a press conference than a meet & greet. However, since this meant we all were sitting much closer to them, there were definitely no complaints. Shocking, I know.

The guys were in a great mood, apparently because Jensen had just taken a 10 minute nap and Jared had just had lunch, thus everyone’s most pressing needs were temporarily satisfied. Jared brought a Red Bull in with him, though both he and Jensen testified to the sad truth that sometimes they’re just so sleep deprived that even a shot of caffeine doesn’t wake them up. Awww, boys.

Jared starts digging through his pockets for something, perhaps the remnants of his sandwich.

Jensen: “This guy always has pills in his pockets.”

Jared: “That sounds bad.”

Jensen: “No, not bad pills, just like vitamins or whatever.” He then gestures to Jared beside him, all 6’ 4” of him on a small folding chair, and notes, “It takes a lot to keep that body going.”

Fans: (nonverbally of course): “Obviously.”

Jensen was asked what was challenging about being a director, now that he’s had his first opportunity. He described the difference in perspective, and how difficult it was to move back and forth between the roles, using a scene between Dean and Bobby as an example.

Jensen: “As a director, I was looking at the scenes from where to put the camera, how to shoot the scene to get it done quickly, and I knew I could shoot it in one shot – but as an actor, there’s a lot going on here, it’s an emotional scene, I’m talking to Bobby about Sam, Dean’s having all these big issues…there’s a lot of complexity to it. So as an actor, when I looked at it as one shot I thought wait a minute, there must be more to it than that. But there wasn’t, it was so simple for the director in me. So that was a weird thing to balance out, I couldn’t get out of my actor head to get back into my director head.”

We shared a laugh with him at that comment, and then Jared jumped in to share some of the conversations he and Jensen had about Jensen’s directing gig. Clearly they both learned a lot from Jensen’s experience.

Jared: “And you were telling me, how much you needed to understand about special effects rigs and production rigs and what goes on behind the scenes – directors might want to take eight weeks and spend a lot of money when something’s just blasting through, and we don’t need a full costume with a stunt double, we don’t need to hire a body specialist to do backflips, or a CGI outfit that costs so much money that we’ll have to cut another scene out of the episode or another character.”

Jensen also described the concept meetings that directors have with all the department heads where everyone sits around a table and you go through the script line by line.

Jensen: “And as the director I might say okay, for this scene I’m envisioning Dean in the foreground and Sam running around in the background with the monster chasing him. And then the props guy and the special effects guy say okay, we can put a guy on a skateboard and put him on a wire rig and whip him across the frame…and I’m like, woah woah woah guys, he can just run!”

Apparently most directors like to go big, even when it would be much easier and save a lot of money to do it more simply, which was a big eye opener for the first-time director.

Jensen: “And I’ve even done it as an actor, they’ll be like ok, what we want you to do is jump off the thing and you gotta run through this and hit the thing and do this and then you get there, and I’m like, why don’t I just walk through here? And they’re like oh yeah, that’ll work!”

Jared jumps in to sum it up: “The pros are everyone’s trying to do the best they possibly can, but the cons are if we all did that, we’d shoot one episode in 9 months and it would cost a billion jillion dollars.”

Well said, Jared.

Jensen also got to do talent casting for actors, a situation he’s been on the other side of often enough. Both Jared and Jensen described casting as the bane of an actor’s existence.

Jensen: “You come into a room and you have maybe 3 or 4 people just staring at you who are so bored out of their minds because they’ve been listening to the same scene all day long and some of the people are horrible. Some people who consider themselves actors should not be actors.”

When he was in the position of doing the casting, Jensen used his empathy to make the experience less stressful for the actors who were auditioning, getting up to shake their hands and say thanks so much for coming in and just trying to make them comfortable. After all, Jared and Jensen both know what it feels like to be dissed by a casting director.

Jensen: “Once I did this audition for this big director in Hollywood, and he was on his phone, and we came near the end and there was this dramatic beat, and he jumped up and was like good job, man. And the person reading with me was like, uh, we’re not done the scene. And the director was like oh yeah, I always forget about that, well, thanks, take care… ”

Jared described what sounded like a nightmare of an audition: “So the casting director’s phone starts going off, and as we’re reading the scene she literally gets up and walks off to the side and is like hey, I’ll call you back, oh what about lunch, etc., right in the middle of the scene, and we finish and she’s like, thank you so much, and I’m like thank you so much?? You saw like the first 5 seconds of it!”

No wonder the casting process is the bane of actors’ existence.

Jared: “It’s like trying to fall in love in 2 seconds, it’s impossible, so it often goes to someone who just looks the part.”

Both Jensen and Jared have lost parts because they were too tall – that is, taller than the ‘big star’ they would be working opposite. This prompted a dead-on Stallone impression from Jensen. Guess we know who’s the shorter one in that instance, don’t we?

Since we have a good friend who’s a film director, and think he’d make a fabulous guest director for Supernatural, we asked about the difference between directing a television show and a movie. It would be a challenge – in television, you do one or two takes and then move on to the next shot, whereas in film the director might do forty takes.

Jared: “Film directors are specific, they wanna do this, they don’t wanna do that, and they want every single shot.”

Jensen: “We have to cut so many things, and I learned when I directed that you have to pick your battles. Like we just recently shot a scene with a cat and the cat was not behaving, it wasn’t working in the shot and we did three takes, the cat did not work, and boom, the director was like ok, cut here and we’ve gotta move on. Kim Manners used to always say, he wants to find one moment in the scene to really capture — that if he tried to capture every moment in the scene, it would take 6 months to shoot it. So he would have to pick his battles.”

It warms our heart every single time to hear Jensen or Jared talk about Kim. They clearly learned so much from him, and his words still guide their work and their decisions and how they make the show – the actors, directors, producers, crew, everyone.

Sometimes, it seems, talent doesn’t translate between mediums though.

Jared caught the episode that actor James Franco recently did of General Hospital, and said that although he loves Franco’s film work, he was awful. He literally didn’t understand the concept of you’ve just gotta DO it and make it work, you don’t have time to “find it” like you would in a film.

Jensen: “As an actor, you should be able to make writing work. It might take a little longer, you might have to put a little extra thought into it, but you can make the writing work.”

We had never really thought of making the writing work as the responsibility of the actor, but neither Jared nor Jensen shy away from that. They’re serious about their craft and aware that good acting can salvage not-so-good writing – and should.

A fan asked how far Jared and Jensen would go for a role – would they change their look completely?

(Fans collectively gasp NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)

Both guys said it would have to be something they were really passionate about, or the opportunity to work with a director or actor who was really talented. But doing something like Christian Bale did in The Machinist isn’t in their plans, that although some people say he’s so dedicated, messing with your health isn’t worth it. As Jensen joked, “It’s just make believe.”

We had already heard the story of Matt Cohen asking Jensen for advice on how to play Michael, but frankly we never get tired of hearing Jensen talk proudly about the amazing job that Jared did playing Lucifer. Jared said he spent a lot of time thinking about that episode, and had also discussed it with Eric. Matt had mentioned at the con the day before how much he appreciated the advice, and how he tried to go in the same direction when playing young John and Michael. A Supernatural lovefest

Fan: “So in season six, is Dean more like Sam, and Sam more like Dean?”

Jensen: “I don’t know that they’re flipflopping characteristics or personalities. But we left Dean in a house with a family and he’s essentially been….. mildly domesticated.”

Jared: “Great word.”

Jensen: “I won’t ruin anything by saying that Sam comes back — obviously you know that Sam and Dean are back together on the show…”

Jared: (incredulous) “What?”

Fans: “Hehehe”

Jensen: (clarifying) “They’re working together.”

Fans: (nonverbal again, obviously) “Right. We knew that.”

Jensen: “Now Dean has more of a compassionate side because he’s kinda lived a normal life. But he’s still Dean and that’s not gonna change.”

Jared: “And I think Sam, having been to hell and back, there are certain parts that Dean usually personified, like the quick action, the strategic mindset, and acceptance of collateral damage, that I think Sam more embodies now. Dean’s kinda been domesticated and Sam’s kinda been un-domesticated…”

Jensen: “Hardened?”

Jared: “Yeah, hardened. And Dean’s been a little bit un-hardened…”

Jensen: “Softened?”

Fans: LOL

A fan then began the next question with the caveat, “I’m not really looking for a spoiler for season six….” This prompted the boys to pipe up:

Boys: “Everyone dies!”

Fans: LOL

Fan with question carries on: “In season 5, all we did was cry and I’m used to Supernatural being depressing but you can only be depressed so long, so my question is….”

Jared: “Stop, you’re depressing me!”

Fan perseveres: “Are we finally gonna get some happy kind of brother relationship, or a brotherly bonding moment like fixing the Impala?”

Jensen. “I’m with you! And we’ve gotta kinda get back on that track, and that’s gonna take a few episodes, to figure out what happened to him (Sam), and Dean to kinda shed his new life and get back to his old life.”

Jared: “I think now they both want to be on the same page – Sam had wanted to be on his own page, and he went off with Ruby and did his own thing, … and now I think in s6 they both at least in words want to be on the same page – they both want to reconcile.”

Fans: “YAY!”

Jensen: “I agree, I think getting the guys back together and having them laugh together is a good decision.”

There were some questions about theater (Jensen would do it again, but it definitely took him out of his comfort zone), returning to soaps (Jensen would do that again too, and in fact they’ve asked and he’s said yes, but scheduling conflicts haven’t let it happen), and what sort of computers the boys have (Macs). They also asked about one fan’s ‘I Do’ tee shirt (for marriage equality), and both expressed their support with “fingers crossed” that things keep going in the right direction.

The half hour was drawing to a close, when a fan came up with the perfect final question.

Fan: “So, the show will end someday….”

Jared: (incredulous) “What??”

Fan (once again demonstrating that well known fannish persistence): “You two have really great chemistry together, like in the vein of Hope and Crosby, or Paul Newman and Robert Redford. So could you see yourselves doing a series of movies together, not just like oh we happen to be in the same movie, but seeking out some projects where you could work together or maybe even another tv show?”

Jensen: “Absolutely. I would hope so. To have a familiarity with another actor as much as we do with each other is a rare thing in this industry. You see it with Clooney and Pitt, or Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, the Ben Stiller crowd, all those guys work together because they’re so familiar with each other and that’s very valuable in this industry.”

Ackles and Padalecki as the next Pitt and Clooney? Let’s just say we all left the room happy.

Stay tuned for more on VanCon…..

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  • Thank you so much for sharing this! It is so satisfying to get glimpses of Jensen and Jared in a little more personal setting!

    I am horribly envious, though.

  • “As an actor, you should be able to make writing work.”

    That, to me, not only demonstrates that Jensen is a thoughtful, insightful man, but it defines what an actor’s role should be.

    Great report, ladies.

  • Loved this! thanks so much, and I loved your comments on it all. =D I have a question though, when Jensen talked about returning to soaps but having schedule conflicts, did he mean Days, or just, in general??

    • Glad you enjoyed, both the boys and our fannish commentary. 🙂 We assume Jensen was referring to Days, since he said they’d already asked him to come back – just for a one shot visit. That would be pretty interesting, wouldn’t it?

  • I’m confused why JP keeps referring to Sam going to hell and back, as if that never happened to Dean. Did JP forget, like the writers seemed to have, that season 4 had Dean back from hell?

    I also have to wonder how it is that Sam wants to be alone, and therfore doesn’t tell Dean he’s out of hell for a year, then Sam wants to be on the same page with Dean and Dean is expected to follow. Maybe the one question that wasn’t asked is why Sam is still so self-absorbed. Apparently, nothing seems to change Sam from thinking he’s the center of the universe.

    Other than that, nice interview. Jensen seems to understand very well what makes a scene work. But then again, he’s done it since season 1.

    • Did YOU forget that not each person reacts to the same thing in the same way?
      Dean went to hell, he came back depressed and hopeless after all he went through and breaking down in hell.
      Sam came back more purposeful and just trying to do the job since from birth his life has not been dictated by events he could control. Even the time he got away was marred by the fact that all his friends, teachers, etc turned out to be demons in disguises keeping tabs on him.
      So really, he can’t see any life away from hunting though that was what he had wanted before.
      NO ONE is forgetting Dean had been to Hell. Did Jared say even once that ‘ONLY Sam went to hell and he has changed’ well we were reading different things if he did O_o

      As for Dean, for a long time now he’s been saying he wanted out, how he was tired of the life of hunters.
      Now really, is it selfish that Sam wants Dean to have the life separate from a hunter? Dean seemed content with Lisa n Ben. There is no good way to do it or bad way to do it… just fits in the GRAY area of life.

      Now if we are casting aspersion, I could say Dean was a SELFISH A-hole to make the deal in the first place because he didn’t want to live without Sam (he admitted to it even), I could say he was SELF-ABSORBED in how he didn’t think of how Sam was going to live without Dean and only thought about himself.

      BUT I WONT. Because it wasn’t about selfishness. It was love. It was FAMILY.

      And PLEASE, learn to differentiate between actors and characters. And the role of WRITERS and what an actor COULD DO with the material he/she has been given…..

      Jared ain’t the one writing the script. So really, rave all you want about Jensen, because I do admit he’s a really great actor, but just because you love Jensen….don’t go on hating Jared for that. Being biased is one thing, but being mean is whole different matter.
      They are both fantastic people and they like each other and are friends in rl. Respect that. Jared ain’t forgetting Jensen is a good actor or who Dean is or what he’s been through.


      • Thank you! That kind of blatantly biased hate needed to be shot down It’s a poison that has sadly seeped into this fandom and one difficult to understand considering the heart of this show is love of family seen in what these two brothers have together,which not wisely was seriously lacking in Season’s 4 and 5.
        This was a wonderful and heart warming report and I love hearing both boys want their characters back on the same page which gives me hope the heart of this show will be returning and that Season 6 might just be the season Supernatural finds itself, all over again!

      • thank you so much for protecting Sam/Jared, i don’ understand it myself, why are all Deangirls so mad about Sam all the time. some of them even hate Jared because of that. I am a fan of Jared, but I just love both of them and i just don’t get it. i know Sam is the one that have made the ultimate mistakes, and Dean have suffered so much because of him, but Sam loves Dean to death and i think that is just the most important thing.
        This season 6, Jared have said (i dont remember exactly which con was it), that Sam pulls Dean back to hunting, because some very bad evil thing is going after Dean. He just wants to protect him, the decision to go back to his old life , is Dean’s to make, not Sam’s after all. If Sam has to make a choice for Dean, he would choose the life with Liza and Ben, for him.

    • Amen to this.

      I really do like Jared, but I don’t see where’s pulling all these supposedly good character traits of Sam from (referring to the last two seasons and apparently the upcoming season, too).

  • This was Awesome!!! Really , thank you SO much for sharing it . I really enjoyed reading this article and I’m looking forward for the other reports . It’s so good to hear about Jensen & Jared like this .

  • I love how often Jensen mentions Kim Manners, he really seemed to have respected him and learned a lot from him.

    I would love to see Jensen’s Stallone impression! That man has a lot of talents. 🙂

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful report. It’s such a joy to read the boys passion and commitment to their work. On top of it, they are funny too.

  • That was a nice summary of the meet and greet.

    “As an actor, you should be able to make writing work.”

    This made me love Jensen more. It’s remarkable how dedicated he is to his craft. He seems to always try and become better.


  • These guys are so incredible, Jared is a compassionate, thoughtful young man and Jensen is an intelligent, sweet one. They are both tremendously talented and I couldn’t wish for anything but the best for them in their futures. I hope their chemistry can carry on once Supernatural finishes because these guys are just incredible as brothers and as quite obviously real life friends. Jared was incredible as Lucifer and I am excited to see Jensen’s directorial debut.

    Bravo boys you are proof that actors aren’t all badly behaved and I am so relieved to see them wanting Sam and Dean back on the same page too, we’ve missed their closeness of late. And we’ve missed them laughing together and having fun again.

  • Thank you for an intelligent and well written report. What a treat it is every time these boys are thrown useful questions. They are able to offer some insight into the way they think and work, and it’s all good. I must admit, Jensen in particular always seems to be so aware of how collaborative the process of television is. Somehow it seems they’ve both kept their egos in check to remain delightfully down to earth.

  • Wonderful report. I love the anecdotes from their most painful auditions, and the great questions asked by those present. Thanks so much for a well-written, detailed report!

  • Awesome as always, thanks for sharing. I love hearing them talk about the more technical aspects of their craft, they get so animated and you can tell how much they love it, especially Jensen. I wish more people asked such intelligent questions rather than “what kind of pranks do you do on set.” Stuff like that gets really old. Anyways, thanks again, I loved reading it even if I couldn’t be there.

  • Thank you for this interview. I am always interested in particularly Jensens take on SPN. He is a really talented actor 🙂

  • Great report, ladies – thank you! I really can’t wait for “Fangasm the book” to come out: coinciding with season six would be perfect!

    And I could definitely see Jensen and Jared as a Clooney & Pitt team!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful report! Now I’m even more excited to see Jensen’s directorial debut. When working with screen captures or video clips from Supernatural I always favored Kim Manner’s episodes and it feels good to hear that they both appreciated him so much and still follow his advices.

  • Great interview BOTH boys are thoughtful and funny.

    Strangelove keep your stuff to yourself I am getting a little tired of some over the top Jensen fans acting has if Jared doesnt have a right to speak.

    Jensen is a great guy but so is the other great guy sitting at working with him .

  • Marvelous interview! It covered subjects we’ve already heard a lot about, but more in-depth. Plus, it sounded like both Jensen and Jared were enjoying themselves and eager to provide answers to all the questions. It thrills me to hear that they both want to continue working together post-SPN, because I can SO see them together in a comedy!

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful interview!

  • Hello, I have JP google alerts and this was in my inbox yesterday but just now I could read it.
    Thanks for posting this. I really enjoy watching Jared and Jensen doing interviews, I don’t know why but I do 😀
    And I’m glad you don’t reply arshly to comments you don’t like, you’re very polite.

    And thank you again for this. Seeing/reading about Jared always makes me happy-.

  • They should work together. They do have this instant connection and IMO even more than some of those mentioned. They just are on the same wavelength and just like in r/l they read each others reactions without even looking at each other.

    They’d be gold for anyone to cast in anything.

    I love that both boys want the boys together and I’m so glad that the show will take it there again. That relationship is the show and I hope they never forget that again.

  • rave all you want about Jensen, because I do admit he’s a really great actor, but just because you love Jensen….don’t go on hating Jared for that. Being biased is one thing, but being mean is whole different matter.
    They are both fantastic people and they like each other and are friends in rl. Respect that.

    Very Very Very well said JPad fan and Bi-bro fan!!! thankyou, you speak for MOST of us I’m thinking.

    Its incredible that you can read this interview and spew hate especially between Jensen and Jared. They’d both kick your ass if you said anything bad about the other. Some ‘fans’ are really incredible.

  • I am once again impressed with how intellegent, compassionate, professional and fun loving these two talented men are. No wonder we are smitten with this show. Thank you so much for an articulate, detailed and well written article. I loved it!

  • Great interview! I love hearing Jared and Jensen’s thoughts on the show and the direction it will take. I much prefer these kinds of questions about the show to who plays pranks on who. Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Ladies, thank you so much for sharing this report with us! Those boys are such kind, funny, sweet men and it warms my heart to hear the way they speak about each other, their guest stars and crew, and Kim.

    Like Mary, I too cannot wait for Fangasm the book to finally arrive! The instant I hear about a release date, I’ll be working it into my budget so I can buy it the day it’s released. 🙂

    And for the record, I am and always have been a Deangirl and a Jensengirl…but I fully appreciate and respect the man and actor Jared is. I don’t have to be negative toward Jared in order to admire Jensen. And I really dislike and am saddened by people who take that attitude no matter which one is their favorite.

  • Oops and I forgot to mention that I agree Jensen and Jared have amazing chemistry and I would love to see them do other work together in the future. A series of movies would be fabulous!

  • I always enjoy your detailed reports and this one is no exception!
    I always love to hear the wonderful insights both guys have to say about their characters and the show. Your report definitely showed us the famous chemistry these two share! Thanks for posting this!

    To JPadfan— Kudos on your informed and mature response to strangelove. 🙂

    Until the day I die, I will NEVER understand the hate that exists for Sam/Jared in the fandom. I enjoy the talent that BOTH men bring to this show equally. I love BOTH Sam and Dean.
    Seriously, how much would the show suck if the writers had the brothers do everything right or behaved exactly how the fans wanted them to? Think on that a sec. SPN wouldn’t have lasted past Season One with that kind of writing. Instead, Eric and crew were smart enough to give BOTH characters strengths as well as faults –and that, my friends, is the beauty of this show. Jared, Jensen & most of the fandom understand this. Unfortunately, some don’t.
    End of rant. You may now return to your regularly scheduled web-surfing. 🙂

  • Thank you so much for this! Finally someone asks some *good* questions, and I get some really wonderful portents of Season 6. Plus it’s so wonderful to see how much they both still enjoy each other’s company, and working together creating one of the best shows on TV. Can’t wait for 9/24

  • Oh my goodness. you just made my month!! Finally, a spoiler that makes me to actually eager for season 6!!! Seems like the new crew understood at least what was that made SPN so special! The tight bond between them!! LOL Looks like even Jared and Jensen got fed up with the fighting and want to hug it out! Amen to that!

    And just so i get it out of my system, It is just beyond me how it is possible for someone to call himself a SPN fan when he doesn’t get the heart of the show… the TWO brothers with their complexities and their different personalities and flaws and good traits. If they were the same, what would be the point? They complete each other, Dean saved Sam physically every way he possibly could, but SO did Sam try to do emotionally countless times when Dean was depressed(eg after John’s death) and physically(season 3). They just have their different ways. I simply can’t understand how you can like the show when you don’t love both characters equally(i mean, I also disagree with Sam’s move or choice in some episodes but So do I with some of Dean’s moves). I will never understand how someone can bring himslef to turn into a complete Dean or Sam girl hating the other side!

  • You know, I wonder if that big director Jensen was talking about was James Cameron? Jensen auditioned for “Dark Angel” which was Cameron’s show for a while. Doris Egan (one of the writers for her show) has more about it in her blog, I think.

    • Yes, that was exactly what I thought when I read this , but…Jensen DID eventually take a part in that show so I don’t know… I just had the impression with what he said that after this audition he didn’t get the part but maybe it’s him, who knows!

  • Always a treat sitting down with the guys and hearing how they approach their work. They truly are intelligent, passionate actors perfecting their art. I love how they merge the art and practicality of working in TV. I especially loved getting a glimpse inside the director in Jensen and how he can separate out his work as an actor from his responsibility as a director.

    As much as they respect their profession and give their all to their roles, I also appreciate that they know the difference between real life and the pretend world they create. I believe they have that crucial balance that will serve them well throughout their careers. And to top it all off, they truly are nice men and great friends. They compliment each other well, on screen and in support of each other.

    I too vote for more joint projects between the Js. I do see them as the next Newman and Redford…in fact, when they do that authorized biopic of Newman’s life, I cannot think of a more perfect actor for the role. Jensen would do Paul justice. They are both men of substance who weren’t satisfied to trade on their good looks, instead delving deep and becoming these intriguing characters that captivated us on film.

    Keep up the insightful interviews and real conversations. Like so many Supernatural fans, I want to know everything about the process of creating this most amazing of shows.

    Thanks, B.J.

  • I almost giggle at the thought of the two of them doing more projects together in the future. They would truly make a great light comedy/action team a la Newman and Redford. Or- can you imagine how fun it would be to see their take on Road-style movies? I’d be the first one in line at the theater! Of course, Jensen would have to take the singing Crosby role… 🙂

  • I’m also patiently waiting for the book to come out.

    Yoohoo! Umm, Mr. Publisher?! I’m sitting here with cash in my pocket just waiting to spend it on the book. But I can’t do that until it goes to print! So…you’re going to make sure that happens soon, right? 🙂

  • OMG, that had to of been the best J2 interview I’ve read in quite a while. It had everything, it was funny, sweet and the interaction between all was great. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us.

  • Thanks so much for sharing. I love to hear the insight from the actors. And I’m really looking forward to Jensen’s directorial debut.

    I really hope this is a lighter season. I would love to see some more brother bonding moments – like fixing the Impala.

    I would also love to see the guys do some movies together. That would be awesome.

    And I guess I’m third in line for the book purchase, behind Mary and Amy. Come on Publisher!

  • Thanks for a wonderful report. Never read an in-depth report of private time with the boys. I have loved the show from moment I turned in to it in September 2005. I admire and respect both Jensen and Jared, two of the most talented actors on TV today. I love Sam and Dean equally, but it’s Dean who makes my heart go thumpity thump! Not to say I don’t find Sam/Jared extremely attractive. It was so wonderful reading what they said about the show and Jensen’s directing. Good for Jensen to remember how it feels to audition and try and make it as easy as possible. (Been there done that & I hated auditions too. Can’t wait for Season 6. The idea of the brothers getting back to basics and maybe having a laugh or two sounds heaven to me.

  • Nice article. I enjoyed reading what Jensen had to say about directing.

    My only very small comment is that the article made Jared seem like a sidekick. I think he “jumped in” to say something too many times. Jared’s remarks seemed complementary with Jensen’s thoughts about acting and directing.

    Your article also made Jensen out to be extremely calm and focused with Jared’s thoughts seemingly scattered and sometimes child like.

    But I understand that the boys were having a great time.

    • Thanks for your comment, Tricia – I think because the first question was about directing, Jensen had alot to say about a subject to which he’s given a great deal of thought recently. The wonderful thing about the boys is that they truly are complementary – the only sense of competition between them seems to be the fun kind, and they are masters of backing each other up and riffing along with the other, seamlessly. And often hysterically. 🙂 Sam and Dean’s smooth and easy interaction has nothing on Jared and Jensen.

      Jared’s jumping in was just that, and to those of us having the conversation with them, it was easy to see how much they were on the same wavelength and jointly telling whatever story was offered at the time. I imagine that doesn’t come through very well in print though, so I’m grateful for the chance to clarify. Jared is one of the most thoughtful people we’ve ever interviewed; he blew us away with some of his ideas and forced us to rethink some of our own (for an academic, that’s very high praise!) Here he — both boys — were just truly having fun together. And so were we!

  • Gah! Sheesh I sure hope I came off as being polite when I asked about brotherly bonding moments. I wasn’t too obnoxious because I was persistant. Did I really sound that brain dead?

    Buries hands in face in embarrassment. I always become flustered when they decide to tease – whoosh brains right out the window.


    • And I can’t type very well right now. I meant to write:

      Gah! Sheesh, I sure hope I came off as being polite, when I asked about brotherly bonding moments. I hope I wasn’t too obnoxious because I was persistant. Did I really sound that brain dead?

      Buries hands in face in embarrassment. I always become flustered when they decide to tease – whoosh brains right out the window.


      • Absolutely not, your question was a great one and I think the boys totally enjoyed it. After all, Jensen did say “I’m with you!” I think we can all relate to feeling flustered when the guys decide to tease – or even when they just sit there looking like….well, like they do. 🙂 Great question and you sounded quite articulate asking it too.

  • Jared is my favourite, and i would never criticize Jensen because of it, people are so immature and sickening, especially when Jared is a total sweetheart and Sam hasn’t been in the least bit selfish, he was in hell and possessed by Lucifer like Dean says he’s going to make his hell look like graceland. Sam gave up his life for mankind and still can’t win, i hate immature few fans that hate, go to another fandom and stop annoying ours nobody wants you here bringing the mood down.

  • Nice article. The Q&A with the guys was great. And I squee when I see that my question (both times) made it into your headlines. I asked the question about them doing another project together after the show was over (a la Redford/Newman) and last time I started the questions with the “who was the gassy co-star on Dark Angel and Dawson’s Creek” question. OK, so the more recent question was a lot classier than the last one. Do you guys have transcripts of the Q&As?

    Looking forward to reading more from you guys!

    • Keep up the good work, you ask great questions! 🙂 We don’t have a complete transcript, just lots of shorthand notes — more soon, and thanks for reading — and contributing!

  • Ladies, thank you ever so much for this marvellous report! I am quite late to the party here – sorry about that. It was just one of those times, ah, well.
    Great that you caught the guys in this nice mood! I can relate to how wonderful it must have felt. Thank you. Thank you.
    Lots of love from the other side of the Atlantic, Jasminka

    • Hi Jasminka! Good to hear from you 🙂 And yes, the boys really were in a great mood, so the conversation was lovely. We’re joining your friend and fellow writer Alice in Chicago next weekend, and perhaps will have the pleasure of more boys-in-good-moods. Hey, WE will certainly be in a good mood no matter what. Hope to see you in person again soon too!

  • I don’t know why exactly, because I already knew that J2 were liberal minded, but for some reason I almost teared up on the ” Fingers crossed for marriage equality” part, I don’t really know why, but it just made feel extremely happy and warm inside

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